Grace Potter Scores Big At VH1 Divas, Says Twitter



Grace Potter & the Nocturnals aren’t nearly as big as VH1 Divas Salute the Troops performers like Katy Perry or Nicki Minaj. But thanks to a wildly adrenaline-inducing set that included a duet with Heart, the super-tight rock band with the ’70s retro vibe is crushing Twitter and reached #5 on Google’s Hot Searches in the U.S. directly after the show. From Grace Potter’s twitter:

Thank you all for your incredible feedback from the @VH1Divas show. You have officially crashed our website. That’s the new Rock&Roll.less than a minute ago via Echofon

We have a hunch her site crashed because of brand new fans like this:

@rachaeltrevino3 GIRL i LOVED grace potter. i was like whooo is dis bitchhhh????less than a minute ago via web

Aside from killin’ it on the performance, we’re pretty sure Grace Potter’s legs didn’t curb any enthusiasm. Ooh La La!

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  1. foxy roxy says:

    Finally a woman who rocked it for us. I am a new fan.

  2. Bubba Coon says:

    Gracie was very sparkly … she’d a’ kicked ass in her old Vermont mud boots too

  3. Jr. Pickering says:

    My mind is still in recovery from being blown away! Been listenin to her music ever since they played with Heart on VH1 last night. I immediately bought ‘Paris’ and ‘oasis’ right after i saw them! I WILL be gettin all their albums!!!!!

  4. BJ says:


  5. Joseph M. Liotta says:

    In 2003 when Grace was a student at St; Lawrence University, her drummer, Matt Burr called me and asked if they could play our series that summer. I said we are fully booked but I’ll come over in the fall and I’ll listen to you. When I went over in the fall I knew they were good and we tried to arrange a concert for the summer of 2004. Things got busy for the group as Grace dropped out of school and went on the road with professional management.

    It took took 3 years to get them back and they performed for our venue, the Norwood Village Green Concert Series, in 2006. Their road experience and their sheer talent gave our audience something really special.

    It is my hope that nothing will get in the way to their success. I was proud of Grace and Matt and Scott and all of the Nocturnals last night. Thank you Matt for that contact way back in 2003.

    Joe LIotta

  6. Elizabeth says:

    What a gorgeous photo. Grace is finally getting the national recognition she deserves!

  7. Rocky Racoon says:

    I have a new BFGF. Grace, can I come over to your house? I’ll bring the pizza and beer.

  8. gary says:

    I want to salute All our troops as well. THANK YOU GRACE POTTER AND THE NOCTURNALS Awesome performance.

  9. Richard says:

    Where’s Cat?

    You guys blew the doors of at The Windjammer in IOP this summer, and the Visulite in Charlotte last month. Hope Cat’s non-appearance on the Divas show as just a glitch or a bad night…I wish you the best and playin at Carnegie Hall and whereever…please just don;t forget the clubs where I fell in love with you guys…

  10. wolfpaws says:

    WOW ,a flying V and a rockin mini skirt, I AM in love

  11. bb says:

    drop D tuning and drop dead beautiful…. all the way to the top with Grace and the Nocturnals… all the best! Love the retro vibe, and I like how you resisted the urge to upstage the wilson sisters, even though you actually could… hot, humble, and talented

  12. Flash says:

    If Grace is managed correctly…Grace will be the biggest thing to hit the entertainment biz since Beyonce….I just saw her for the first time on VH1 last night…I don’t think I have ever seen talent, beauty and sensuality mixed in a more perfect union…She is Janis Joplin meets Bridget Bardot….tremendous talent as a vocalist, musician and entertainer…and absolutely gorgeous…….sensuality and talent….not to mention some good music….. a musical genre of pure rock and roll with the Nocturnals…..WOW!!!

  13. Janeece says:

    Daaaaaaaaang – never heard of her until this show and now I’m at Amazon downloading her songs. As my old friend Tom used to say, “There’s nothing better than a hot chick who can play guitar!” Y’all rock! I’m ur newest fan.

  14. Diego says:

    Heads UP From BRAZILLLLLLLL…… They are International NOW!!!! HAHAHAHHAHAH LOVE THIS BAND! “If I was from Brazil I would say Uh Lá lá !!!!!!! How can I get the video of this performance? Anyone?

  15. Joe Bink says:

    My eyes have never witnesses such beauty and talent in a single person. The rest of the band rocks as well!

  16. Tiffany says:

    absolutely amazing.