My Big Friggin’ Wedding‘s Sandra: Joey’s No Animal



A reality star blaming his or her portrayal on editing is like a reality star saying, “I’m not here to make friends” (I wish I could make supercuts out of text!) — it’s part of what defines the reality-show experience. And so, it’s not a huge surprise that My Big Friggin’ Wedding‘s Sandra has taken to her blog to attempt to clear up what happened at her debacle of a joint bachelor/bachelorette party with her fiance, Joey, which we saw go down on this week’s show. She writes, “And yes, I literally beat myself up over this, which is what I predicted and told the producers when it happened. While the show portrays one thing, reality, actual life, will show you another, which is peaceful, and nothing like what have you seen.”

Among her claims: conversations were edited to look more contentious than they were, and a particularly tenacious cameraman wouldn’t stop doing his job when a fight broke out (imagine!). She also devotes several paragraphs to defending Joey against the naysayers:

“I really can’t stand the way my HUSBAND (yup SURPRISE!) has been portrayed on this show. Literally makes me sick. My love of my life, my EVERYTHING, is portrayed as an animal. Well let me tell you something, he is far from it. Joey has been my life line. That whole soul mate thing is true. Whatever it takes, he makes sure it better than 100% for me. Did you know he literally GAVE me our wedding? Yup, he worked his ASS off to make sure his girl had the wedding of her dreams.”

The whole thing is worth reading — their dynamic has yet to cease fascinating. [Episode 7- a special blog from Sandra]

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    I don’t want Joey to come after me for saying this, but I just have to speak out here. The pain I have been feeling is far worse than what Joey and Sandra went through, and Joey and Sandra need to get over this and let me do some whining. Everyone needs to hear all about how the editors have made my scenes look so unbearable that I couldn’t breathe. I literally have been beating myself up for days since episode 7 aired. If the peaceful Joey does come after me for minimizing his angst, I won’t be hurt anymore than I’ve already been hurt for how my bachelor party was portrayed. I should have written my own special blog about this sooner. The scene with me riding on that mechanical bull with the bikini-clad cowgirl destroyed me. DESTROYED ME! The editing made it look like I was only up there for 5 seconds, but I rode that bull for a good 2 minutes! And the bull’s horn fell off in my hand! I also would like to note that Megin cried for 6 hours when she saw me squirting that stripper’s butt-hole with orange glitter body paint. Chop up all the footage and I look like a DOUCHEBAG. Waaaaaah!!!!! Those crazy producers didn’t even show a fraction of all the outfits I wore for my various interviews during the episode. They didn’t even show me wearing my purple strapless dress! It’s okay though, Megin told me I am SEXY and perfect. Screw everybody! I guess I should have thought twice about sharing my bachelor party for the world to see on reality television. Editing! Sheesh!

  2. Mrs K says:

    Johnny if people form an opinion that fast they are very vane.Megin should have known better

  3. aViewer says:

    Hey Johnny, as a viewer you should know that we know that not all reality TV is real. Theres no reason why you and Joey need to get upset, its always the media making a HUGE deal out of absolutely nothing. After all these reality TV shows and reunion shows, we got the gist that producers don’t always feed the world with the whole story, or they cut it up to look like another one. At the end of the day the TV show is meant for pure enjoyment, and to be mindless when people come home from work or school. We understand not everything is real, it just makes for good fun, no sweat!


    Thanks so much for the gracious feedback, Mrs. K.


    Joey, a nice dish of Johnny’s Meatballs will make everything all better!

  6. omg says:

    hey Sandra….SHUT UP. no need for your two cents, your husband already put his in!

  7. Anon says:

    aViewer is right, you all need to chill.

  8. gino says:

    Can someone start rolling the cameras please??

  9. Kyle says:

    I agree with Johnny these people have been whining far too much. Get over it you signed up for the show, what did you think it was going to be a walk in the park all the time?

  10. Kelly B says:

    Wow Johnny Douce Bag has ALOT to say!! Johnny you should mind your own business and keep your insecurities to your self. Why would you try to bring another couple into the mess you call your life. Just because you went against your wife on your bachelor party does not give you the right to talk about another couple on the show. MAN UP and take Responsibility for your actions.

  11. JoeyAndSandraFann says:

    I think that Johnny DOUCHE-BALLS should DEF keep his comments to himself. AWW… too bad you’re portrayed as a loser without a job, to the point where all you have to save face for is that your MUSHY-LOOKING meatballs are selling in the local WALMART’s, left-over prepared dishes counter. My advice, use less bread crumbs!

    In my opinion, I think that only REAL MEN should have things to say, esp about another REAL MAN who works, takes care of his wife, has a job, a house, a BANK ACCOUNT!!… there’s not so much validity in words coming from a man who’s WIFE has to do all the 9-5 working to bring home the “bacon!”

    JOHNNY, mind ya biz and get a LIFEE!!

    On another note.. SANDRA and JOEY are the only NORMAL ones on here!! .. and if ur a fan who compares them to the Hunchback of Notre Dame and his wife, then you CLEARLY are jealous…

  12. princessmeri says:

    I have been watching this show from the frist episode and all i cn say is drama drama drama!! you guys cant be serious about fighting over prodcer editing??? they dnt make up whats being filmed we as viewers see whats going on and all have our “own” opinions on the show!!! Joey and Sandra are obviously two caring people and wanted to share the joint bachelorette/ bachelor party with all and had nothing to hide!! on the otherhand johnny you shouldnt point fingers when you did your wife wrong you got caught riding a bull with another chick and caught at a strip club being grimy so before you point fingers on someone elses relationship check yours first and ask yourself why your wife wasnt sure if she even wanted to marry you in the first place!!!! hmmm thigs to really think about .

  13. omg says:

    Sandra, you’re digging yourself a bigger hole, you should of kept your mouth shut and looked classy. Johnny was just asking for his time to vent since you already had yours, instead you went way out of your way to argue about nothing. Remember the media is after YOU. It was dumb of you to reply to me. No wonder why you quit your job you don’t have half of a brain to do anything!

  14. BellaV says:

    Okay.. so my FAV couple FINALLY aired their Bachelor/Bachlorette Party!! SOOO EXCITING :) .. OKAY, so it didnt go off TOTALLY as planned, i could only imagine! BUT, and there is a BIGGGG BUTTT, i was just wondering what gives good’ ol meatballs the right to stick his nose in other people’s busines.

    When are you going to GET IT, JOHNNY, you are a LOSER! All the editing in the world could never make you look otherwise! No one wants to hear what you have to say! .. ESP coming from a “MAN” (and yes it’s in quotes for a reason) who doesnt even have a J-O-B!!

    We all know that you have SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much time on your hands, but C’mon! …I agree to whoever said it best.. Johnny, MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS! Actually, rather take the time you ARE using to STALKKKKK Sandra and Joey, and use it for better good.

    Here, I’ll give you some interesting choices that you can pick from: 1. puting out your resume to get a job (bills need to be paid ON TIME.. i think i learned that when i was 10); 2. helping your poor wife with your child instead of drinking from a $5 bottle of wine at a “meeting” with your boys 3. cooking a real dinner.. OMG, i could go on and on, but i think i’m running out of space!

  15. BellaV says:

    .. omg, just food for thought!

    .. it’s one thing to VENT on your OWNNNN BLOG about YOURSELFFF… but let’s be real about things, he’s poking around where he shouldn’t be by posting his comments on a page that has NOTHINGGG to to with him!

    Don’t you think?

  16. Amused says:

    I find it funny that the two people that are saying “go back to high school” are the ones that are being immature.. Saying “Shut the hell up” and whatnot.. People are entitled to their opinions.. What did you expect when you signed up for a reality tv show? Sugar and spice and everything nice? Why are you angry and the cameramen who were just doing their jobs?? Have you ever heard of the phrase, “Dont bite the hand that feeds you”?!?

  17. huh? says:

    Yourhusbandsucks .. VERY HOSTILE!! shame shame! u sound like a lonely female who clearly has nothing better to do! but then again, what else could a HATER have to say? u’r prob even Johnny’s wife.. coming to the rescue (as she usually does, ya know, birthing his kids, bringing in the money, buying the house, making the decisions, blahlbahblah!)

    How old are we? come ON!

  18. IsItMeOrDoesJohnnySoundLikeAGIRL? says:

    Okay, so the first post, is actually quite funny to read. A grown MAN worrying about his kmart wordrobe, his tacky taste in bachelor party events, the impression that was made because he ONLY rode the bull for a WHOLE TWO SECONDS when it was ACTUALLYY FIVE MINUTES, boohoohoo! cry me a friggin river.. It’s funny how he didnt complain about how his wife Megin is being EDITED as the only one who works in the house.. OH WAITT!! No editing needed on that one!! BellaV is too funny when saying that all the editing in the world couldn’t change the fact that you are sooo LAME! my guess is that you scraped the pennies and dimes from your couch for 25years to pay off the production staff to make you look SEMI-IMPORTANT, with your meatballs and makin baby t-shirts and whatnot! GEEZZ! how LOW could it possibly GO!

    .. i officially have seen it ALL!!!!

  19. omg says:

    BellaV: I agree with you, but two wrongs don’t make a right! Sandra should of quit while she was ahead and not minded anything at all, it would of made her the bigger person, instead it shows lack of a brain on her part!

  20. Amused says:

    @ IsItMeOrDoesJohnnySoundLikeAGIRL? … if you had read Sandras blog then you would know what Johnny is talking about!!!!!!! Get your facts straight!

  21. The More You Know says:

    Ok. Am I the only one who read Johnny’s post correctly? It’s called sarcasm. Do you think he’s actually upset about not being shown in a purple strapless dress?

    C’mon. This is basic reading comprehension. Humor is obviously not a strong-point for many of you.

  22. Hugs N Kisses says:

    Okay.. so there CLEARLY has been a LOT of animosity on this Blog. I would like to speak on behalf of Joey and Sandra, because i’m their cousin! :) AND.. i might also add that i KNOWWW what it was like for them, and can totally understand what they are saying about what they went through. I’m sure that if anyone out there who DOES watch television would already know that editing does occur. you would be naive if you didnt think so. So it would be an understatement to say that a show which was supossed to be about “planning a wedding” all of a sudden turned into “the next jersey shore.” No one saw it coming! Im sure that the publicity surrounding it all would be much appreciated, but not the content.

    Joey and Sandra LOVEEEE each other, more than words can say. They have been together for years, stuck by each other during tough times, supported each other in every way possible. They are a very charismatic couple, who by no means, would EVER lay hands on eachother, LET ALONE even thinking of it! Sure, couples fight! It would be strange to say that EVERY couple doesn’t, in one way or another. But I WILL TELL YOU THIS, how they have been portrayed by this television show is totally out of character for the BOTH of them. I mean, sure they go to the gym, wory about their weight before wedding day, go tanning, have trouble cooking (Sandra I LOVE YOU)! But then again, so does 99.9% of the WORLD!!

    Just keep that all in mind…

    xoxo Joey and Sandra xoxo

  23. nowthatslove says:

    Everyone saw Joe push his wife. I’m not sure how thats love but ok. I know if my husband ever laid a hand on me in a non-loving way like that then I would be out the door so fast your head would spin. Joe have you gone to anger management like Sandra suggests in one of the episodes? Johnny is not perfect but he clearly is doing well now and loves his wife. Rant over

  24. Rich Juzwiak says:

    I’m not sure who’s removing the post, Joey, but sometimes when things have even censored curse words, they’re taken down. If it happens again, try it without the D-word.

  25. Viewer208 says:


    Sorry to break it to ya hun, but your HUBBY does look like a psychotic mental patient. As far as the show goes u look like a sad little puppy that allows her MAN to run all over her and constantly putting you down. Shame shame.

  26. gino says:

    Don’t they make you sign a contract on most shows that says you can’t talk about the editing and stuff? And they should make you take a course in sarcasm because clearly no one here understands it. All this does is show that Joey is just as angry in real life as he is on the show. Yikes.

  27. yo its Liz! says:

    Ok so first of all, Sandra n Joey r def the most entertaining couple to watch.. Johnny Meatballs (or grossballs should I say) and his horse (aka meghin) are straight up disfunctional. Shes got a million kids and an unemployed meatball maker??? I mean, what the hell is that?!!? No wonder her mother dosent want thoes two to marry… I hear ya mama. I wouldnt want my daughter anywhere near that either.
    Especially when he publically aires that he doesnt have any friends to celebrate his last night being single; and the fact that he is clearly unfaithful, tells it all. Im glad your girl went to hunk-a-mania, at least she got a taste of what a REAL MAN is like.

    Honestly, in this entire show, Joey is portrayed as a hot tempered Italian but I’m sure thats not how he is in real life. You’d be an idiot to think thats “reality”.

    Joey n Sandra, rock on wit your badd sexy ass selves!!

  28. a happy fan of ALL the couples says:

    Wow! First I give all the couples a lot of credit for sharing a special and STRESSFUL time of there lives with us. I think every couple is very stressed durring this time, and throw in a camera crew! Come on…that is stress. To Joey and Sandra, I watch the same show as everyone else and I don’t see any of the negative things people are saying. As a viewer or should I say one that has some common sense, you have to have some awareness of editing. The Editor’s are always looking for the bottom line. Which is money. And in ordered to make it a hit they want excitement and drama. They are not going to have your best interest in mind. Also, the season is not over. Look at how nice Amanda and Matt’s wedding turned out. Hang in there! :)
    As for Johnny. I guess its the state of mind your in when reading it. What I hear him saying is that, he understands the frustration you must be feeling. That the editing has also effected Megin and him. I also heard some sense of humor in his thoughts. I did NOT hear him WHINING nor INSULTING anyone!!!! Maybe Joey felt that he was minamizing the effects the show has had on them. But prior to Joeys comment, How would Mr. Meatball know. And yes that is in his defense. Really, I don’t think he would have gone there if he would have known how upset you are. But then again I can’t speak for him. I do think Joey had a great oppertunity to explain his situation in a calmer manner. To prove you are the great guy that Sandra says. MR. JOEY you OWE Johnny an appology!!! :) Best of luck to all of you!

  29. Blah blah blah says:

    Johnny is mocking Sandra’s post. Read it again. Johnny comes off as a real jerk. By the way I was on their website and Joey posted a blog I guess about this whole thing and Joey posted the conversation from their facebook page about this, and Johnny was being a complete smart ass! It was really messed up. I’m sure everyone has an opinion but I don’t think Joey should even say sorry to him. I really feel Johnny is in the wrong…

  30. Team Meatballs says:

    Grow up Joey and Sandra… Stop crying about the way you were portrayed… Reality Tv shows are for pure entertainment and let me to you, I am!! Im entertained by Joey’s bulging eyes… Im entertained by Sandra’s beaver teeth.. Im entertained by Joeys Napoleon complex.. Im entertained by Sandras lack of a brain… Ehhh actually I should be saying THANK YOU!!

  31. peppermintballs says:

    First of all Joey and Sandra are a real couple not bs. I only have one thing to say… Johnny meatballs was the only one at his bachlor party that says a whole lot. PS Rules that were applied… 1. NO SHOTS 2. NO STRRPPERS 3. BE HOME BY TWO…. THIS IS A TRUE JOKE!

  32. Skinny balls says:

    johnny the meatball clown ,seriously ur empire is a joke …you should become a comedian you would make alot more money…. thats how funny you really are…instead of selling your meatballs you might want to eat some and gain some lbs…. But take my advice on doing standup comedy cause you need to make more money before hurricane season comes around cause it looks like ur house is about to fall over….gnight people

  33. a happy fan of all the couples says:

    To-Blah, blah, blah….If you think Johnnys a jerk, that opens the door wide open for Joey. He certainly isn’t helping things if people are criticizing his behavior. I guess some of us will have to agree on disagreeing.

    Its great that we all have a favorite couple, but I think its important to be supportive of them all. Reading this blog makes me want to give everyone a time out! It’s a SHOW! There not our best friends. We DON’T really KNOW these people!! I didn’t care for Joeys comment but everyone’s entitled to there opinion. And if he felt that his comment helped improve his image, then great! So, lets chill out and support our couples without hurting them and have fun watching the show. Who knows what will happen next! :)

  34. a happy fan says:

    sorry, I didnt think it posted the first time. OPPS! So if you didnt like what I had to say you get two read it twice….:)

  35. Nikki says:

    Johnny, I don’t know how u can live with yourself everyday and think ur a man! Your wife really should’ve gave it a second thought before marrying u. You are a loser! U have no job! Your wife is the one who brings home the money to support u, your new born baby, your house and all of the bills. That is sickening! U give her no help what so ever. All u can think about is trying to start your dream of a stupid meatball empire, by promoting it on the show, when u should be out there trying to get a job instead of being a bum and living off of unemployment! You of all people should not be judging anyone b/c you’re in no position to do so! Until u step up and start trying to become a man and do the right thing for your family, KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT!!! How pathetic was it that u were the only one at your bachelor party? That right there should have been a sign that no one cares about u and wants to be around u. U completely disregarded/disrespected what Megin said to u before u went out, that’s just wrong! U don’t care about anyone but yourself and I actually feel bad for your wife and your child! They’d be better off with out u!!!

  36. a happy fan of alll the couples says:

    To Skinnyballs.
    I would love to know what your house looks like and what YOU do for work. Just saying. Really? And if your not comparing yourself to him then who? JOEY???? Please let me know, I’m dieing to hear!!

  37. A fan says:

    I think Joey & Sandra are the most normal couple on the show. I think Johnny Meatballs is just jealous because Joey has a legit successful business and Johnny can only dream of having that! Joey goes to work everyday and supports his wife, like a “MAN” is supposed to. It’s nice that they work together, it’s team work! Which Johnny wouldn’t know anything about, cause his poor wife is the one that does everything in that family!

  38. seriously says:

    To Nikki, You act like you have a personal investment in these people? Is this that personal to you that you have to be incredibly RUDE? This should be a fan blog NOT a BASH blog. If the show upsets you that much DON’T watch it.
    As for the comments you made regarding personal living and employment of the couples. You really believe that Johnny does NOTHING? It’s a SHOW! We really dont know what goes on in there real lives. Thats like believing everything you read in STAR magazine.
    If you are a fan of Joey and Sandra, Where do they live? His PARENTS? Because usually its always in the moms kitchen or is it the ATTIC that they call a bedroom? And I’m sorry, but since did a FLOORING INSTALLER become such a high profile job. He INSTALLS FLOORS. Thats a minimum wage job that anyone can do!! Oh yeah its hes own business. Big deal! Any high school drop out can do that! He my is well have his own landscaping company. Same thing. Takes no skill or brains. Just saying since you didn’t think much of Johnny and his career. You went there with the bashing. I wouldnt let Joey CLEAN my floors let alone install new ones!


    @Team Meatballs

    I’m entertained by fat Megin and Disease-looking Johnny (eat a meal loser) Btw, Sandra and Joey- you both are hot and I love you guys. Ignore the Meatballs…they are losers anyways. They should should choke on a meatball.



    Um, correct me if I’m wrong but Joey owns his own business. And he more than likely makes more money than that meatball slob. And not to mention, you can tell the difference between Johnny and Megins and Sandra and Joey’s lifestyles. Nothing in comparison. Besides, NY is the place to be for contractors. Joey probably brings in the money, considering he owns the business. More money than Meatball can ever imagine selling.
    Living in NY is nothing compared to living in NJ. There are more taxes, and property value is very high. Its more expensive and Johnny wouldn’t be able to live here on his own. I think Joey and Sandra are fine where they are. Being from NY I know a lot of people who lived with circumstances like that. Better than having the lights shut off like some other douche bag we know.
    You sound a like you’re a family member or friend of the meatball. Tell meatball to keep collecting his unemployment… he’s a real winner let me tell you…

    Sandra and Joey- You guys are my favorite couple and I wish nothing but the best for you. This meatball toolbag isn’t worth your time. He’ll have a reality check soon.

  41. seriously says:

    To Team J&S. I’m not a family member. Just a fan of them all. And I also don’t like bashing anyone. But since everyone was putting there two cents in against Johnny. I thought I would simply point out how easy it is to pick on Joey as well. It was not hard to make him like like a loser. Big deal if he owns his own business. I see absolutely NO signs on the show that they are living better then anyone else. What I do see is to men that are trying to be successful in whatever makes them happy. And that is great for both if them. Its not our place to judge how people live or what they do for a living. We would be missing the point of the show…:)

  42. moose on the loose says:

    hey i am good friends with joey and was on the bus for the party and it was great time maybe i was drunk. But johnny meatballs want a loser ur wife can do better. Want is with dirty jersey people are they all jackasses.But johnny i would like to try your meatballs so i can bring them to joey and sandra for sunday dinners

  43. gino says:

    not sure where all this hate for the meatballs comes from. all he did was put a joke on this board. he wasn’t mean, just playing around. all this hate coming at back at him makes it seem like joey’s friends and family can’t take a joke. you can’t go on tv and be this sensitive about eveything someone says about you on the friggin internet.

  44. christmas spirit says:

    At Gino —-WELL SAID!!!! :)
    At Moose on the loose—-Do New yorkers have a hard time spelling? LOL You absolutely seem like you would be friends with them. Just teasing ya!!! :)

  45. NOBODY says:

    Some of the worst comments have come from the people hiding behind their keyboards acting like nobodies but thinking they’re somebodies.
    Did anyone even notice that the author of this blog is anonymous?
    At least Johnny Meatballs and Joey Floorboards had the guts not to cower behind an anonymous name or, in the blog author’s case, no name at all!

    - NOBODY =P

  46. gino says:

    the author of this blog commented in here. he writes the whole blog i think. his name is rich. i don’t think he’s hiding.

  47. NOBODY says:

    Thanks Gino, you’re right – I just looked into it.
    Rich M. Juzwiak – blogger extraordinaire

  48. TeamMeatballs says:

    Joe look at your eyes your CRAZY. Anyone can talk about Johnny and Megin but they are NOT living with their parents. How pathetic can you and Sandra be? You guys cant even get your own apt you live in the attic come on what a joke. You bash Johnny for creating his own business yet you probably got handed this degrating job from your family. A floor washer lol what a LOSER! Sandra you need to do more than go to the gym you need major dental work and a class in cooking your food looks GROSS! You both thought you were going to be the stars of this show but your both LOSERS!

  49. Joey says:

    LoL, Your so funny sweet heart…. Soooooo jealous arnt you ;) Well no more time worth spending on this. Enjoy the season… MWA…

  50. Joey says:

    LoL, Thats funny sweet heart…. Sooooooo jealous… Well dont have time for this anymore, enjoy the rest of the season, Mwa…. Oh by the way, we stoped filming a long time ago. We own a house now, one that you would and could never afford. ; )

  51. Whats the deal says:

    Joey (if thats really you) by you responding to all the comments you are just proving that you really do have anger problems. I dont get what the big deal is Johnny made a JOKE he did not say anything bad about you or your wife. You pushed your wife and you deserve all the negative feedback!

  52. christmas spirit says:

    team meatballs—-That is not very nice. Let Joey dig himself deeper…He is doing a great job all by himself. By the way, Joey, who are you calling sweetheart? And congratulations on the new house! You guys had a busy year thats for sure. Enjoy! :)

  53. Ryan C says:

    Johnny Meatballs!!!!! Lets c, first off any J.O that self proclaims his name as Johnny Meatballs has got to b the biggest looser I have ever met. If I meet some one on the street and the told me there name was Johnny Meatballs I would laugh in your face!!!!!LMAO. Lets face reality now, on TV it shows clearly that you cant make meatballs!!! Im Irish and ill bet u 1k ppl (but ill give u some time to come up wit that 1k cuz I know you gotta sell 1000 meatballs to cover that bet!!! I’ve made 1k while written this post on a Saturday morning and my day just started!!!) would like my meatballs better then yours, you think cuz ur Italian you can make meatballs.(dream world )LOL. Second off ur married what twice now right(prob gonna be 3)? I think the world can see why(cuz ur a looser), your own wife even has no trust in your business. Third thing, business man to business man, you don’t spend operating capital on tee shirts on a business that doesn’t exist yet!! Until you have a business up and running at full steam and successful then you maks tee shirts!! Ill bet you another 1k that you have not even sold 10 shirts(waste)!!!!! All my friends that are Italian joke about you and say ppl like you is what makes Italian look like a bunch of stupid uneducated Italian’s. If im using to big of word for you let me know ok. Last but not least ive know Joe my whole life and one of my best friends. He is probably one of the only ppl in the world i would trust my life my family and business with, not just cuz hes my friend but because he is smart, trust worthy and caring person and a great business mind!!! As you see in the show ppl are booking job with Joe unlike you and your meatballs!!! I have several of my own business but before that I worked for Joey for many years and learned a lot about business from him and I think we were like 14 years old then!!! He has been running his family business since he was a KID!!! Now has his own successful business!!!
    YOUR WHAT 30 SOMETHING AND HAVE NO IDEA ABOUT BUSINESS OR THE REAL WORLD AND COLLECT UNEMPLOYMENT. YOUR ANSWER TO YOUR WIFE WHEN SHE LEAVING HER JOB IS YOUR GONNA COLLECT UNEMPLOYMENT SOME MAN YOU ARE!!!!! YOUR A JOKE!!! And the real world refer to is not the world that exists in your head but the world that all of us live in, its called earth and they call us humans here!! Finally get a life and hope you can do something with ur usless life to support you very nice and realistic wife and new born child.


  54. LoveNJ says:

    I love Joey & Sandra! Best couple! Most real on the show!!!! Everyone else is FAKE but them!!! You guys rocked & looked amazing on your wedding day! Congrats!

  55. ETK3 says:

    All this free time is killing me!

  56. tom aka moose says:

    very nice blog ryan. I still want to try johnny meatballs and can i get a t-shirt merry christmas. Tom

  57. Natalie says:

    Matt, Im speechless…. I think you just did a very amazing job of describing this whole experience everyone has been through, and your right they should have done a better job with editing. Any how great post to this blog, and hopefully it will enlighten people on this whole experience.

  58. Isabella says:

    I agree with Matt, you summed it up…I applaud you!!!! I want to see a interview with all the couples when the show is said and done…Sally, let the fans see the couples in an interview show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I like all the couples and everyone has problems in life…Judge not people, because you will be judge! One more time, VH1, lets get it together and show us what we want to see…

  59. friggin matt says:

    I can’t believe they deleted my comment too!! I though I made some great points?! AND THE EDITING

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