Last Night’s Bag O’ Clips


On last night’s Football Wives

…things took a turn for the epic with an everybody-versus-Pilar feud that took up almost half of the episode. That it all went down on a boat ensured that things were kept classy…right? Well, regardless: jazzmaster!

And on Fantasia for Real

…legendary multi-hyphenate Debbie Allen took on yet another role: emotional adviser to Fantasia. It was intense and more than a little weird. She cradled Fantasia in her bosom, kissed her tears away and urged her to move to Los Angeles. And by the episode, it turned out that Fantasia just might do that. It should all be resolved on next week’s season finale. Will Fantasia turn bicoastal? Can you even stand the suspense?!?

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  1. leshun says:

    Football wives…5 thumbs down!!!! Pilar get your show back with your husband!!! All the other women are jealous of you and wanna be you. Chanita is a liar and a loud mouth and need to go back to Detroit. Dawn is broke and jealous of what you have and the “christian lady” is the one who started the mess on the boat. Sad!! I love you and Deion, Pilar.

  2. Not-the-babysitter says:

    Come on VH1 viewers! What’s up with this ‘hating’ thing with Pilar? Hit me up when she appears on the show with a personality, career,and one less bag of hair!

  3. SUPDAWG says:

    I TOTALLY agree with leshun AND kman.

    This episode CLEARLY showed that Chanita wants to be in Pilar’s world. She broke out in TEARS pleading for Pilar’s attention. The “hating” on Pilar by Chanita AND Dawn is SO OBVIOUS. Pilar, you are TOO classy for this TRASHY mess. UNFORTUNATELY, the show will not survive without you.

  4. oldschoolchum says:

    @Not-the-babysitter….I just have to say this to you – Pilar’s hair is all her’s. She has ALWAYS had long luxurious hair in school. She does have business as well. You should fact check before you write.

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