VH1 Divas Host Kathy Griffin Calls Bristol Palin “The White Precious”


As you may know, VH1 Divas Salute The Troops taped last night and airs Sunday, Dec. 5, at 9/8c. But the celebs host Kathy Griffin takes aim at in the show are probably hoping it never airs at all. Kathy, who fearlessly entertained the troops in a camouflage bikini, took jabs at Lindsay Lohan, Jessica Simpson, Tony Parker, Mel Gibson, Charlie Sheen and more.

But she saved the most brutal — and hilarious — comment of the night for Bristol Palin. Noting that Bristol was the only Dancing With the Star contestant in the history of the show to actually gain weight, she quipped: “She’s like the white Precious.” Judging by how many times this was retweeted on TheFABlife’s Twitter, we’re pretty sure people will be talking about White Precious long after VH1 Divas airs tomorrow night. Hey, anyone interested in getting a Twitter trend going with #WhitePrecious?

Also, get ready for the reaction from the marines when The Situation and Snooki take the stage. It’s out of control. The Sitch gave the troops some very excellent advice: “Stay grenade free.”

Runner-up for Most Brutal Kathy Griffin Jab at VH1 Divas: Jessica Simpson couldn’t make it to the show because she “couldn’t fit in the hangar.” [Photo: Getty Images]


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  1. sandi says:

    Damn! Kathy’s 50 and she looks GREAT! This from a 51 year old hetrosexual female!
    BTW, she’s right about Bristol. In Bristol’s defense, Bristol explained that most people on DWTS are so nervous that they can’t eat and she doesn’t show her nervousness that way. HaHaHaHaHaHa Watch out Kathy, there’s a new comedian in town!

  2. Sharon says:

    The Palin jokes are really, really getting old. Especially coming from someone who has had so much plastic surgery.

  3. Jeff says:

    “The Palin jokes are really, really getting old…”

    If you feel that way now, wait til’ Momma P makes a run for the White House in 2012.

    When she goes away, the jokes will go away. Its that simple. After all, when was the last time you heard a good Ross Perot joke?

  4. LtColCP says:

    I attended this concert along with my family. What a joke. This was not a concert to salute the troops, this was a commercial promotional concert VH1 and it’s performers only. I was disgusted at the organization setup of this concert. The had Miramar base officials in stands in the hangers, and a handful of troops at the front near the stage. The rest of the crowd ‘troops and their families” who were given free tickets were made to stand behind barriers miles from the stage with no crowd control. MCAS Mirimar and VH1 had no coordination or concern for active military, their families or guests in the crowd. There was less room than a can of sardines. When we first arrived their was a line to get in. When they removed the first barrier people when screaming in ad were trampled on. Then the decided to remove a second barrier same thing happened. People ran to the fenced in like zoo animals area and kept pushing to get the front. The swarm of people was at least a 1/4 mile round. I wish I could post my cell phone pictues on here, but I am happily going to blog about it and post pictures elsewhere. Within this crowd of people there was no rooom and no area to walk in and out of the crowd. To get through the people piled on top of each other and thats exactly what it looked like people stuffed in a phone booth it was a fight to get through the crowd and because of this people were becoming irritated, angry, verbally abusive f bombs being dropped everywhere and finally the fights broke out. Where were the MP’s?????? Where was security. A long with the fist fights and cat fights there were people dirnking and of course consuming beyond capacity and throwing up on the spot. WHY because the crowd was so tight they could not move to get out of the crowd to be sick in a trash can or away from people. It disgusted me to see a self centered self promotional base commander up on stage talking about how great this is and wonderful we can all be there and experience this, how about this bring your wonderful attitude to the crowd you had crammed in like sardines YOUR troops and their families that you obviously had no concern for. Women were being touched in appropriate places, kids were being pushed around shoved. All for what??? A TV experience that truely is a false conern for any troops and their families experiencing deployment, loss or a wounded troop. We left once my kids heard Katy Perry I was done we left and apparently we were not the only ones. The best part was watching talent and crew on top of the hanger smoking and hte jet behind us leaking fuel. GREAT STUFF! Btw I am blodding this and posting pics everywhere. I am on leave since returning from deployment I have plenty of time.

  5. SFC Rivera says:

    LtColCP: It is funny how there’s always someone to come up with something negative to say about everything. Doesn’t matter what we do or organize there’s always someone who has a better idea and knows 20,000 different ways on how something could’ve been done better… I have an idea of my own!!! How about we shut up and enjoy what’s done for us or just stay home? or How about we learn some spelling and grammar before we go on this boards pretending to be high ranking soldiers and bashing our military leaders for trying to put an event together for us? For someone who implies to be a LTC according to their screen name, the spelling comes accross as that of a 1st grader.

  6. VAgirl says:

    I think Kathy G, is fair. She pokes fun at everybody so the Palins need to chill out. As for Bristol, the election may have out her in the spot light but she has chosen to stay in it! Regardless to if she will admit it or not she is a celebrity now. Being a celebrity means that people are going to pick on you, judge you, and say things that are not so positive and make fun of you! Yes I understand fat jokes are hurtful but lets be honest hundreds of celebs end up in magazines with pictures of them highlighting their weight (too fat, too skinny, love handles, cellulite ect). Bristol need s to either embrace her role as a celeb, and stop feeling the need to defend herself every time somebody says something about her she does not like. We all know Kathy G is crude and loves to pick on the palins its nothing new. (Side note …notice how you don’t see the McCain children don’t seem to be making crazy waves on TV!) Bristol needs a public image person to teach her how to handle the press and the media. If she wants’ o be her own person she need to stop saying that she’s a target because if her mother and take some responsibility if not she need to just get off the TV! I do agree the palin stuff is getting old Kathy G need new stuff!!!

  7. VAgirl says:

    Sorry about all my typos I was trying to finish before the show started.

  8. Debbie Swallows says:

    Kathy Griffin is disgusting…Why is she allowed to do anything in public and especially to host a show for the troops??
    Her foul mouth and rude remarks portray her for what she has been for years — trash!..

  9. Eric says:

    The only thing that this lady can do is insult people. If she didn’t have that, she’d be nothing because she certainly lacks any kind of talent!

  10. Jeff says:

    C,mon man I love Kathy. But the Bristol jokes…. its getting old :( …She is just a child. Lay off her. There are plenty of other people to make fun of. Tiger Woods, Obama, Pelosi, Big Ben, Limbaugh, etc….

  11. abby says:

    Lol… What kathy said about bristol was what we were all thinking. With all that dancing that girl never lost weight.. wait she wasnt dancing she was horrible. Those Palins are all annoying and need to go back to Alaska.

  12. Howard says:

    Kathy Griffin is really not funny. She has to resort to insults and shock value to elicit a response. Her fans are the types who feed on base humor. I think Kathy Griffin is vulgar and obnoxious. Kudos to our troops for defending our country, and for calling out a no talent cowardly sarcastic poor excuse for a comedian, who only knows how to spew out put downs.