What Chilli Wants 2 Recap – Episode 2 – The Fast Track



Finally, the parade of hot, young, eligible men on What Chilli Wants is beginning. I hope no one rains or boxes all over it!

First, there’s some raining on Floyd Mayweather’s parade. Continuing from the season premiere: “Tionna is not slick,” Chilli says of Tionna Smalls strolling into the middle of her date with Floyd. Coming in on her own, this would be unslick and socially oblivious. But bringing a man with her for Chilli? That’s not unslick, that’s awesomely devious.


It looks like Tionna also didn’t tell Raphael Matos, the Indy race car driver that Tionna’s picked up, that they’d be interrupting Chilli during dinner, because his reaction to the back of Floyd’s head flashes from confusion to embarrassment.


Floyd isn’t slick either. In fact, he crosses from unslick to rude when he meets Raphael. “You got an Indy car, I got a car lot,” he tells Raphael. I wonder, does Floyd think this threatens his friendship or his manhood? To drive the money thing home, he also spends a few minutes staring lovingly at his own ring.


Floyd then describes Raphael’s hair as “Chia pet” too, because it’s thick and long and a lame Christmas gift.

Tionna’s next on Floyd’s insult list, and he calls her own engagement ring something out of a bubblegum machine. This is so strange, since money can usually buy you class. But the insults only make Tionna happy, because she knows she’s angered Floyd. Then she interviews that “there’s guys that’s keepable and there’s guys that’s f***able.” Floyd Mayweather, she says, is the latter. What would he say to that? “Thank you?”


Despite the awkwardness of the scene, Chilli is smitten. She notices that Raphael kisses her on his way in and on the way out: “Real suave,” she calls it. I call it common potential-date courtesy.

But Tionna is convinced that Chilli’s still not open to dating as she claims to be. Proof?


This guy again! Yesterday’s news. In fact, last season’s news. He just got here? I’m bored already.

Tionna wants to know why things didn’t work out between Bill and Chilli, because he was “a good piece of ass.” As if Bill was a pair of suede shoes that Chilli left in the rain, or a carton of milk with a few more days before it expired. What a waste!


Bill says he felt like he was battling for her attention and her affection. That’s it. Things just…ended. “At the end of the day, I don’t think she was everything that she wanted,” he says. What were his sins? Pork eating? Small peen having? He doesn’t elaborate.

Tionna says she met with Bill so she could figure out what she did wrong, but she comes to conclusion you know she would: she did fine. Amazing, even. Chilli messed up. “You did him dirty,” Tionna tells Chilli over lunch. Things go from sweet…


…to sour…


…fast. Chilli protests, arguing that they still hang out sometimes, which they wouldn’t do if Bill were mad at her. Flawless logic! Scorned ex-lovers have never hung around waiting for men/women to change their mind. Tionna threatens to hold out on guys unless she changes her dating ways. They argue some more, but, unlike their other dinner argument, no carbs are injured.

That said and totally unsettled, Chilli heads off to her date with Raphael. She greets him by calling him Mr. Extremely Handsome. It’s a good sign. Other good signs:

– Chilli greets him with a long, lingering hug. See “extremely handsome,” above.


– She turns into a nervous schoolgirl every time they make eye contact. Again, see above.


– He wipes crumbs off her face. Once more, he doesn’t even eat them. Very classy.


– While he’s drinking water she makes uncontrollable outbursts like “Mmm!” “Woo!” and “Damn!” She’s playing this one close to the chest, obviously.


Finally, Raphael says he likes children and wants to have children. Chilli looks like she wants to make children with him, right now. These two would have beautiful children with obscene amounts of curly hair.


He invites her down to Miami to see his race. Chilli says maybe and he something about having to “fulfill [her] expectations.” It doesn’t sound hot unless you hear it in Raphael’s Brazilian accent, and unless you hear it coming out of Raphael’s Brazilian face. And so, it’s very hot.

Tionna and Chilli meet up to discuss her date and see the other candidates. Unlike last season, Chilli’s found someone she has chemistry with right away. But Tionna brings her laptop so Chilli can see footage of the other guys she’s picked out.


“It’s time I showed her my damn hard work,” Tionna says. True, flying around the country to meet models and DJs and take photos of their abs isn’t exactly coal mining, but it’s work of some kind. And it’s smart to do all this pre-screening since she doesn’t want another Bill/all-of-last-season situation. Chilli tells her about Raphael’s invite, and Tionna pushes her to fly out there. “What else does she got to do in Atlanta?” she argues. It makes Chilli’s life sound so exciting, doesn’t it? Drop all that nothing you do and go to Miami, girl!

The laptop comes out. The first guy, the DJ, tells Chilli that they’re going to cross some things off the list. Well, not check them off as much as use white out on them. She’s open to this.


She’s doesn’t comment on the other guys, either, even though they’re eager to show off for her.



Chilli is dubious of the catalog of men until:


It’s his personality, surely.

The next night Chilli meets up with Floyd to visit Six Flags Over Georgia. It’s normally closed, but he has it opened up just for them. “I love roller-coasters,” Chilli says. She must be referring to those both real and emotional! She’s immediately disappointed that their date includes security guys, entourage, wallet carriers, etc.


Floyd barely walks or talks with her. He finally sits down with her later. “Do you think we’ll always just be here…this friendship?” she asks. He starts talking about getting hurt and wanting to protect himself and the same old Floyd talk. “Should I just close that door on you?” she asks, and he shuts up. It’s so frustrating that you just want to grab his jaw and make him talk.


The sad piano music starts, and it’s extra sad because we’re watching Chilli beg some guy to date her. So uncomfortable. “I’m not going to just sit around and wait,” Chilli says, while definitely sitting around and waiting for him to respond.


Then they go back to his hotel and order room service. She considers this closure:


Eating dinner alone while he naps on the coach. Why bother getting married when she can get this for free?

Finally, Chilli calls Raphael to say she’s heading to Miami to see him.


Good decision! Good television! Goodbye Floyd!

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  1. Cassandra says:

    Who is sing the song during the hotel scene and what is the itle of the song?

  2. Amanda says:

    I would also like to know the name of the song and artist of the song being played during the hotel scene?

  3. Paige says:

    Atta girl Chilli! Floyd seems to be more interested in Floyd than you. Plus, Rafa’s a hottie! Have a crush on him myself.

  4. gina says:

    Who is sing the song during the hotel scene and what is the title of the song???????

  5. Toi says:

    Who’s singing the song in the scene where Chilli & Raphael’s sitting on the park bench getting to know each other?

  6. gina says:

    The artist name is Kari Kimmel, the song is called “The Last Goodbye” Beautiful song, but I cant find it on Itunes or anywhere! not even on Youtube, but hopefully we can get the song soon.

  7. safiyyah says:

    Floyd is obviously wasting her time, he’s stalling and that’s not a good sign, he’s clearly not “into her”…which is ridiculous b/c she’s gorgeous and fabulous but he’s not being serious and I wish she would stop wasting her time!

  8. emjay2 says:

    Awwwwwww….such a sad ending last night, for me. I really see a potential future couple with them. I really wished that Floyd would man up and give her a straight answer. I can understand that he obviously doesn’t want to lose her but what does he expect? I’m dissapointed in him. I know commitment can be scary but MOST people have been hurt Floyd and if ANYONE lives life long enough, it’s unavoidable….BUT I think If I truly cared about someone or loved them, I’d be willing to risk it. Life is short and I would never want to leave this earth without loving SOMEONE hard….whether I got hurt or not. Love is sooooooo under-rated at times, when it’s one of the most beautiful things that two people can ever share together. Some people don’t think too much about ‘love’ because you CAN get hurt….but LOVE is not the problem….it’s PEOPLE who misuse and abuse LOVE, that are the problem. Nothing wrong with the relationship…it’s the PEOPLE WITHIN the relationship, that have the issues. Unfortuantely, it’s PEOPLE who mess those things up. Some folks need to sit down and take a hard look at ‘love’ and what it really means. Is ‘love’ the problem or is it US and our own inner fears and insecurities? Just saying…

  9. emjay2 says:

    Oh yeah and Tionna, Chilli said she didn’t have a connection with the guy that she chose last season. It happens HONEY….that’s life. Sometimes it just doesn’t work out for one reason or another. If it ain’t poppin, you can’t FORCE it, to do so. I agree with Chilli, wholeheartedly..finding love IS a process, it don’t happen overnight…..show or no show. Yeah, you can find BS love/fake love overnight on a reality show but not something REAL…..not what she’s truly looking for. Yeah, Chilli’s standards are HIGH and TOO MUCH but that doesn’t mean that she shouldn’t have ANY standards at all. She doesn’t just want to SETTLE and why SHOULD she? I sure as heck wouldn’t, if I were her, looking for someone to spend my life with and raise a family with, are you kidding? And I’ve been married for almost 10 years and my hubby says the exact same thing. I say good for her and keep on moving.

  10. lovely says:

    Chili is doing this show to get her career back on track. But in the small chance she is looking for love she don’t want nobody but Floyd “ugly boy” Mayweather and judging by his player lines last night he isn’t thinking about her. He just uses her for entertainment when he is in Atlanta. She is just his Atlanta chic! Wake up Chili before you find yourself all alone!

  11. Roz says:

    Someone pls answer this question for me.. What is the name of the song thats being played during the Chilli and Raphael park scene? Acoustic guitar/reggae tempo/lyrics: lets take a ride, hold on tight. I want to get to know u babe..

  12. Roz says:

    Oh yeah, this is going to be a good season. Real cute babes! Im with Chilli, Raphael Motas is a WinnNerrR!

  13. Taurcess says:

    After reading the comments, emjay2…I wholeheartedly agree with you! Personally, I feel like Tionna is too forceful, controlling, and somewhat of a trouble maker. Chilli didn’t feel the love connection, get over it and do what you are paid to do. I believe these two women clash too much…Chilli may consider hiring someone who at least listens to her…Tionna doesn’t know her, and she is coming in and trying to take over.

    I do not believe this was an attempt to get the career back on track, there were 3 ladies not 1, so let’s be realistic! I believe that she is seriously looking for the love of her life, and in doing so decided to make money off of it, I don’t see anything wrong with that.

    The Floyd situation…I don’t believe that Floyd is unsure, I truly believe he is afraid…and it shows, so he tries not to feel more for her. Floyd comes close and then runs…I believe that Chilli’s being patient and being herself and not switching on and off will make him comfortable enough to reach out and grab her, if…someone else doesn’t first. The good ones don’t stay single forever!

    Overall, I hope that Chilli finds what CHILLI is looking for, and not what Tionna wants for Chilli. I hope that the two women can find common or solid ground with in the process, but I don’t care for Tionna, she is too extra…and to keep throwing around the fact that she is from Brooklyn is suppose to mean what? That has always been immature to me…so because she’s from Brooklyn, Chilli is suppose to bow down to her? I truly don’t get that. Women, not just Brooklyn women, will tell you about yourself and keep it moving! So, get over the Brooklyn thing, Brooklyn is not the end all be all!

  14. Ms Yvonne says:

    I enjoy your show and i understand that you want to get married and have another baby,when you stop looking for the pefect man because there is no pefect man, and just do you God will send that man who is for you and you will know that he is the one for you May God Bless and keep you

  15. Tam says:

    In episode 2, I would like to know the name of the last song played at the end of the show when Chilli realized that she and Floyd could only be friends. It was a female vocalist.

  16. Skippy says:

    Get rid of that fat chick you got on your show

  17. Noemi says:

    I also want to know the name of that song when chilli was in to hotel with Floyd??

  18. Amanda says:

    The name of the song that is being played during the hotel scene is “Your last Goodbye” by Kari Kimmel. But, I have searched the internet EVERYWHERE and can not find it. So let me know if anyone finds it please.

  19. emjay2 says:

    Thanks, Taurcess. I appreciate that, although it’s just my opinion. Always nice to know that someone feels where you’re comin from.

    I’m not so sure that Chilli can really find love, within the amount of time that the show has to offer her, though. I, like you, also believe that she’s really trying to find love as well, though. Just not so sure that THIS is the platform to find it on….not REAL love, anyway….but hey, she’s making some doe, while trying and that’s not a bad thing. I also have to say that Floyd is NOT the person some folks think he is…*wink*.

    I know Floyd and Chilli are good friends (and from what I’ve read, over the past few days) they’re just ‘friends’ for GOOD reason. Anyhow, I STILL think they make a cute couple…Chilli is ALL woman and ALWAYS looks like a girl, even though sge seems to have a little ‘tomboyish’ flare, at times…but REGARDLESS of that, she is a GIRL and looks like a GIRL….ALL THE TIME. I can’t say the same for SOME Chics…depending on what THEY’RE wearing, they can look straight up DRAG and I’m just keepin it 100. (SOME folks may know who and WHAT I’m talking about).

    Moving on…I’m finally realizing, in all honesty, that Floyd is definately NOT good enough, for HER….not the other way around.

  20. emjay2 says:

    OMG…..LOVED that “Last Goodbye” song. Beautiful.

  21. Taurcess says:

    Listen to “The Last Goodbye” here:


  22. steven says:

    how can you get upset over a picture of someone with a girl on the back of a motorcycle an your not even sure if it’s them are not and besides all that you all there atettion on you an your on a reality show looking for love from ciity to city an guy to guy until you find the wright on come on man get real!!!!!!! what chili want’s ? she’s not sure her self.

  23. Taurcess says:

    I believe Chilli knows what she wants, whether or not it is unrealistic, is another story. I don’t believe it to be unrealistic, though some may argue it is, however, that is not for me nor anyone else to say, but it just may take her a while because she has high standards. As a mother, I understand and I relate to her because my standards are high as well.

    Now, in the interest of fairness, Chilli did meet and have a date with another guy, so it’s only fair to give Raphael options too. There is no committment, but I have to agree with her on the honesty bracelet gift. I believe that it is the principle of his dishonesty that upset her, not merely the fact that he may have been out with another woman. And, male or female most of us can relate to that.

    Overall, great episode!

  24. Sister Soulja says:

    EXCUSE ME! Why is she BEGGING Mayweather to want her? If a man can’t commit, move the hell on! My uncles always told me to never love a man more than he loves you. Can’t she see that even if he did come around, the relationship is a disaster waiting to happen!? I know women who badger men into submission and then aren’t happy because the man didn’t want to be married in the first place…WELL DUH! CHILLI…STOP BEGGING THIS MAN TO BE WITH YOU! IT’S PATHETIC! There are too many fish in the sea to settle for the one who keeps trying to get off the hook! Throw him back and keep fishing.

  25. TCielo@bellsouth.net says:


  26. debbie says:

    why do the networks keep wasting time on this retarded woman she doesn’t even have real expectation there will never be a man that is good enough for her because she thinks she’ all that WOW she not in a relationship with someone because they went out on a date with someone.while she still want Floyd who you can see don’t want nothing more than a friendship. Please drop this loser off tv.

  27. Diamond says:

    Was it just me or did anyone else notice Raphael begin to quickly look around, look over his shoulder, turn around to look behind him with his eyes beginning to get all shifty after he admitted it was him on the motorcycle?
    What in the world do you think this was about?

  28. Taurcess says:

    @ Diamond, I believe he knew he was caught, he knew he lied when they were on the beach, they established being honest with one another, and he didn’t hold to his end of the agreement. I would have let him go too…I think if she would have continued seeing him after he lied, he would have continued to lie going forward. And, then, down the line, everyone would have said, well Chilli knew he was a liar. She can’t win either way.

    I think most of the women who blog here are so blinded by Rapheal’s attractiveness, that they can’t see past that…shallow even. That says there are some self esteem and confidence issues going on within if you think his lying is acceptable. And, Chilli is just as, if not more than, attractive as he is. But, should it really be about looks?

    @ Debbie, name calling though…really??? Is it that serious that you have to disrespect this woman by calling her out of her name? I think you could have made your point in a mature way without calling her out of her name. *Shakes my head*

  29. Roberta says:

    Does anyone know what the name of the song/artist is when Rafeal is asking Chilli when she will call again? Some of the lyrics are “There is nothing left for me and I know you will never change?” Have looked all over the internet for it. If anyone has any clue on what the song/artist is, please let me know. It is driving me INSANE! Thank you

  30. Roberta says:

    Does anyone know what the name of the song/artist is when Rafeal is asking Chilli when she will call again? Some of the lyrics are “There is nothing left for me to say and I know you will never change?” Have looked all over the internet for it. If anyone has any clue on what the song/artist is, please let me know. It is driving me INSANE! Thank you

  31. Sway says:

    What is the song that is playing the background that goes: “Oh I didn’t see this coming/I didn’t see this coming/ can’t wait another moment/won’t wait another moment without you.”