Sources: Fantasia Testifies She Knew Of Antwaun Cook’s Living Situation



CNN reports that according to sources in the courtroom during the Antwaun Cook‘s current child-custody case, Fantasia testified on the stand that she was aware that Antwaun was married and living with his wife from the start of her relationship with him. Fantasia has, up till now, contended that she thought Antwaun was separated. You can watch her say as much and otherwise discuss this matter in a recent episode of Fantasia for Real below:

This is just the latest in a bleak turn of events for Fantasia — earlier this week, reported that Fantasia also revealed on the stand that Antwaun got her pregnant and she had an abortion around the time of her suicide attempt in August. [CNN/]

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  1. Ida says:

    Sigh. Come on, Fantasia. You know better. I still love you, though, and God does as well.


  2. Mark G says:

    Aw man,all these other shows that we see on vh1.I’m waitin’ for Tool Academy 4 to come ’round.I hope Tracy found herself a better man.

  3. Disappointed says:

    Once again you disappoint me when you dont use your head you have to face the consequences for our actions i hate that you had an abortion i look at once you loved that man but a baby you suppose to love forever smh……

  4. Disappointed says:

    I was so proud of you when you went and finish school i loved you when you won the American Idol Award I ran out to purchase your first cd I love the way you was bringing up your daughter and i was so proud when i heard that you was casted as the star in the color purple play… you have to get it together take a break girl and get it together and stop being a drama queen….

  5. Stephanie says:

    Love you Fantasia…..keep your head up, you deserve much better!…God Bless You!

  6. Shana says:

    I guess she wasnt just out to get Fantasia. If she knew he was still living with his wife, thats just wrong. If they in the same house that is not seperated, I dont care what he says.

  7. Miss S says:

    Hello Fantasia, I wanted to let you know just continue to keep it real and keep doing what you doing in your music. I hope you go to singing gospel. But anyway Fantasia everyone make mistakes so hang in there and never give up on love because one day your prince will arrive!

  8. rushtojesus says:

    By using Kathy Griffin as a host for a show on your network I am sure your intention was to capitalize on her noteriety and vulgarity to boust your viewership. I have been a member of your audience since the begining of VH1 but after another week of watching to take note of every one of your sponsors and contacting them with my disdane for your “service” as well as to inform them of my discontinuence of their products I will not be watching anymore except occasionally to get a new list of your sponsors.

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