Last Night’s Bag O’ Clips


On last night’s Basketball Wives (as you probably know and have raged against in the recap’s comments)…

…Tami and Jennifer had an epic, public brawl over food stamps. Tami blamed it on her drunkenness; I blame it on her shoelessness. You remove a Basketball Wife’s shoes, you remove her power of discretion. Fact.

On last night’s What Chilli Wants

…Tionna conferred with last season’s de facto “winner” of this show, Bill, who’s in the meantime, lost Chilli’s heart. What we learned? Chilli’s even more difficult than previously assumed. As if that’s even possible!

And on last night’s Brandy & Ray J: A Family Business

…Brandy discussed her daughter Sy’rai…and her date quickly went south. Eh, she’s probably better off, anyway. Parents, put your children to work and use them as a filter not just when you’re on dates, but in all kinds of social situations! They have to earn their keep somehow…

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  1. Ms. Micki says:

    Tammi is so immature and Ghetto, who fights someone over food stamps, I hope she realizes how immature she looks on T.V. I think she’s just jealous of Jennifer, Just like Jen says, ppl are sick and dying and you wanna act dumb over a comment about food stamps, get over yourself Tammi.Please act your age Tammi, you have two young daughters who just saw you make a fool of yourself on national T.V. , How classy. Fight someone over something meaningful, not food stamps!

  2. Jay says:

    I realize much of this is just “drama” TV, and all the drama is really to get viewers to watch. Further, I can’t say I’m a regular watcher, because sometimes the content of the show disturbs me, as a black women, and it can be so negative… These are all beautiful women, but with some serious issues…

    Shaunie – I really like and respect her, and I think she is very poised and classy, even though the fight with Gloria was out of character for her. However, I don’t know why she hangs out with someone like Evelyn.
    Jennifer – She seems to have some deep emotional wounds from that marriage and I really feel her pain. But she is hanging around the wrong person, Evelyn, and getting advice from her is dangerous.. And she can be so fake and pretentious.
    Evelyn – I really don’t have much to say about her..she is really mean, vindictive and a, drama queen!..Which is pity because yes she is very beautiful. I guess all that glitters isn’t gold..
    Royce – just straddling the fence, pick who you’re going to be friends with dear…
    Suzie – she needs to learn from Gloria, get a backbone and stand up to Evelyn. Who cares what she thinks about you? She’s not God, please. If she can’t get over what happened or what you did, keep it she perfect, so why would you let her degrade you and talk to you in that way..
    Tammi – wow..I never liked her when she was on the real world, and I don’t know why she’s on this show. Bottom line is that she is very bitter and angry, and it shows. Who cares about Jen’s “food stamp” comment?? Get a life and find something more important to be angry about..

  3. Denni Macklin says:

    Well, the real deal was found out. Evelyn has so much mouth with Suzie but she had none with Tami. She did not even help her girl Jennifer out. She is SCARED OF TAMI. She normally acts like an idiot in public so why was she so quiet when Tami was going on her tirade? Because she is a punk and a bully. She knows Suzie will back down and not stand up and she also knows that Tami will tear her to pieces. EVELYN IS BOGUS!!!!!

  4. Ms yvonne says:

    I enjoy you show to see women trying to get back on track after break ups, but when i watched the lasted shows i see women that are still unhappy all i am saying is heal enjoy being single and a men who finds a wife finds a good thing and to jenn put God in your marriage that is the only other person who needs to be in you marriage God bless and may his peace be on you

  5. HaHa says:


  6. laura says:

    I think Jenn & Evelyn are so damn fake..How can u not be their for a friend..A CANCER charity, who cares what u wear, they are the most selfish women on this show…The sad part is that they talk about everybody but their the 0nes who are the trashiest & ghetto acting..Please they are totally fake from bottom to top…They both need take a look @ them selves & become better people…

  7. Steph says:

    Jen needs to kick Evelyn to the curb and focus on her marriage. The stuff her husband says about her “crew” is true. Jen seems to have a good heart but she is starting to look like a mean girl by hanging out with that awful Evelyn. Evelyn is angry at Suzie because Suzie revealed the slut that she is and it probably upset Mr. O.

  8. hot mamma says:

    all yall stupid for watching the show………………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!