Last Night’s Bag O’ Clips


On last night’s My Big Friggin’ Wedding

…Alyssa treated the country to some Jersey beef via a male-stripper audition for her bachelorette party.

And on Mario Lopez: Saved by the Baby

…Mario described his plan to treat parenthood like a dictatorship. That definitely won’t cause resentment or anything when his kid is old enough to know who Fidel Castro is.

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  1. miley Miller says:

    I think Kathy Griffin’s remark about Bristol is awful… why pick on people about their weight, she is just a kid..

    Kathy that stunk…

  2. Eastcoast183 says:

    I was watching the show where Mario left his wife in the hospital all alone and got so angry with Mario for not seeing what’s really going on. His agent is more concerned with making that money from that taping session that he didn’t care the least about Mario OR his family.

    Sometimes it takes a fresh perspective to bring out what’s really going on and the fact that his agent never even TRIED to cancel or postpone the session tells me all I want to know.

    You’ve got to watch out for people who make money from your work, they will take, take and take some more! This dude is a scumbag and Mario should drop him like a hot potato!