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Dawn Neufeld of Football Wives has agreed to blog for us, giving us weekly behind-the-scenes insight and dishing on each of her show’s episodes. Her take on Episode 7 is below

Got Me!

I’m not easy to surprise. As a lawyer, I’ve been trained to analyze facts and situations. I ask questions when things don’t make sense. I always have a plan. So when Ryan tried to surprise me several years ago with a week-long trip to a resort in Mexico, I asked so many questions he finally had to reveal his secret and I ruined the surprise. That was the last time Ryan contemplated spontaneity with me – until now.

In addition to our busy Football Wives shooting schedule, I was working my regular job and trying to squeeze in auditions. I was busier than ever and was on autopilot – there wasn’t a lot of time for analyzing the craziness that was my life for the months we were in production. The show producers came to me and told me we were going to plan a special event and as busy as I was, when I heard the plan I was all in. Chanita tells a hilarious story about how she and George got married in their living room during training camp with three fat offensive lineman as witnesses. She talked all the time about how they didn’t have a real wedding, so when the producers came to me and said they wanted to plan a wedding ceremony for George and Chanita, I was all for it!

The plan was for me to pick a fight with Chanita to preoccupy her so we could plan the surprise – I’d talk about her kids or something so she’d contemplate walking me like a dog again. And I tried – we sat at lunch one day and I started going in on her trying to upset her. At one point, knowing how she feels about her kids and Pilar (areas of sensitivity), I even suggested Pilar might be a better mother than Chanita. It should’ve tipped me off that Chanita didn’t go absolutely ham on me that day – I was so focused on trying to upset her that I ignored her uncharacteristic level-headedness. I felt like I’d failed in my mission to set Chanita off – I was bummed.

Earlier that week, I also started asking questions that could have totally ruined the surprise. I asked Ryan about how George was going to leave the team in Omaha to come down for a surprise wedding. Football players miss all sorts of big events during the football season – weddings, babies being born, funerals – football comes first at all cost during the season. Not only did George have a game the day after the scheduled ceremony, but it was an away game in Las Vegas. He should have been traveling with his team, not getting married in Dallas. Ryan deflected my questions – he said the coaches must’ve approved it. That never would’ve happened in the NFL – but I was assured George would be there for the ceremony so I figured his UFL coaches had been more lenient.

Complicating matters, Will and Bryn were both really sick the week we filmed the scene – they both had missed a couple days of school with illness. I’d even called my production assistant that day and told him I didn’t want to be out too late filming because I wanted to be home taking care of them. I found out after the renewal that the original plan was to include them in the ceremony. A suit had been ordered for Will, a flower girl headpiece and basket ordered for Bryn. I can’t even imagine how sweet that would’ve been.

I tried on five different outfits getting ready for Chanita’s wedding – and Ryan saw every single one of them. I would ask him how something looked and he had the same reaction with each new outfit change: “You look fine.” Little did I know that days earlier, he had my wedding gown smuggled out of the house and dry-cleaned and that it was waiting for me at the hotel.

Ryan left the house a couple of hours before I did – he and George were going to film a scene before the ceremony. We’d had different call times before during production, so I didn’t question this arrangement. When my chauffeur-driven car arrived at the hotel, I didn’t question when we sat outside the hotel for 20 minutes while final arrangements were being made upstairs. We did a lot of waiting while filming Football Wives, and playing the “hurry-up-and-wait” game was par for the course. I still didn’t question anything when my production assistant Tommy escorted me upstairs in the elevator. He laughed when I talked about how hard I’d worked on putting together the perfect outfit for the evening. I couldn’t figure out what was funny. It wasn’t until I was standing outside the hotel suite that it finally hit me that something was up. Where was everyone? Why was I the only cast member standing in the hallway? Wait a minute…

I walked in and saw the cameras pointed at me, then I saw the ladies, including Chanita, all dressed to the nines staring at me. And then I saw my wedding dress – I recognized it immediately and then I realized that the surprise was on me! I had no idea that I’d be renewing my vows that night. I was completely stunned and couldn’t believe Ryan was able to pull this off! I really was speechless. The ladies eventually left to head downstairs while I got dressed and had my makeup done. It took me a while to get ready because I kept crying my makeup off. When I finally pulled it together, I put my wedding dress on. I was a little nervous it wasn’t going to fit – whose dress still fits 10 years after the wedding? Luckily, it fit like a glove!

As I made my way outside, I saw no one but Ryan. He was just as handsome as he was on our wedding day almost 10 years ago. It was such an awesome and special moment. When we finished the vow renewal, I finally had a chance to look around and see who was there – other real-life football wives, my producer and friend from a show I worked on, buddies from Buffalo, co-workers, Buehler. Erin even got Mat to show up (he looks mighty spiffy in a suit by the way). Ryan managed to get so many of our good friends there – I couldn’t believe it! The only person missing was my mom. They tried to get her out to Dallas from Los Angeles, but with such short notice, it was impossible.

I eventually noticed that Pilar wasn’t there and I mentioned the fact to Chanita. I didn’t actually expect her to be there – remember, she told me on the cookie cruise that we aren’t friends and that we’ll never be friends. The only reason her absence was even an issue is because of what viewers didn’t see on this episode. Chanita told me that earlier that day the girls had gone shopping for a back-up wedding dress in case mine didn’t fit. To my surprise, Pilar not only showed up, tried on dresses and helped the ladies pick out my alternate dress, but she even joked that they should throw cookies instead of rice after the ceremony. I thought since she made the effort to help pick out the dress, she might put our differences aside and actually show up to the ceremony. I certainly wasn’t disappointed that she didn’t show up – all of the right people were there that night (including the Football Wives production crew – having them take part in the festivities really made the night special). I was a little surprised she didn’t show up though – if she had, it might have been a step in the right direction to find an amicable solution to our differences.

The party went on that night in Pilar’s absence and we had a blast! I hate that the episode didn’t focus more on the ceremony – viewers would’ve seen “just the girlfriend” Brittany serenade Ryan and I with a beautiful song – that girl can sing! They would’ve also seen the Football Wives engage in a cake fight – Chanita, Erin (in a pricey Herve Leger bandage dress), Brittany and David went at it. There was cake everywhere! It was a fun end to an amazing night – definitely a highlight of my Football Wives experience.

But what’s an episode of Football Wives without a catfight? I’ve made the point before that the cast doesn’t see the show until it airs and we have no idea how our story is going to be edited. I was disappointed to see the confrontation scene after the vow renewal ceremony. Viewers might think that I sought out drama by going to confront Pilar the day after the ceremony. In reality, the confrontation happened a couple of weeks after the renewal. So it’s not like I left my adoring husband and kids during prime bonding time to confront Pilar. I didn’t necessarily want to go out to the pool that day, but I knew it would be a chance to tend to unfinished business before we ended production.

What viewers saw wrapped into a three or four minute argument actually went on for a while. I sat quietly at that table and listened as Pilar and Chanita went back and forth for a while. I had to speak up and set the record straight when Pilar kept saying that I envy and don’t like her. Neither were true. Did I expect Pilar and I to be friends? After Football Wives and events that have since transpired, I don’t think we’ll be BFFs any time soon. But I do think Pilar owes me an apology for being disrespectful. First she told Melani that she had apologized and when Melani called her on it, she changed her tune and proclaimed that she wasn’t going to apologize for defending who she is. Don’t apologize for who you are, but take some responsibility that you are not innocent in the drama. Until Pilar owns up to some of her behavior, she and I have nothing else to talk about.

I think it was a discussion that needed to happen – we had lingering issues that needed to be addressed. The good thing is that everyone got to say what they needed to say that day but nothing was resolved that day. I’ll have to revisit this confrontation after the finale to give a little more insider information about why it went down. With one more episode to go before we call it a wrap on season one of Football Wives, the finale is sure to be intense. Stay tuned…

You can contact Dawn via Facebook and Twitter.

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  1. Peytons#1Fan says:

    WOW….Dawn really try to focus on you not Pilar. I see the game you want to try and be the “villain” of this season so your show gets renewed, but just focus on you. Admit to yourself your jealous of Pilar, maybe not Pilar herself, but certainly her lifestyle. Her kids are well taken care of, she doesn’t have to worry because her husband takes care of them financially and emotionally. She has all the security you admit you are worried about. So of course she feels your jealousy, hell I’m jealous too…who wouldn’t be. Unlike every other person on this show including Amanda, she is RICH, Secure and beautiful, she was famous before this show, and you guys should actually applaud her as no one would have paid attention to this show if she hadn’t let you guys borrow her name. The Sander’s are a different class of football than the people on your show, if your not jealous of Pilar then you should be, maybe if you can admit the truth you can move past your anger towards her not dropping down to your level and pretending to be the friend of people who re two-faced. Pilar wants to be famous and is using people to get there…really that sounds more like YOU and the other ladies on this show…hell Chanita shouldn’t even be on this show. You guys couldn’t support your husbands in the background, no you had to get more attention and have the focus on you. Pilar supported PRIME-TIME for a long time, and she deserves everything she has, perhaps if you would support your husband and focus on your family you would be happier, and less likely to pick fights with other women you assume need your friendship. I feel bad for Pilar, she won’t come down and play in the mud with you, so you all gang up and throw it at her. If I had a nice house with priceless items I wouldn’t let people walk all over it either, people sell gossip about the Sanders Family, no one has ever heard of you so of course you don’t need to be security conscience. Deion has a job he may not want those people all over his house again. He had a hit reality show once, they were helping YOU, you are not helping them. So Thank her for bringing this stupid show to the airwaves, and pray they don’t fire you for being an ex football player’s wife..no one cares once the season is over..and your seaon is over.

  2. BlitzAndGlam says:

    Wow! Your blog post definitely clears some things up. Editing made it seem that you all had the confrontation with Pilar the day of or day after the ceremony. Apparently, that was not the case.

    Also, I wish we could see more of the good stuff: Brittany singing, the cake fight, and just more of the real, everyday life situations and less of the drama.

    Keeping my fingers crossed for a reunion show and a second season!

  3. GeRod says:

    Dawn you state that you and Chanita confronted Pilar a couple of weeks after you vow renewal, but in the episode first Melani, then both YOU and Chanita all kept asking Pilar about “last night”…so which is it? These inconsistencies in your recaps are what I have a problem with! Everyone please go back and view the tape and then read Dawn’s recap. As a lawyer, who has been trained to analyze facts and situations and ask questions when things don’t make sense, what makes you think that we the public wouldn’t do the same? Your statements and the facts do not add up!
    You talk a good game and you act tough but we see you for who you really are, a scared and envious person! You don’t even have the guts to confront Pilar without your henchMANish goon by your side to protect you!

  4. Sean D says:

    Gerod I was gonna say the same thing. I’ve tweeted this dumba$$ several times because she’s an envious, jealous, and conniving woman. Melanie clearly asked Pilar why didnt you come last night, and then Chanita says later when they walked up I’m not gonna let Pilar mess up Dawn’s wedding day!!!! Some obviously Dawn is lieing her ass off here as usual, her and Chanita know they are nobody’s and want to stay in the camera as much as possible so all they do is cause drama and complain about nothing. I’m so sick of hearing about Dawn’s financial situations, go work full time if it’s that bad !!!!!!!

  5. kodi says:

    dawn yall are so pathetic really u think pilar owe yall an apology if anythin yall owe her one ..yall are the ones thas been starting all of the arguments an causing drama this whole season yall are so fake n 2faced ur part of the reason why yall ant friends u really need to check how u treat ppl and ur nasty personality ur totally disfunctional i truely beleive yall live for the drama its so pathetic always worryin about her rather then ur own family life is more about placing blame fussin n arguin an causing problems for other ppl ..yall need to get real..

  6. pilarALLthway says:

    dawn is PATHETIC! and chanita is just as PATHETIC! these girls are obsessed with the fact that pilar would never be a has-beens football wife! they cant get over the fact that they are no longer cared about by the football community. i cannot have respect, let alone take these two HATERS serious! they are just looking for a way to make money because they cant afford to live anymore. how about GET A DAMN JOB! stop being money hungry and learn to be independent woman. they need to take lessons from amanda and melani, who both are drama free and dont feed into the tv camera bull.

  7. Team Dawn says:


    I loved see you renew your wedding vows, it was so romantic. You were beautiful!! I just love the way your husband planned it to be a surprise. He did really good. He is gorgeous!! That tells us what a wonderful man you have. I was so moved that the other ladies supported you and were there. They’re all beautiful. When you have friends like that, you don’t need to figure out Pilar.

    Remember this, everything happens for a reason and if the heart is towards God he will reveal his reasons in time. Everything is going to work out in your life. It’s a continous journey.

    The thing with Pilar is not about you. It’s about God showing Pilar herself. Pilar wants to blame it on you. I think that when we go out in the public and portray ourselves to be one way and we’re not, then we are accountable. It’s not ok to say that you are a devoted christian and don’t have the desire or ability to want to get along with others. This is what I saw in Pilar and God is not pleased with it. At every instance, she had some type of barrier up. She was not willing to be a team player or she would say something smart just in giving an answer to someone. That’s not a good way to be and when someone is not accepting of her behavior she becomes defensive and goes on the attack. You’re like me, I’ll call it out because I don’t want someone to think that they’re special enough to dump crap like that in my face and me not say anything. I don’t digest bull very well.

    I totally disagree with Peytons#1Fan take on the matter. Who should be jealous of Pilar? Money is not everything when you can’t spend it. In addition to having a husband who makes you take out the trash and do all of the housework. This is not a glamorous life. Remember the scene from Deion and Pilar’s show where he is riding around in the house on a mophead or scooter (a grown man mind you) and she ask him to take out the trash and he said no stating that he is the one who makes the money. I’m sure that this is not a direct quote but it’s close. Who would be jealous of having a man like that? On that show Pilar even went out and hired help showing Deion how much it would cost him if he didn’t have her doing all of the work. That was a big turn off for me towards him. If I got to take out the trash when my husband is home, I’ve got a real problem. I don’t mind taking out the trash when my husband is not home. When he’s home he should be the man. The Sanders are not of a different class. They’re just like everybody else. Living and trying to keep what we got. Did I read somewhere that one of the restrooms did not work in the house? These are things you have fixed right away when you have money. I’m sick of this “jealous” of Pilar. The truth of the matter is you and the other women are more beautiful than Pilar. You ladies are beautiful on the outside and have a glow that radiates from the inside.

    Peytons#1Fan says that Pilar has all of the security that you want. I take that “security” means money. Remember this, money can be here today and gone tonight. One more thing, I’m sure that VH1 did not bring such a wonderful show to portray the beautiful NFL women of Dallas based on the show that Pilar and Deion had. To me, their show was a flop. If it was a success, please forgive me. I didn’t watch long enough. The more I read Peytons#1Fan blog, I get the feeling that somebody probably got off of their scooter or mophead long enough to write it. If I’m wrong, please forgive me.

    Pilar wants to play the role of I’m up here and you’re down there. If she wants to portray herself that way, FINE! My thing is, why live this way and go on tv before millions and talking about having a relationship with our Savior. I know that this christian walk is a journey and I’m not judging. I’m saying that it’s like, if you’re really serious about it. There are some things that you work on as a christian. Such as being humble and the desire to do good and get along with others. I’m not judging, I’m just commenting on what I saw on TV. You can’t blame the words that come from someone’s mouth on editing. I’M SICK OF PEOPLE PORTRAYING THEMSELVES TO BE CHRISTIANS AND LIVING LIKE THE DEVIL! When will it stop!!

    Dawn, you have so much good to look forward to in the future. Enjoy the friendship of the other ladies and pray for Pilar. Pray that God will meet her where she is and help her with whatever has hold of her causing her to act the way she acts.

  8. olivv says:

    You are a clueless moron……. You “don’t have time” for pilar, but you took time out of your day to ambush her with chanita??? You are certifiable if you do not realize how big of a contradiction that is. And it’s not like that’s the only time you’ve taken time out of your day to talk about her/to her, or anything, this is like the 3rd or 4th time. Why are you so upset that she didn’t come to you’re vow renewal? You “don’t have time for her” remember? If i were her, i wouldn’t have shown up either… because there’s no point in being friends with remedial low lives like you and the other ones. None of you (especially you and chanita) have your heads on straight. You’re all walking and talking contradictions, except for Pilar of course. I still can’t get over how you say you don’t care about her, but you’re so upset over everything she does… you’re too stupid and it’s really sad.

  9. GeRod says:

    @Team Dawn, although it may be true that Pilar isn’t too good to wash her or her families dirty draws, cook, take out the trash or even round up some cattle…you don’t hear her complaining about doing so, do you? You also don’t hear Pilar telling us how her man wasn’t (at one time) a good husband, father or even a good man, that’s not what a married couple do! Even as Ryan stood there choking back tears, confessing his love for his wife of ten years, the first thing that came out of her mouth wasn’t I love you, but “it’s been hard”?!?!?! Ryan is a good man but Dawn isn’t a good wife or person.
    Another example of why I say this…in Dawn’s blog when she talked about trying to make Chanita mad, she told Chanita that Pilar was a better mother than Chanita. Did Dawn say this because she and Chanita feel that Pilar isn’t and if so then Pilar needs to go and walk Dawn like the low down, scraggly mutt that she is!!! Why does everything have to be a contest with Dawn? Pilar is pretty, I’m pretty…Pilar has a “banging body”, I have abs too and here’s a picture of me in a bikini to prove it! SMH!!! Look up the word Covet and then see the picture next to it and you’ll see Dawn’s botoxed faced sneering back at you!
    Who in their right mind, if they don’t like confrontation or arguing, would continue to place themselves in company that loves that drama..Christian or not? And speaking of Christians, what are your comments on Amanda? She preaches and chastises other women fearing for their souls, yet drinks, pole dance in front of other men and loves showing her surgically enhanced cleavage! Between Amanda and Pilar who is portraying themselves to be Christians and living like the DEVIL?!? If all that you have on Pilar is that she would rather not associate or participate in behaviors that she doesn’t agree with as not being Christian, then you must attend Amanda’s church where the Bishop Don Juan presides…hold your blinged out PIMP cups up to the Lord!
    Also, Pilar and Deion’s show was successful so much so that Oxygen wanted them to go from 30 to an hour but Pilar and Deion turned them down, research it!

  10. Mrs. H says:

    Either this show is edited to make Dawn and Chanita look absolutely ridiculous and juvenile, or they are simply ridiculous and juvenile. People do tune in to see drama, but the drama on this show seems so utterly senseless (i.e., amanda’s soul fearing rant, chanita’s walk you like a dog rant, the WHOLE pilar mess) that I think that is why veiwers are having such a negative opinion of this show. If there is nothing there, there’s nothing there, but trying to make drama out of utter nonsense definitely does not make people eager to see a second season. Personally, I wouldn’t be surprised (or dissapointed) if there wasn’t a second season!

  11. Peytons#1Fan says:

    Dawn’s Team…I doubt Deion or Pilar Sanders even read this blog let alone comment. Pilar is not the one speaking Dawn’s name in every paragraph, seems to me Dawn needs Pilar, and since Pilar won’t play ball well then she’s the enemy. Dawn is everything she accuses Pilar of being, except financial secure. Money is not everything, but Dawn drags her financial staus and everyone elses into a lot of the bogs she writes. SHE IS JEALOUS. If like you say Deion treats Pilar so bad, why hate on Pilar, hate on Deion. I think the truth is simple Dawn wnats what Pilar has…she “wants to wear her like last year’s Versace” maybe be her. How nasty was she in the vow renewel..”it’s been hard” hahaha I’m not even married to this ungrateful, whining witch and it’s been hard for me to read her words let alone live with her day in and day out!! My sincerest sympathy go out to Ryan. You wnat a women who will love you with no football income, and who will treat you the way PILAR treats her man…give me a call. Hell I will USE my degree and hold a job too…not sit on my butt whining about other peoples lives..grow up…LETS ALL VOTE..Since I was accused of being Pilar..how mnay of you think TEAM DAWN sounds likea lawyer with too much time on her hands …Team Dawn..you mean you are Dawn…hahah Pilar Sanders would’nt read this crap if you could afford to pay her hourly rate, let alone dignify it with a response. TRUTH!!! Dawn give up, get a real job, and stop trying to push yourself and your unrealistic view of yourself and others on the public.

  12. Team Dawn says:


    Thank you. I am not a lawyer. I’ve been told that I should have been. However, I do give myself credit for sticking to the facts. I seem to have rattled your cage – which means to me you’re having a hard time with the facts and the truth that I put out there.

    I don’t know Dawn, but I would love to. I have a daughter who lives in the Dallas area. I would love to run into Dawn on one of my visits to Dallas. She seems to be a wonderful person!

    Merry Christmas!!


    The take that I have on EVERYBODY out there who is doing their thing in the name of the Lord, it needs to stop!! The Lord is not to be played with or to be mocked. The reason I take the livestyle of a christian so important is because it’s people out there who need christians who are living something to be an example and not always someone with mask on. The christians should not be the wolves in sheep clothing.

    Oh YEAH! Pilar is reading. Deion is too. Would you go on a show with so much controversy surround your interactions with the other cast members and not read the blogs? You don’t have to agree with me, but don’t make yourself look bad. I would read it. You and I are intrigued about what is going on – we’re reading, why do you assume that the cast members are not?

    Merry Christmas!!

  13. Sean D says:

    I hit Dawn on twitter to tell her how much she sucks (basically), and she’s the only one who has so much time on her hands to respond to those who call her out on her childish behavior. I’m sorry but how can you be on dawns side Team Dawn, she’s acted immaturely the whole show, ignorant, and “ghetto” (as even Melanie called her and Chaquita out on the golf course). And Dawn (bc I know you’re reading due to the fact that you have no life) most of the people who write on your blogs are the people who watch it every week so get over it. I usually addressed this blog while sitting in class, but since classes ended last friday I have extra time to call you out.

    I wish Melanie or one of the kicker girlfriends wrote these blogs so we didnt have to hear dawn’s lame excuses of why she acted a certain way (and we all call her out on her lies). Worry more about your own family instead of the Sanders, they’re doing well. Also I told you I’m a psychology major and one thing that’s obvious to anyone who watches this show is that you constantly talk about money, pilar, and etc. This means that you’re insecure about yourself, your financial status, and etc. People who keep talking about the same thing and claims they dont have a problem with it are the ones who do have those problems. Take Eddie Bishop or whatever his name is, he preached against Gays and etc so much, and undercover he was hooking up with guys. Just admit to yourself your “defaults” and maybe you can someday be a decent lady….. Maybe. Most christian women I know wouldnt be involved in some of the stuff you guys were doing on the boat, and although Pilar was sitting to the side she was smiling and seemed to be in a good mood. Just because she distanced herself (and for good reason) from you guys doesnt mean she’s acting like she’s too good. The ironic thing is you showed the world why she stays to herself with your immature acts of yelling and throwing a cookie or whatever you threw, who wants to deal with that craziness. You and Macy Gray from idlewild, oops I meant Chanita are tying to hard to be in the camera and as a result this show will be cancelled after 1 season. As you told me on twitter after hating on me…. God Bless

  14. Peytons#1Fan says:

    GeRod I agree 100%…Team Dawn calling you a lawyer wasn’t actually a compliment, but as you can’t see the truth on the screen and the motivation Dawn has, I doubt you would understand what we are trying to point out. Pilar Sanders herself said she was done with this show and everything to do with it. She will not even address this low class mess with her own blog, let alone read Dawn’s. I can’t stand judgmental people who hide behind “the lord” If Dawn was a Christian she wouldn’t speak about others, she would speak about herself and work on her own insecurities, instead of bad mouthing Pilar in such an un-christian way..turn the other cheek and all that. HAPPY HOLIDAYS :)

  15. Kay says:

    Dawn, you have issues. What is wrong with you. You look great on the outside, but you are really bothered that Pilar doesn’t feel like she has to befriend you. This is junior high school behavior that you are exhibiting. Pilar is not perfect, but you are overly consumed with her. I don’t if is just for the show or you really have those issues. You never confront her without Chanita. You two are like children. Then your blog.. me, me, me me. I am just terribly surprised. And disappointed. Chanita is worthless, but, you should have been a better person.

  16. GeRod says:

    @Peytons#1Fan I see that Team Dawn having a hard time with the facts and the truth that WE put out there. She’ll learn not to argue against facts and logic again, but then look who she supports!

  17. Peytons#1Fan says:

    GeRod- Preach on!!! Do you know I have never commented on any of these shows before, nor have I ever blogged about anything, but just reading these Dawn blogs week after week…I had to say SOMETHING!! so glad I am in good company :) I remember Pilar from the Primetime Love days as I watch reality TV on the weekends and these women just are not on her level…but Dawn just drags them down even more with her obsessive blogging about PILAR…you had the sweetest thing a husband can do done for you…..and you obsess about Pilar’s not being there…ridiculous! Then the one person blogging for her seems to be cut from the same cloth!!! Team Not-Dawn unite :)

  18. Team Dawn says:

    GeRod and Peytons#1Fan

    Let me be clear for the last time with you two. I made my point and you can take it or leave it. Your remarks are not surprising it just shows what level you’re functioning on. I am entitled to my opinion and that’s just the way it is. Is there anything you can do about it? I didn’t think so.

    I am not going to school you about what I have written so cleary and so well. It would take too long. It’s clear that you are having trouble comprehending what your’re reading. That’s a whole different issue and I can’t download Phonics on this blog.

    To be clear again, I will not respond to anymore of your lame comments. However, I will continue to support Dawn.

    Have a wonderful evening!!

  19. GeRod says:

    @Team Dawn I’m functioning at a HIGH level! I’m and Optical Test Engineer, my mother has her PHD, my father is a retired manager from IBM, of my siblings, one has a Masters from Columbia, one just graduated from Cornell and the other is at Berklee, another is a single mother of three whose oldest attends college and her youngest two are physically disabled (btw, she is also a teacher) and my Grandmother was a teacher for over 50 years, so allow me to school you! Not once have I ever said that you weren’t entitled to your opinions, I just questioned the facts on which you based them upon, which is reasonable. You yourself said that you like facts and truth, so do I, so my effort was to allow you to present your facts so that perhaps I can try and see your point of view. Isn’t that what you’re on here in the first place doing…stating your views on the characters for others to either agree or disagree with? So when someone does disagree with your viewpoint(s) and asks you basic simple non argumentative questions, please don’t get YOUR cage all rattled and get your (as my mother would say) “got your ass on your back” and strike an arrogant tone vs. justifying your “factual” statements!
    Now that’s LAME and weak minded but I do admire your courage for speaking your mind(?) as Dawn’s only supporter!

  20. Peytons#1Fan says:

    Team Dawn- you sound just like your idol…when things don’t go your way you attack everyone but fail to look at yourself. I feel bad for you out numbered and outclassed just like Dawn. Making assumptions about our education and backgrounds. I don’t need to list my education for one such as you…I doubt you would acknowledge our accomplishments in our lives anyway…like Dawn you just talk down to and about others that don’t fall at your feet and take your opinion for truth. Funny everyone on this blog but you seems to share the same opinion about Dawn and Chanita. I hope you stop embarrassing yourself by responding. But I can say GeRod we are a little guilty too…like Pilar we should stop acknowledging the people who are obsessing with us…if we ignore her, she and her opinions no longer matter right?? Let’s no longer be “dawn like” and instead be “Pilar like” when the people talk crazy we will just ignore and rise above :) Happy Holidays everyone..lets hope this show is canceled in favor of the new Pilar & Deion show !!!

  21. Kimba Jones says:

    These are the most nastiest beat down trailer trash looking chick I have ever seen on TV. Where did these guys scoop them out of….the gutter or the hood? Especially the one with the lion’s mane wig. I think her name is something like Chanita? Figures!!!!! Even Pilar looks ratchet. These must me the bottom of the barrel chicks.VH1 you have GOT to do better!

  22. MoNique says:

    Editing people, there is major editing done!! It is obvious there are things that don’t air due to how the editing is done.

    Wow the number of people in love with Pilar. Go ahead on with your perfect selves. Did I miss something? Are Deion and Pilar really royalty or something? Success doesn’t make you a good person, money doesn’t make you perfect. I swear I’m waiting to see the Sanders’ walk on water or something the way folks be jockin’ them. Just because someone has a problem with them doesn’t mean they are jealous of them. Personally I’ve always thought Deion was a prick and I’m not liking his wife’s attitude much either. I can’t always be everyone else’s fault. It’s laughable listening to people defend them like people are hating cuz they are “rich”. Give me a damn break! Y’all need to get a clue! Now that’s keepin it 100

  23. Nicole says:

    Dawn, I hope you read the comments on your blog. Even if editing does exclude some things, a lot of times your behaviour was a little over the top. I watched the reality show with Pilar and Deion Sanders a couple years ago. On that show she came across as down to Earth. Not saying that it was or wasnt a front. However, I can understand her not wanting to be around people who talk about her like she has stated. Plus, you don’t know who could be going back telling her everything you all have said about her.

    Chanita gets made because Pilar didn’t come to your vow renewal, but her and the other girl made a conscious decision not to show up to the horseback riding.

  24. aspasia says:

    I have never seen a woman so jealous and out of control. Your husband needs you now in this transition and your son needs you as well. Save that passion and preoccupation for them.

    If you are not in a support group for moms with autistic children please do so. I think 95% of this is stress and overwhelm.

    I think you will be surprised at how supportive Pilar would be to you if you accept her as she is and not expect her to be what you think she should. Imagine of that was imposed on you?

    FYI, no one insulted your profession. I worked at a law firm and she was right, you were not trained to advocate with profanity and rage.

  25. sonny123 says:

    Chanita&Dawn are soooo jealous of Pilar that it makes no since! Chanita has that hideous hairweave, and she’s ghetto as hell, loud and so needy. She always wants people to team up with her and follow her. Dawn needs to focus on where her next meal is gonna come from. Looks like she gonna need to dust that law degree off and get to work!lol

  26. Rosa says:

    I can’t stand Dawn and Chanita’s azz they are nothing but HATERS. Put your time and energy into your own family and STOP being jealous of Pilar. You both know football is not forever so STOP being haters and use your husband’s name to build a future so they can retire. Think about your FAMILIES!!! JEALOUS!! HATERS!!

  27. Mel says:

    Dawn is such a hater!!! She is starting to make me think she wants to sleep with Pilar or something and don’t get me started on Chanita the hoodrat of the show!! She is jealous too!!

  28. Cindy Jones says:

    I love Mrs. Pillar. She has not done anything to these “ladies.” I know that it is just about jealousy. PILLAR, keep doing you!

  29. Cindy Jones says:

    One more thing, it is a consensus with the fans, these “Christian” women are extremely jealous of Pillar! HA, HA, HA, HA, hilarious!

  30. Chi-Town Ms.P says:

    Dawn…. Seriously??? You need the money that bad huh? And you’ve drawn in Chanita which obviously didn’t take much… hood meets hood!!!

    You and Chanita are TRUE DRAMA QUEENS!!! You both have allowed yourself to be part of a show that shows the worse sides of you the MAJORITY of the time.

    You talk a lot of crap but just remember karma!!! Also remember the term “the sins of a father” well the same rings true about the “sins of a mother”.

    Grow up!!!

  31. K Keller says:

    The situation seems to be very high school. Pillar is correct in not trying to open up to you ladies since everytime she is around you are yelling at her. Dawn being a mother and an adult should know better than throwing food and calling someone a name on national television. I would never ask her to represent me. She has so much on her plate and should not be involved in all that toxic drama. Chanita needs to relax and calm down. She too is a mom and wife and should focus on positivity. At the end of the day, the show is portraying you in a bad light. All that shouting and yelling is ridiculous. Chanita, I am sure Dawn can fight her own battles and you showing up to argue for her was dumb and the same for Dawn. You two are so called frenemies and I am sure if Pillar wasn’t on the show then you two would be going at it. The two women whose husbands may not be on a team and out of work are the two with all the drama. Dawn, you know you didn’t want Pillar at your vow exchange ceremony, so why are you pretending to be so hurt? smh!
    Grow up and represent yourselves in a good light! And stop speaking for the other women. They don’t seem to be having a problem with Pillar. Only you two do!!!

  32. mswells says:

    Dawn, I started watching the show prepared to dislike Pilar. However, I’m suprised that you are the one I ended up disliking…you are to beautiful and smart to act the way you do…please reflect on your actions and use this opportunity as a learning experience. You have so much potential!

  33. Valerie P says:

    Excuses are tools of incompetence, built on monuments of nothingness, those who specialize in them seldom become great in anything else.

    It was obvious you and Chanita were fixated on Pilar regardless of editing. The Producers saw an opening and went with it. You were played. You must be a substandard attorney if you failed to catch on how you were being portrayed.

    Poor naive little girl.

  34. Lace says:

    Its quite obvious that Dawn in obsessed with Pilar. I respect Pilar for behaving like a lady should. Yelling, screaming, and tossing food is animal like behavior. I was totally digusted by Dawn. I wouldn’t associate with her if I knew her in real life. Dawn want to wear Pilar like last years Versace. Did you guys see the way the veins popped out of her neck when she was yelling at Pilar? Double Ewwwwwwww. She look like a deranged animal. Shudders. Every other word is Pilar, Pilar, Pilar. She loves to blame editing, but her blog and tweets reveal the truth cause she still talks about PILAR! Get over it don’t hate her “because she is”….the Bomb.com! Even if she is driving a mini van with rims. Hell she could afford to buy a brand new Porsche, can you?