Antwaun Cook’s Last Stand?


On this week’s Fantasia for Real, Fantasia meet with her famously still-married ex Antwaun Cook one last time — supposedly. During the course of their brief chat, it was evident why she fell for him in the first place: he’s capable of at least projecting compassion and he wasn’t afraid to man up and accept responsibility for Fantasia’s legal battle with his wife, Paula. “I know it was a mistake, ‘cause I was playing with emotions on both ends, and I shouldn’t have done that. I take blame for everything,” Antwaun admitted. But was that double-talk we detected? (He maintained, “I’ve always been separated.”) Despite pledging to be there for each other, Fantasia told us, “I don’t know if I’ll ever see him again.” What do you think — will she see him again? Her phrasing alone leaves the door open — the nail isn’t quite on the coffin of this one, it would seem. Or is it?

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  1. hollywood!!! says:

    cameras off for a while and she’ll be back with him… he’s a wanna be playa and she’s dumb enough to fall for it….why didn’t she ask him if his wife would be dropping the lawsuit since he admit it was his fault

  2. disappointed says:

    Yell right!!!!! You should never say never i believe as soon as this stuff end she will see him again cus she will never learn….. PS i will be glad when that d show is over with, cus um tired of see her and hearing her voice and her ghetto brother teeney dont get me wrong i no some will say you didn have to watch it and i didn but when ever you watch something on vh1 her commercial will come on and i will turn until it goes off so vh1 if you love your viewer please please please dont do a F4Real #3… Um sorry thats my opion…. call me a hater um just keeping it real and telling it like it is so if thats hating then o-well