The Celebreality Interview – Shaunie O’Neal


Above is an interview I shot with Shaunie O’Neal at the opulent Forge Restaurant in Miami (seriously, the place is like a mansion…except it’s a restaurant). During our chat, we talked about the second season of Basketball Wives (premiering Sunday, December 12 at 8/7c — be excited because it’s seriously amazing). Shaunie tells me why she ditched the omniscient narrator role to become a full-time cast member, what it was like to open up her relationship with Marlon Yates to a production crew, how she feels when one of the Basketball Wives inevitably finds herself in the headlines (for any number of reasons) and how she herself feels to be in those headlines — particularly, when those headlines speculate about the realness of her butt. Shaunie’s got news for you guys: her butt is 100 percent real. Hearing her speak at length on the subject is about as good as actual proof.

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  1. Miss Zydeco says:

    Let Me just Try to understand how this show is being aired but only 1 of you are really a basketball wife! I don’t understand why it’s not called Ex-wives and ex-girlfriends’ of basketball players. The behavior of ya’ll is so why we as Black Women and men is just at the bottom of the totum pole still to this day and why we can’t ever keep a show on. Evelyn, you look like you pushing 50 and acting as “Ignant!” as any older woman I have ever seen. Ya’ll are so Messy and talk eachother’s business on live tv not even realizing that you just made yourself look worse. Jennifer, you checkin’ a chick in her own house about something that had nothing to do with you! Better be glad it wasn’t me cuz it would have went down an entirely different way homegirl! Up in my house to!? Yea, most def! You sound like a bunch of bitter and angry women. Shaunie, you apparently even with a new boyfriend and all are not over Shaq, for you to still be asking Gloria about her sister instead of asking her yourself. You trying to play Dr. Phil and your Sh*t is not straight. And further more, Where are the kids? Damn it seems like you guys spend so much time with each other and all in eachothers’ business and can’t seem to focus on your own lives which is why your status of relationships is ” Failed” and just another statistic. Come On Ladies’ act like you are Ladies and Represent better than what you are doing for black people!.

  2. Miss Jai says:

    Preach on Miss Zydeco, PREACH ON!!!!!!!

  3. tish says:

    I am disgusted by the continued behavior of the “cast” members. Shaunie O’Neal should really be ashamed of herself for trading a big check for lack of respect and credibility. To see a grown woman condone physical abuse, bullying, and all around bad behavior is terrible. Please dont insult us by only putting out shows which show how stupid we actually can be. It’s a shame. A terrible shame. Bring back sitcoms…at least they were true actors!!!