What Chilli Wants – Season 2: Watch The Supertrailer!


Well, seeing as how we just told you that the second season of What Chilli Wants debuts on January 2, 2011, now’s as good a time as any to show you the supertrailer! This season, Tionna Smalls scoured the country’s hottest locations — we’re talking New York, Miami and Los Angeles — for a man that meets all of the qualifications on Chilli’s outsized checklist. Will she succeed in finding a man for Chilli? What will become of her ongoing relationship with boxing champ Floyd Mayweather? And, most importantly, are there any dudes out there packin’ enough heat to satisfy her? All these questions and more will be answered during this season of What Chilli Wants!

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  1. Diane says:

    If chilli really wants to fine a man, than she needs to stop being so picky. there is nothing wrong with a man having a drink. if he has a problem with drinking than ok, but social drinking should not be a problem for this chick.girl you just might end up old and alone if you don’t watch out.

  2. Linda says:

    Chilli needs to chill out. The show reveals her to be a “not so likable” lady. She needs to lighten up, soften up and perhaps she’ll find a man, most not likely due to this show though. Uugghhh

  3. troy says:

    hey chili i like lookin at ur show u r a sexy lady i will like too meat u one day

  4. Southerngirl says:

    Chill has a whole lot of issues and needs to give herself so time to think with rational thoughts..and she needs to stop being so picky..controling….She needs to lighten up, soften up and perhaps she’ll find a man, most not likely due to this show though….lol…

  5. Nay says:

    I agree Southerngirl…
    I think Floyd is trouble and he just wants to hit it!
    Beware Chilli, everything that shines is not gold!!!

  6. nai says:

    I dont understand why Chilli would be so into Mayweather and he isnt man enough to even show that he wants the same thing. More importantly, he just beat up the mother of his kids, in their presence too “allegedly”. I don’t get it. I was rooting for her that I can relate that she has standards but now I see Chilli is stuck in dreamworld. If this show keep showing that woman beater with chilli I will no longer watch.

  7. Desiree says:

    Chilli, I do applaud you for having standards. It is important to be with someone who can satisfy your needs and wants. However, the checklist seems to go too far into detail. You are not giving yourself enough time to get to know some of these men. You are just brushing them off without the benefit of the doubt. I think it is important that you give some of them a chance, and be more calm and relaxing. It is great that you don’t get your son involved in your dating, but I’m sure he watches the show. Your not as young as you were 20 years ago, so maybe you should try not to be so harsh and judgmental. God bless you!

  8. jenniDee says:

    chilli, grow up. while you are beautiful and extremely talented but you make yourself look simple and childish by carrying on with a man who clearly has no real desire to be with you. like steve said on tough love, if a man really wants to be with you he will have no problem in doing so.

  9. moonbeam2484 says:

    I am pleased to see Miss Chili again; she is such a grounded, charming lady. It’s too bad that so-called matchmaker is back; she has no tact nor substance. Chili needs to focus on men around 45+ to increase her liklihood of finding an emotionally mature gentleman; these young guys don’t have the depth nor sufficient understanding of women to satisfy a sensitive woman like Chili.

  10. FRED says:


  11. Tmart says:

    Chilli looks like a stupid hypocrite! Floyd allegedly beat up his Girlfriend/BM in October–while they were filiming this season of Chilli’s show.
    So she doesn’t want a man who eats pork- but it’s ok if he allegedly drags his kids mother out of bed and punches her in the face?! We werent there—so we don’t know what happened for sure. But the fact his kids ran out of the house to get help says alot. Kids are honest.
    Clearly—if Floyd was so upset his BM was datig someone else—then he still was involved with her.
    I think Chilli is star struck. After dating both Dallas and Usher she doesn’t want a “regular” guy. She is willing to overlook anything for that star power!

    She needs to say something about this…especially because her BF–T-Boz was also in a domestic violence situation with her ex, Mac 10. Chilli needs to make it clear that she doesn’t approve of men hitting women. period- no matter who they are or what they buy her.

  12. Deidra t says:

    I watched this show the last time it aired and decided to
    give it a try this time around. What a disappointment! This women who have a laundry list of requirements for her perspective partner yet she get on the radio after this season episode and defend and an abuser.Perhaps chilli is blinded by the materials things that Floyd is willing to give. The man has no substance yet she continues to chase after him.To me she has no real standards

  13. tima says:

    Chili wants someone perfect,look at yourself your not perfect. Chili you come across like your a real catch,Chili wake up a lady does not ask a man what size is his penis. All that is on your list seems to be what the man looks like down to his six pack size,the size of his private area etc. all shallow questions. How would you like it if a man asked you how tight you are in your private area,what size are your breast and are they firm like a 21yr.old.I know we women like what we like but you are tactless. Are you kidding you want to control even what the man eats POrk??? Chili I like you but you need therphy before getting into a realationship your views on relationships are far to immature for a women of your age,your far to old for to behave like you do. When you pick up that 14thousand dallor earing set you looked so immature again,when a lady is with a man you never pick up the jewelry it is a silent gesture for him to buy it for you and that is not lady like, and of course you knew that.Chili when not in a realationship a lady does not except such a expensive gift they politely thank the man and give it back.It was mention on the show also the man has to have mega money to have a date with you,that is not lady like and it is harsh and uncaring.

  14. Sarah says:

    I am excited to see what Chilli does to change. She has high standards but knows what she wants. I started watching her show when a friend told me about when I started to work at DISH. I got HD free for life with DISH, so I’m hoping my picture is clear as day. I don’t want to miss a beat!

  15. emjay2 says:

    Oh, no! Say it ain’t so, about Floyd! He did WHAT???? I mean, I definately saw a love connection but if this is true, I can’t support it, anymore….and it’s such a shame…wth, is wrong with Floyd???? Moving on….why ae ya’ll coming down on Chilli so hard?? What is just sooooo wrong with her? She’s obviously not perfect but she comes off as being a good person, so I don’t understand why all the hate. Oh yeah and to the poster names Fred…I don’t get that impression AT ALL Fred. It COULD just be that SOME of the ‘BLACK’ men are not FOR her….and if you can remember, there WAS a black guy that she went out with and was interested in but HE was not interested in being with ONE woman….and he even STATED so. This season JUST started and ya’ll are ALREADY coming down on the girl and she hasn’t uttered ONE fricken WORD about what she wants, NOW. She SEEMS to have grown a little, since LAST season….why don’t ya’ll stop judging her so much and give her a chance, to SEE if she’s grown a little since then….my gawd.

  16. Drew Suave says:

    I am a relationship coach and have been advising people for over 20 years. Based on what I saw with Chilli is she has to bring it streight Floyd Merrywheather. She has to know what is his intentions are. I didn’t approve of what her girlfriend did by bringing in another man in during the date but I know it was quite a strategic move. As a male, I would have advised her a bit differently.

    Chilli, you are right in taking your time because this is a life time commitment you are making. If you have wants for another child then you do have to get to the point smoothly and quickly. Did you write down what is it that you are looking for in a man and the qualities that you are looking for? Doing this exercise can help

    Me, as a man I know I see the game even clearer from the male perspective.

  17. Angela Kenner says:

    i think her show should be cancel she not willing to be bother any men. she to busy follow after floyd who playing with her mind. either she need to deal with him or move on. her list she need to throw out the window just because you don’t eat something dosen’t mean the man have too. too high standers never get a man like that some but not all your rules. wake up chilly 2011

  18. candi says:

    I applaud Chili for knowing what she wants in a man, however feel that behaviors (no drinking etc) are not values that build a relationship. I’m hoping she can add to her list some deeper qualities like open communication, willing to talk through conflict.

    I know she wants a baby soon, but I also think she should consider that even if she finds the right man, having a baby right after that can put a lot of stress on the relationship. Getting to know someone takes time, and it will take time for him to develop a real bond with her son.

    Slow down Chili, you’ll find the right one.

  19. queen says:

    chilli the reason you haven,t found man is because the bible says a man finds a woman .

  20. ana says:

    I really like chilli’s attitude in the show. She knows exactly what she wants and she’s not willing to settle. I really like that guy Rafael for her. I can tell He really likes her by the way he looks at her. They make such a cute couple!! I hope he’s the one for her :) something tells me there’s a strong chemistry between the two

  21. em says:

    ok, chilli realize you are out dating various men looking for mr. right, but you want these men to put their lives on hold while you decide which one or who you want. any time floyd come to town you drop everything.these men had a life before you and everyone do not have bad break ups, believe it or not adults remain friends. Raphael is mad cool, but you that is another story.

  22. Gaby-Lynn says:

    Im So glad they are filming a black woman open to being with a man outside her race! Black men are not limiting their selves so Black women shouldn’t limit their selves either!!!!

  23. Jessica says:

    Does anybody else find Chili’s friend a bit abrasive? I just stumbled upon this show and the friend is calling Chili out on not being into the “brothas” anymore. First of all, this is 2011 get over it!!! Second of all, don’t be an ignorant fool on national television…this chick seems to have some racial issues and keep it to yourself! I appreciate Chili shouting out the fact that her friend is prejudice and ALSO how black men DEFINITELY don’t have a problem dating outside their race- and black women shouldn’t either! And that “good hair” comment the friend made towards Chili was just….gross.

  24. mar mar says:

    What happen to Farmer D?? Is he still single. He is so hot!! I don’t know why se didn’t choose him. They should do a show for him.

  25. Raven says:

    OMG… Chilli…I just saw my life flashed in front of me with you meeting with Mr. Scandinavia. I met my husband 10 years ago…he is from Denmark. We knew the day we met that it would be forever because he was so genuine and real from day one.

    Today, we have been married for 10 years with 7 yrs old boy girl twins. I had the twins at 41 yrs of age and we are more in love today than ever before. Don’t get me wrong…with the cultural difference and language barrier…it was difficult but one thing remain unchanged…we love each other and there is nothing that can challenge that love.

    I will tell you that the first time meeting my husband’s family in Denmark…I was super nervous. However, when I arrived at his parents house…the Danish flag was hoisted to welcome me and every member of the community was there to greet and meet me.

    I have to tell you that it was the first time in my life that I was told that brown eyes were beautiful. I went to his best friend’s wedding and I had at least 5 blond hair/blue eyes girl walking up to me to tell me how beautiful my brown eyes were. Girl…I think this is the one…these scandinavians are real.

    Good Luck


  26. Jamal says:

    The way Chilli is she will never find a man who is going to put up with all her psycho tendencies. If you had a rough past that doesnt mean you have to take it out on everyone. No man is going to agree to a P.I. check up your crazy!!

  27. tinamarie2401 says:

    I watched the first season and was glad she found someone. I started watching this season and its turning out to be a big fake. As I think about it season 1 was a fake as well. That model Lasse Larsen has a girlfriend, Emmeline Loubeau. According to her blog as of yesterday, they were a couple. She has him in pics all over her blog and is stating about how they are a couple. And this is during the season airing. So, I think Chilli looking for love is a fake and something to get people acting careers off the floor.

  28. Lenaure says:

    Chilli’s main problem is that she wants to fast-forward through all the getting to know you moments — she really wants a man to walk in with a resume that she can believe and tell her on day 1 or 2 everything she wants to hear. You can’t skip the getting to know you time, and that requires taking a chance and putting yourself out there.
    She may find a guy who is everything on her list, but she finds out later that he doesnt’ really like her or have that chemistry…
    She needs to let go of trying to be a control freak and just step out on faith on the guys she likes, like they are with her. A relationship is a 2 way street – not a ‘what can you do for me’ job interview. I wish her luck, but it requires her mindset to change.

  29. Brenda J says:

    I think Chilli is on the special bus with the Brandy from Family Business and ALL of the basketball wives … I sit each week and wonder why I watch this show. I mean I am ok with a woman having standards and morals and the whole nine but she done took this to a whole new level. I can see being done wrong in the past but when your clock is the one ticking I think you should really look into you … I am still tripping about her saying she would hire a PI in order to spy from time to time because she does not trust men like that. May be she should try her hand at women because she is on a whole new level. How do you really discuss seriously marriage and kids after the 3rd date. I can understand getting a feel but to go ahead and put yourself in it is a touch SPECIAL. I think she should focus on her for now and freeze her eggs and try again later cause someone caused some damage she has not gotten over yet and until she can heal those wounds she is never going to let go and find love. I mean DAMN!