Shaunie O’Neal On The Gloria Govan Ambush: It Was A Bad Day



After seeing the negative reaction to the Shaunie O’Neal/Gloria Govan confrontation on this week’s episode of Basketball Wives, we reached out to Shaunie to find out her take on the arguing and whether there was anything that went down that the public didn’t see. It turns out there was: below, Shaunie explains why they got on the subject of Gloria’s canceled wedding in the first place (she maintains that she did not meet up with Gloria to tease her). She also accepts responsibility, calling the blow-up immature and part of “a bad day.” All this and her reaction to the public’s reaction is included in the interview below…

Tell me what you think about the incident with Gloria.

It was one of those things where Royce called, and said, “Let’s go and see Gloria and Suzie because this is the only time we’ll get to see them.” She had questions for Gloria, even though they ended up not being asked. I was in Orlando with my kids, and that was the only point of being in that city. Getting that call, it was like, “All right, I’m already here, so let’s go.” We kind of go everywhere together when we’re in each other’s cities. I think the whole thing just took its own direction. As soon as we got there, everything deteriorated so fast and went to a whole other place than probably anyone wanted to go. For me, I can say it was a bad day. As I was going into the restaurant, I was thinking, “Why am I even doing this? This is just pointless and out of my character.” I should have followed my gut, but in the midst of the adrenalin and being with my girls and supporting each other, I rolled with it. I guess people are blaming this on the Laura Govan/Shaquille allegations, and it’s so not that. That’s so last year. I think everybody’s over that, including Gloria, but I don’t want to speak for her. It doesn’t come up in my life at all ever. It was other stuff with Gloria and me: there was tension there. And I guess with us all walking into that restaurant, Gloria immediately went into defense mode, which then sparked a lot of nonsense going back and forth between us.

There was also a bunch of stuff said before the world saw what it saw. There were things said before that, which would probably help make sense of why we even got to the discussion on why she didn’t get married. I think Gloria felt like she was being ambushed and that her back was against the wall so she was going to throw out whatever she possibly could throw out. I get that, but the things she did say were things we could never show on TV due to them having nothing to do with myself, Jenn, Evelyn or Royce. She was totally attacking our exes, and saying what filth and dirty and pathetic men they are, which she thought would be insulting to us. I could give a damn. You can talk about Shaquille all day. It really doesn’t matter. Your opinion of him has nothing to do with me. We were kind of laughing at her, like, “OK, so what? We know who we’re dealing with. We already know what these guys have done.” We were kind of laughing at her, and she said, “Look who you picked!” That’s when we went into, “Well, sweetie, you didn’t get married, so there must be something wrong with your dude, too.”

I think the scene would have made a little more sense with that part in tact, but with me being an executive producer, I don’t want to bash the guys. I don’t ever want that to be the show. It was really important to me to protect the guys from that crap. I wish that people could hear the whole conversation, but at the same time, I’m happy they didn’t, because that’s not what Basketball Wives is about. It’s not about bashing the guys. And this wasn’t intentional, I’m sure, on Gloria’s part, but that’s just what she came up with in the midst of the arguing. She said that that’s how I got to be miserable. And the whole bitter part? I absolutely having nothing to be bitter about. My kids and I live the same exact lifestyle we always did during my marriage and as they can see on TV, nothing has changed. We’re going on the same exact vacations, driving the same cars. No one’s hurting. I’m able to maintain my lifestyle and step away and do Shaunie. I’m in a new relationship, I’m happy. If anything, I’m in a better place than ever before. There’s nothing to be bitter about. It was just a bad day. That’s what I chalk it up to. I participated in mess due to the exchange of words that never should have been said.

Do you regret the incident?

I regret not following my gut. My gut feeling was not to even go. It wasn’t that important to me if I ever saw Gloria again. It’s not something that even crossed my mind. What happened there and what was said was absolutely natural. It was a natural reaction and I think most women would have reacted the same exact way. And like I said, it was a bad day and it was immature of us, but had people seen the conversation, they’d know that we didn’t go in there for the sole purpose of teasing Gloria about her relationship.

I think it’s also important to remember that this beef didn’t come from nowhere – you’ve said things about Gloria, and Gloria has said plenty of negative things about you guys and the show.

It says a lot that she’s back on the show. She said she’d never come back and she didn’t want anything to do with it. But she’s back and she asked to come back. Maybe that was what she wanted: those five minutes of bad-ass Gloria. I don’t know.

Any thoughts on following her out to the car?

It had gotten so heated. She was cussing everyone out and whatever, and it was like, “You’re real bad-ass here when you have 30 people in the room that you know will not let anything happen.” I mean, I’m not going to fight. That’s not in my character. But at the same time, you want to be Billy Badass, and when it wasn’t working, when attacking the guys wasn’t affecting us, then it’s up and leave. No, let’s finish.

What has the fallout over this been like? Do you feel bashed on Twitter?

Yes and no. I’m a confident person, and I know what it is. People have questioned my mothering and called me bitter, but I know I’m a wonderful mother and a wonderful human being. I get pissed off and mad and sad and react to things just like the next person. I think there are a lot of judgmental people out there. Some of the comments I read piss me off because it’s like, “You don’t know me.” If you don’t get mad and say some things and react some ways in your life at some point or another that make you think back and say, “OK, I could have dealt with that better,” then you’re not human. But it’s done, it’s said, it’s a learning experience. I don’t think anybody really needs an explanation, but it is hurtful if you question my mothering skills or question me as a person. It’s frustrating to read and listen and ignore when you want to just say, “Are you stupid?” You can’t define me in seven minutes of an edited piece of film.

I also wish that people could take a step back and realize that this is exactly why they’re watching the show. On this blog, a lot of the comments have been angrily critical of you guys, but very few have stated, “I’m not watching this anymore.” That says a lot.

The bottom line is that’s the goal. We want a successful show, but that’s not to say that we’re going on there to argue to get our success. We shot for two or three months and had plenty of good times, but unfortunately, nobody wants to see those Little House on the Prairie moments.

That’s when people would say, “This is boring. I’m not watching it anymore.”

Exactly! Tami was Twittering earlier, “You hate us so much, but you’re still watching.” Hate it or love it, we still have the views and it’s one of those things where every week, someone’s going to judge and have an opinion. We just have to deal with it. But I’ve really got some thick skin, so it is what it is.

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  1. irmaree says:

    I think the show is great , I am a faithful watcher, I do realize that when the argueing with Gloria and Shawnie that it had nothing to do with Shaq or gloria’s sister. I really believe shawnie is over that but Gloria is getting back the negative vibe she put out there, she is just like suzie , she talks to much, be a lady and learn to keep your mouth shut, sometimes men will not marry women with diarrehea of the mouth which Gloria and Suzie has. My only problem with Jenn is that well its not a problem, but she is being a busy body in all of the drama with who is on craiglist or who’s number is on craigs list but shug you have a marriage to manage, Jenn is a beautiful person but every thing is not what ever, some things you have to deal with and talk with your spouse on how you really feel, and if you really feel your man is worth fighting for go for it, don’t be a follower, we as woman has to learn that if we want the married life we have to walk in it, Shawnie I applaud you because when you were married you showed much maturity as a wife, and even on the episodes you show such maturity, I am a saved woman and watching you not beat gloria to a pulp helped me, because even being saved we are tempted every day, but you really turned the other cheek and you will be Blessed for that.
    Evelyn, shug you have every right to be mad at suzie but at this point move on shug dont give her the power in knowing that you are still angry because at this point it means nothing to her, she just lost a great friend. Royce continue to enjoy love shug, as for Tami, keep her and Evelyn apart, they are too hot heads that need not butt heads. The whole thing is ladies at the end of the day you are still Ladies and still have things that we need to work out. Never allow anyone else’s comments cause you to act out of character, you all have great qualities and show integrity, keep that, dont ever lower to someone else’s comment of what they think of you, because there comment is really what they think of themselves and they bring it out on you.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Shaunie I think you are a great mother and a great person but the way you acted when you confronted Gloria was bad. That whole situation could have went differently, or you could’ve just let Royce say what she had to say. I mean does it really matter why someone called off their wedding…it doesn’t mean that they’re not happy or the relationship is over..not trying to be rude but I will come out and say this…just mind your own business..

  3. etta says:

    i’m so disappointed in the women who attacked suzie..i like all the women on “BW”..they r beautiful, jennefer, and elayne, and shaunie, and royce…suzie is really sorry, elayne u should give her a break! jennefer, ur gorgeous, go get u a man who deserves u, and royce, “u go girl, and shawnie, they all love u…where’s ur voice of reason hun? i am a big fan of u all!

  4. Just sayin says:

    Sorry I don’t by this. I believe you would say anything to shine a good light on yourself because of all the negative feedback you got from that episode. Just be truthful. You were pity and it wasn’t a good luck. I have no doubt that you are a good mother but your actions last week were just plan ugly. We mother’s need to watch what we say and do. Our kids are watching. Young ladies are looking up to you and you just encouraged them to be a mean girl. Not classy.

    Not a good look!

  5. maxa1128 says:

    I faithfully watch the show but Ithink the ladies act so immateur sometimes. It took all of you’ll to approach Gloria and Suzie. Royce is not a good friend to Suzie for letting the other girls know where they wer at. Now…Jennifer is so busy trying to be tough but she’s alittle girl trappeed in a womens body. She can’t be like you’ll and should just be the trophy wife to Eric. Shawnie you were the only one with class but your letting Evelyn ghetto ass change you. Evelyn got the right one and I’m so surprised that Suzie didn’t bust her in her mouth or throw a glass on her. I love Tami because she always kept it real and I really want her to call people out and confront you’ll. Team Tami :)

  6. Ingrid says:

    I’m 100% with Shaunie on this one…I am absolutely sure there were things that were said that were not aired. And to be honest Gloria had that coming. She has gone on record saying she’ll never do the show again her and Matt Barnes were so dissapointed in the portrayal of the show blah blah blah but there she was with cameras all around on the 2nd season. That’s hypocritical people. I also absolutely agree that we all have not so stellar moments. It happens! As far as Evelyn is concerned she is a hot mess..not a good look. You made your point you dont like Suzie why keep beating a dead horse? you have a 10-karat ring on your finger learn how to act otherwise you wont be making down the aisle honey…

  7. Robynbryd says:

    Last weeks show was really bad, why the ambush that was low and no class. Shaunie they all look up to you and you fell into the mess. Evelyn needs to stop being such a mean bully, maybe she’ll have more meaningful relationships if she learns how to forgive and let it go. Jennifer you and your husband go to counseling and stop taking counsel from your girls. Marriages are work, they make us better when we learn to forgive and move on. Neither one of you want to break up you need some help to find your way back to one another. Best wishes

  8. Tia says:

    I was a real fan of the show until the latest episode. I thought the show was about these great women who were married to basketball players, but showing that there is life after and that there was more to them then their failed marriages. However, after the last episode, they showed typical ex behavior. I am espicially disappointed in Shaunie’s behavior. You ALL are beautiful women that should have been able to rise above the situation, and the fact that you followed these girls was just childish. Evelyn needs to let Suzie go and get over it. You are a great, sucessful, grown woman, so you should already know haters are gonna come with that. And why would Jennifer even begin to comment on someonelses realtionship when hers is obviously no better. As i said before HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT, and I will not be watching this show again.

  9. jasminelkeith says:

    All that he said she said is really entertaining but at the same time immature. I know all u ladies have money and do charitiable things but those good deeds are over shadow by the useless drama that is shown on the show. I think all the cast members need to revamp and re focused and start showin what basketball wives really can do for they have been blessed to a finicial life that so many of us dream of. Lets start being more positive ladies.

  10. Cindy says:


    The show is ALL about immature women and High School BS. I could only take so much at a time because it’s always the same. Arguing about a guy, talking about a guy, getting back at someone because she said he said…but I guess that’s what make the ratings….

  11. andrea crenshaw says:

    I teally like the show, But when Shaunie let Gloria bring her charter out, I was surprised because she is like the momma of theses girls.

  12. kbay22 says:

    I think Shaunie showed her true style… GHETTO!!!! She should talk about having kids out of wedlock… I give Gloria and Matt props for calling off the wedding if they are having issues and are not sure no need to take it to the alter… nothing is going to make it change. Evelyn, Jenn, and are Royce are nothing but a bunch of high priced thugs… with absolutely no class what so ever. This show and the other show Football wives is horrible and ridiculious… why are they allowed to put such trash on TV… oh wait it’s America.

  13. BEE says:

    I have to say, at first after watching the last episode with the girls confronting Gloria and Suzy like that in the restaurant, I said I would NEVER watch the show again. Why??? I always liked Shaunie and I thought she was a very laid back and mature businesswoman. So, I was like…this seems so childish and out of character for her.Jennifer and Evelyn can kick rocks with no shoes on. Evelyn would get her ass torn up where I’m from with all that mess she keeps up. Thinking she can say whatever and do whatever. Those two are like two dumb ass teenagers. I don’t look at them any different than I would a groupie chick.It’s very hard to believe those two are in their mid 30s.I like Tami, she seems real so far. I like Royce kinda and Suzy is very mature too. Out of all the girls on the show though, I must admit I like Gloria the most. She isn’t a follower, even though she’s younger than them. How are they mad at her b/c she loves her man and children. Don’t hate b/c she’s happy or content in her relationship, worry about your relationship! I am disappointed in how they handled that, but interested to see how this all plays out.

  14. laura says:

    i really think it is just stupid that these ladies are even on this show. none of these ladies are married to any basketball players except jenifer and the only reason why she is still on her husbands ass is because of the lifestylye. she doesnt want to go back to being broke as hell and no longer married to a successful black man. lets keep it real! it is a shame that these women think it is such a great accomplishment to trap a nba player or ex nba player. be women and make a name for yousrelf and stop making stupid shows that make all black women look like trash. gloria is actually my favorite because she stood up for herself and put these women on blast about being bitter. they are bitter as hell and that is why they are on the show.the name of this show should be bitter wives instead of basketball wives. show some class and go get a job and stop living off of these nba players that is what real women do!! thank u :)

  15. Jan says:

    Not buying the Bad Day excuse. Since you are the executive producer of the show,you should carry yourself in a much better manner. In other words set an example and lead by it. If Gloria was saying negative things about the guys so be it because you are always dissing her Man.
    So far the show is a disgrace to the Wives that are representing with poise and respect for each other.
    We all have bad days but when caught on tape, they are the worse.

  16. Bri says:

    I don’t get this “they criticize us yet they are watching the show” counter argument. I watch shows displaying FOOLISHNESS and drama because it helps me escape from the daily trials of life. Do I like the show? Yes I do. Do I watch it because I like the women’s behavior? No. I watch trashy tv to help me forget about my issues (i.e. stress) for a few minutes. Its like watching a scripted television show with “mean characters.” Its purely entertainment for the viewers, BUT for the people on the show you all the ones displaying your character on national television, not us. We are merely escaping to watch, but you ladies live this on the regular and its YOUR character being displayed for the world to see. Not something to take pride in, but to each its own I guess. But I will say thank you for helping me escape for an hour. Foolishness at its best.

  17. TM says:

    Watch your back Tammie. Shaunie has to have someone to foster the negative attention onto and thats gonna be you boo. Everyone is loving on you and it Shaunie show!! She is not gonna have that for too long. Stay sharp Tammie

  18. neutral says:

    irmaree stop already please… the women went to the rest knowing glo was there to be messy. so i dont understand y u makn it seem like glo did them something when she was first. mom said if u cant say nothn good dont say nothn at all. that crap u talkn like shaunie is innocen please lady u wrong and she was wrong also all 4 of them. jen need a life the only fool thats married and spilln all her bus on tv. she need to grow up and be a wife. come on son…

  19. Pam says:

    I lost all respect for Shaunie due to last episode. How dare you and your ghetto girls have the nerve to publicly confront Gloria and Susie…and for what!!!???!!! Crazy ass Evelyn is rubbing off on you Shaunie. You need to get it together… you used to be so classy! Gloria is my absolute favorite. She speaks the truth and is not a fake back stabber. Totally team Gloria!!!

  20. Cyn says:

    I was really disappointed with this episode. All the foul-mouth language between the females on this show is so uncool. Some of these women are mothers and this is public television. I hope their minor children never see this episode. Why is all this dirty laundry aired anyway.

    I see a bunch of beautiful women outwardly, that are coming across as internally bitter, meddling and destructive. You are all too creative to showcase your energy in such a show. When you look back at this later on (as Shaunie has already) is this something that you are going to be proud of? I just hope you learn something from it, and focus on what matters most…being, doing and giving the best of you on your journey throughout the universe. When you put out negative energy, you get it right back.

  21. Shellz1 says:

    i think shaunie would have been better off not commenting about this, bc this just makes her look worst.

  22. Pamparker says:

    OMG I was blown away by Shaunie’s behavior! I watch this show faithfully, reruns & all and she looked really childish chasing this girl to the car! After all you’ve been thru how can you say that it’s entertaining to watch someone else’s pain? Shaq has been entertaining us for YEARS with all his women! You were the only one (at first) to kind of stay out of the juvenile mess that the rest of these girls start on a daily basis. I think you went from Americas favorite to the worst in those 7 minutes! Gloria was right! She is the only one who actually HAS a man! All of y’all are sooooo bitter & jealous that it’s unreal! Instead of watching a group of classy women and their daily routines this show is turning into the bad girls club! Royce is messy for constantly throwing Suzie under the bus and Evelyn needs to leave Suzie alone and shut up already! She’s constantly bullying that girl cuz she knows she ain’t gonna do nothing. She won’t try that bully stuff with Gloria or Tami cause she knows they’d rip that blonde weave out of her head! Jen is fake for Judging Ashley before she even met her and she’s scary cuz she won’t bust a grape either. She needs to try to stay with her husband cause Flirty Girl Fitness isn’t gonna pay those bills boo. These women are acting like they are in high school and it’s really sad to see. Yes I will continue to watch the show because it’s entertaining but at the same time, to know that this is yall’s real life is sad. Y’all really just look like a bunch of bitter old women.

  23. Sonya says:

    Shaunie I will give you the bad day, but you should have never went to the restaurant. You can say that she acted big and bad in front of 30 other people, but you came with 3 other women. You came armed with your back up. People are questioning your mothering skills because you are raising kids, but in public acting as a kid when you know that the show is on tv. Yes we know there was more to the conversation, obviously; but this part should have never happened. Stop talking about what keeps people watching because that is a cop out! Own your mistake because that is what is was. I am starting to believe that those women can talk you into anything at this point. You seem to have lost your sense of good judgement that you had in the first episode of the first season when you had a conversation with Gloria and told her this was not between the 2 of you and you were putting it behind you. You can say that this ambush had nothing to do with Shaq, but if you would have truly let that situation go like you should have in the first episode last season and never brought it back up; alot of things probably would have never been said or done between you and Gloria and Matt. You really put her back up against the wall and in a bad POSITION!!!! I am wondering if someone on your side of the family did something like this in the public eye would you be so quick to discuss their actions in public and criticize them.

  24. miel says:

    all in all, she is suppose to be the leader and this inspiration to other females.You’re bitter still and thats okay but its not okay to portray this on tv. not a good look. dont you have a new boo you re horseback riding with? all your bitterness should have been gone.

  25. Mackenzie Taylor says:

    I’m very disappointed in all of the basketball wives. Shaunie how childish you are to behave so badly coming into a public restaurant getting loud and then following her to the car. You are too old to be acting like that. Evelyn trying on a wedding dress for something that never happened and you are not even with Antoine anymore and your mouth a man would not like a mouth lie yours. You have too much mouth. And Jenn you air too much of your marraige life and are letting these women tell you or lead you in what to do. Do you know how to be a wife. And Royce an instigator in this all everyones friend but stirs up mess. These women are not a reflection of what a true woman is but a picture of what not to become. They call theirselves friend ha true friends work through the problems because everyone is human but they are not friends just all wannabes. wanna be rich, wanna br famous, want be married to another paycheck, wanna be retirement fund, and wanna be like a Barbie doll. Be yourself and stop gossiping it gets old and all of you basketball wives need to grow up.

  26. sharon says:

    maybe just maybe ppl r watching to see if someone from the show(tammi) beat the ss– out of evelyn, just saying

  27. shy37 says:

    A bad day? Yeah right! They were all laughing, and giggling outside of the restaurant before they went in. It didn’t seem like you were having a bad day. Evelyn is mad @ Susie for no reason. If you didn’t want anyone to find out, you shouldn’t have put your business out there. They are all too old for high school games, messy behavior. Grow up ladies, and get a life. You’re like hoodrats with money. That wasn’t the first time Gloria has been ambushed on the show, and I don’t blame her for having the attitude she does. I think they are jealous of Gloria, because they have already been scorned. She wouldn’t be apart of their miserable little circle. Evelyn wishes she was getting married, Jennifer doesn’t get half the love Gloria is getting from her husband. She’s hanging on to him by a thread! Shaunie is just manipulating all of them to get ratings and money. Royce stop inviting Susie to outings with people that don’t like her! They are a gang of haters, ready to be messy at all times. How do you go to an elaborate jewelry party, and approach the hostess about putting your friends name on Craigslist? That was so childish…have some class. Gloria keep doing what you’re doing…and susie it’s good you got out of that circle. It’s negative and you don’t need that at all.

  28. Bootsy says:

    I hope that Jennifer and her husband can work it out, because there is nothing like

  29. a. cochrane says:

    I just watched the episode where the ladies (and i use that term loosely) confront Gloria at the restaurant. Shaunie you should be ashamed of your self. You went someplace you were not invited, only to hurt someone and make them feel bad. You set a horrible example for your children and other women. Have some class and don’t blame it on your friends.

  30. lovely says:

    @KimKat123 You said you don’t understand why everyone is on Gloria’s side. Well let me explain. Mostly, we are disappointed in how Shaunie handled herself and now on this blog trying to defend her actions. Last season Gloria said how she felt about the other women and her own situation. She is entitled to her opinion. She shouldn’t have to worry about being attacked in public for her feelings. If they didn’t like what she said oh well.. it is her mouth. Secondly, everyone is on Gloria side because not one of them seemed to have the balls to confront Gloria one on one. They came like a freakin gang trying to intimidate her. If any of them were real women and they had a beef with Gloria they should have dealt with it individually. No they thought they were going to intimidate her and when it didn’t happen they got there faces cracked and I enjoyed see the bullies get what they deserved.

  31. Basketballfan says:

    So now guess it’s ok to ambush people over some hesay-shesay ish because your having a bad day huh Shaunie?? HMM… (Justifying a fault only doubles it!!!) So is it safe to say if some females ran up and ambushed Evil-lyn’s 17yr old daughter or one of your daughters, thats ok too?? of course not? Well anyways it didnt look like you were having a bad day to me Shaunie… I looked like yall were having a good ole time in Shady park ploting, schemeing, and laughing about earrings and vaseline… That sounds like preparing for battle… and the excuse that she was talking about all your ex’es – Bullshyt, because yall kept Matt name in your mouths too.. Yall interupted HER lunch and started all that BS, Gloria just finished it… Bottom line, all money aint good money Shaunie, I know you’re tryna make a good show but, you mean to tell me the only way to do that is by bullying people around?? Yall didnt have to gang up on Gloria! I woulda had more respect for you had you met with Gloria one on one to argue, squash the beef, or just find common ground so that you could work together PEACEFULLY… Don’t get me wrong, I like LOVE the show, I just don’t like to SEE BULLYING!!! PERIOD… Woman to Woman you need to get your so-called friends in check.. Because they out of order! Starting with Evil-lyn…. How could you sit back and watch while she degrade and humiliate people in public on YOUR show? Real friends don’t tell their friends what the want to hear, they tell them what they need to hear… Evil-lyn need to know she’s making yall look bad.. Especially YOU because you’re executive producer… What kinda friend does that?? and JENNIFER, ask her how can she sit back and critisize Gloria? People in GLASS HOUSES should not throw stones.. Royce need to know that she’s playing two ends against the middle, and last but not least, next time someone is getting ganged up on, be the voice of reason… Either your apart of the problem or you’re apart of the solution….

  32. sharonjustsaying says:

    let see hum, last season gloria and evelyn went to gloria’s home with intention of saying negative comments about gloria relationship and her response was i’m secure in my relationship mind u evelyn was not in a relationship at that time either. because she did not allow them to put doubt in their relatioship the game began,if gloria had said yeah girl matt was going to do her wrong she would have been one of the girls,as 4 this season i felt kinda bad for jennifer. you can’t work mon a marrige by yourself, i wonder if he has another home,eric states there nothing but negatives at home no happiness,quick to bring up lawyers and jen backs down maybe a little stun at how easy he’s letting go. you gotta admit when someone no longer share a bed with u,it’s like i’m not trying to give u a reason to stay if anything we could be roommates you will have the apartment to yourself,that is roommate stuff. scary thought if eric left she may have to get a job. she should get a job too much time on her hands, jenn make your life count for something at least

  33. juicydee says:

    hi Shaunie, you are the reason why i watch the show, you are the only one that really has the experience of being married to a basketball ball player and can tell it like it really is, i really love the show….Im glad that you brought Tammy into the mix, because she’s a real basketball wife too, but Shaunie i think that you are to classy of a lady to get into it with Gloria she’s not worth the words, Evelyn is going to be bitter for a long time it never a happy moment with her, every little thing bothers her, Evelyn give Suzie a break she made a mistake and she is sorry for it, just get over it, you are a grown women act like it, and for you Jennifer do what you have to do so that you can have happiness in your life, just to see the look on your husband’s face on the last show, i think that he still loves you, but he is not ready for marriage, love will fine you again, you are a beautiful women in and out and you will find that one just for you, Royce nice guy, he’s a keeper

  34. Tricia says:

    What was the sole purpose of this show? Was it to give the viewers an inside look at the way wealthy women handled life’s circumstances or their relationships?
    Whether they care or not, and even though we don’t know them personally, these impressions are lasting impressions! Image is “priceless.”
    To use “ladies” in the same reference when speaking of these Women is so unfitting.
    When this show first aired, I thought I would be impressed with ladies that possessed class and high standards of character. WRONG!
    I picked Shaunie right off the bat to be the one with the most class and character and
    after this last show I was sorely disappointed!

  35. SMH says:

    I don’t know Shaunie, but this interview was helpful. At first after viewing the exchange, I felt sad for her – sad that she was so ‘little.’ But she makes valid points – if you look at the worse 7 minutes of anyone’s life and make a comprehensive conclusion about them, you’d come up with something negative. And you’d be an idiot for doing so. The truth is I don’t know her as a whole person and judging her from that one moment is not fair.

    With that being said, I do question her character. Why not? Everyone has character flaws and is therefore questionable. But I don’t question her character because of this one incident. Shaunie’s character is questionable because of the whole Shaunie narrative that begins (allegedly) with her pre-Shaq marriage/relationship and how she is handling herself even now. Here’s a bit of advice: Find your own identity and stop trying to make a name, career and life for yourself by being Shaq’s ex. You’re more than that … or are you?

  36. gris says:

    This show just takes me back to H.s Evelyn ugh I hate her trashy self.
    I like Gloria and suzzie all all the girls but Evelyn… Its a shame she latina like myself.

  37. thatbutter says:

    Im not mad at you Shaunie. I dont think any less of you. I think Gloria had that coming. I wish you could have remained calm but she was just in there bashing all the women as they walked in the door! She was so confident in her realtionship and how she would never be like the other women. At the end of the day, she is the same as Royce: a babymomma. i think that most people feel like i do. It was a surprise to see you go there with the “boo” and everything but that confrontation was needed because when the news broke of the cancellation of their marriage everyone was laughing at the irony. I hope you edit the next episode to include a scene where you talk to the ladies about you stepping out of character.

  38. Ann Mathis says:


  39. tintin says:

    I love how Gloria said she wants to make sure it’s right when her and matt get married so she won’t end up lonely bitter and sexless like Shaunie.LOLOLOLOLLOLL Classic!! i love how she stood up for herself and she won that battle all on her own. Suzie should take a page from her book.

  40. Kim Thomas says:

    This show is a joke and not a funny one. I am sad to say that i even watch this CRAP. Does any of these baby mama’s have any FORM of education? If they do they need to be slapped! Poor, Jen I think that’s her name the only one that is actually married…you have got to be the dumbest chick!!! Get a devoice already and MOVE ON. Such a waste!

  41. WTH says:

    I think Royce is smart but self-destructive, Jennifer has a good heart but is easily influenced, Suzie is nice and sweet but weak, Gloria is naive and young but tough as nails, Tami is crazy, Evenlyn is goregous on the outside but truly a ugly person on the inside and finally Shaunie! She has too many faces she likes to portray so until I can see more of her my opinion of her is To Be Determined. These personailites make for great TV!

  42. Kristina says:

    Hi Shaunie,
    I know you have probably had alot of backlash based on what happened in the last episode so I’m not going to harp on it but the way that you portrayed yourself was just not something I thought I would ever expect from you, and I believe that I am speaking as a true fan of the show. The way that you acted I could see coming from Evelyn for sure, but it was a huge letdown to see that side of you. As a mother to your children as well as a role model to young African American females out there, I firmly believe that your actions could have been better. You can choose to think what you may about what I write to you, but I feel in the same aspect you should probably listen to your fanbase out there…I for one won’t be watching the show anymore because it has started to turn into a Mean Girls Part 2: Miami Style…and I for one didn’t start out watching for it to turn into that.

  43. Yazmine says:

    Shaunie, you’re still admirable. Don’t let these computer fakers fool you. Most would’ve done the same thing. Gloria was nasty, ran her mouth behind your back, and now her foot is in her mouth. I would’ve confronted her too. I think people were trying to find something wrong with you because you’re beautiful, rich, and intelligent. They live with their momma’s, old apt, or hole in the wall house hating. Do you thing girl. Unlike Gloria, you’ve never had to call the cops on your man and you always had your own money. She was nothing without Matt and that’s why she stays in a bad relationship. She ain’t happy. You’ve always had your own career with or without a man. Your happiness shows. Real women have your back so keep ya head up!

  44. Puffy2 says:

    This show just proves that class and dignity are NOT synonymous with wealth.

  45. Nina says:

    I just looked at the show for the first time but everyones reaction bothered me. Some things should be shown but others should not. Yes you do have people that confront others and go to the extreme and that bothers me too. People in general should know how to confront and not make themselves look stupid and ignorant.

  46. Willo says:

    The way Shaunie acted in the last episode was so immature and classless. You’d think that a mother of 5 would know better. Shaunie’s behavior so far this season shows that money CAN NOT by class. As pretty as Evelyn is her attitude makes her unattractive.

  47. Clt says:

    Just because you are supposed to be the mature one, that doesn’t mean you don’t get to defend yourself. I wouldn’t have let Gloria drag me down into the gutter with her, but I can understand why anger got the best of you for a minute.

  48. derty redd says:

    shaunie i thought u had class .you letting them other raggity ass women brang you down im so ashamed. one with horse look dude she cant control and just plain old retarded pull your ass together woman and stop the madness

  49. slaphappypappy says:

    Evelyn ypu need to pull your ass need to worry about ochocinco dummy and cut the foolishness.yall as black women with a dam dolla making black women look bad .If it was up to me i would take a broke black woman over yall retarded heffas

  50. slaphappypappy says:

    Evelyn you need to pull your ass need to worry about ochocinco dummy and cut the foolishness.yall as black women with a dam dolla making black women look bad .If it was up to me i would take a broke black woman over yall retarded heffas

  51. Egypt says:

    I hope that you are in the best of health as well as your family. I did not subscribe to you blog to bash you or discredit your personality, because I don’t know you personally, and it would be ignorant on my part to do so. I am not judging you as an individual, only questioning your behavior. We are all born acting like our instincts tell us to, but as adults, it is expected of us to retain self-control and maturity in difficult situations. Yes, adults do sometimes go back to childish behavior when they are upset, angry, frustrated or insecure. The emotion gets too much and they lose their self-control, thereby acting like their instincts cause them to. You must remember that you are a public figure, and whether you like it or not, your past and future behavior (good or bad) on the show can possibly have an impact on others whose minds are still growing.

    I’m sure that you are not this horrible person that many others protray you to be; however, you should have never went to that restaurant. Whatever it was you wanted to ask Gloria could have been conducted one on one, and not with your entourage (your results probably would have been more favorable versus vicious). Anyone with feelings would be on the defense when they feel as if they are being ambushed. It’s like poking a bear with a stick! It is a disaster waiting to happen!!!!

    Also, know that it is very true that misery really loves that company.



  52. Sher says:

    Beauty …..No brains,…..”Angry Black women”….why are you ladies feeding into this myth? The manner in which you act, your trivial conversations and your elementary school antics adds to your character. I do understand it counts for your ratings however there should be some level that you not cross. It just goes to show that like the devil you will sell your soul! Money sure is the root of all evil! I am sure all your X’s are looking at you guys and saying ”no wonder”!! Shaunie I was of the impression you knew better and would not stoop to that level. Ladies ladies our Black men can’t be blamed when they cross over to the other side because you all gave them good reasons. Please clean up your act, some of us beautiful intelligent professional Black ladies would like to keep our integrity and uphold a good charter

  53. VVLove says:

    What is the TRUE purpose and
    What is the TRUE purpose and intent of the show? Cameras follow the women around and highlight their daily activities, most of which consists of dining, shopping, and traveling. Why don’t we see more of what they do in their businesses, churches, communities, various charities, or families? There’s so much to be said about the entire “Basketball Wives” saga. If Shaunie truly wished to remain a respected woman in the community, she would have never allowed herself to participate in any form, be it on screen or behind the scenes. How women can be so mechanically calculating, so vicious and vile, so envious and boastful, so critical and conceited is far beyond my scope of logic. Yet these are the traits that they exhibit. It is no wonder they have suffered and continue to suffer the way they do! Why is Shaunie the relationship counsellor? What skills does she possess that equips her for the role of one who can provide so much insight? She is a living, breathing, walking, talking contradiction – a transparent glass – that most persons have begun so see right through.
    All of the women on this show need our prayers, rather than chastisement. They’ve contributed tremendously to the stereotypes that women of color and varying ethnicities must consistently fight against. The loud, irrational behavior, and the lack of self-control, self-pride, self-confidence is unacceptable and unbecoming of borderline pre-menopausal middle-aged women.

  54. Cindy says:

    Shaunie, I wished in this interview, you were more humble and remorseful, over your actions. You still don’t get it. All you had to say, in this interview and either before or directly after it aired was, “Listen, I made a big mistake, and I know I let you guys down. I was wrong. I don’t want any young person out there to think, Bullying is okay. It’s not. I’ve learned a lot from this, we all have and will try to do better.” If you simply came out and indicated that, and sincerely meant it from your heart. The morjority of the viewers would have more respect and accepted your apology. What also hurt’s me is the Evelyn and Suzie confortations. How can you allow, this to keep going on? It’s plain out Bullying and very hurting to watch. Please take a step back and put yourself in the other person’s shoes. It’s not what the majority of the viewers want to see.

  55. Michelle jones says:

    Shaunie I like you out of all the females on here besides Tammi that I also like. I see have more class and dont look down on others, but you cant get mad at Gloria because it was her sister not her, I know you are totally upset, but that something that you cant take out on her. I know shes wrong too, because when a person is wrong a person is wrong no matter who it is, and whats up wit Jennifer broke ass, she needs to be off, she is not cool, and hellified PHONY. You my dear is too classy for her.

  56. Ingrid Johnson says:


    I think that it was in poor taste to act the way you did…where you did! She was having lunch minding her business, if you had anything to discuss with Gloria it should have been done so privately or even in a better location. We are already stereotyped, and your action solidified it! We aren’t all neck rolling, lips smacking, finger snapping hoodrats. We should not be portrayed as such either (black women). I can see that the animosity runs deep, but please keep it classy. These bop joints (women who do not matter)should never be able to pull you out your character. All of you have relationship issues, and no one should be worried about the others relationship…FOCUS honey!

  57. Toni says:

    Hi Shaunie, I’m sorry that you have to endured all the backlash here from these women. I do understand that most of them didn’t understand that there were more to the story than it is and that in this business you can put on what you can and like you said, no one wants to watch “Little House on the Praire”, which by the way it was my favorite back then, the point is I would, but I do understand why others wouldn’t, it’s the drama that they want and hey that’s cool, but the backlash, well that’s too much. Anyways, I do understand why it happen and I did see the first season and didn’t like how she spoke to you and the other ladies, as if she is better than anyone and then got nerve to tell Royce that she never be a wife, what kind of thing to say to another woman, she is a woman she should know how it is, so that was uncalled for. I like Royce, she is cool and she is about herself meaning she does what she needs to do for herself and if no one likes it that is their problem. Royce doesn’t have to answer to anyone and the remarks made by others about Royce’s dancing, my goodness all that tells me is that they are jealous, why would it bother you because she is dancing the way she does, it just tells me they are jealous. I love Tami, loved her since Real World, I Love her because she will tell you and will not minced words, she will tell it like it is and will not hold back and I like that in a person because it tells me she is a true friend that will not mess with your friendship unless you do something, she is the type that she got your back and she doesn’t judge a person because of what money they have, which by the way the comment made by Jen, what is foodstamps, really? But, ok maybe she doesn’t know maybe she was born with a gold spoon, I don’t know but it was tacky to say. Sorry, but Evelyn and Jen, I really don’t know them but saw how they are and see how Evelyn is with friends and that is not cool. The way she treated Suzie who apologize so many times and still Evelyn acting as if she is back in the Boogie Down Bronx in highschool having it out with a girl in school, really? Did she really had to be so mean and act that way with your friend who has apologize so many times who didn’t mean to say those things at all and she even admit it, so why bash her. Ok sorry, Shaunie sorry didn’t mean to bash and I am not trying to I just wanted to know,but sorry if it came out that way. I don’t know maybe it’s me, I’m 46 yrs old have a 29 yrs old daughter, two grandsons I love them so much, and because I know from back then in highschools I always made sure not to be mean to my girlfriends, sure we get into arguements like any other, but we do make up we do say sorry and fix it and move on because life is too short. We are women we should be together support eachother, now if Evelyn can’t be friends with Suzie, ok that’s fine, but she has to let others be Suzie’s friends, Evelyn shouldn’t be telling people how shady Suzie is, trust people will see for themselves all that shows how insecure Evelyn is, now I am not putting her down I just know that is what it is, again my opinion again I’m not trying to bash just putting my comments on what I think of the show since the blog is there for us, ok. Thank you for this time, I do hope that all of you the best of luck with everything you all desires. Hoping that all goes well and that every women will be friends.

    Peace & Love to everyone

  58. claw29 says:

    Wow!!! Is all I can say. It just goes to show that money does not meuy class……This CIRCLE of women are so vicious and childish. I couldn’t imagine acting this way in public more less on camera this way. How old are you guys. Do you need attention this bad….or is that you have sold your soles for the Dollar Bill???? The only one I respect is Tammy she’s ghetto and real and never said she was anything other than that.

  59. kenny says:

    yall wack

  60. Ashley says:

    Okay i dont blame you for going in on Gloria she deserved it. I felt you were way to nice on the first season but this time around Gloria is defiantly getting hers… karma is a female dog

  61. angelica says:

    Hey Shaunie,
    i must say i would have never thought that you would act like that on your show. my thing was not what was said everyone knows that he say she say crap is never ending and that will always continue but the thing that bothered me the most and had me stuck was when you all gathered before you entered into the restaurant and walked in knowing what you all were going for, it was like really? is shaunie really doing this? vh1 had to of told her to act like that for ratings because what grown woman does that??? thats high school stuff and way played out, you say that royce called you guys to go there to question her thats lame to me because if she doesn’t matter to you and the things she says doesn’t get to you why even go to her and waste your time! you should be the bigger person in this and not even bother, if she asked you to come back to YOUR show that makes her dumb and that should be enough for you to know she is lame as well. dont get me wrong i will still watch your show because i love it, i love to see people do stuff like that because its entertaining to me, when you have a show your gonna get comments and mean people it comes with putting yourself out there.
    im a mother myself and the day i had my son i was done with acting like that i believe there is always a better way of handling things like that and you dont need a group of people to do it, everyone gets there time to say what they have been wanting to say. if someone messes with my kid oh yes i will be one crazy mother and i agree with you on that no one needs to comment on what type of mother you are or even bring up the kids because the kids have nothing to do with it. your children are not on the show and the show is not about shaunie being a mother so no one can say what you do or how you are as a mother because we dont know. but one thing i do know is that being a mother and having a show you should always think what your kids would think of you acting that way…
    i dont have a show or be blasted on blogs but i still have to think of that when i go for a night out with my girls and party.

  62. Monica says:

    As someone that has to deal with liars & bitter people this episode totally turned me off. You are all grown women and you acted like a pack of ugly girls.

    I was looking forward to this show to see maybe a good side of women who have to deal with dead beat basketball players, not fight amongst themselves.

    Half of you aren’t even with a basketball player or considered a wife. In fact, the way you handle a situation with one person involving others just shows you that you don’t know how to communicate. Lack of class.

    As a woman who looks over drama and lives in a good life with good friends it offends me when I see a pack of women acting like dogs because of whatever was said. You can say anything you need to say by calling her or keeping it between you two. Why all of them there? Why would you want people who have no idea what went down on your team? I can say this much. I don’t need a team. I don’t need friends to help me say what I need to say.

    There is a way to defend yourself with class or ignore it. If she doesn’t mean anything to you.. why does it matter so much? Maybe if you put this much time and effort into your “businesses” you would be successful with your “own” money and not living off your Alimony.

  63. hmm says:

    It was a bad situation that never should have happened but I don’t understand why Royce set it up. Not only the mess with Gloria but also with the Evelyn and Suzie thing later. People are going to complain about you’re a mother, blah, blah, blah, but the reality is that someone needed to put Gloria in her place. That being said, please try to prevent yourself from getting ghetto like Evelyn, it’s not a good look.

  64. ChristyO says:

    I’ve had the unfortunate experience of seeing clips of this train wreck of a show. Shaunie and her groupies are a testament to not having lives or anything better to do with their time other than acting like a bunch of poorly behaved children.

    The ex-fiance with the bleached, blond hair, she needs to get a life. She wasn’t even a basketball wife, SHE’S AN EX FIANCE! They’re all wallowing in their negativity and being pathetic and clearly have nothing going on for themselves other than being attached or formerly attached to a professional athlete.

    Shaunie, you need to be ashamed of yourself. Go take care of your half a dozen children girlfriend.

    VH1 you are seriously pushing the limits by even putting a show like this on the air. Pathetic!

  65. Sandy says:

    This is my second time I tried to watch this show and as a black woman, I am so embarassed. You think just because you married rich men and now you have a little money, you can act anyway and it does not matter. It just goes to show you that you can take the girl out of the hood but you can’t take the hood out of the girl! Shaunie you went in the restaurant with the intentions of messing with Gloria. How is ghetto is that. She might have talked about you but so what. Someone is always going to talk about you. Even if this was just a stunt for the show, you should have said no. I refuse to watch this mess anymore. And Jennifer, the man does not want you! How many ways can he say it? Get a job!

  66. Anon says:

    I’m not a computer faker. This show sucks. I’m insulted this show is even in production. And I’m a woman, who likes celeb reality.

    I can’t be bothered to care about these women. There’s nothing endearing or funny or relatable about any of them.

    This show can’t die fast enough. Whoever green-lighted it for a second season should be fired.

  67. dennisfan says:

    I’m tired of Shaunie talkin’ about people trashing her, but still watching the show. Yes, people watch TV/movies to be entertained. Every GOOD show has heroes/heroines and antagonists. People might watch a good movie/tv show, but but we still can’t stand the villains. Unfortunately, your shallow and boorish behavior has turned into one of several villains on the show, except you guys are not fictional characters! Your true UGLINESS has shown through! I can’t believe you are STILL trying to blame Gloria for her outburst when YOU GUYS DROVE a total of EIGHT HOURS to AMBUSH Gloria, and confront her!!! You didn’t want to just talk! Before you guys walked into that restaurant, you were talking about having “traction,” and taking off your earrings. You went there for a fight. You just didn’t expect her to fight back like she did. I’m sorry, Ms. O’Neal, but you and your gang of “yes-women” were dead wrong. You guys deserve every ounce of criticism that you get. Hopefully, instead of continually being defensive, you will reflect and consider whether there is some validity to the harsh reaction you elicited from the public. I don’t know you, and yes, this was only a few minutes of TV, but I refuse to believe that this was not a glimpse of at least a PART of your true character. It was UGLY. Plain and simple. The truth hurts. I liked you before I started watching this show, but this show has depicted you as a shallow, egotistical, self-centered and sometimes mean-spirited individual. You pay the people around you, so they can’t speak the truth, but the public WILL LET YOU KNOW, so maybe you should pause and reconsider your intentions of bringing some people on the show, and how they have been treated from DAY 1. But yeah, I’m going to keep watching because everyone knows it’s hard to look away from a train-wreck. Even though I would WELCOME some kindness and reconciliation on this show, too.

  68. Kai says:

    Wonderful explanation. It was a little shocking to see you in this light, but, we have ALL had our moments. Based on some of the comments that I have read, many of the viewers have had their “bad day” moments as well. I am disappointed that Royce said nothing. And I am disappointed that Evelyn just sat there. I feel like you took all of the heat. Nobody won here. But, oh well. It is just television.

  69. Kai says:

    And for all of the people that hate this show so much, WHY ARE YOU WATCHING??????????? WHY ARE YOU COMMENTING????

  70. sharonjustsaying says:

    this show is entertaining, can’t wait 4 sunday, glad it’s an hour long, every show has to have a villian who better that evelyn. just sayin’ show about chili, over it, show about rayj sooo over it. basketball wives i’m staying tuned. gotta admit it’s thursday and people are still talking. must be doing something this is the only show i’ll speak on.

  71. ISKEWEE says:

    As an African American Female this show has been entertaining but very disappointing!
    All of myths about black women have come to fruition on this show.
    It is disappointing that Shaunie would have stooped to the level of a young child by confronting Gloria. No matter where Gloria is right or wrong, there is an appropriate place and time for everything. It is clear that all these ladies are concerned about is money, and will do anything to get and keep it. No one seems to have any morals, class, or taste. It is a shame that this program is on and young girls may think that this is normal and or what should be expected as they mature. I see now why the program moved channels, as VH1 seems to air almost anything!! Bravo for Bravo for taking it off their lineup !!

    Please ladies, ACT LIKE LADIES !!!!!!!

  72. sharonjustsaying says:

    wow, as i’m sitting here reading comments of show again, i’m listening again to the conversation between eric and jen. and hearing the break in her voice, letting go is hard and to hear your partner sound so callous. i feel so bad, been married b4 19yrs thank u very much ending a part of yr life can’t b easy. i guess getting into others drama takes u away from your own. evelyn didn’t catch the comment jen made to gloria about not being married and having a kid out of wedlock just saying

  73. Whatever says:

    I won’t act phony like some. Everybody acts a fool at some point in time and for these ppl to come on here and say that it was ghetto or whatever, get freaking real. Some of you have acted worse. I wasn’t there to see or witness the WHOLE EPISODE OR HEAR who said what to whom so I can’t bash you, the girls or even Gloria too much. I guess some don’t know that they don’t show everything, they do cut and edit the film. I will say that Gloria did herself in with all of that braggin she was doing.

  74. dennisfan says:

    Why are people mad @ Gloria because she was EXCITED to get married???? I have NEVER met a bride-to-be who wasn’t excited to be getting married, who WASN’T in love with her fiance, and who didn’t want to sit around with a bunch of bitter bi*ches, and diss her relationship. WTF did they want her to do/say while she was engaged??? She wasn’t bragging, she just refused to disrespect her relationship and her fiance. She did right. Let this be a lesson that misery LOVES company. When people fail, they want EVERYBODY to fail. Do you think Evilyn would get on TV and bash Chad Ochocino *while* she’s engaged to him? How do you think that conversation would go down if Gloria started trying to sow seeds of mistrust and doubt between her and her man. You cannot (or rather should not) get married if there is not love/trust. I love Gloria. Say what you want about her, but she is loyal to the people who matter: her man, her sister, her family. Bump everybody else. When the show is over, she has to go home to those people. Jen will learn this lesson the hard way.

  75. velvet333 says:

    This is real sad because these women disgrace the REAL Basketball wives who are actually married. I want my son to watch a show to see that there are wives of athletes who truely care and support the husbands career. Not bitter woman who have nothing to do but sell SHOES, and act ghetto. In return in would be good to see athletes who are devoted to family and role model leaders of thier families. Call it Little House on the Praire” if you like, however, that show is still in syndication. That why Im thankful for Oprah, Lady Obama Lala, Phaedra(HWATL), and other women of that character. They give me hope and strength. Weve already been sterotyped on VH1 with Flava Flav,New York,The Stallionairs, Ray J,TO’s Assistants, get the point. Because none of the aformentioned(whom of which careers have descended, or where no-names who could play the part) where really looking for love.. yet they played out for the camera’s, left hearts broken, and acted ghetto. “Yesa boss weez a dance an make you’s laf for few pennies”. Bring on OWN network, I cant watch this mess anymore.

  76. diva007 says:

    SHAUNIE, your the executive producer, why do we have to see Evelyn in the first place? Who is she? The best you could do is get Basketball ex girlfriends, exwives and babymama’s. Jen is no representative of any type of wife. You have the authority to turn this show around and show us some quality work. You dont have to approve all these negative scenes.You can edit what ever your want..Right? Please uplift this show. Black women are being potrayed negatively on various networks. Ratings or Respect? You chose because once this show is over ratings wont matter, Respect will. Even in your business dealings, you dont want future opportunities to be based on this show. I wouldnt do a season Three, I would do some serious damage control. Save yourself.

  77. BBWFE4REAL says:


  78. Nancy says:

    I CAN FULLY UNDERSTAND WHY YOU WOMEN ARE SINGLE……Gloria you do not to explain to these women, why you and yours are postponing your wedding.These”ladies” are divorced or bitter and single…and some of you didnt even get to walk down the aisle or keep your man.
    Shaunie….your husband has been sleeping around on you….you were not woman enough to keep him….Evelyn, you are an old drunk and your behavior on the show is childish.Jen- let go….it is evident your husband does not want you…like he said get out of the situation, ain’t nothing to talk about. He doe not want you… QUIT WORRYNG ABOUT SOMEONE ELSES’ RELATIONSHIP AND TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF AND YOUR FAMILY…YOU WOMEN NEED TO HEAL, BECAUSE YOU WOMEN ARE SO SAD. IM TURNING OFF MY TV TO THIS TRASH.

  79. BELINDA says:



  80. commonsinceaintcommon says:

    Dang Gloria got some haters real talk.. My take on the situation is this, Gloria AMBUSHED/GANGED UP on at least 4times so far.. 1.the first time was during dinner, Susie yelled “who has slept with shaq” and Evelyn pointed at Glora and said “allgedly her sister” they interrogated Gloria to the point Gloria had to check em… and for what??? 2. The second time Gloria got “set up” by ev, jen and susie when they went back and told royce what Gloria said about royce being a cool chick but, she couldnt hangout with royce one on one because that would be like sleeping with the enemy.. (big deal right?) NOT!!! the “CIRCLE” set Gloria up to get catch a beat down by royce in self-defense class!! Gloria aint even know what was coming!! Royce said it “herself” she dont know I’m bout to knock her azz out!!! WTF!! the 3rd time the “CIRCLE” ganged up on Gloria, was at the last dinner, Season 1 again, everybody had a problem with Gloria because she wanted to stay neutral about the Shaq/Sister situation and her personal business… but, AGAIN, yall wasnt tryna hear that!!! 4. finally, “THE GREAT GLORIA GOVAN AMBUSH” Once again Gloria, (CAUGHT OFF GAURD) “THE CIRCLE/GANG” decides it would be a GREAT IDEA to ambush Gloria at her lunch with susie to CONFRONT Gloria because she won’t do interviews with yall and interrogate her about calling off her wedding? RIIIIGHT?? But, before you go in, you’re recorded on CAMERA! Laughing, ploting, schemeing, talking about earrings, vaseline, and shoe traction as if yall was beat Gloria up or something… (RICH HOODRAT BEHAVIOR SMDH!) What makes it so bad?? the bonus footage!!! Yall bragged about driving 8hrs (with diapers on tehehehe…. (sorry but that one was funny,yall had it coming) and in the same breath say you were glad it happend and enjoyed EVERY MINUTE of it even though nothing was resolved?? (MORE HOODRAT BEHAVIOR LMAO) MAAAN, “YOUR CIRCLE” is going above and BEYOND the call of duty to make life miserable for Gloria. I gotta call it how I see it… Yall making yourselves look Bitter, jealous, and stupid in the process… Next season of Basketball wives, I hope to see new faces like Savannah (Lebrons fiance), LaLa (carmelo’s wife,) Keysha Cole, Monica just to name a few… and MORE DRAMA but less hoodrat behavior…

  81. Kecia Duren says:

    Hi! Shaunie

    I think that you were wrong with the mess with Gloria. I wouldn’t go against my sister for NO ONe in this WORLD, money or not, just like you got in to it with her about this is STUPID, go after your Husband he betrayed you not Gloria, they don’t owe you anything, andyou wouldn’t. How any Husbands did your Sister, Cousin sleep with and you didn’t say anything. Stop

  82. raven says:

    Shaunie…I was floored by your approach to Gloria. To be honest it was a total let down seeing you react this way and as an executive producer. Why would anyone gloat about someone marriage not taking place? That is just low down dirty and classless. The only person on this show with class is Gloria.

    Jennifer is an instigator who need to take Eric’s advise and leave. It is quite obvious that Eric knows she is hanging around for the money…you could not pay me enough to love that MUG. He asked the perfect question…why are you still here?

    As for Evelyn…Yes she is pretty but her attitude makes her ugly as hell…she is what I call a “mean girl”. Ocho(whatever his name is)needs to run as far away from Evelyn as possible plus she looks way too old for him.

    Royce is just plain immature and has a lot of growing up to do…she is still going through puberty. I am really turned off by this show…won’t be watching anymore.

  83. astunnedfan says:

    Hi Shaunie,
    I can honestly say I was floored by the gloria ambush episode. Since you are an exec for this show, i think I speak for a sizable number of your fans when I say we really expect more from you. When I got into this show, I thought your role was more of a role model/mentor for these ladies. Clearly that isnt what you have in mind because your behavior was actually the worst. Evelyn displays her ignorance often so no one is surprised when she does..but you? I am embarrased because I admired the woman that you were post-divorce. I felt these woman could learn a lot from you, but now your behavior has become very “high school”.

  84. BonitaChamorrita says:

    Shaunie, don’t let these wanna be you, get the better of you. Honey you have CONTROL, had that been me, you’d have to scrape Gloria off the floor. As for a lawsuit, honey you can’t get blood from a turnip. So what, if I had to spend a couple days behind bars, it’ll have been worth it.

  85. sharonjustsaying says:

    aaah sundays a commin’, anywayz 1. after seeing the clips of jenn pix, o come on it wasn’t like she was on a vid with rayj or spread eagle, just a case of beliving certain pix were for private reason. see thats why you can never do a PLEASE for My EYES only PIX FOR ANYBODY. whew! thank god i erased my bad judgement, aint tryin 2 do jail time behind some ex #@@#**. 2 in the time when people have the options of shackin up or having a girlfriend forever especially an athlette eric had to have loved this women enough to marry her so why so quick to toss it, could it be because of her choice of friends, some guys r like thank then u think is this lone bit** worth my marriage. and next season if you paired jen with real basketball wives the maybe she may pick up good advice. hmmmm then again is his real or just a reality show just sayin. in any event jennifer you’ll do just fine, as they say the best revenge is living well, do you girl. eric sleep on it if u want i’m sure quite a few men are waiting for you to slip.just maybe you should go old school listen to the Dells song :give you baby a standing ovation. don’t really know your situation but maybe something to think about. this is one way to work on my typing, thanks

  86. sharonjustsaying says:

    i know,i know errors on last comment. wow weee waah

  87. Cassandra says:

    Of course I will still watch.. Immaturity can be entertaining…Now Shaunie its oh well I regret it happened. I regret going where Gloria was.. REally!–
    Now it is u didn’t see what she was saying…she was talking about our exes…why not air that then. why air u looking stupid ambushing a woman having a quiet lunch with a friend. To bomard her with questions as to why she did not get married!!! Who cares…he is still her man. U and Shaq are over. Confront the chick who allegedley slept with him…Show up where Shaq is having lunch and get in his face…
    side note—Jennifer is so played by her husband…she has no right to confront anyone about marriage–a man or anything.

  88. Imjustsaying says:

    Shaunie, You should really consider finding new friends, because Evelyn and Jennifer completely over-exagerated eveything they told you in regards to Gloria… They are in my opinion, responsible for the BEEF between you and Gloria… Why do I say that??? Being you’re executive producer, they should have kept it real with you in regards to the things Gloria said because now, they have people believeing either you are jealous of Gloria or have a personal vendetta against Gloria… If you go back and seriously look at the footage, you’ll see what I’m talking about… I believe thats the why fans are so disappointed in you… “YOU FELL FOR THE BANANNA IN THE TAIL PIPE”!!! REAL FANS SEEN IT!!! I guess we expected too much of you… but,I am still a fan though… I wish you the best of luck with your show but next time, when it comes to Jen, Evelyn, or any FEMALES for that matter (you know we some emotional creatures LMAO)take every thing they say with a grain of salt.. Because although Jen and Evelyn may have the right intentions (you being their BFF and all) at the same time they kinda made you look a little desperate, bitter, jealous, and miserable… Because so far, the whole BASKETBALL WIVES show has been centered around GLORIA Govan from season 1…. So not a good look for you….. STAY UP!!!!

  89. crystal says:

    Ireally like gloria ,i think she stands her ground she should be a bballwife again . royce is a mess starter and suzie sucks ,how could u even want to be evelyn friend , shaunie u are a hot mess, be mad wit shaq not gloria and her sister, jennifer you are jus terrible their are no words for u your husband dont want you at all

  90. khandi says:

    I can’t believe Shaunie had the nerve to talk about someone’s realationship. On one hand she’s talking about stepping back from your partner and being independant, woman need to be strong and stand for something positive. Why hate on Gloria, she told your ass right, you had the wedding, the cheating, and a divorce and you are still bitter and miserable. Jennifer try to jump bad with others instead of trying to find out why she she so damn insecure. Why she let that big teeth man do her like that. He is telling you in your face, HE DON’T CARE. Why are you trying to hold on to somrthing so weak.

  91. Alex says:

    hey i think your really dumb how you think you know everything, when your the one divorced Boo Boo!!
    besides you look like a monkey with your big forhead

  92. arianna says:

    Ican’t believe shaunie is on here talkin bout she don’t want to bash the men and put the men’s business out there but her ass sho didn’t have a problem arguing with Gloria(who’s clearly much younger than her) and going out of her way to make gloria look bad! This women is out of pocket and really needs to grow up.

  93. TNBelle2 says:

    All of you are low class low rent ghetto gold diggers. Pathetic, ignorant, embarrassing to the female gender. ugh!!!!

  94. Chris says:

    I’m having more and more trouble watching this show, and this incident is part of the reason why. I have never seen such a bored group of grown women. You guys have had issues with Gloria since season one and yet you all continue to invite her places and to follow her around, for the sole purpose of creating drama. Get a real hobby and leave her alone. You all are lonely, bitter exes, and you can’t stand the fact that this young, pretty woman is doing it up better than you guys are. Leave her alone. Mind your business. Get a life.

  95. Remi says:

    Shaunie Is just Bitter and Messy, What happen to the classieness you use to display. out the window when you start hanging with them Rats, Evelynn and Jennipher.Its true they do want Gloria lIfe. And so what she didnt get down the isle or put on the dress. she still has the man. Smh why hate on her.

  96. Kelly says:

    Whats up with this stupid Meaningless show?? Non of theses women are basketball wifes, they look low budget personally. Its only one women on here that Is Married to a player but she has one foot out the door and the other on a banana peel..(lol)…he dont want you boo #givehimadivorceplease. And Last Shaunie Misery loves Company and you had lots of company. Evelyn has no purpose she not hard she (fake). Royce SmH RAT.Gloria the realest one who Is actualy with a basketball player. If there Is another season Its because of vh1 likes the Drama.(makes them look bad).

  97. Ariesallday says:

    I think that they are jealous of Gloria and her sister that’s why they always have something bad to say. Also stop hating on Suzie. Evelyn and Jennifer are trouble makers…Jennifer, Eric shut you down so bad you had to back paddle…LOL LOL

  98. me10 says:

    This show is soooo damn stupid!!! You girls are some hood hoes! Ya’ll make black women look BAD!!! OMG go away!!! & yes I am BLACK!

  99. Ariesallday says:

    Eric Williams…a real man black and white no gray LOL LOL. If Jennifer did not try to come off on Gloria I would have felt bad for you…Worry about your marriage and stop wanting to be places where your not wanted….LOL LOL if they keep showing Eric I will watch.

  100. Bianca says:

    Bottom Line is Shaunie needs to grow up. She has like 10 kids, it seem like the only thing she worries about is men and other peoples business.I must admit the show is a guilty pleasure. It is very entertaining to watch old, resentful,miserable women act childish and foolish. Just because the show is entertaining does not excuse Shaunie’s behavior! How could Shaunie possibly talk about anyones relationship when her husband hasn’t wanted her since day one.
    Evelyn is another bitter, immature old hag.If she thinks Chad is with her because he really likes her, she is more dumb than I thought! I bet my life he will never marry her, she is simply something to do!Her envious, jealous ways are sickening,she thinks finding happiness is finding a man. Evelyn your like 40, go sit the hell down and take care of your daughter!Evelyn is totally classless. And her oily skin is annoying!
    Royce is a follower her dizzy ass don’t know if she coming or going. The only reason she is even on the show is to kiss Shaunie and Evelyn’s ass. Why would her stupid ass take her BF to meet a bunch of old miserable, man less, hags who don’t spend any time with their kids is beyond me.
    Jennifer Jawbone is another follower, she is so far up Evelyn’s ass it’s pathetic.. She needs to take into consideration that her man don’t want her cause she looks like a man.She actually looks like him a little. Whats his name “Something Williams”? Well who cares he’s ugly as hell and so is she.She needs to incorperate some jaw exercise in her DVD’s. Instead of being on Basketball wives she needs to be on Ru Paul’s Drag race!
    Suzie I respect… Get ya money girl! Her ability to walk away from the the insanity is respected…
    Gloria I love her… She with her man, he’s playing with the Lakers and she is absolutely beautiful!She is a good mother, you always hear her talking about her kids and family..(you know the things that are important!) Congrats to her and Matt!

    Shaunie just because people watch “your” show does not mean anyone thinks you and your followers are cool! you are mean, miserable and man less!As for it being” A Bad Day”, with the way you conduct yourself ,everyday is a bad day in your wretchedly poor,deplorable life! I see why Shaq cheated so many times and left your miserable ass! I used to feel sorry for you , but not now! He’s better off!

  101. Sandy says:

    Shaunie, you have the wrong women representing you and the show. Drama, drama, drama all the time. Is there anything good about the show that anyone can grow from? I see why your ex doesn’t want anything to do with the show. And the other men that don’t want to be on the show. They are all to getto to be grown women. And the show should not be basketball wives, there are no basketball wives that I think would stoop that low to be on the show. Everyone is wanna be’s. Change the title to – Groupie’s that want to be a basketball wive.

  102. The Socia Worker says:

    Well I agreed that you are human and your buttons where pushed. I like you but I think you picked a group of women that seem awefully immature and petty especially Jennifer and Evelyn. They love tv drama. Jennifer needs to take the worlds advice and move on. Her husband does not want to work it out and Evelyn needs to pick on someone who will knock her butt out. Smoochies

  103. nina siciliano(Boston) says:

    Well, I must say i was disapointed in Shaunie’s behavior.
    A women with al that money and a beatiful life style health children, was once married to shac is acting like that. You are around negitive people (EVELYN) for 1 and the way you all made fun of Tammy NOT COOL AT ALL. Is there not any charty work you could be doing or something positve. You clearly DONT NEED THE MONEY!!!! So i say. YOU ARE GETTO NO MATTER HOW MUCH MONEY YOU HAVE. P>S> BOSTON LOVES YOUR EX>

  104. Corey says:

    After reading this, it explains the situation SO much better. I agree with Shaunie. People have their days when they get out of character. However at the end of the day if you are human enough to accept that you made a mistake then that speaks volumes. Shaunie and Gloria were the only two on the show that I respected. It’s just sad that it did not work out between them two. I don’t know what happened but they seem like two mature women who can sit down and just talk things over.

    While it’s sad but true, drama does raise ratings. There is a lot of immaturity in this show but if we wanted to see classy, independent women doing their thing without the drama then this show would not have lasted.

    Good job Shaunie! Move and let what happened in the past stay there.

  105. Denni Macklin says:

    Shaunie, I was so disappointed at your behavior. Not that you care, but I had placed you above the cattiness and saw you as the voice of reason. You guys bombarded the two of them and interrupted their lunch with a bunch a nonsense for grown women. It was embarrassing and should not have happened. It may make for good tv but it leaves a sour taste in mouths. The classy thing to have been done would have been to NOT enter the restaurant. Evelyn needs to just blow stuff off and let it go. Jennifer needs some backbone and should stop listening to outsiders when it comes to her marriage. Royce is Royce and after today’s episode, Tami needs some serious help. I have never seen a food stamp either but I would not talk down to those who have had to use them. Tami should look in the mirror and say, “Thank you Jesus, that I am not where I used to be”.

  106. nj5301 says:

    Excuse the typos…I was trying to get everything in by typing too fast. I meant to say that Suzie was “not” running. By the way..I already saw tonight’s episode earlier and you’ll see just how low class Evelyn is when she crashes the party….her entitled attitude…Evelyn I’m hispanic and I’m ashamed to call you the’re trash!!

  107. Ana says:

    Ok I saw this episode, glad Gloria stood her ground. Why do you care if she got married or not, your a bit bitter Shaunie beautiful lady but I don’t know why your really upset for what reason with Gloria because she made a comment about jealousy or her sister messed with your ex her sis is married ?? Hmm at the end blame the man he shares the bed with you not that women shell end up lonely sooner or later.

  108. Gee says:

    The Basketball wives represent women that have too much time on their hands. I wish I had the opportunity as you all have with fame and fortune. Even though some of you are not married take advantage of your station. Stop being high-schoolers and fighting over nothing. It is obvious you all are suffering from rejection from men who do not want relationships. Jennifer needs to get herself a career, Evelyn is mean and self centered and Shauny is working for the ratings. over all ladies get paid at all cost. lol

  109. nj5301 says:

    Sorry for the typos..too fast trying to get everything said. Suzie was “not” running is what I meant to say. I also saw tonight’s new episode earlier and talk about attitudes…Evelyn really shows who the hell she thinks she is when she crashes the party…Tami goes off. These women are a mess! Watch how rude Evelyn is. Evelyn I’m Hispanic and I’m ashamed at how low life, low rent and trashy you are….MONEY DOESN’T BUY YOU CLASS! You had that idiot Ochocinco deserve each other….two idiots marrying one another!! And learn how to speak English!

  110. nj5301 says:

    Shaunie is backpeddaling now cuz she’s embarrassed at the backlash….she’s blaming the editing…..they didn’t edit when you walked into the restaurant, sat down and started talking smack! Instead of blaming Gloria and her sister, blame your cheating husband… and get a life!

  111. toya says:

    i love gloria and she stood her ground however the show needs to do whatever to bring her back next season! i love her and she is a feisty mama and she is real! they thought they were going off on her but she showed them calmly unlike suzie!!! <3 her add her back

  112. MrsJ. says:

    I just want to say, these women are an embarrasement. No wonder they are in failed relationships. They need to take pointers from the dragqueens on RuPaul’s Dragrace on how to act like Ladies. Royce, you are a fool for bringing your new man around these hyenas. Evelyn is nothing more than a sweatie bully. Hun, how many enemies do you have. You are miserable. Jennifer is Evelyns shadow, and pathetic. Tammie you truly embarrased your daughters, how you acted is nothing less that trashy. Shaunie, I am disappointed to see you stoop to the level of these classless females, but like the saying goes, When you lay with dogs, you come up with fleas. Shaunie, everyone is looking at you a little different. I like the show, cause I like laughing at CLOWNS.

  113. Adrienne says:

    Thank you Shaunie for the clarification regarding the “ambush” of Gloria & Suzie at the restaurant. Even though I don’t know you personally, I found your behavior to be out of character. Not only that, when I saw the episode I was upset and found myself yelling at the TV saying No Shaunie No, you are so above that!LOL Continue to be the beautiful,smart, well respected women that you are :-)

  114. SuchALady says:

    It doesn’t matter what the excuse is…just the fact that you all went to the resturant like a gang of “mean girls” was so out of line! Take responsiblilty for your actions…it was’nt the editing…it was YOU & you should be ASHAMED! GROW UP

  115. Stace says:

    I think all of you ladies have a lot of courage, and have deep wounds that are healing in the process of you living your life in front of the world. Shaunie I read how you may read some of these comments and they actually bother you, don’t let it. Look at the grammar in some of them, it should speak of the intelligence for many of them on here. I actually like everyone of you ladies, I think the frustration in certain situations comes from something deeper. Everyone has a low blow ready for the next person they see. My advice may not seem much but I think Shaunie you should continue to do you, don’t let yourself get talk into the immature tactics. Evelyn you look like you are doing great and having fun, I would now not care about what suzie said, i honestly think it was mistake. Jennifer I you are beautiful, and you and your husband need positive advice, and not so much negative advice. Royce I actually think it was immature the situation you put suzie in, regardless to your intentions with Gloria, Suzie’s your friend. I love the show, and I’m going to continue watching it, for I like to see you ladies have fun, and doing it big how we sometimes only see men doing it. Regardless to how you got it, you kept it, and you look good doing it.

  116. Lee says:

    It is truly getting hard to watch this show. I cannot waste my time to see a bunch of immature women, most with children, acting like junior high girls from the ghetto. It just goes to show that money cannot buy you class. I was disappointed with Shaunie’s behavior at the restaurant, her comment about “her city” and giving Evelyn & Jennifer the information to the charity event knowing those 2 are never up to any good. Shaunie stated that you cannot have an event in “her city” without inviting her (referring to Evelyn) I am sorry but I thought this show was in Miami I did not know it was in Evelyn, Florida!! You learn something new every day.
    Evelyn stated that Suzie always bolts out. I don’t blame Suzie. Everywhere Evelyn shows up at there is some commotion or drama. Why be around this or even be associated with people like this? I am sorry but Evelyn is an instigator and thrives on drama. I can’t believe Ochocinco would think of marrying someone like Evelyn. People need to learn the hard way. Once they marry is she leaving the show and going to “Football Wives”!! Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    I find it amazing that Jennifer is so concerned about how people need to invite her and Evelyn to events especially when they are trying to get in their circle. Sad to see she never put this kind of energy into her marriage. Every time I see and hear Jennifer speak all I can think of is “If I only had a brain”!

  117. hollywood!!! says:

    I guess it was all Gloria’s fault…stop lying Shaunie…own up to the fact that you all are immature and bullies… and yes I don’t watch your show but I watch enough VH1 to know that no amount of editing could make someone look as bad as you guys…

  118. Real Class says:

    I admit that I watch this show sporadically when I am bored and nothing else is on, however, after seeing these first few shows I am appalled at the behavior of these women. Shaunie used to seem as though she had class last season…it is gone. The rest of entertaining and i understand it is for ratings but these chicks need a etiquette class.

  119. Pam says:

    shaunie first of all evelyn do not run miami. i know you want your show to be a suceess and you will hear the negative and the positive. if it wasnt drama no one will watch. you are doing your thing on your own regardless of what is said on the blogs.

  120. Sandee77 says:

    It is easy to sit back and say Shaunie acted immature. But how many people will sit back and let people talk crap about you, your kids, and your life? I will definitely not. If Gloria hate the girls so much why be on the show? She needs the show to pimp herself and her man I mean baby daddy. I see Shaunie as someone who don’t let people mistreat her or talk crap about her because they can. That’s my major pet peeve and in all honesty if I was Shaunie I would have punched her in her mouth. Just saying….don’t have patience for all of that. The girl was talking crap and they decided to confront her. I watched the episode and Gloria did not look like a victim. She was talking crap too, and she was talking a lot of it for someone who’s mouth olaced her in that situation. I hope what she said to Royce is haunting her now. What was it oh yes,”You will never be a basketball wife…..” I guess she won’t either!

  121. Ms. M says:

    Shaunie, no matter how you try to explain what went wrong you participated by going with what was clearly a set up by some useless two-faced person like Royce. This was a low blow, Royce pretends to be friends with Susie, but she set this whole thing up. Tell Royce that I didn’t know that there were such ugly clothes in Miami. I can’t believe that thinks that she is actually dressed up sometimes. That was mean and I apologize, but Royce’s time can be better spent by investing it in herself, growing up and learning what real women wear and what they should and shouldn’t say. Royce needs a filter.

    How childish can this get, a loser, Evelyn is mad at Susie for talking about what happened in Vegas. If you’re taking care of your business, Susie wouldn’t know what you’re doing behind closed doors. When you tell people who you are getting it on with then that’s you telling your business. I’m so over people with no class (Evelyn) trying to intimidate Susie and threatening to beat her a??. If anyone is crazy enough to hit Susie then Susie should have her arrested and then sue her.

    Getting back to you. I was really disappointed to see you put yourself in such a negative light. It doesn’t matter what the viewers didn’t see, you should not have been going at it with Gloria. Did you notice how none of the others had anything to say and it was just you making a fool of yourself by yourself? Gloria is not any different from anyone else, she has had relationship problems and that’s her private business. Gloria is not out trying to diss any of you about your past relationships. If Gloria said anything negative, it was a reaction to something you said. You ladies need to get real. Shaunie you can do a lot better. Go back to Shaq, he’s the father of your children. You don’t have to be out there like a loose cannon running around with this high school click.

    You need to check who you call friends.

    The only thing that I’m proud to say about the ambush between you and Gloria is that you stepped to Gloria and she stepped to you backing you all the way down. Gloria won this one hands down.


  122. Blacque says:

    WTH? Why does grown a a#@ woman would care about what someone has to say about them? I agree with Gloria, yes you all are jealous of her relationship. She must have some sort of power because it took 4 silly women to approach her.

  123. Nataya says:

    I do feel that the ambush was very very elementary. I was very shocked at Shaunie’s behavior and her “Boo-Boo” out burts.Shaunie is normally the calm one. I do respect the fact that she is human and can get upset just as we do, but to step that far out of character and to do it that fast just leaves the question, Does she act like that anyway? So far as Evelyn and Jennifer, I so agree with everyone else on how immature they are. Jennifer please please please leave your husband!!!! I have never seen a man so disengaged when the divorce conversation came about. He said very matter of fact to “Leave then”, I guess those words mean to stay and work it out. The only one in the show that appears to be making progress is Suszie. She tries tyo avoid confrontation with Evelyn as best as she can, but Evelyn knows that she won’t do or say anything that’s why she picks. I like the show for what reason I don’t know but come on ladies the acting GHETTO thing is really not becoming at all!!

  124. Spanish81621 says:

    Shaunie how do you feel that your children will watch you on TV being an adult bully. Instead of being shocked of what Gloria called you, you showing up at restaurant without being invited was more shocking. I think you started off the 1st season not making too many apperances, you should of continued the same on the 2nd season. I’m sure Shaq feels validated of not being with you. Your true fugly side came out shinning!

  125. Vel says:

    I dont understand the point of this show. Is it to see that these girls live glamourous lives. I say girls because no self respecting woman would act like they do. If Evelyn and Shaunie are truely friends, Shaunie would not let Evelyn act the way she does. The fact that this girl claims to be a business owner makes me wonder what type of individuals would actually conduct business with someone who craves drama and cause so many confrontation even when they were clearly not invited to a party they went just to cause problems. All I can say is grow up and act like ladies. Im aware that Shaunie and Evelyn are both mothers is this how they want their children to see them acting. I can see why they are exes and not really basketball wives it should be called ex basketball wives and all their drama…..

  126. jessica says:

    Shaunie is very immature and unhappy with her own life. If you were in orlando with your kids, why are trying to start stuff instead of spending time with them. You are very bitter and jealous of Gloria. Shaunie is a hood rat that got lucky, there is nothing classy about her. Shaunie get a life and worry about why your man wasnt happy with you and cheated on you!

  127. Alexandra says:

    Shaunie,I absolutely loved you guys in the first few episodes of Season 1. As the season progressed Evelyn just got nastier and nastier and this season you seem to be getting the same way. Jennifer I think just follows whatever Evelyn is doing. Drama is one thing, and that’s what keeps us watching, but making fools of yourselves on national television is a totally different thing. Come on, now…you guys are grown women, get with it! Best of luck! :)

  128. Kekeli says:

    I posted elsewhere that stuff had been said off camera to set Shaunie off. It didn’t look like the beginning of an argument. The show does need to show the real wives of basketball players, and to get rid of the ghetto hoodrats. It’s embarrassing. Either change the name or change the characters. Evelyn, who thinks she runs it was never a wife, and the biggest trouble maker of them all. So classless.

  129. viewersea says:

    Shaunie – you seem to have much more class than the other girls and you seem smart. I don’t understand why you are so surprised by the fact that people are judging you? You are on a reality tv show, some people will love you, some will hate you. We judge, that’s what we do! If you didn’t want to be judged you shouldn’t have put your life on national television – I think you expected almost everyone to love you and that didn’t happen. Stop hanging out with those nasty, envious girls (E & J) – you are who you’re friend are – and they are ugly human beings!

  130. Betty Jones says:

    To be honest, I think you all are very immature and have nothing better to do than to than act like a bunch of hooligans! It’s disgraceful! Not one of you women act like decent women. With all the money that you women have instead of spending it on idleness, invest in taking classes at a finishing school or an etiquette class. It’ll be money well spent! It’s so embarrassing to watch you all behave so badly. What does it say for your children watching the show and for that matter, what role models are you portraying to our young ladies! Whatever happened to women uniting instead of tearing each other apart for the sake of a man! Why can’t you all have a civil discussion without the foul language and fist fights? Please grow up once and for all.

  131. Bronzebaby says:

    I hear you Shaunie. Yesssss, next time follow your gut! Y’all looked like little girls running up in a restauarant to make someone talk to you. Not classy at all and not a good look!!! I know these are supposed to be your “friends”, but you might want to distance yourself from these antics with these chics.

  132. Ann says:

    I can’t believe that Shaunie had her nerve to intervene in Gloria’s and Suzie’s outing. It was very appalling and I expected better from her out of everyone. She was the main one instigating and probing, making her look miserable, sexless and bitter just like Gloria said. I don’t blame Gloria for not associating with these women (and I use that term loosely). She has a good relationship and doesn’t need the “circle” to interfere with it. Stay clear of the drama. Evelyn needs to find a productive hobby and focus all of her nosiness on her own daughter instead of everybody else. Jenn needs to focus on her own marriage and working it out instead of listening to these bitter women telling her to move on. MISERY LOVES COMPANY WAKE UP! Royce, I liked her last season but this season she is their little snake in the group and started the whole outing attack in the first place. Then she gets mad when they turn on her. What do you expect?? They didn’t like you before and you see how shady they are to others. Suzie needs to stop running and stand up to Evelyn, even though I see why she does. All they bring is drama. They need to get over their self pity and MOVE ON with their lives!