Reality-Piece Theater: Jennifer Williams And Tami Roman Recreate Their Food-Stamps Fight


To provide a bit of comic relief to a scene that has sent viewers’ fingers typing (furiously at times!), here’s a scene-study exercise we performed when Jennifer Williams and Tami Roman were in the VH1 Digital office. We transcribed their epic, public fight over food stamps from this week’s episode of Basketball Wives and then had them read each other’s roles. (All thanks go to Chris Periera in Video on Demand for inspiration.) We hope you’ll find that the resulting role-reversal clip above is deliciously meta and sufficiently absurd. After all, what good is living life if you can’t laugh at it…especially when it is being beamed into living rooms across the world as a form of entertainment.

And just in case you need refreshing, the original scene that’s being recreated here is below…

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