Judging Johnny’s Meatballs


My Big Friggin’ Wedding‘s Johnny Meatballs and his wife Megin recently visited the VH1 Digital office to discuss their burgeoning meatball empire with VH1 Blog correspondent Audrey Leczinsky. Man, this guy can talk about balls! This is, like, three and a half minutes of ball talk with a ball-tasting segment thrown in. That’s so many balls! Balls for days! People are knocking down his doors for balls!

Anyway besides the balls (of which there is much talk…have I mentioned that?), Audrey gets to the bottom of “sauce” versus “gravy,” and we get to hear Johnny say things like, “un-friggin’-believable” and “friggin’ A.” Lest you think he has a one-track mind, his at least has two.

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  1. Mark G says:

    I don’t know ’bout anybody else,but I believe dat Italians are cool people,man.I saw alot of the beautiful Italian women,an’ man I mean dey look sexy as U know it,they’re friggin’ gorgous,”MAN!!!”

  2. kelly says:

    If I have to listen to this idiot talk meatballs one more time, I swear I will never watch, go, talk about anything NJ! what about his soon to be baby or wife? Why doesn’t he talk about them? Where dose VH1 find these people? Really is this the best you can do?