What’s Up With Chanita Foster’s Health?



When I recently interviewed Chanita Foster of Football Wives, I asked about the health scare we watched play out on this week’s episode. Below is what she had to say about what landed her in the hospital — apparently, it’s bigger than a migraine and Pilar’s comments on it have only caused more headaches:

“Today I feel fantastic, but it was actually bigger than a migraine. It’s so funny everyone keeps saying migraine. At that moment, all they could figure out was a migraine and I was dehydrated of course. I put myself out there. I was taking Phentermine, a diet drug. I’ve drunk three, four, five [of the energy drink] Rockstars a day, cut the coffee, to try to be Super Mom. You can even throw a little ephedrine in there, my doctor’s probably gonna kill me. There was a lot of things that went on with that. It got topped off when I couldn’t feel my legs and I had memory loss. For that to happen, they feel like there’s something going on neurotically? I’ve gone through lots of tests. I’ve had CAT scans, brain scans, EKGs, MRIs, all different kind of stuff because they said for me to be a healthy 33-year-old, you just don’t fall out like that. Things don’t happen like that. The way that my head was going, it took them a lot to get that pain away to calm me down. And that’s why the word “aneurysm” was used once we got to the hospital. And I was being rushed around because they couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t feel my legs. And mind you, I’m not a drug person. I had kids and the most they’ve given me was Tylenol. I just don’t do good on drugs. If you gave me a Percocet or something they gave me before when I was sick in the hospital, oh my God, I was drugged for three days.

It was very scary. My husband wasn’t there. I didn’t know where my kids were. Mind you, I forgot everything. They laughed so hard at the things that I was saying to those nurses. I had on bar clothes and the first thing I said when I woke up was, “Please tell me they didn’t cut the dress off.” They said there was so much going on. They said I said to the nurse, “Well you know I’m a black girl, I wear a weave. Don’t cut my hair.” It was bananas. For Pilar to say this was fake, I just got chills.”

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