You’re Cut Off! Season 2 Cast Reveal



We’re excited to officially announce that VH1′s princess rehab show You’re Cut Off! (hosted by life coach Laura Baron) is coming back for a second season faster than you can say “spoiled brat.” We’ll have more details next week when the show’s official press release goes out, but for now, feast your eyes on and read all about the eight ladies who are set to learn the value of being cut off financially. These same young women, in the process, may argue themselves blue in the face so that their oxygen is cut off, physically.

Aimee, 27 – Houston, TX


Aimee lives by the motto: “Do not do for yourself what others can do for you.” She still lives with her mother who sacrifices her own vacation time because Aimee demands a trip every few months. In the last nine years, her mom has bought her eight cars, and Aimee has wrecked each one of them. It’s hard to say no to Aimee when her temper can go from 0 to 60 in just a few seconds.

Hana, 28 – Hollywood, CA


Hana is an L.A. socialite who is used to the VIP treatment. When she’s not taking a private jet to party in Las Vegas, she’s filling her closet with the latest fashions off the Paris runway. She has a weakness for fast cars, particularly Porsches and she owns a few. It takes a staff to support her sheltered life, from stylists to assistants to drivers to even bodyguards. All Hana has to do is figure out where to spend her Black AmEx next.

Jenn, 28 – West Hollywood, CA


Jenn lives a pampered life supported by her parents. When she’s not flying to her family’s other homes in Florida, Las Vegas, or DC, Jenn spends much of her time poolside, getting a tan, or at the plastic surgeon’s office. She expects her weekly allowance to hit her bank account on time and only returned back to school so her parents wouldn’t make her get a job.

Jessica, 23 – Lauderdale-By-The Sea, FL


When Jessica is not driving around in her customized Mercedes, she’s shopping for $20,000 dollar dresses for the next gala on her social calendar. She’s known as the Palm Beach socialite is used to living in excess. She converted a bedroom into a walk-in closet boutique because there wasn’t enough room for her clothes at her beach condo. Between her and her mother, they may have bought every pair of shoes in the state of Florida.

Lauren, 25 – Nashville, TN


Lauren is the self-proclaimed “HBBQ”: Has Been Beauty Queen. She was crowned Miss Tennessee 2006 and competed in Miss USA 2006. Lauren took seven years to graduate college so that she could avoid getting a job for as long as possible. While her parents pay for her rent and her lifestyle, Lauren dreams of being the President’s wife.

Marcy, 26 – Buena Park, CA


A self described plus-sized princess, Marcy is an only child who lives at home with her parents. She’s tried employment before, but didn’t stick out any of the jobs she had. She spends her free time shopping, counting her Louis Vuittons, and yelling at her trainer. She has an opinion on everything, and believes the worst things you can say about her are that she is fat and bossy.

Nadia, 21 – Katy, TX


Nadia’s parents own a chain of high end day spas, which Nadia is quick to claim as her own. Since somebody else is always there to take care of her baby daughter, Nadia spends her free time getting pampered at the spa and partying at night. Her dad accomplished the American Dream and still works 60 hours a week at the business while Nadia relaxes. He is ready for Nadia to grow up and learn something called responsibility.

Shakyra, 25 – Brooklyn, NY


Shakyra’s friends nicknamed her Vanity because she begins each day by talking to herself in the mirror. She just moved in with her boyfriend who showers her with designer clothes and vacations while she works on spending his cash. He says she has to “diva down” if she wants a ring. If she can’t have her way there’s hell to pay. She says, “If I’m not happy, I don’t want anyone else to be happy.”

As mentioned above, Laura Baron is returning to mentor the Season 2 girls. Her bio is below…


Laura Baron is a professional lifestyle and relationship strategist who is regarded as a premier change agent. Her clients report greater success from using her signature intuitive and customized methods over traditional therapy. Her clients include CEOs, entrepreneurs, celebrities and women in transition.

Laura’s strong, yet compassionate voice and distinct insights are broadcast throughout the media as she is a trusted lifestyle and relationship expert. She is frequently featured on Extra as a “Life Changer” and has also appeared on NBC, CNN and Fine Living Network. Based in Chicago, Laura’s expertise is also featured on local news and entertainment outlets as the go-to expert and her advice columns have been distributed worldwide on and

Influenced by her mom, a former Peace Corps volunteer, and her grandmother, a women’s rights activist, Laura specializes in empowering women to find their voice and inciting community change. She drives her clients to success through one-on-one meetings, customized large-group seminars and by offering highly interactive sessions.

For the past 10 years, Laura has provided her clients with the tools to revamp their lives in order to face their truths and maximize their potential. In the new season of You’re Cut Off, Laura will take on eight spoiled young ladies who have been cut off and striped of all their cash and conveniences and guide them through a complicated evolution of growth and maturity. Over the course of nine weeks, Laura will work with each of these women in an effort to show them there is more to life than material wealth.

Check back next week for more info on the upcoming season, including the premiere date!

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  1. yay america says:


  2. Jack says:

    YAY my favorite show is back!! and there is a plus sized girl!!!

  3. Lane says:

    One Vh1 show I will watch.

  4. Jessica says:

    Nadia is not rich, she is a fake hoe that has no money.

  5. LMAO!! says:

    I loved this show last season. However, personally knowing one of the girls on the new season of this show, I must say it is a joke. VH1 should screen their cast more carefully. One of them wears hand me downs and is living in a property which is currently under foreclosure with stolen furniture. What joke!! Some people will say and do anything for a shot at fame!

  6. Rob says:

    I have some real good scoop on one of these girls but i’m going to wait till mid season to reveal. Stay tuned ya’ll!

  7. Tev says:

    Last season defied my expectations and was superb. Cannot wait!

  8. Jo says:

    We’re not rich by any means, but my brother is 28 and still mooching off my parents, even living there. Is there a way to get him on a show like this?

  9. Tiffany says:

    this show is the BOMB! first season was ok.. but i believe second season will be GREAT! & i think i have met that Nadia girl!! she has like the hugest house i have seen.. and Money she does have!!!

  10. Raechel says:

    oh wow THIS SEASON WILL BE INTERESTING! All the girls are really pretty!!!

  11. Jason says:

    dang Nadia is hott!

  12. justin says:

    dang that nadia girl is hot!

  13. Cinema says:

    Laura’s BS bio doesn’t make her seem any more interesting or qualified.

    She was the worst thing about this show. utterly useless and annoying last season.

    You guys should bring back Steve Ward to VH1. He actually knew what he was talking about.

  14. Cinema says:

    And yes, Nadya is really hot. If vacant, vacuous mannequins are what get you off.

  15. William says:

    Jessica and Lauren are pretty cute.

  16. Tiffany says:

    $20,000 dresses?

  17. Ratfish says:

    oh wow the girls look cute! I think this season will be more interesting than last! I like that Nadia girl is cute too she is the shortest lol

  18. Lamare says:

    jenn looks pretty manly. lauren and jess are the only ones who dont look completely drenched in make up lol that shakyra girl is mighty fine tho

  19. CS3 Fan says:

    I hope she didn’t spend $20,000 on the dress she’s wearing. It looks like David’s Bridal.

    That being said, I can not wait for this show! We’ll see if any of these chicks can be a bigger b*tch than Gia last season! I’m sure they will all try and we will all have fun watching.

  20. daniel says:

    if nadia didnt look like a cheeseburger with an ankle tattoo, shed be kinda hot lmfao

  21. Handsome says:

    Wow! the girls are very different from last season! Nadia looks good.. i dnt know what yall talking bout!!!!! HATTERS

  22. Amira says:

    Since I know one of the girls personally, even stayed at her house for a couple weeks, know her whole family, I know this show is all fake. My girls’ bio is very exagerated and full of lies. These girls want to be reality stars and starlettes. This is their way to shine. Good for them!! Can’t wait to watch the show and see what other lies are told. ;)

  23. Tellin It Real says:

    Nadia is kinda cute. Lauren is passable.. Hana is a horse face, I was gonna say “but her face” but the rest is naaaaasty too!

  24. Sarah says:

    Jessica is beautiful and looks classy!! The rest look cheap. Excited to see the new season!

  25. Shantell says:

    I watch the last seaaon of this show. And it looks like neither one of them has change their ways. This show is suppose to be about spoil girls/women getting to find their reasons for shopping sprees etc. I think more charities work and working with shelters for poor people would help, I guess.

  26. xBenji65 says:

    Erica is what made the show worth watching first season..
    I hope there’s an awesome girl in this crowd too

  27. Payday2ooo says:

    Ok so Marcy is from Buena Park Ca the average home sells for the high 300,000′s how is she on this show. I thought these girls were suppose to be a bunch of rich spoiled brats. Theres no shopping in Buena Park. There mall has a walmart as one of their keystores. I mean Hello.

  28. What is going on? says:

    Why are there all new girls this season? I loved Jaqueline from season 1 and I really can’t believe that she’s not on the entire second season. Who cares if they graduated or not, she made the show and everyone knows that.

  29. Another dog! says:

    That girl Jenn looks like the basset hound dog from the first season. GROSS!

  30. Dani says:

    This season looks interesting. Jaqueline was my fav on season one, so I hope she’s back for a second time because I love her!

  31. cancerian diva says:

    i am so excited to see this season 2, some of these girls look a mess but i’ll just have to wait and see what they bring, gucci, louis vuittons, fendi,mk,etc KNOCKOFF!!!!!!!!!!!


  32. cancerian diva says:



  33. KeepinItReal says:

    They are all wanna be. They wanna be famous so they go on a reality show and its all lies and all set up for entertainment.
    I know that Hana chick met her at Colony once in LA she thinks she is all that but it wasnt even her table was some guy’s table and she told everyone it was hers! Everyone told me she sleeps around to get around.
    I wonder who she slept with to get on tv?

  34. Sara says:

    Jaqueline better be back this season!! I love her. She is so cute and sweet. She was definitely my favorite on the show, plus she is actually a really talented singer. Hope she gets her own show!

  35. Stacey says:

    i think that it is the parents and the boyfriend fault they should have made these young ladies get jobs and been cut them off not send them to a show and even if they change still cut them off because that is the only way the are going to learn.

  36. jordynn says:

    i love this show but i dont know if it will be better than the first season???

  37. brittney says:

    i love this show but this come on the same day of the 6th of the bad girls club this come on at 9 and the bad girls club come on at 9 i dont which to choose

  38. cool says:

    Looks like we may see Lauren Grissom again even though she is dead last in 2006 Miss USA pageant. Plus she is the former roommate of Miss Tennessee 2005

  39. betty says:

    wow theese gurls lppk lyk they gonna have sum problems

  40. Jazmine says:

    Seriously these heffas is damn near 30 except 2 of them wtf are there parents need to learn to say no…. I cant wait for the season of tough love couples that should be interesting…

  41. Jason says:

    who ever thinks nadia doesnt have money? yea right… how do you think she got on this show??

  42. Trish says:

    Lauren Grissom was a semi finalist in the Miss USA pageant. That means top 10. She is a great person too.

  43. mhm says:

    the fat one is really ugly

  44. Brandon says:

    this season is going to be better than the last with these new girls i bet former ms tn will be scared she will break a nail

  45. l0l says:

    Marcy said one of the worst things you can say about her is that she’s fat. But it’s the truth so… LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Ilovedonuts says:

    I bet Jessicas hair would look so pretty in a french braid. She looks so fancy!

  47. marissa says:

    cool cool

  48. AnthonY16B..$$ says:

    OMFG I cant wait till the new season. i hope it haves everything like the 1st season. my favorite episode was the 1st. LOL

  49. mya says:

    ummm i kno that girl nadia…she sleeps with everybody..i dont know how vh1 got her on this show. why would vh1 put somebody on tv who doesnt take care of there kid.

  50. Donzio says:

    I got a kick out of watching the first season, and can’t wait for the next. I love seeing these spoiled brats getting a taste of what it is like to have less, way less. These gals are the younger generation of ‘The Real Housewives series’. Both act as if it is okay to have someone else to pull their financial weight, then when it stops turns to their friends for a shoulder to cry on as well as help. It is women like these is one of the reasons why country gets into a bad economy. They spend more on a pair of shoes, than the average working woman makes in a month.

  51. maddieeee says:

    i want ti-erica back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i <3 her.

  52. sexxy says:

    omg nahas rich? loll i had to pay for her bottle service bill cuz her amex got declined! loool wow

  53. Robert T. Beaudoin says:

    Wow. These women all seem to be one chocolate chip away from a cookie. Hopefully Laura can shape up their brains.

  54. estefania says:

    nadia congrats you finally found a show that suits your abilities of practically being nothing in life …this will nice to watch

  55. *Princess Jaqueline* says:

    Hey guys!! It’s JAQUELINE from Season 1!! Just wanted to stop by and say ofcourse how I am definitely excited to see the second season of the show! It should be interesting if it is anything like my season lol…Anyway, there is a marathon this Saturday Jan. 8th starting at 12:30pm of Season 1!! Also, I know alot of you have been following me on twitter @TheJackieMadden to get the latest updates on my career!! I have a new single called “Falling” that will be released in two weeks! You can go to my website to hear a preview of it! One of my producers, Mike Rizzo is nominated for a Grammy, so 2011 is a very exciting year for all of us!! Looking forward to Season 2! Tweet me!!

  56. leann says:

    i love this show you’re cut off! i think its a great show for spoiled little bossy girls of rich parents/families. they need to know that life IS about work and dedication. you cant just get everything handed to you on a silbver platter for free. its not about the clothes and hair and makeup and shoes and bags, its about having a family and friends who respect and love you for you. not hate you and dispise you because you’re so ignorant and controlling. they need to be shown how life really is and to work for their $$.

  57. Questitt says:

    Where is Courtnee?

  58. questitt says:

    Did i 4get 2 say I Luv Courtnee:D

  59. JACKIE says:


  60. rob says:

    I actually have seen a sex tape of Nadia. And pictures of her with alot of different guys. But i think that girl from tennesee is fine.i think all these girls just really crave attention. Jenn looks like a drug addict. this show is retarded! I only wanna see it because of Lauren.

  61. Bob in Vegas says:

    I absolutely love this series. There’s nothing like seeing these spoiled ladies get a well deserved reality check. They all think that the world rotates around their wants & needs. WRONG!!! lol One think that will interesting to watch is how the other ladies will single out Marcy just because she’s overweight. They’ll use her as an excuse rather than the problems in the house. I can’t wait to see how the season progresses!

  62. rob says:

    I think Lauren is freakin hott. And i know i have seen that one girl nadia in a sex tape or some pictures with a couple different guys a while back, but anyways i think this show will be pretty damn stupid if you ask me. I dont even think these girls are even really rich.

  63. lynn says:

    Seriously, I doubt there is one “rich” girl in the entire group. You would think if Jenn had that much money, she would have had those teeth fixed…she’s just damn ugly.
    No wonder Nadia’s baby daddy dumped her, she is really unappealing and gross, bad teeth, hair and skin.
    Lauren is the best of the group but the rest are a mixture of bad hair extensions, blotchy skin and overweight bodies…POSERS.

  64. Trish says:

    Jen was arrested for DUI the day the 2nd season premiered. After seeing the show, I’m not surprised.

  65. toni says:

    Jenn spends alot of time calling everybody ugly(waste of freetime) but all that plastic surgery what about the dentist cuz ur teeth are a bit off and its obvious but it may be so obvious becuz ur so busy putting everybody else down it makes ur flaws all that much more out there.

  66. NadiaVh1 says:


  67. Barbara Pearson says:

    OMG!!!! Jenn!!! My long lost friend from Junior High I miss you so much! I can’t believe you’re still the Diva you always used to be. We lost touch after you moved to FL & tried being pen pals, lol, which didnt work out. I never made it down to visit you like we planned. Anyway, I’v tried looking for you on FB & back in the day MySpace but never could hook up with you babe. I’d love to hang out sometime if you’re ever in the D.C. area. Muah!!!
    Much Love,
    Barbara Pearson, still living in Burke

  68. Jennacide says:

    If Jenn spent so much time in surgery, she should have done something about that mouth. I gross out every time I see her face. I nick named her “Trailer Trash”. Aimee had the biggest and loudest mouth and I can’t believe Nadia is a mother. You have to pass an exam to get a license, you have to pass and exam to graduate college, but they will let any dumbass be a parent.

  69. Nadia Vh1 says:

    Hey everyone its Nadia from Youre Cut Off 2! Every Monday @8pm ALSO follow me on twitter @NadiaVh1 and add my FB page Nadia Domonique Have a great day everyone &God Bless!

  70. Caseyjames says:

    There seems to be a lot of jealous ghetto people of Nadia. Marissa looks like a goat from one of the episodes, and her home at the begining of the show looks just like my neighbors and I don’t consider myself rich. Rich is a big word, some shouldn’t be able to use it in their vocab. Jessica seems sweet (put pale as hell) but not sure about her voice-sounds a bit off. I don’t even know why Amy was on the show! The crazy unstable black girl? lol! As far as the other chicks the Tenn. girl is just a pretty face no money, Hannah from LA. seems to be the only wealthy one there. And thank God, the blonde crackhead is off the show, she really looked like she was going through withdrawl from something.

  71. Dex says:

    I would be so ashamed and embarrassed if any of these girls were my kid. What a waste. NONE of them will learn a damn thing about life. They don’t need 8 weeks, they need 8 years to learn anything…self-absorbed, selfish, arrogant, spoiled, users. Lauren is the only one that is sane and that will make it anywhere in life. The others are a waste of air.

  72. candace says:

    Except for Lauren all the girls are a little trashy, too much make-up, clothes too tight and trashy mouths but Marissa is the ultimate in trashy. I don’t know why she thinks she is so much better than the other girls. That outfit she wore for graduation was way, way too short and she DOES NOT have the figure for it. BAsically, she looks like a 40 year old tramp who’s been rode hard and put up wet. Not an attractive girl at all. No wonder she spends all her time with her mother; no decent guy would want her.

  73. Bell says:

    The majority of the parents were very disappointing at the graduation last night. Lauren’s dad and Aimee’s mom were the strong ones, with Nadia’s parents coming in behind them. I don’t think the other girls learned much of anything.

  74. L.Boyd says:

    I hate Laura. Laura’s the worst lifecoach she’s bias as hell,boarders on racist. No matter how many girls physically or verbally assult the black girl(Aimee). Laura will give them a grade of pass, while the black girl fails each week. Even though she would complete all her chores and she was a total trooper when ask to complete any of the many tasks. While the other WHITE ladies refussed to complete any chores or participate in any of the daily tasked, they would pass.

    This is the second season Laura showed her true colors.I get the feeling she doen’t think black women should be spoiled. Only WHITE women can be spoiled.