Last Night’s Bag O’ Clips


On last night’s Mario Lopez: Saved by the Baby

…the ever-feisty Courtney demanded more support and time from Mario, particularly in instances of her bleeding (I’m talkin’ about downtown!).

On Bret Michaels: Life as I Know It

…Bret was surrounded by temptations we’ve seen him surrounded by several times before: a gaggle of bouncing, pneumatic blondes. He didn’t take the Rock of Love route and refrained from hooking up with one particularly interested party, but for a brief, flickering second, it felt like old times.

And on My Big Friggin’ Wedding

…Tammie made meatballs for a bunch of Haitian orphans. Just kidding — two were her finace’s kids. But who are we to argue with a genius?

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  1. Chachy says:

    You know what, Courtney whines too much. I am 7 months pregnant, my husband is a Paramedic who works all night and most days when he is called in. He is even working on his days off just so we can have enough money for when the baby gets here. I think Courtney is being very ungrateful, she is not working, Mario has people helping her when he is not around, he is not out in bars drinking or at nude joints. She needs to start realizing that this is what being grown up is all about, money is just not going to fall from trees. He is doing his best.

    I know about the hormones, and the mood swings, and the feeling lazy and tired all the time, but I also know I have to keep moving around to facilitate the arrival of the baby, walking and doing what I can around the house has helped me quite a lot with my hormones. Maybe she should do something like that to help her.

    Courtney, I’m sure you have people clean the house for you and do your dishes, be grateful for not everyone has that luxury.

  2. Deb says:

    Well said Chachy!
    Some of us have to work and don’t have huge closets of clothes, shoes and purses or our house cleaned for us.
    Our time is very valuable and we don’t have Courtney’s luxury of getting her nails, make-up and hair done professionally. We have to worry month to month about our bills.
    Pre-nup Mario! Listen very closely to your lawyers if you decide to marry her.

  3. westown70 says:

    OMG ! That is all I can say about her “NeedY” behavior ! 1st off….she KNEW who Mario was and what he does…waaaay b4 she became pregnant ! The 1st few episodes i was doing a lot of agreeing with her….BUT she is pathetic ! Saying that it is a “cop-out” 4 him to say “You knew what you were getting ur self in2 when u started dating me….She NEEDS 2 stop being so NEEDY ! Nothing makes a MAN want 2 stay away MORE !! I think she will b happy if OT happen for a few weeks so that it don’t happen again ! ANYBODY…can clearly see its allll about Courtney and being NEEDY !! NORMAL people hardly ever see their men b4 and after the baby comes because some1 has to support the family BUT “we” don’t have help ! We REALLY r all by ourselves !! Courtney…..stop being so NEEDY !! Its obvious u’ve been pampered….BUT that time is OVER….”its about the baby” ! Grow UP ! **O and 1 more thing…Men can’t read our minds and they will NEVER b in tune with our needs so stop the mind games…Mario didn’t know u were going to be let go from the hospital in “20 minutes”…and u didn’t say anything…and the reality is YES u do NEED 2 say something when u want him to do something ! This “I shouldn’t have 2″ will get u nothing ! It is a man thing ! They really don’t have a CLUE !!!

  4. Mimi says:

    Girl you need to wake up. Your pregnant your not dyin’. You married an entertainer and you BOTH decided to have a child. Once the baby’s born you’ll have company. Is that gonna be enough for you. You have a wonderful life with a man that worships the ground you walk on. Give ‘em a brake. He’s not gonna be doin this forever (unless he gets lucky, and I hope he does)so you better enjoy this while it lasts. There’s no Extra syndicatated shows, and not many residual checks for voice overs. Lighten up.

  5. Mimi says:

    Also – one minute Mario’s not there enough and then you can’t wait to take a break from him and get some alone time. Which is it. Is he suppose to understand that craziness?

  6. destiny says:

    you all crack me up. It’s a “reality” show and they are actors…..get it? They don’t care about your stupid, hateful comments!

  7. Annoyed says:

    Courtney you took the cake in this last episode. You complain to much, if Mario said he was going to build the swing give him the opportunity and time to do it. But what upset me the most was the fact that he was working for the Emmy’s and you would call faking labor pains, what the hell is wrong with you!!! Keep crying wolf and see where it will get you. You have alot of things going for you be grateful for what you have bcuz alot of ppl dont have half of that, farless for a good man.

  8. Guest says:

    I guess I don’t think too much of Mario for putting up with Courtney faking labor and whining all the time. Honey, you have no idea how good you have it.
    Can’t see Mario staying with her too much longer. I think this relationship will run it’s course. She needs to grow up.

  9. mystique says:

    I agre w/ everyone’s comments. Mario needs a strong woman to hold down the home front, not someone who complains a.bout his job, makes prank calls about labor pains and needs to constantly be told that she looks beautiful. Get it together girl, or he will find someone else…he is a fine latino and there will always be girls lining up to replace you. Also what was the rush about the d amn swing? the baby was not even born yet, and he was tired when he got home. A bit of advice from an experienced married woman…the last thing a man wants when he walks through the door is bad news or nagging. Let him unwind, get outta his clothes, drink a beer. Feed him, then when he is relaxed approach him about whatever is on your mind…I guarantee that he will be more receptive. Don’t make him DREAD coming home cause of your nagging. I know we like being spoiled when we are expecting, but pretty soon (it probably already was born)after the baby comes it wont be all about you anymore, and guess what? you will just have to deal with it. Best of luck to you and your baby and Mario of course.

  10. Guest says:

    Take a look at your future Mother in Law.
    That is how Mazza will look after a few kids.
    Gina, her sis, is starting to favor Elaine.
    Mazza will be busy with the kids and won’t have time to have the body you want her to have, unless you pay for lipo.
    Your sister and Mother are beautiful Mario, and your Dad is very handsome and of course, so are you. Good Genes!

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