Evelyn Lozada Tells The Story Of How Chad Ochocinco Proposed To Her



Now that it’s been few days since Chad Ochocinco confirmed his engagement to Basketball Wives and Basketball Wives 2 star Evelyn Lozada, some details about the particulars of the proposal are starting to leak out. In an US exclusive that ran earlier today, Evelyn dishes about how Ocho popped the question:

“He had a jeweler come to [his] house,” Lozada tells Us, explaining that a rep from jeweler Jason of Beverly Hills frequently travels to clients. “[It was] a total surprise! We sat there and picked out the ring.”

Lozada’s choice was a round, 10-carat diamond with “pave diamonds around the stone and around the band as well,” she explained. “I fell in love with [the ring] and he loved it too.”

How romantic(ish)! But really, who cares if it wasn’t a moonlit proposal on the beach? After all, what the proposal may have lacked in terms of romantic intrigue, it more than made up for in BLING! Check out that picture below from Evelyn’s Twitter feed of her new 10-carat rock.

Stay tuned, as we’ll be talking to Evelyn more ourselves about her engagement AND the second season of Basketball Wives, which debuts on Sunday, December 12 at 8/7c.


[Photo Credit: Getty Images, Plixi]

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  1. nana says:


  2. bout time says:

    bout time she got sumone so she can quit hating on everyone eles n gloria

  3. Angela says:

    I like her, she’s just keeping it real!

  4. Miss Jai says:

    This won’t last. I see a divorce next year.

  5. Cant buy class says:

    I really think she should stop trying to be so hard. My goodness at like a lady and people will respect you more. Season 1 she dressed more classy than what we saw last night. When she was in the boutique with Jen, I thought she’d just come from the gym when I realized she had on heels. Evelyn you are a very pretty lady who don’t have to try too hard for attention. Besides, you are a MOTHER close to 40. I’m sure it embarrasses your child to see you dress like you do. Also, the foul mouth takes away from your beauty. A woman with CLASS doesn’t talk like that. I wish you and Chad much happiness. Sincerely…

  6. Kev says:

    Thought she didn’t another athlete. Is the public supposed to think she isn’t a gold digger? With all of the kids that Ochocinco has, do you think she would be with him if he was just a regular guy??? Making a 55K salary. Hell no.

  7. Str8tlk says:

    This is a marriage that won’t work, and I think Evelyn would marry whoever asked with money.

  8. TC says:

    They all have tattoos, drink, shop, and bounce around and do what? Amazing, Evelyn is worried about the circle, she better get a clue, because life does not go that way. She better wake up and keep her clothes on.

  9. Miss S says:

    Chad is one ugly man! Evelyn she is really trying to stay in the game with these men that has money, she knows that man is ugly. Damn looking at the heart, she is not looking at the heart she is just looking at the money. She wanna be a football wife so bad looks like to me. She will not look right fitting in wtith the football wives. NO WAY!i DON’T LIKE HER! She’s to Bicthy! After Chad see that other side to her he is going to get tired of that stank ass attitude.

  10. Isis says:

    I agree w the poster that said Evelyn would say yes to anyone with money!

  11. rr says:

    Evelyn…you talk so much mess…yet, you have done nothing in this world but crack your legs for a spoiled over payed guy that shoots basketballs…you contribute nothing…you have been given everything simply for being beautiful…and yet the only qualities you have developed are bitterness…being judgmental…I would think you would be graceful and thankful for your blessings…but you are rotten to the core

  12. v murray says:

    I congratulate you on your engagement. I had a question about the way that you spoke to and of Tammy at your first meeting/dinner. What bearing do a persons hair and nails have on a friendship with you? I think that too many girls these days want to have the most fab looking and most wealthy friends and drop friends that are less fortunate based purely on celebrity or a bad hairdo, etc. That is not what is important in life or in a friendship. I have probably made more money than all of my friends ever have, but not one of them talks behind my back, tries to sleep with my spouse, or talks to the press about anything I have said or done. In my opinion, it sounded like you were very worried about a persons looks beyond what they can offer as a friend. What did you mean by what you said about her??

  13. diva says:

    evelyn you are a childish slow hoe that needs to grow up

  14. Lyn says:

    Chad run fast and run far…Evelyn looks like a dude.
    She’s really an angry, pathetic wannabe… If you do marry her, it won’t last long.

  15. Valarie Marshall says:

    I am so dismayed at the actions of Evelyn as an adult and reminded that some people never grow up. I only pray that someone as intelligent and beautiful as Shaunie doesnt allow herself to EVER become anyone as obnoxious as Evelyn. Her victim playing and nasty response to matters of a trivial nature truly places her in a light of disgust. NOTHING about her portrays intelligence or adulthood. Who is their right mind would consider marrying someone who is so openly damaged. She needs help and it is painfully obvious.

  16. Landa S says:

    Well, well season two this show was lacking substance till Ms. Tammi rolled in to save the day. Tammi you and your girls are in my prayers. I am so glad to see some SUBSTANCE on this show, the therapy sessions, the real life pain that your girls are expressing and how to find ones way back has been refreshing to see. Kenny Anderson time to really step it up the long awaited apology you gave to Tammi was a great first step. However, your girls need sooo much more.

    Evelyn, Jennifer and yes Royce are such children and immature. Shauni not too far behind them either with the stunt they pulled with Gloria and Suzie at the restaurant. Grow up there is more to life.

    I think this show could use a WHOLE new cast with the exception of Tammi (never been a BIG Tammi fan, but she brings the realness.

  17. karisma09 says:

    I’m just wondering if this means she’ll now be on Football Wives next season???? However and where ever she ends up I hope it puts and end to her thinking she can jump in everybody face… She’s always so Angry!!!

  18. Khandi says:

    Green fingernail polish? but, she talking about Tammi nails. Evelyn you really need to check yourself. You are so angry.

  19. Lorraine says:

    Evelyn Lozada has the crappiest attitude in the world, she needs to grow up, she deserves to be alone no man should have to put up with that kind of attitude in time Ocho will open his eyes

  20. carron says:

    Evelyn, Evelyn, Evelyn. You need to get the #$%@ some where and sit down! Take that Rapunzel looking weave out of your hair and find something positive to do. Hanging around of b@@@%$ will get you into trouble. And Shaunie, you are a follower_Don’t be that! A good example of a good relationship is The Neely’s. That’s a great example of a good husband-wife team. Get some business. you are too old for this s&$*!

  21. vdws1125 says:

    I honestly believe this is all for a reality show and if it’s not good look…..Evelyn seems way to bitter and angry all the time. She should get some counseling and try to deal with what happened in the past because if not then Chad is definitely screwed. She will want to be in his back pocket every second of the day. Gorgeous ring but that proposal was wack, especially coming from Chad!!! More reason for me to believe its all a bunch of bs!!! Also how dare Evelyn and her wack circle judge Tami, I guess their lives are perfect….not!!!! They walk around talking about everyone all the time even each other…..just a bunch of lames!!!!

  22. jann says:

    grow up…..u r a downgrade to women. you need to meet ur match, someone that will not let u dis respect them. Ocho is making a big mistake..before the year is over u will probably cussing him out.

  23. funnygirl says:

    Who in the hell want to marry a devil,.

  24. Tee from Newark says:

    It won’t last. Trust me. She got issues with jealousy

  25. J.AXELL** says:


  26. Penny... says:

    If ur engaged and so happy, why r u pushing up on Gloria ? i would think u would have more important things to do then worry about whatz going on with Gloria, someone u hate… why waste ur time

  27. Dyan says:

    I personally think she looks like a horse….with those big ass fake teeth (she can’t even close her mouth). Maybe she’s a better match with Mr. Ed. ROTFLMAO!!!

  28. Marcus says:

    I think Shaunie, Evelyn and Jenn are classless, bitter & jealous old hags. Reality check ladies, the world does NOT revolve around you! Shaunie needs to get over herself, and I hope her new man see’s how pathetic she is. Jenn is a follower, and doesn’t know how to think for herself. She is a doormat. Evelyn looks like a really bad drag queen. Her nude pics are repulsive. She obviously thinks she is one bad mamajama, but is all mouth. Even if she did fight, she is still a classless troll. Chad Ochocinco needs to change his mind about Eve. However, they deserve each other. Cant wait til Cinci gets rid of him & Owens. They SUCK! None of these ladies need to be on reality tv. I hope Tami whips all their a**es!!!

  29. bberry says:

    Chad you’re making a very big mistake. A woman with her kind of attitude can be your enemy. Chad you got paper, i’ll bet you 50,000 dollars that a marriage with her won’t last. Don’t get married unless it’s forever. Actually you better wear a rubber, and get a prenup.

  30. bberry says:

    USER EB7000 posted a comment saying that Evelyn is beautiful inside and out.. roflol. This goes to show you that birds of a feather flock together. EB7000 Tami said in an interview that Kenny honored his child support obligations for a long stretch. Honey if Kenny pays $20,000 per month, Tami has to provide the other $20,000 per month because they both has a 50/50 responsibility.. Right? EB7000 I don’t know you, but i’ll bet my lunch you’re under 30. You have tunnel vision. No disrespect, just contructive criticism. Don’t fight it.

  31. Southerngirl says:

    Now that she has somebody…maybe just maybe she will stop bashing everyone elses relationship…And being her usual trifflin, loud mouth self…To me she has no class
    at all..She could be a lady but just choose not to be…hood rat all the way….Who does this…its crazy..

  32. rhonda1 says:

    Evelyn, you are a angry, pitiful gold digger and you know it. But hey, I hear hoeing pays the bills so do you. And don’t laugh at Gloria (who I personally can’t stand) too hard for not getting married. I doubt that you will be married anytime soon. You are a rude, no class, ghetto hood rat. You may be fair skinned and have long hair, which some fine appealing, but your spirit is “BUTT UGLY”.

  33. Nikki says:

    I thought the show was very young acting tonight. I have no respect for any of the girls (not ladies but girls)except Gloria and Suzi.

  34. demarco denero says:

    evelyn knows she is no more than a gold digging groupie herself. she acts like she is so hard and all the bad language…and than you see her twitters making quotes from the Bible and God. Girl, find yourself first befor you judge others and maybe one day you can be a CLASSY lady your daughter can be proud of. Right now you are nothing more than ghetto fabulous trash.

  35. Sandee77 says:

    Damn alot of these comments are harsh. You will think a lot of you know these women personally. I think there is a whole lot of fronting going on for the cameras. I don’t think shaunie is like that because if she was she would have gotten all into Gloria sister a$$ herself and not Gloria eventhough she played herself. She couldhave handled that situation a little bit better. Made her sister look guilty. Evelyn handled the Suzie situation all wrong. If I was Suzie and you threatened me I will post all your business for real. But she apologize Evelyn should have accepted it and walk away. Jennifer needs to forgive and move on or forget about it and leave. But she doesn’t want to and she wouldn’t because she will lose all the perks of a wife. Good Luck to Evelyn. She stated in Season 1 that she wanted her best friend to be single so that they can really hang. I wonder if she still feel that way now that she is engaged.

  36. Tmart says:

    Evelyn is pretty on the outside but so ugly inside it makes her unattractive. She is so full of hate when she talks her mouth curls and her nostrils flare like a dang Dragon! It’s kinda scary…especially cuz every time she opens her mouth a string of cuss words come out. Tacky and Low Class. I get that the producers of the show encourage her to fight cuz they think it makes “good TV”. But Evelyn should be smarter and have more control over herself. She doesn’t get that people hate her. There is nothing likeable about her–and ultimately that will affect her.
    Nobody wants to be the villian or the most hated person on the show and the way she went after Suzie, has thrown water at people and is constantly cussing she is the official Bully. Watch, by next season she’ll get it and start trying to repair her image..she’s just slow.

  37. sherie says:

    evelyn really sucks!!!

  38. BellaWires says:

    this is a disaster waiting to happen, im sure the fact that this “basketball wives” shows these women acting like childs is mainly for the satisfaction for the audience,in particular evelyn lozada is probably the most childish gold digging women i have ever seen including a few of the others, they are all so worried about how “they look” and how they present themselves looks like the myth or saying is true “you can take the ghetto out of the hood, but you cant take the ghetto out of the person” is quite embarressing that they implant those same typical gender related sterotypes on how women behave, furthormore, these women just want to have some sort of recognition. and for those who think “she’s keeping it real” who is to say that this particular behavior even constitutes as reality? in no shape or form am i saying that she’s a fake;however, it seems that this women has more personal problems. i would like to say that this women is a horrible presentation of a women and many of them are, they seem to only entertain their husbands rather than instead of having to spend money on garbage why wouldnt they commit themselves in getting an actual education and doing something with their lives its not the 19th centuryyy!

  39. Debbie says:

    I cannot stand Evelyn Lozada she has issues calm yourself down girl, get over it about Suzie you act like your in the 4th grade or something. Ocho cinco is crazy for wanting to marry

  40. Mrs.Potts says:

    Evelyn needs to get over herself! Let it go with Suzie! Why does she think she is God’s gift? Ocho, don’t do it bro! Don’t marry her! She needs anger management and somebody needs to tell her is not a super star! Jennifer, A JOKE! Evelyn and Jennifer are made for each other!

  41. annie says:

    I must say that the 22nd season is showing immaturity in the ladies.first of all suzie needs to put evelyn in her place!I would show up to everything.2nd,jen needs to be her own woman and stop always looking like evelyn puppet.Your marriage is your business and any true friend would not tell you to leave your husband or cheat on him.you must remember a woman is perceived different when they sleep around and u gonna end up just like her!Your husband basically said “what you gonna do?’i think you didnt thnk he would put it out there like that.Maybe you should take Shaunie’s advice and just you and your man go away and you put it on him. or not and just make up your mind. but keep evelyn out your marriage!that shoe store she has does not look high class and how long do you really thinnk her and Ocho will last?PLEASE!gloria on the other hand definately held her own and all that yelling was crazy because thats just how they say black women act.as for the charity event,Tami needs to stick to drinking water!how you think your daughters friends looked at you.you trying to better your daughters lives and yo looked like a drunk idiot.jen and Evelyn didnt look like they were “bout it “then!Jen, your girl Evelyn looked like she was enjoying you looking like you were bout to get your behind handed to you!

  42. Ani says:

    I hope you’ve got a babysitter and a charm school for Evelyn lined up becasue she definitely needs training onhow tobe a lady and what classy really means. She may be pretty but that’s it. She has no tact whatsoever!I watched season four and I jsut couldn’t take it anymore. The way that she and her friends behave us outrageous. Okay they still have cliques. That’s midle school. Evelyn grow up please

  43. Ani says:

    I just thought about something…Evelyn I guess now you’ll be on football wives. These women are so degrading and immature. They use their looks and bodies (Shani included) to get into men’s pockets. It is a shame. Just plain shameful to be so immature, sneaky, petty, rude, stupid, distasteful… need I say more? Well one more…ugggggghhhhhh! I am now starting to lose interest. I guess you really can take the girl out of the hood, but not the hood out of the girl. Jenni, who cares if your family was “middle class”, you’re a grown woman now. So my question is, without your husband’s money, what are you? What are you doing for yourself?

  44. eyezgreen2 says:

    Wow un classy. All you see is Evelyn and jennifer and the MF word. Dont you ladies know how to act like a lady? Class…Class..Class you seriously lack it. it dosnt make a woman to use that foul language. Step up be a woman. What man wants a woman who acts like that?

    My daughter said Mom is that what men want? I said no baby be yourself and carry your self with class have an opinion but dont cuss and carry on. A fund raiser is for charity is that really a place to act ghetto?

  45. 1katDiva says:

    ok if your so in romance Ms.Evelyn whats the deal with you an Jennifer acting like a couple of BADGIRLS your on the wrong show for that behavior this past Sunday What there can’t be a show with some class all shows of this nature makes me think is anyone happy ever
    Sorry for ya what a waste of Television. This is not draMA “ITS STOMP HER WITHIN AN INCH OF SANITY”

  46. PRINCESS36 says:


  47. helenjohnson says:

    I love basket ball wives but this season I don’t like
    they are treating suzie real bad evelyn and jen as many times suzie has been there for jen and evelyn like shannie said evelyn is dramma and she is the way she did suzie I don’t care for her suzie might have been wrong but what happen to giving her a chance so because evelyn is made at suzie everyone else is made at her but royce she is the only one that is speaking to her and am so disappointed in shannie she went along with evelyn and I thought she was the peace maker she knew that evelyn was wrong ang said nothing Evelyn is a big trouble maker and he rfriends need to lok at her because suzie has been there for her when she had the problem with the girl with the texting and that was suzie friend and suzie turned on her friend for evelyns DRAMA and see what she gave you back suzie but I really get so mad about how they treat suzie keep your head up suzie you apolizged and they still want to be mean to you and you do the right thing when you leave because that shows how grownup you are and you dont want trouble you see EVELN wants you to stAY THERE SO SHE CAN GIVE PEOPLE A SHOW HER FRIEND SHANNIE SAID THAT WHERE EVER SHE GOES THERES DRAMMA WITH HER


    Evelyn is one of the most judgemental, materialistic, bitter person I have ever seen. And she is not even that pretty. Hell, even if she was drop dead gorgeous, her attitude would still make her UGLY!!!! She is rude, disrespectful, and ungrateful! She uses people just to advance herself. She creates drama where they need be none. She acts has if the wqorld revolves around her and everybody should bow down to her. She is such a bitter resentful person. I don’t know why anyone would wat to marry her. Hopefully she doesn’t have children…she has no idea what love, compassion, or forgiveness is. She would be a very mean mother too. She is a has a horrible attitude and that makes her very ugly.

  49. STACEY says:

    i think jennifer and eveyln need to get a life if she spend more timewith her husand instead of hanging out with ex-wives and girlfriends she might have save her married they are going to get jennifer in some mess she cant get out.eveyln your just a getto want to basketball wife now your trying to get a football player and your still going to be getto.while you guys are worrying ABOUT GLORIA YOU NEED TO SWEEP IN FRONT OF YOUR OWN FRONT DOOR AND STOP ACTING LIKE YOU DO .

  50. Slim says:

    Ocho, even you can do better than having this filthy mouth broad as your wife. She needs to go back to the Bronx!

  51. Peaches says:


    But can we grown up a little bit on the show. I am so unhappy about seeing you guys act like little girls. It’s ashame that you guys are letting ratings and fame turn you into puppets. I would hate to think that if the camera’s were not on that this is how you as an adult woman in her 30ties would chose to behaviour. Please let the cameras be the reason for the foolishness. FTLOP!!!!!!!!

  52. BOYCOTT DULCE'S says:

    Ocho, you deserve better man! Yes, she may be pretty, but that is all. She really think she is the -hit, and that makes her ugly. There are many, many other beautiful women in the world that are beautiful inside and out as well. You may not see it right now, as they say; love is sometimes blind, I promise you WILL see it later. She has no respect for your daughter nor your family even, because of the profanity she constantly uses, and her diva getto attitude. You can’t tell me that your Mom is totally for this marriage. She see just what type of daughter-in-law she will be getting from her action on the show. I even bet that she put’s your Mom in the back seat of your car instead of the front seat when you all are together. Evelyn reminds me of Jennifer Lopez, trying to be all of that, and that is why her boyfriend, Ben Affleck did not marry her azz, his Momma did not approve. I’m still laughing at that one!! If you do marry Ms America, please make her sign a prenup, for your protection. One of your many Fans.

  53. moe says:

    first off let me say that beauty is skin deep. jus because she thinks she cute doesnt mean she can walk around being a bully(boy i wish i was around her way so i could show her wat it be like) fyi honey u should act your age instead of your shoe size. sn: I cant believe Chad wit his sexy self would marry someone like you thats a shame he could do better.

  54. nj5301 says:

    Two classless idiots marrying each other …how long before it falls apart and he realizes he made a big mistake….and she takes a chuck on his money. BTW, Evelyn…didn’t you make a comment about Tammi’s nails at that restaurant..that you didn’t trust her, her nail….bla, bla? Those green nails are pretty tacky! Oh and throwing in Suzi’s face that she gets child support (which she is supposed to get if she has children)while you have a shoe store was extremely tasteless….you probably only have that stupid shoe store because you ex-boyfriend funded it. YOu could never get a class, educated guy, you’re too low class….and that street accent you have is embarrassing!

  55. deelee2590 says:

    When he marries her I’ll believe it. I just don’t think that he’s going to do it.

  56. Gail Riccio says:

    I say AMEN!!! to every word Ani said in the previous Posts. I used to really like Evelyn, but she really surprised me. Very sneaky, and just plain evil and mean. Susie needs to put her foot up her ass and give her something to think about, the next time she disrespects her. But, she is quite the lady, so she justs avoids the situation. Evelyn, one day you will get old, looks won’t help you then. If Ocho marries her,, he will keep on trucking and this is exactly would he should be doing now, getting the hell out of dodge. I’m just sayin, the girl is ghetto with a capital G. Ocho she is definitely not the one to marry, but only the type to play with.

  57. josie says:

    Dont marry this child she needs more manners and home training. Dont do it man.

  58. missjacci says:

    I am so sad to witness this all on the eve of the MLK holiday. Evelyn, I do not know what yor were lacking in life but apparently you take joy in hurting others, Suzie may have talked too much, but the treatment you give when you see her is criminal and bordering on being a misdemeanor. Jen, be your own woman and stop taking cues from Evelyn, she has no one. If you love Eric, do that, but you make that decision. Tami, you are the most unflattering to the image of black women. Royce, stop being so simple…and Shaunie, is it that important that you make money at the expense of these women whom you portray as a bunch of damn clowns?

  59. missjacki says:

    Jen, take the weave out the contacts and be you. You probably are a nice looking woman. I hate when black women try to conform and stop yelling abut how middle class you were, because it is like you afre trying to separate yourself from people who have less than you. That food stam fiasco was dumb as many people who were middle class have had to fall on them in this economy. Be careful what you say because if eric divorces you and you have no skills what will you fall back on? Suzie seems to be the only one with any ambition, Evelyn are you jealous?

  60. Tasha says:

    Evelyn is unhapy and wants everyone else around her to be like her especially Jenn. Maybe she is still bitter from the break-up with her ex.

  61. baddbish says:

    evelyn need to leave suzie alone she know who to f with she know suzie scared but i dare her to try nd eat tami food not happening lmao!

  62. MzWrite25 says:

    Well, all I can say is, my motto “You attract what you are” is truly the case. Think about it, these women are petty, childish, low-class, deceitful, back stabbing etc. and therefore, they married men who emulate the same qualities. If anyone expects to marry a ‘good’ man who doesn’t cheat, then they must posess those qualities themselves. They may not cheat, but to be a cheater one must be deceitful, selfish, and have a lack of respect. All of these wives have all of those qualities and that’s what they attracted in their men. Lyfe Jennings said best when he said, “Don’t be a nickel lookin’ for a dime.” And if you get a man by cheating with him, doggone it, he will do it to you! So as far as Ocho picking the wrong woman…hmmm, he’s probably her match. They attracted each other, meaning, he’s a male version of her. That’s not saying much at all.

  63. MzWrite25 says:

    I’m just wondering if the basketball wives or Shauni reads these blogs. I think it would be worth their while. Perhaps, all of this is just for show. Not real. Just making money off of us…maybe the joke is on the viewers. They are laughing all the way to the bank. If this is the case, maybe we should boycott senseless shows like this and send a message to the media. Hmmmm, just a thought.

  64. Rachel says:

    Ochco Cinco!!!!!! Runnnnnnn. You can do better. Evelyn is a great example of of Girls behaving badly. You can do better.

  65. ms smith says:

    jen is the one with the low self esstem she really needs to get help to find out why she thinks everything evelyn says is the rigt thing.

  66. Bque says:

    Who made Evelyn the HBIC (Head B***h In Charge). She think she can talk to and treat people anyway she wants. I agree with Mrs. Potts, enough already with harassing Suzie. I don’t understand why Evelyn and Jennifer says that Suzie needs to stay in her own lane. Suzie is free to go wherever she wants to. Especially when she was invited to Ashley’s charity event and they weren’t. They think they are boogie but act ghetto. A woman with class would not have busted or crashed a classy charity event and dismissed the man at the door like they were some royalty. Evelyn is bitter and she makes everyone around her miserable.

  67. Bque says:

    Evelyn and Jen is ghetto. I don’t care if you were middle class Jen…you did not learn any ettigette. Your mother would be applaud at how you following Evelyn like a puppy. You talk about the alpha woman…you clearly donot have the qualities of a alpha woman because you act like, dress like and do everything Evelyn tell you. Thats why your husband don’t want you anymore. You can tell he loves you, but its clear that he can’t stand Evelyn and he feels that you failed him by standing with you girl and not by your man. Ocho Cinco is not going to stand for Evelyn’s bitterness and b***tchy ways. She is pretty but ugly at the same time. Royce was becoming just like them…she is a backstabber..but realized that they are not her friend. Royce is Evelyn and Jen friend for convenience. Tami is bitter as he**! What does it matter to her who Ashley is married to and if he cheats. Why is she concern about Jen and her husband affairs. Tami needs a man in her life, so she can get a life. Shanie is no better..I thought she was the classiest one..but ghetto came a callin when she attacked Gloria in the restuarant. What classy woman is going to say..”so whats up, Boo! I am disappointed in you, Sisters! Do you think about what the brothers are saying about you..not to mention what society think of you.

  68. Bque says:

    And my God, Evelyn can’t be making that much money at the shoe store..she is never there. Where is Evelyn’s money coming from really..to be able to trait in a Range Rover for a Porche! mmmmhh!

  69. Alexandria says:

    Eric, tell that fake, fake, gold digga bubbye n keep rollin! U can do so much better and she ain’t NO-BODY!

  70. Fantasia says:

    RRRUUUNNN OCHO RRUUNNN!!!!!!! R u really that stupid to marry Evelyn??? Did u hit your head and are delusional????

  71. chanace says:

    I thought the “Housewives of Atlanta was alley as hell but the women on “Basketball wives make them look like prom queens. First, Evelyn needs to sit back as we do and see just how unlady like she really is. Evelyn, you are not Princess Di, you’re more like the “WOMAN FROM HELL”. Ocho I really thought he had class and taste in the woman he was looking to be his lady, boy u really know how to pick um (Evelyn of all people, Damn you couldn’t do better than this). Jennifer, I really feel sorry for her because now she has allowed Evelyn to rub off on her. Jen I think could be a really nice person without Evelyn in her life. To be honest getting rid of your husband is not going to make you happier, I think you really need to get rid of Evelyn. Look at you now, as long as Evelyn didn’t have a man in her life she was happy making sure you was just as miserable as she was, now she is engaged and you are alone. I want to see how fast she will allow you to tell her to cheat on Ocho. I know that you have a trust issue with your with your husband, and thats a laugh but you trust EVELYN!!!!!! I’ve always wondered what it would be like to have a athlete for a husband, but if having the fame, money and attention changes you and make you act like total “A” holes then I’m glad I am the person I am. You ladies act like a bunch of unhappy, not use to having anything, back alley high school girls. Ocho should have proposed to Evelyn at a Royal Rumble Wrestling Match, because she have acts like she wants to be a wrestler. I always see her jumping up in everybody face but never doing anything but yapping. She wouldn’t make it one day in my world cause we wouldn’t even let the first “MF” get off of her tongue. Suzi, get some balls and stand up to Evelyn cause she is all hot air. Suzi, gets a backbone like Tami has. Tami won’t back down for no one. Tami, all I have to say is get help with your drinking so you won’t someday do or say something you will regret. My fiance had a drinking problem (rest his soul) and he would do and say things that really hurt me and the people around him but he would never remember what he did or said and he hurt a lot of people before GOD took him away. Please get counseling and don’t let the drama queens push you to that level that Evelyn is on. I’m actually sitting here looking at the segment when Tami had her lipo and Jen came to see her. Jen this is the person you need to be all the time and not the unhappy, miserable person Evelyn is turning you into. When you went to the storage unit with Eric you should have let him know that you wanted to work on your marriage and let the drama and drama queens go. If GOD forgives why can’t you. After all Eric is a man and he is not perfect, he is not GOD. I get so tired of everyone putting the politician, athlete, entertainers on this pedestal with God and when they screw up everyone makes it seem like they are not human. Jen, I wish you could come and see the other side of life, hang out with real motorcycle biker chicks and see how we handle drama and drama queens. I would love to be able to live the life you guys are living but just not all the drama. Hope you take this to heart. Yall act like Evelyn is a Maddam and you guys are her workers.

  72. Embarrassed says:

    Evelyn has an evil heart. I’ve watched a LOT of reality shows and Evelyn & Jen are miserable chics who will stop at nothing to make sure everyone around them is unhappy too. I actually caint wait to see when they turn on each other.LOL! TRUST…it will happen.
    Jen, pleeease stop running behind Eric like a little puppy dog. He didn’t love you then nor now. You’re not an idiot. So when will you get this thru your head?

    Evelyn & Jen…stop showing your ugliness to the world allowing Shaunie to make a FORTUNE at your expense. This is so embarrasing! No sane man would want you for his wife.

  73. LadyMac says:

    This loser is not even a basketball wife or ex-wife. She is a got played groupie. I despise liars and she takes the cake.

  74. irene says:

    Where do Jen find the time to worry about someone else’s life. I can understand Evelyn cause she ain’t got nothing to do. I used to dislike Royce, but now I like her. I bet Jen and Evelyn won’t mess with her. Tami, where did yall find her at? Send her back under the rock from whence she came. I can’t wait until she beat up Evelyn.

  75. calie says:

    ….yall really sitting here trippin off other ppls lives lol…your telling them to grow up but ur ranting VIA internet…lol yea you guys are in a way better position than they are…either way they are getting paid from you watching…take time n think of you stupidy and bask in the ambiance of shame…toodles dumasses

  76. J. Berkowitz says:

    I admire the Hustler in all these women, however, I give bigups to any Brother who decides to get into a relationship w/any Basketball Wives show cast member. Yes they are sexy and a couple are downright beautiful, I just wonder how genuine the relationships they get into really are because their scorn nature is so evident when you look at their faces. Evelyn is so bangin! Yet her disposition is obviously depressed. Like whn she says she hates herself on a whim without thinking about it,thats the way she really feels privately. Tami is crazy you can see it on her face when her eyes get really big you can tell she is always holding back her psychotic side and she desperately needs to get in the gym. Lipo is for desperate lazy asses. Also, I’d like to say News flash people of priviledge never have to mention how privi they are. Oh and it may not be a good idea to conceive a child on the first date, on purpose. just a thought

  77. siouxsie says:

    Pure trash!! Shows her lack of class on every show.

  78. shari says:


  79. thetruth24 says:

    Evelyn is a gold digger! she is my least favorite..

  80. Mrs. Angie says:

    Tammy,Tammy, Tammy. What in the world is going through your head; have you lost the brain part of it. You are a grown women, if you know you can not hold your liquor; please don’t drink. You have made yourself look like a fool. Evelyn, I will say this your a beautiful girl; however when I say “girl” that’s what I mean, please grow up. You are to pretty to present yourself the way you do. The language you use is for the streets and your nowhere near the hood, so please grow up and act the part. Jennifer, keep Evelyn and Shaunie out of your marriage business. First off, if your going to talk to anyone about marriage, speak with someone who is actually married and in Evelyn’s case, she never has been married. I can understand that is your girl, but do you really want to end up in her shoes; think jennifer. If you need advice talk to the trainer lady, who is going on 16 years of marriage; not Evelyn. You know what call me, i will talk to you. i am a young black female married to a successful black man; 7 years and happy and why we are happy is because when we took our vows, we also vowed to keep people out of our marriage.
    Shaunie, please honey get over it; he cheated you both decided to move on, you got your boy toy focus on him and get over all the other bull. Shaunie you seem to be a good friend but you need to figure out if these females are your real friend; fyi: Royce watch her I think she is a “crap” starter. Suzie continued to say she did not want to be involved in the drama, that’s a female stating the real; why does Royce continue to try and pull her in, why? because Royce gets off on the drama. Leave that fool alone. Plus women with the astrology sign of a Cancer is just fake. And for Suzie just stay your distance because Evelyn is a child and you don’t have to deal with children, when evelyn grows up then she can sit at the grown folks table; till then stay your distance she not worth it. And fyi, Evelyn and Ocho make a great couple, he just as ignorant as her; dumb and dumber. I am so tried of seeing people get married for money; just ignorant.

  81. notafan says:

    85 + EVE GO FOR IT , ITS THE TRAINWRECK WE ALL WANT TO SEE .Manhaters love this show , this is where babymommas meet the money . THIS ISN’T OLD MONEY , IT’S LOTTERY MONEY AND IT SHOWS . Its the newest megamillions winner buying the 50,000.00 pickup and parking it front of his doublewide with the sat dish , OLD TIN PANELS FOR ROOFING and pitbulls tied up in the side “yard” . It’s typical evelyn is gonna do the 3 month engagement thing so she can continue the “wives of” thing even though there are no wives on the show ( Eve , mix it like chili ). So now it’s “The Basketball and Football babymommas manhaters club “? Anyways i guess this show fits into the 15 minute fame of stupid series . go for it Evey , now that 50 is here you don’t have that much time left , c’mon don’t tell us it’s 30′ish , we all know the right amount of money from the last one can get you the bondo and weave to trap the next one. I would have to say Eveleyn is the glue that holds the wolf manhater pack together , it’s ironic it takes the money from the men to keep the hoodpack in bling , $3,000.00 weaves – keep it real? (after watching chris rock show us how much a weave cost) , does any of these women have a real job ? here is the best part she can be hispanic , hoodish , classy? , rude , love the rosie perez imitation with the f-bombs , never at fault , but shove those plastic jobs thru the top of a shirt , wrap up the cheesey skin tight , fluff that weave , and there goes another one , 85 , into that viper pit we call the “wives” . SHAQ PLEASE STOP THIS .SHAQ PLEASE STOP THIS . watch out for TAMMI , SHE WANTS YOUR JOB , we all see what happened to david from mtv years ago , Tammi is old school and she will turn those foodstamps to gold .

  82. mrs dee says:


  83. KeKe says:

    Well, as i stated in another post on here…i’m not trying to judge her…but i think if this dude was an ordinary black man, she wouldn’t give him the time of day…i don’t think it’s him, i think it’s his millions, yea, she has her own grind going with her shoes store and everything, but that’s not going to make her millionaress, marrying this dude will…ijs, but hey, the best to them both!

  84. CoCoLuv says:


  85. Shida says:

    Oh and excuse me, her name is Gloria not Joyce. I knew Joyce didn’t sound right.

  86. NIKI says:


  87. Rita says:

    Why is this show called Basketball Wives? There are no wives. Evelyn and Jen are a piece of work. I do wish that Suzi would just knock the crap out of Evelyn. She needs someone to put her in her place. Jen, you have stayed with Eric after all his infidelities and now that you might be getting a little recognition on your own and maybe a little money you are leaving him dangling on the divorce. Just go ahead and divorce him because you obviously don’t love him and he does seem to love you (it is really sad). Now that Chad has stupidly hooked up with Evelyn Jen won’t have anyone to hangout with. I’m not sure why Shauni associates herself with these two women. They all say that Miami is Evelyn’s town, since when did she buy Miami. She thinks she is suppose to be invited to everything and control everything. She seems so phony. Suzie has appologized so many times. Evelyn and Jen are just being mean girls! Suzie is doing the right thing by not getting down on their sorry level and just avoiding them. I just hope that Shauni finally realizes the kind of women Jen and Evelyn are. I would love to see Evelyn change over to Football wives because I am sure Mrs. Sanders would put her in her place! Would love to see that. I know this is a reality show and that most of it is scripted so I hope Evelyn and Jen really aren’t the way they seem, but, I think probably not. Come on ladies get some of this class that you are always talking about.

  88. Rita says:

    Wasn’t the ring that Chad gave to Cheryl when he was on Dancing with the Stars much bigger than Evelyn’s engagement ring? It seems to me that I remember Cheryl’s ring being much bigger.

  89. Sunidaze says:

    I truly think the two of them want to create such a following through controversy that they both make a lot of money. The two of them are savvy business partners and the public is being duped. The engagement is “bootleg”. Don’t be fooled Joe Public!!!

  90. 181646 says:

    What a lovely day for a 181646! SCK was here

  91. 1173233 says:

    What a lovely day for a 1173233! SCK was here

  92. Jackie Wise says:

    I sure hope that man thinks twice about marrying you have issues honey and this is what he is gonna have to deal with poor man!

  93. crazy says:

    I sure hope that man thinks twice about marraige and does he watch the show to see how you act? And had the nerve to tell Jenn she aint about this life, your not for sure throwing bottles and jumping on tables Evelyn looks ridiculous think it over Ocho! Evelyn is the biggest trouble maker!