Last Night’s Bag O’ Clips


On last night’s Football Wives

…Dawn and Chanita got into it with Pilar, yet again. (Are they playing for sport at this point?)

On Basketball Wives

…the friendship circle expanded slightly with the introduction of the great Tami Roman. She was hazed accordingly (Evelyn mocked her weave and nails).

And on Brandy & Ray J: A Family Business

…Brandy shared a much more cordial meeting with actress/comedian/Dancing with the Stars alum Niecy Nash. If she had anything to say about Nicey’s hair and nails, she saved her comments for off-camera.

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  1. roxxy says:

    it is soo pathetic, how those woman are jealous of Pilar’s status. Don’t hate, forreal, do not hate her because of her husbands success. Tell your hubbies, to “do better”. And dawn, you need to get a job, and work, just like myself and millions of other woman, to support your family finances.

  2. Monet says:

    Okay, it is very obvious that the other ladies are extremely jealous of Pilar. The body language, the type of conversation, the comments, the tone; that they give off is so pathetic. If you don’t care, then why not get over it? Maybe it is self esteem, maybe it is her beauty, her socioeconomic status. Whatever it is, it shows and the other wives attitudes have turned nasty and vindictive. It is so sad, just leave Pilar alone, get a job, or go to school. You cannot force a relationship, just remain civil, respect one another, and get over it.

  3. elleayy says:

    Dawn is very pretty, but her attitude towards Pilar is so ugly. Even her attitude towards her husband is terrible. Detroit Shanita is ghetto (and not fab). Her weave looks like a mop on her head. VH1 must be playing the public, because I don’t see anything that Pilar is doing to the ladies. Just because she has a life and can’t be everywhere you guys are doesn’ta make her terible. I think Dawn used to be the center of attention as a kid and now she’s in the real world and not anymore, she can’t take it. You are not an attorney – you are a former attorney, you don’t work! Pilar is simply fly with a banging body.

  4. Summers Lady says:

    Dawn and Chanita are sooooooooooooooo JEALOUS of Pilar that it oozing out of every pore of their bodies. They are jealous because Pilar is a classy lady that has her stuff together. Those two (Dawn & Chanita) are so unhappy with their lives that they take it out on Pilar.
    Dawn and Chanita since the two of you are so unhappy why don’t the two of you get a job. Dawn you profession is an Attorney get a job and help your unemployed husband. Chanita I don’t know what your prefession is you kinda look like one of RuPaul’s drag queens, what ever it is that you do get a JOB and do it help your husband.

  5. Miss Jai says:

    Now see when the shoe is on the other foot, what does Dawn do??? She gets all defensive and walks out. But why? Because the truth hurts and she cannot handle the truth about herself. Melani was so right in calling her out, it is not even funny!! I LOVED LOVED LOVED every minute of it. Dawn you have officially been checked by the NICE one. Hahahahahahahaha

  6. Miss Jai says:

    I would love to be on the reunion show…would love it!!

  7. Lexie S says:

    Season Finale, just want to say get some REAL WIVES on this show. Pilar hats off to you and I think you put it best about all the drama. ” These women are just mad at where they ended up in life – their station in life”.

    Her husband was smart with his money and now is reaping the rewards along with his wife and children. The rest of you especially Mrs. Ghetto instead of putting Saved on your body trying REALLY living it out loud that Christ lives in you. I know that would be more God honoring than your tatoo.

  8. Shellz1 says:

    Hi Dawn,

    for someone who does not like Pilar, why in the hell do you continue to get mad when she doesn’t show up for things or chooses not to hang out with you all. renewing your vows should have been a happy time, and the most unimportant things should have been the last thing on your mind, but your husbands lips were barely off of your face when u noticed that Pilar was a no-show. you claim that you dislike her, but yet you focus all of your energy on what she’s doing and why she’s not there. you have a weird way of disliking people. you and Shanita should just be miserable women together, and quit trying to bring other peopole down with you….the little other chunky white chick is on way, every now and then she gets a little common sence, but she is messy as hell too….she instigatged that whole boat scene with you and pilar

  9. MP3Panda says:

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