Last Night’s Bag O’ Clips


On the finale of My Big Friggin’ Wedding

…Tammie and Danny ended up getting married after all. Tammie called the reception the classiest that Long Island has ever seen. Fist-pumping, screaming and bared teeth abounded. Two of those were acts of aggression. Guess which!

And on the finale of Mario Lopez: Saved by the Baby

…everybody won when Mario ended up staying in Los Angeles, instead of moving to New York. All’s well that ends on the West Coast, I guess!

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  1. Dee says:

    That poor man. One of the grossest women I have ever seen. No wonder men are afraid to get married. Don’t worry buddy, you always have the divorce to look forward to.

  2. Joyce Guimet says:

    I must say that Tammie and Danny are my Fav!! Everyone argues and fights who doesn’t and through it all they seem happily in love and committed!! U guys rock and crack me up…especially when it came to the pasta and meat sauce episode lol. As for Johnny and Megin…please it was so annoying watching them on the show!!! Congrats Tammie and Danny on your wedding and best of luck together in your future!!!

  3. jp says:

    Tammie is by far the most disgusting pig I’ve ever seen in my life and by far the worst person to be a spokes person for Long Island! If she was the best looking person in Long Island I would become gay instantly!!!! I live on Long Island, and I rarely see many people as ugly as her! She is someone who looks OK when you are on the verge of alcohol poisoning but you get even sicker when you sober up and see her hideous face in the morning!!!!!

  4. toogie says:

    tammy looked beautiful on her wedding day, danny seems nice but i notice the immaturity tammy has. I also see there is jealousy towards his children i.e. limo ride , i hope everything works out though.