Last Night’s Bag O’ Clips


You probably have already shaken your fists at the Gloria Govan ambush on this week’s Basketball Wives, but how about the other restaurant fight between Evelyn and Suzie? How much does that steam your windshield?

And on Brandy & Ray J: A Family Business

…Ray J and Brittany didn’t let his R&B-star lifestyle tear them apart. A happy ending: what a novel concept!

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  1. lynne says:

    My pastor just said yesterday that when a person is physically beautiful on the outside but ugly on the inside, you can begin to not actually see their beauty but the ugliness within. Evelyn has the beauty but when she opens her mouth venom spews out. I just don’t get why she is so pre-occupied with Suzie’s sillyness and not being able in Evelyn’s words to “Hold Water”. When she starts she begins to look very immature. The constant verbal bashin and “B” calling is not necessary. Even when Royce was introducing her beau Evelyn’s comments were crass to say the least. She’s very pretty, has a beautiful store and wears nice clothes. Where’s the etiquette 101. No real man wants their woman out in public speaking and acting classless. I’m just say’n.

  2. Basketballfan says:

    Alls I got to say is….if Evil-lyn knew how nasty them big as veins get in her forehead, she wouldnt never get mad.. STOP!

  3. tammy says:

    i think they all are childish and bitter and there are no wives on the show just bitter women the only one that even has a man is gloria and if they didnt get married so what thry still together get a life and please grow up

  4. Daisey says:

    I was disappointed but not suprised at the childishness and jealousy shown toward Gloria. Its no ones business why someone did or didn’t marry. Also, Shaunies problem is with Glorias sister so why not confront her and leave Gloria alone. She’s starting to act like her two bitter friends, Jennifer and Evelyn.

  5. Me myself and I says:

    these women are rediculous. as far as evelyn goes she is a perfect example of how you can take the rat out of the hood but you can’t take the hood out of the rat. She is def. ugly on the inside and if you took all that makeup off she’d be ugly on the outside too it’ll be only a minute before chad sees her true colors and dumps her ass too. Jennifer has no business talking about anybody cause she nor her caddy friends know how to even keep their own man. I feel sorry for royce having to subject her man to those nosey, raunchy wenches (cause they sure ain’t women). Shauni of all people should know better considering she’s a grown ass oldwoman with 5 damn kids who eventually will see their mom on tv looking so stupid. is this the kind of role models they are to their kids? no wonder these famous kids end up in rehab or jail! suzie needs to wake up stop trying to kiss evelyn’s ass and move on. It’s not fun when you are on the other end is it?

  6. FMcCutchion says:

    These women are childish. They are not about nothing at all. How many episodes will Jenn be considering divorce. It sounded like her husband gave her the door to walk out, he’s not trying to keep you. They are childish, immature and not worth even watching.

  7. sharon says:

    I know that I’m real late on making a comment, but Evelyn all of your being in wrapped up in your looks and who you associate with. Its all a front to make you feel better and feel like you are above other people. If this is not true, then why do you act this way. I once heard that when people show you who they are believe them,so leave Suzie alone and let her live. You are real tough on T.V but I’m sure you know who to step to with that foul mouth and who not. I’m not judging you, because I don’t know you personally but how you represent yourself doesn’t appear that you think to much of you already….and your pretty….damn shame

  8. sharon says:

    …now Jennifer, look your “husband” does not want you! I totally believe the only reason you are hanging on to this man is because of what it does for your image PERIOD. He showed know concern towards you, your marriage, or your feelings, and I was married to a man just like him and that does something to a women inside. If you are smart you would run, not walk away and save yourself from further abuse. I really wish you and Evelyn would stop acting so high and mighty. If you ladies are sisters who have it going on, people will be able to look at you and know it without you two needing to feel superior and being down right nasty. Just be aware what goes around comes back around. You may not have ever seen a food stamp up to this point, but your not dead yet and life has a funny way of bringing it all full circle. What goes around comes back around. Again, I’m not judging but if I saw you in person I would tell you this to your face. You will look back when you mature as a women and be ashamed of how you carried yourself and treated other people.

  9. Bigg Bosslady says:

    These women are so outrageous. Shaunie tries to have this humble and better than everyone else attitude but, she is two-faced and very GHETTO as is Evelyn with her no class Low budget wanna be BaDD azz. tell her to meet up wit a real woman and stop trying to throw her weight around on those women who won’t get with her like she needs. And, as for Follow the leader azz Jennifer I just wanna say get the boo-boo off your nose and keep your head out of Evelyns and Shaunies azzez and check your own home before trying to check someone else’s that is why you can’t pay attention to your husband. just like he said your friends are Divorced or kicked to the curb miserable azz women and they are throwing a monkey wrench in your marriage and now that divorce is on the table uhhh who’s looking like real stupid in the face… DUH!!!! dummie wake up. As for Royce you are a fool too!!! your so called friends don’t like you either. You are very two faced and you set your friend Suzie up for WHAT??? Oh yeah!! you do that to keep your azz off of the humiliation block, …WOW if you really wanna laugh then please do so at that scrub with the Milk Dud Head that you call a boyfriend because he is hilarious. Shout outs to Gloria, Suzie and My girl Tammy the newest Chick for being real Women..

  10. adoolittle says:

    I really think that evelyn really needs to get over this whole suzie situation. Its like grow up. You a grown woman on tv infront of billions of people and you callin yourself classy and so called lookin for a man. By you steady bringing old stuff up that wasn’t even that serious for you to get that mad over and by you always trying to cuss somebody out and thinking you queen b, its really not cute and i don’t know any man that would want they woman actin like that i mean thats embarrasing. I think you either puttin on a show for the viewers and trying to get more fans or money for the views or whatever or you really don’t have no sense and is just an ignorant immature person at times. Either way you really should grow up and get it together because what you doin is really not cute and you just embarrasing yourself and making yourself look real stupid infront of the world. Get it together sweetie.

  11. K DUB says:

    Evelyn needs to practice what she preach…period!

  12. BobbiC says:

    Evelyn I think you are a bitter, hateful woman. You act as though you are better then others always turning your nose up at people. But you are just a hood rat that has been giving a better chance at life, As the saying go’s, “You can take the person out of the ghetto but you can’t take the ghetto out of that person.” Evelyn you are “GHETTO FABULOUS.”

  13. Maria says:

    Suzie will one day come into her own and she will not ever have to deal with Evelyn if she is strong enough and reallized that Evelyn was never her friend. Evelyn doesn’t like anyone that’s her problem, she talked about Royce with her dancing or how she was dancing, my goodness, so what who cares, Royce was just dancing, it’s her job and all I see from this is that you Evelyn is jealous of Royce and all others who are beautiful, that makes you upset becuz it means no one will pay attention to you, again that’s how I see it. Jennifer, well she is a lost cause, by looking at her I can tell she doesn’t want to be with that ugly man that can’t close his mouth, like Beaver Fever or Can Opener, sorry had to throw that in, sorry folks. Anywho, Eric doesn’t want her nor does she wants him. She is afraid of losing all the status all the money all the perks that comes with being with a NBA player, which tells me she is not strong to leave him, she knows that she got to start over she has to now handle things that she really don’t want to and Eric,well he is nothing, he doesn’t know how to treat a lady, he’s a man that does something wrong and expect the woman to deal with it, but come on he looks like shyt, he is nothing he’s ugly and that’s becuz it came from the inside of him out and so you all can see the results, he is now extremely ugly, so Jennifer should just do what she got to do and most importantly she must do is to mind her own business and stop being a follower especially with Evelyn is concerned, this woman will destroy you becuz she is not happy and she can’t stand to see anyone else happy, she is very selfish, everyone has to cater to her, I mean really cater to her while she is being a b**ch with Suzie, all the time geez get over it, aren’t you like 50 years old, becuz you look it every time you open your big mouth, Evelyn please you look like a dog a washed up dog so if you don’t want to look like a 50 years old dog please stop being mean to people as if they owe you their life you are nothing you are just a woman with a child take care of her and your store and stop being a big mouth with no class and looking all old, really you might not think so but damn you look so old you don’t look 30, my daughter will be 30 in 3 months and she looks like she is 20, you look like you are 50 and that is becuz you talk so much nonsense and the more nonsense you speak the more ugly you become, sorry, but that is true….

  14. Denni Macklin says:

    Evelyn, why do you care so much what Suzie said? Is it true and you are just embarrassed of whatever you did? You are attacking her because YOU did something that MAYBE YOU SHOULDN’T HAVE DONE. Secondly, it is classless and very tacky to crash an affair. That is called hoodrat behavior and Jennifer follows right down behind you. Actually, the only sensible one on the show who has lines, is Eric. He told Jennifer the truth and that is to kick you girls to the curb and concentrate on her marriage. Evelyn, you seem so bitter and hurt and I would suggest that you speak with a counselor so that you can be a nicer person. Deep down, it ain’t about Suzie, is it????

  15. Denni Macklin says:

    I would really like to know the chronological ages of all of you girls. The mental ages come through on the show. I just hate to see the pain and bitterness. No, I won’t change the channel because to watch the ratchetness confirms a lot. No matter what stage we get in life or what “perceived wealth” we achieve, CLASS CAN NOT BE PURCHASED. BTW, a see-through wedding gown???? How cheesy. For sure, there are no role models so far on that show. I hate the bullying.

  16. Margie says:

    First I wanna tell Suzi that Evelyn is a all talk and she pulled your card and that’s why she won’t let you live it down. What you need to do Suzi is show up to every event and show her that she doesn’t run SUGAR HONEY ICE TEA! Jennifer is Evelyn’s puppet and she can’t think for herself, that’s why her Man don’t want nothing to do with her. Jennifer is too busy waiting for her BFF to tell what she should do next. But when Tami was all in Jennifer’s grill Evelyn didn’t want any of that because she was scared!!!! All I have to say is I don’t like Evelyn and if it wasn’t because she was with a baseketball player she wouldn’t be where she’s at right now!!!! Gloria is the smart one to not want anything to do with those CACKLING AZZ HENS!!!!!!

  17. big sexxy says:

    man i would love to be the one who punches Evelyn in her mouth!!

  18. pinky says:

    Evelyn,Evelyn, Evelyn, where do I start? Fisrt, if you are so tuff like you want people to think, why did you not confront Tami? Let me guess, you are a typical dog that is all bark and no bite. You jump on Suzzie because you know she is weak and is intimidated by you. But what happen with Tami? You guys ran out of there when you heard Tami coming behind you. Well now we know you are just tuff with the people who are not going to fight you back. You did the same thing with Gloria, you did not even say a word, because you knew that Gloria would give you a beat down. You are just tuff with the weak. Jennifer, good ass kissing with Tami, you figure let me take her some flowers before she kills me and I be the one getting the flowers. You might not ever seen food stamps, but you sound like you lived from them. Talking about ghetto people, have you watch the show, if you and Evelyn ain’t ghetto then who is?

  19. Larry says:

    You are a classless woman the way you are behaving.You need to go to class on mannerism ok. Ghetto

  20. Dee Nice says:

    Evelyn – been thru a crazy relationship and is quite bitter from it. She takes it out on Suzie to make people think that she is in charge of her life. But the tears she shed don’t lie. It actual tells how deeply crushed she is by the failed relationship with Antwon.It wasn’t at all because of the friendship she had with Suzie’s. Suzie needs to continue to stay away and allow Evelyn to cool her heels. I know she may have said some bull about her business to a mutual friend but it could have been handle in a better way. Jenn is a follower and not a leader, she is a beautiful girl if given some thought she could model and do things for herself besides hanging out. Get a career going show that you have what it takes to do things on your own. Your husband is just like many men who get tired and choose to have their cake and eat it too. You talk a pretty good game when addressing him but you love him and all he has to say is the ‘word” and you are back receiving the disrespect. So girl go get yours its there for the taking. Shaunie absolute diva…don’t let Gloria step up to you. She knows you are modest clever and got it together. She doesn’t get it, the man don’t want to marry her because he isn’t through chasing his dream. She will be picking up moving around, picking up again and moving around and from city to city. In the end it want be a marriage. So keep it moving Shaunie and go get your shoe line and enjoy your wealth. You are the true basketball wife.
    Tami: You are a homegirl… Stop drinking …we were cool until you started to get drunk and wanna handle everybody. Chill sis.
    Royce you gotta stop being a bit messy. You knew they were at the resturant and couldn’t wait to let Evelyn know. I think that was dumb..but this might have just been a tv move to hype us up. But didn’t Gloria look scared as hell. lol
    Enjoy the show…BUT CLEAN IT UP A BIT!

  21. Paige says:

    I have watched a few episodes of this season and I am so disappointed in this portrayal of women. I want to like Evelyn but she is a walking contradiction. Yelling at someone “You are running your mouth!” over and over again while she IS literally running her mouth. If she is such a BIG deal then she should shut up, get an education and use her time for more productive means. Attacking other women for such petty reasons is sad and the editing makes it look like she’s mad over Suzie saying they went to Vegas and had a wild time. Most of the people on Earth don’t care what she did or who she even is. If someone is talking bad about you, DON’T HANDLE IT LIKE EVELYN. Her mean girl tactics are more middle school than high school and I want to know how she would feel if someone treated her daughter the way she treats other women. Get over yourselves, ladies, and do something for someone other than YOURSELF. Jen, your self-pity is annoying and off-putting. I don’t think Evelyn is really your friend, she wants you to be as miserable as her. I hope most of you can find better ways to spend your time. In the words of Method Man “It looks like you [ladies] are trying to jump something.”(This is not directed at Royce or Suzie… this season) I am done with this show… For now…

  22. Paige says:

    And way to jump on the band wagon, Shaunie. Jen can’t think for herself, but I was under the impression you were your own person… And had a brain. Learn a lesson from this situation and mind your business.