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A new year means new demands, and that’s especially true on VH1, as Season 2 of What Chilli Wants will ring in 2011 when it hits the air Sunday, January 2 at 9:30/8:30c. Details on the R&B icon’s renewed quest for love on reality TV are in the press release below…

Multi-Grammy Award winner Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas is famous, beautiful and talented…but for some reason the international superstar member of TLC still can’t seem to find a man. But she’s not done trying! After a smash first season, Chilli and her no-nonsense matchmaker Tionna Smalls are back at it again and taking another stab at finding Chilli true love on a brand new season of VH1’s What Chilli Wants premiering Sunday, January 2nd at 9:30 PM*.

Like last season, Chilli is still struggling to find the man of her dreams, while her matchmaker Tionna is tasked with helping her toughest client yet. Yet this time around, the stakes are even higher. Just shy of 40, Chilli is consumed by a desire to have another child and time is definitely working against her. This time around, Chilli’s not only looking for the perfect man, she’s also looking for a potential husband and father.

In the second season of What Chilli Wants, Tionna takes to the road on a nationwide search to focus on “high value” targets that will not only turn Chilli’s head, but open her heart as well. As a result, various encounters and hot chemistry ensues as Chilli’s dates take her up and down the eastern seaboard; from Miami, where she puts things in high gear with a dynamic Indy race-car driver; to New York, where a head-turning Swedish model shows her he’s much more than just a pretty face.

However, looming in the background is an old flame with whom Chilli has for years been on the cusp of a real, romantic relationship – but continually let down by his lack of commitment. Now, much to Tionna’s dismay, all seems to be forgiven when he shows up in Atlanta to spend some quality time with Chilli. That said, is this old flame for real and ready to step up to a real relationship? And in the end, will Chilli finally open her heart and let someone in?

Viewers can catch a sneak peek of the season’s first episode on VH1.com the week before it premieres on air. Subsequent episodes will be available on VH1.com after they air. Additional video content from What Chilli Wants including bonus scenes and exclusive extras from each episode will be available on VH1.com and on VH1 Mobile throughout the season. To connect with Chilli, viewers can visit her official Twitter page, @OfficialChilli.

The eight half-hour episode series of What Chilli Wants is produced by FremantleMedia North America. Executive Producers are Larry Barron, Kevin Williams, Bill Diggins and Chilli. Executive Producers for VH1 are Jim Ackerman, Jeff Olde and Mike Riley.

[Image via: Rick Diamond/Getty for VH1]

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  1. please correct says:

    hey, it’s “sneak peek AT.”

  2. Lisa says:

    Well I Chilli selected the Swedish model since we saw pics. of them together at the Soul Train awards…can’t wait for the second season!

  3. jess says:

    i wonder who the old flame is ? i hope its usher. they really make a good couple & i believe they are perfect for each other. maybe both of them should open their eyes and realize that. they had such good chemistry i dont know why they let each other slip away but it is time for them to reconnect their lives cause they are the one for each other. Love ya both=]

  4. Sharita says:

    I won’t be watching this offal. I am so sick of celebs getting dating reality shows and then not being able to make their relationships work. She spent the entire first season narrowing it down to Bill and then a few months later she is back. Steve Harvey was right. “What Chili wants is too damn much.” I think this entire thing is a total scam.

  5. khalua says:

    I love that we are trying to find a black girl a man but can we find this black girl a man next? Chilli you had 2 chances how do i get fixed up?

  6. Deb says:

    have you ever thought about going to the million dollar matchmaker?? Want you try it. Anyway good luck on catching that fish (smile)

  7. Jeffrey says:

    Hello Chilli if you are reading this blog you are doing the right thing, take your time and receive what God have for you. According to His word a man must be a good steward of what He blesses him with. He must be not only a lover of your flesh but of your soul. Chilli I would like to help you or you can find Mr right by the word Prov 20:6. This type of man will know how to be a blessing not only to you but your son also and have favor form God bring in more bless Children (Malachi 2:15). Chilli the word tell every man that every woman is His wife (Isa 54:5) and He gives her to a man to take care of her physical and spiritual (Pro 19:14). Praying that this blog reach you, bye.

  8. Bobby Saint Louis says:

    I hope you find someone who has a good Christian foundation. Someone who can and wants to be a father figure for your son. Someone who loves, and accept you for who you are.Someone who can be goofy also. Maybe you need to come to Dodge City, Ks.
    My best regard,

    God bless,
    Bobby Saint Louis

  9. Suga says:

    This is so dum…she is to uptight to be looking for luvvvvv….and controlling,picky,and sarcastic.She likes to dominated the males conversation…. She doesn’t know how to relax and have fun….lol…that the fun of dating….. I feel for her with the issues she has in her head for as her perfect man….

  10. Jay says:


    I know the perfect gentleman who happens to live in Atlanta. Perhaps your Publicist could arrange a meeting. I would appreciate an opportunity to share his contact information and more about him.

    Kind Regards

  11. Nay says:

    I don’t think her standards are to high, I think she has her own issues to work on. She says she wants a man who believes in God and lives his life in that way, but she’s not looking in the places where men like that are. If you think about it, God is a loving God and his word the bible says to be no part of the world, so why would you look to men of the world to find what you want. Just a thought!

  12. Kelly says:

    I don’t understand why Chilli keeps asking Floyd about kids, dating, marriage, etc. Floyd is not answering her questions for a reason. He is not ready to dedicate himself so why does he keep asking him?

    He may have some attraction to her, but still, he’s not ready to settle down so she is wasting her time.

  13. deedee says:

    I watched the first season of this reality TV show. She keeps pursuing and forgiving Floyd Mayweather. She never says if he meets ALL of her list criteria! It seems that he’s only interested in friendship with Chili, not the real commitment that she’s looking for. MOVE ON! All of the other eligible men Tionna is finding for Chili she should have no problem selecting a REAL man who is ready for a committed relationship. Plus, Floyd has a history of arrests and physical abuse against women. It seems that his boxing skills overflow into his personal life in a negative way. Is Chili really considering this aspect of his personality? I think not!

  14. Rose says:

    I am a big fan of reality shows but come on where’s the reality of what Chili wants? I am all for people finding true love but it’s so obvious that her and floyd is in love so why waste the viewers time for bogish results. Where’s the suspinsion? I’m not a hater in no shape form or fashion but the truth should be told. The list is unreal, Tiana fixing her up with other dudes are unreal and I just wish Chili and Floyd would get a room and have a baby already FOR REAL!!!

  15. FRED says:


  16. ST says:

    I agree Floyd is avoiding her questions. It may seem like he wants something different from what she wants and is willing to enjoy the time she gives. His comments, you have to love the good and the bad of me and I’m afraid of being hurt, could mean he’s afraid of exposing himself to her. He dosesn’t feel like she would except whatever bad image he or the world has given him. Not willing to go there and enjoying their friendship. Men can be complex. Unless they verbalize their thoughts straight out it’s hard to know where they are at. When they don’t they are either scheming, don’t want to hurt your feelings, afraid, or don’t know how to answer. The questions she posed were straight forward he could have answered them. If he answered her questions she would shut everything down. He needs to open up. Lastly, Fred she is not sending a wrong message. I’ve never heard that she has stated she had an issue with black men and are done with them. She’s kept herself open to Floyd. She’s open to all men. Her preference is man and not color.

  17. MS LY says:

    I watched last night and was really amused. First of all, I think she knows Floyd is a “mute point”, however, she likes him as a person…but seriously, he is wayyyy too immature and not ready for what she wants. Keep it moving Chilli, he’s not there yet!

    And Fred, black men date outside of their race ALL OF THE TIME..why is it that when black women do it we’re selling out and sending the wrong message to kids? I completely disagree and I believe that she is trying to find the RIGHT man…be it black OR white!

    You do you Chilli, and I wish you much success in your endeavor.

  18. CJ says:

    I loved the first episode. It had me screaming in my seat when Tionna brought the other guy to your “date” with Floyd and I was so very surprised by your response! Good for you Chilli. I am excited for you and hope that you find exactly what you want!

  19. MamaJoe says:

    I have asked the same question. Chili needs to read the book, “He’s just not that into you”. She is a straight girl in love with a gay man who is stringing her along just to keep up appearances. Good luck.

  20. Joe says:

    Hey Chili,

    read the book, “he’s just not into you”.

  21. Ras De African says:

    First of all, Chilli’s criteria for her search is not matching up to what she claims she wants. Talking about God loving and fearing man who will be a good husband,father for your son etc, all these guys that your friend goes around looking for looks like he has to be someone famous or makes a certain about of money because you are chilli and won’t settle. not to say you have to settle but girl, if I may advice, start searching for a man with character who may not be able to afford a $14,000 ear-ring but has what it takes to make you the happiest woman and a great father figure for your son. I will be peeping every now and then to see how its going…all the best.
    PS: I have a wonderful potential husband for you and a great father-figure for your son. Below is his profile.

    He is 35 black
    Youth Advocate/minister
    UN volunteer
    Lives in 1 bedroom apt in Alpharetta, GA
    Drives a 2000 honda accord
    mentor for many young people without a father
    Personal trainer
    Makes $40K a year
    Great personality and character
    Never been arrested
    Good credit
    Plays and coaches soccer, tennis.
    Very simple guy with only 3 pair of jeans.
    Never made a million but very happy man.And goes on and on. Chilli, if this character appeals to you and wanna know more,,,holla

    All the best.

  22. Ms. Faye says:

    I’m also fed up with these celebs and their reality shows. So what if you find love. They have more opportunities to meeting whomever you want than most of us (not hating). But when you come on for a 2nd season, it shows you really weren’t looking, it’s all for entertainment. Just go ahead and get with the fighter. Ray J now has a girlfriend and doesn’t understand why she doesn’t trust him, who would? After how many shows of going through different women? Real entertainment has gone to the dogs.

  23. Tandy says:

    Chili looks like a desperate idiot. She coming on too strong. Why is she chasing after Floyd Mayweather Jr? She’s pressuring him to marry her and have a baby. It’s obvious that he’s not ready to settle down. She’s going to scare him away. Chilli is cute, but she’s too old for him. She needs to find a man closer to her own age. A relationship with FLoyd would not last. Let a few months to a year pass by and Floyd will probably be loose interest in Chilli and find some other younger tender roni to be with.

  24. emjay2 says:

    Fred are you serious??? There are more BLACK MEN dating white women, than there are polar bears left in the North Pole.. Are THEY sell outs???? I don’t know about you but I can count on ONE hand, how many BLACK women I’ve seen with WHITE men, in the last sixth months….but I need 3 HANDS when it comes to counting how many BLACK men, I’ve seen with white women. So Chilli’s a sell out, for picking a man, who just HAPPENED to have not been black, that wants the SAME as she wants?? C’mon now…I’ll remember that next time I’m listening to Gucci Mane…I’ll try to count how many times, he uses the B word or the H word.

  25. emjay2 says:

    I hope most of you know that Chilli is SUPPOSE to have expectations….especially if she EXPECTS a lot out of herself. That’s why a lot of women get treated like GARBAGE….cause they have ZERO expectations. They’ll just take what they can get.

  26. lee says:

    What was the name of the spa Chilli went to with Mayweather? Looking for an indepth facial like that in my area.

  27. Elle says:

    @Lee.. My guess is they went to Entebello… it’s a spa in ATL of course… http://www.entebello.com/

  28. Looking 4 Love 2 says:

    I hope it works out with you and Rafael! He’s seems like such a sweetie (and hot!). You had some great words advice: keepin’ someone around just b/c they have good qualities is doin’ someone dirty. So true. Also, while a lot of the guys you met seemed like good people, if you didn’t have a physical attraction to them, you’d be missing out on an impt aspect of your relationship.

  29. eyezgreen2 says:

    Chilli needs to stop hanging on Floyd. She is so particular yet she is constantly hanging on Floyd. Get it girl he is not interested move on. Why would u want to keep on asking him the same question?

    If your so chosey get off Floyd and move on he dosnt seem what u keep trying to find.

    Look at the episodes and you will see your always leaning into him. Too much time wasted. Move on!!

  30. shicetea says:

    Chilli, u r such a beautiful woman, who deserves the best. Seems like Floyd is c… blocking. You know the saying…He doesn’t want u, but he doesn’t want any1 else 2 have u. He’s playing games. I would work it out by “Keeping It Moving” Please stop wasting ur time. Life is 2 short. Good Luck!

  31. lala25 says:

    Chilli sounds silly. She is not playing games, but yet she stay spending time with Floyd…someone who is the least compatible with her list. It sounds to me like she likes all the money and things that he can do with her. He is sooo damn immature, please keep it moving. Flloyd is running that Grade A GAME! If he wanted to be with you, trust ya’ll would be together. SMH…why do you keep putting the ball in his court?!? Girl Bye!

  32. erin says:

    does anybody know the name of the song that was playing at the very end when Chilli realized it was over with Floyd…something about the last goodbye. Need the artist name and the title.

  33. Mason Cole says:

    you can get the song “The Last Goodbye” featured on the last episode of “What Chilli Wants” where she is have the serious talk with Floyd at the amusement park here:

  34. tima says:

    chili seems like it is all about how much money a man has.she is far to old to think so childish like. chili your not perfect look in the mirror you come across so shallow. grow up, I would write in caps a good sentence structure but I figure it would not make a difference for someone like you.

  35. SANjAUN says:

    i think you nd floyd mayweather would of made a good couple i love flody mayweather even doe he wasnt the daddy tpye lmao! but i think yhall could have made it work ! ohh yhea im ur nuymba one fam! nd you and usher made a good coupls too but if he cheated once he’ll cheat again think about it !nd im 16 years old from sheveport-bossier city lol ! nd dnt get me wrong usher a good guy but you did say you dnt want to be hurt again!!!!!!!!

  36. Saundra Bowersock says:

    I love the Black & White Beach Cover up you had on in Miami…Where can I find one?

    My family & I are taking a vacation in March and would love to find one…

    Please help :)

    Thank you

  37. Gordon Walker says:

    I think that chilli want to much. You should change your atitude and personality. There is no man that will put up with your attitude and your snotty remarks. I do not have anything personal agaist you but no one in this world is perfect. You should get the biblle and really study. God saids that he dont like ugly, You should come down to earth. Gordon Walker

  38. 4608814 says:

    What a lovely day for a 4608814! SCK was here