Jorja Can’t Stop Swearing


The sounds children make (provided they’re coming from the right place) can be a sort of social music — think babies laughing or a toddler’s first words. But my favorite child sound of all has to be that of a precious school-age kid cursing. It is never not funny (unless, of course, it’s your kid, and even then, it could still be hilarious). Bret Michaels‘ endlessly amusing 5-year-old Jorja cursed up a blue streak on this week’s Bret Michaels: Life as I Know It, as this bonus clips reel highlighting Jorja’s potty mouth attests. Kristi lightly reprimands Jorja’s D- and D-bombs but she doesn’t come down too hard on the child. She’s probably too entertained by it all, and the sheer look of joy that comes over Jorja’s face while she says “dogs***” is way too precious for a mother to just cut off, anyway.

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