Newest Jersey Shore Cast Member Deena Cortese Talks About The Situation’s Peen And “Lean Cuisines”


As Jersey Shore prepares to set the world on fire with its third (and presumably most awesome) season debuting tomorrow night, it’s time to bid a not-so fond farewell to Angelina “Trash Bags” Pivarnick and say hello to the newest housemate/hot tub enthusiast, Deena Cortese. Based solely on the fact that Deena dropped trou for The Situation while managing to demurely keep a cowboy hat on within hours of first entering the show’s Sleazeside Heights palace, we can quickly tell that she’s going to be approximately 1,000 times more entertaining that Angelina ever was.

Deena, who got on the red hot show thanks to her BFF status with Snooki, popped by the set of Jump Start Live earlier this morning and we managed to grab her for a few minutes. We pressed her for answers on whether or not The Situation showed her his after she showed him hers, how she’s going to fare in the Jersey Shore Catchphrase Countdown, and what kind of guy classifies as a “Lean Cuisine.” Enjoy!

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