Reality-Piece Theater: Jennifer Williams And Tami Roman Recreate Their Food-Stamps Fight


To provide a bit of comic relief to a scene that has sent viewers’ fingers typing (furiously at times!), here’s a scene-study exercise we performed when Jennifer Williams and Tami Roman were in the VH1 Digital office. We transcribed their epic, public fight over food stamps from this week’s episode of Basketball Wives and then had them read each other’s roles. (All thanks go to Chris Periera in Video on Demand for inspiration.) We hope you’ll find that the resulting role-reversal clip above is deliciously meta and sufficiently absurd. After all, what good is living life if you can’t laugh at it…especially when it is being beamed into living rooms across the world as a form of entertainment.

And just in case you need refreshing, the original scene that’s being recreated here is below…

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  1. Janet says:

    I cannot watch another episode of this show. These women are nothing but trash. Crashing a party, anyone with any class would never do that. I thought at least Shaunie was classy, but now I even feel she is no better than the rest of them. None are even married to any current basketball players so why do you call this Basketball Wives, should be Housewives of Miami….

  2. dennisfan says:

    The fight was petty and dumb and low-class, especially since it took place at a CHARITY event, but this re-creation is HILARIOUS, and I hope the ladies can see how bad they looked.

    Tami needs not *ever* drink outside of the hood club again cuz she was outta control (even though secretly, I think Jen deserved it. Her and Evilyn azzes shouldn’t crashed the event in the 1st place). lol

  3. lovely says:

    Shaunie portrayed this show to be a reflection of what life as a Basketball wife is. With the excection of the 10 minutes of watching Jennifer & Eric this show is just a menstrual show. What does Royce (a ex-girlfriend) relationship with Dwayne (non-prof athlete) have to do with being a basketball wife…. Shaunie… change the name of your show PLEASE!

  4. blacgirl says:

    OMG!! Let me start with Tami. Tami that was so un-lady like for you to act like that, Now we know how u act WHEN UNDER THE INFLUENCE, that was so GHETTO at a Charity Event??? Seriously??? Have you ever thought some people in this world have never seen a foodstamp nor had to apply for them, SO WHAT!!, I wish I was that person, but OH Well!! and the nerve of you to get mad for Jen sayin the “B” word if I can recall u said it to her also. I think you are ignorant, and have no class. Now Jen and Evelyn should have never came to the event, you ALL where not “INVITED” DUH!!! Shaunie you are a very messy person…. I see why all of you no longer have husbands. Ashley, u are a messy person also, it’s written all over your face. As for Reece you are a NOBODY.

  5. Darlyn says:

    Evelyn, Jennifer, and Shaunie should really be ashame of themselves. Young girls look at this show also and this is one reason “bulling” is on an uprise in our school.
    Evelyn stated they’re the new 20′s (in their 30′s). But they’re acting like their 10 years old in their 30′s.
    Grow-up ladies.

  6. Sister Soulja says:

    I just begun to watch this show. In my opinion it is EXTREMELY catty, childish and ignorant. I’d heard Shaunie O’Neal was the brains behind this show and thought it would be more classy than the rest of the “housewives” reality series, but I was wrong. I think Jennifer and Susie have the most class out of all the “ladies” (a term i use very loosely). Evelyn is a bully and a self-styled DIVA and the rest fall in place under her. Is this HER show? I am just appalled at the language these women use and the total lack of humility and grace they depict. Perception is everything and young girls watch these shows and see how bad behavior is rewarded (fame and fortune) and they strive to emulate that. I hope Jennifer stops looking at Eric through her rose-colored glasses because he has told her in no uncertain terms he wants a divorce and doesn’t want to be with her (in action, word and deed) and she refuses to see it…I feel bad for her. The rest of them….what more can I say? I have no intention of watching anymore of this non-sense. Good luck to them all.

  7. this chick says:

    @ Lovely. I believe you meant to type “minstrel” but “menstrual” aptly describes them as well.

  8. Kai says:

    This is hilarious!!! I love the clip. I love it. Everyone on this site is taking things so personally. It is comedy. Get over it. There are some really nice points and some silly points. It is called real life. Stop watching it if you don’t like it!!!!!!!!!

  9. Keasha Morgan says:

    ii lovee royce,evelyn,shaunie&tami!

  10. dee says:

    This show is a trip I love all the drama because if there wasnt none I wouldnt be watching it. Tami is a loud mouth hood rat with no grace or charm Evelyn and her need to hook up because that girl is bitter and mad at the world.

  11. Dee says:

    Royce ass look like a little ass kid

  12. Tina says:

    Tami, you alright, you just marinated on the food stamp thing to long and you let it out, it’s ok move on. Evelyn and Jennifer should have never crashed the event. Also was up with Jen saying they let people in their circle? WTF? Who would want to be a part of that stuck up crap. Quit portraying your self like your 13, are ya’ll grown ass women or not?

  13. Bubbles says:

    Omg!!! Dee said it best. I thought it was me. Who dresses Royce? She looks horrible and that outfit looked like she borrowed it from somebody’s closet. She needs more curves if she is going to be wearing dresses with cut outs. Granted Tami is ghetto but she was giving Jennifer the business she deserved. Question why was Jennifer hiding behind Evelyn? BTW why when Jennifer asked Tami if she was mean to Ashley at their previous meeting, Evelyn looked away and said nada. Jennifer instead of hiding behind Evelyn’s back you should have had had a backbone. Without Eric Jennifer is a soon to be ex basketball wifey. Oh well!

  14. Lovely says:

    @this chick Actually I did mean Menstrual show. It was a play on words. All these women act like they are on their cycle every episode.

  15. GhettoProducer says:

    Interesting, the producers make these two appear to be ghetto idiots, and then, VH1 “provide a bit of comic relief to a scene”. Please! Are all of you people crazy? What happen to an apology to the audience or to lower-class impoverished people? There was nothing hilarious about this real classless drama between Jen and Tami, and definitely, the late minute script does not alter my decision not to watch this insane show-classifying ghetto foul mouth single women as someone’s wife. Again, please! For Tami, you should be ashamed of yourself, especially with teenage daughters. Are you crazy? You are willing to depict yourself as insane and inebriated for a dollar. Jen, as a married woman, you should be depicting black wives in a positive light. Crazy is as crazy does! Besides, Suzie, how many of these so-called women have a college degree?

  16. Alley Cats says:

    I never really got how they came up with the name basketball wives when half of the ladies were never married.Don’t you have to be married to carry the title. And the only person who has the title doesn’t even seem to get it which is Jennifer.
    Jennifer needs to get a SPINE and stop follow Evelyn and pay more attention to her home and maybe she just might get the things she wanted out of her husband.Jennifer tske a step back and look at the picture n u’ll see these ladies don’t have your best interest at heart.

  17. Lisa says:

    Ok. childish childish childish. Now I have lost all respect for Shaunie. We know that Royce is the backstabber of the bunch but every dog has they’re day. Evelyn MISERABLE I say. A drunkin miserable person that finds fault in everyone but self, always talk about whoopin somebody-the devil whoops that but everyday. The one thats need all the attention-all drama queens need an audience.
    Jennifer child plz-let the pass go and surround urself with postive ppl. Get some Christian Counseling.Do you not see that ur hanging around ppl with relationships that didnt work so therefore there is a huge possibility that they dont work urs to work. Got ur buff called. U better stop trying to prove a point to the wrong ppl.
    Gloria-go girl at least ur woman enough to tell them how u feel and U dont care if they like you or not. What goes on in ur relationship is ur business if ppl would learn to tend to their own then it leaves no room for getting in someone elses.
    Suzie-Royce is a snake and they do bite. Get away from drama queens. warning comes b4 distruction. Royce is disappointed bc she is looking for a show so she can see yall go at it.
    Tami whoopin Evelyn n a better way. Love and treat her with kindness. Fooliness is not an option. Never get on the devil level bc it will bring you down. This is a season of healing
    Grow up ppl. If this is what friendships are suppose to be like then I rather be friend-LESS. bc yall make emenies look good. Y not teach these young woman something postive and how to overcome in a postive way instead of actin a fool. this maybe the only way they get some teaching, U never know who is looking. Do something postive please with this show, when you have an audience it isnt always about being negative to get rating, show them we can get along and we can overcome difference and teach forgivness. please

  18. SIMONE VONEAK' says:

    MY LORD,….



  19. LucyVanPelt says:

    I thought the re-enactment was great! They couldn’t help but admit how silly the argument was. LOL.

  20. Asia Asiatic says:

    I am so glad they did this… I think Tammy hasbeen through enough drama… She really does not need to made a mockery of… I am also glad they did this so Tammy can see how much of damn fool she was acting… I admit Jennifer needed to be put in her place but baebe that is NOT how a woman conducts herself. Oh and side note Evelyn is Not your friend she neeeeeeeeeds to be slapped a couple notches down. Sigh… I will be watching next week… good to see Tammy back on reality television… she makes for good T.V. (MUAH!)

  21. khandi says:

    First of all. Let me say, this show is really embrassing for women around the world. Jennifer it does not matter waht type of car your father pick you up in, in middle school. That does not mean your not below aversge. Crashing A FUNDRAISER? Come on now that is as low as you can get. Your bragging how you and trashy Evelyn get invited to all the parties, well getting uninvited should not mean anything. You should of use that time to figure out why you so damn stupid, and will not leave a person who clearly does not want just you. O and for the record, you and oily face Evelyn did not out shine anyone at the party. Tami if you knew your behavior is less than lady like when you drink.DO NOT DRINK IN PUBLIC.

  22. WTF???? says:

    And the point of this is…

  23. rpierre says:

    Ok Tami really embarrassed herself and me. Totally uncalled for, but i still like the girl. Evelyn and Jennifer however are two messy people (I can’t even call them women because they act so much like little girls, unbelievable!!!). Evelyn is this self-absorbed wanna be diva who has a false sense of entitlement. I so want someone to put her in check. Where was all her toughness when Jennifer was about to get her ass whooped? No liquid courage that’s what.

  24. nj5301 says:

    This ridiculous re-enactment is just a way of backpeddling so they won’t look stupid but it’s too late. Firt of all it IS ghetto to crash an event you haven’t been invited to…2nd of all to get there, approach the guy with the guestlist and tell him to “Get the F&%# out of here” is beyond ghetto, rude and classless! Evelyn, you can wear all the expense clothes and jewelry you’re still trash! Now you’re going to marry that other idiot Ochocinco…two classless people….good luck. Tami was pathetic and embarrassing and Shaunie shouldn’t act like a shrinking violet…behind that phoney personality, she’s just as ghetto…she just has money. Suzie did the right thing by just leaving….she seems to be over the whole thing of hanging with a bunch of uneducated, frustrated and classless hags!

  25. Maria says:

    Love the clip, it was funny. I understand why Tami went off on Jennifer and I’m sure if she was aware of her drinking she would have probably tone it down or even take her aside to speak about it, but that didn’t happen and that’s ok, I get it, now it wasn’t the place but I get why she had to address it. I felt uncomfortable when Jennifer said that at the restaurant when they all met Tami for the First time, and she comes out with that and yeah Tami sat there didn’t say a word but she was hoping that later Jennifer would explain herself to why she said that then at least it can be talked out and yeah Tami will let Jennifer know that anything that needs to be said about her to say in her face and not to others behind her back. Seeing them in the clip reenacting the roles it was funny and it was great to see that they can laugh it off at the end and remain friends, they might not be the best of friends, but at least cordial and that’s fine, main thing is they both got a laugh out of it and I’m sure they got it straightened out and apologize to eachother, and that’s cool. Well, can’t wait for next week let’s see what’s install for us….

    Peace & Love

  26. ngoytia says:

    This is hecka funny

  27. Peace says:

    Simple and to the point..AS A FEMAILE WITH SELF-RESPECT AND RESPECT FOR OTHERS, ESPECIALLY OTHER FEMALES…I do not appreciate the depiction of women as being simple-minded, messy, evil, wicked, catty, back-biters and just plain immature and ignorant with displaced values. What is the world are you teaching young impressionable young ladies just to line your pocket with a buck because if this is the real you..Hell keep it to yourself and amongst your catty, silly female groups because LADIES don’t behave like you all do! Hasn’t there been enough bad experiences to show you people that appearing on TV has an affect on impressionable kids watching. WHAT’S THE POINT???WHAT GOOD COMES FROM MATERIALISTIC, MWSSY WOMEN? JEEPERSD YOU MAKE ALL WOMEN ESPECIALLY BLACK WOMEN LOOK BAD. Evelyn gee that female is just awfully and constantly messy. Sit down somewhere and shut up. Drun, cussing, fighting, materialism, muckracker, messy, did I say messy, I mean real messy always got some drama going on. FIND ANOTHER STORY LINE!!!!! GROWN WOMEN WITH KIDS DON’T RUN IN CLICKS STARTING MESS AND FIGHTS. YOU MAY THINK YOU ARE CUTE BUT YOU ACT UGLY…ALL OF YOU.

    CANCEL THE SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Diva24 says:

    That just shows how fake these reality hoes really are. Word of advice to Tami: If you can’t handle your liquor then don’t drink; it’s not a difficult concept. And when is someone going to put their foot in Evelyn’s a$$? Suzie need to stomp a mud hole in her a$$ one good time.

  29. Islangrl says:

    The “Chairty Event” episode was my first time seeing Tami on the show (clearly Basketball Wives is not on my DVR). I looked and looked… I knew that face seemed familiar, but couldn’t place it. Finially I figured out that she was a roomate in one of the early seasons of The Real World. UGH! Someone in this world thought it would be a smart move to put her back on television?! She has not matured a day from her earlier years. She physically assulted one of her roomates on the show… she was kicked-off. She verbally blasted everyone, but never seemed to find fault in her own-doing. Wow.

    I don’t tune into VH1 with the expectation that quality programming will be aired, but it’s unfortunate that poor behavior, low to no values, and violence is being supported – these Non-Basketball Wives get paid for this. I can only take satisfaction of knowing that these women will never be taken seriously by anyone with a brain.

  30. MISS says:

    Sorry, this video just made everything seem real fake to me. Why didn’t they recreate the fight with Gloria…because it was real. The first argument is as staged as this one. Now I don’t know what to believe. If you are gonna be scripted then please do that. But leave the foolery fights to Jersey Shore. SMH

  31. HoneyDew says:

    I LOVE Tami, but she is clearly a mean drunk. She should never drink… EVER!!!!!

  32. Brenda Johnson says:

    All of these women (not ladies) are messy. I respected Shaunnie for hardily not being on the show last season to be among mess, but now even she is lowering herself to act like the other’s. I know her former husband is embarassed of her, and maybe even her children. Now she want’s her line of shoes, like Evelyn. What makes her think that female’s would even want to wear her shoes. I know I don’t. She need to hold on to her money for her children’s college education, because she will lose lot’s of money if she think her shoe line will make it. Also, we should boycott Evelyn’s shoe store, Dulce, in Coral Gables too. Why give these two women our money to increase their pocket’s when they do not deserve it. Like other women have said here, that young women/girl’s are watching this show, and they know this. For this reason alone they should have more class. It is not about money all of the time, it is about respecting yourself and other’s. This is what should have been taught by these non-housewives.

  33. Simonee says:

    I agree, Evelyn, Jennifer, and Shaunie should really be ashame of themselves. What’s was all the talk about a click, it’s 2011, set some kind of example.. Young girls look at this show!

    This show is one of the worst on VH1, I won’t be watching this mess. Shaunie, can do better than this!

  34. Mz100 says:

    THE COMMENTS ARE WILD……WHATS REALITY WITHOUT DRAMA…..HA HA……..I would love to see TAMI curse out EVELYN thats some competiton for her…….I really want to see how tough she is with all the mouth….but didnt one clip EVELYN START CRYING when she was fussing with suzie….ROTFL……NOW that would of been a moment to remeber……SO LUV TAMI SHE TELL IT LIKE IT IS….evelyn and jen crash an uninvited event and guess who ideal was it EVELYN…Im starting to think jennifer is evelyn puppy…..a follower

  35. Kimberley Miller says:

    When they read those transcripts it was even more stupid then when they had the actual argument! And I like Tami..I really do. I’ve kept up with her since she was on “The Real World”. But Sis, what is up with that hair weave? The other style she had with the bangs…from the side you could see all of her hair sticking out. And then her real hair is never smoothed in with the hair’s always sticking up. Jennifer acts crazy etc….but her hair weave is “always” on point. If you’re going to have a hair weave it has to be tight, Tami!!! : ) Come on Sis!!

  36. saints says:

    Jen and Evelyn should have stayed a home, Tami is jealous because she’s not living that lavish lifestyle anymore. Grown up Tami and Royce maybe small, but she don’t seem to be afraid of you.

  37. lol says:

    Tami is the most ghetto gut bucket ever. Thats why when you are on a certain level it is sometimes best to not hang around certain people because they become jealous. I have been on welfare before as a child and if another person say they never saw a food stamp big deal who cares and if they want to know what one looks like I might explain it to them and then move forward. But not Tami…..Tami want to fight…..dumb dumb.

  38. jennifer says:

    jennifer and evelyn iz beast mode and susani or suzie or whoeva needa stop bein a little punk like why didnt she act lyk dat wen dey wus friends why now u wnna show ur real personality lyk cuz wen dey was frens she was tryna act ghetto and beast mode lyk who duz dat ishh?????????

  39. LaVigna Jackson says:

    Susie girl, if you don’t stop running from that foul mouth Evelyn she’s going to always bully you! She’s a bully and needs to be punched in the mouth. And Tami needs to be taken off the show all together, she’s ghetto and she too needs to be punched out!! Jen stop her now or you’ll be punked out like Susie!! Where I’m from we would have squared off already.

  40. kks78 says:

    This show is working out like Shaunie’s marriage……awful!! I want Shaunie to get a job, Evelyn to get a hobby, Jennifer to have a spine, Tammi to go back to Compton, Suzie a good dentist, Gloria nevermind the jealous females and Royce … well she’s good but umm… who is she? Yeah… ok!

  41. Tricia says:

    Save yourself from Evelyn before it’s too late.
    I just saw her website and all the nude pictures she has
    on it. UNREAL!
    Pull up Evelyn Lozada on the internet and you will see her nude flics!

  42. pinkypooh03 says:

    None of these chicks have a ” Basketball Husband” so why are they called Basketball Wives??? Nobody acts like a Classy lady at all. Suzie had every right to leave the event because all of them showed their colors. Meaning Messy, Two faced, Fake and no way near Lady like. Thats why their husbands left them behind other reasons but all of them are a Hot Mess

  43. shirley says:


  44. BobbiC says:

    Jen need to move on. Eric is not into you and vice versa. You might want to borrow those foodstamps you gave Tammi, because you are about to be cut off!

  45. REAL TALK says:

    Correction: Profusely and not perfusely.

  46. Abouther says:

    Where do I start!!! Evelyn please, with that BAD girl attitude please come and visit Los Angeles you wouldnt make it! Your definitely picking on the right person, you really need to stop and grow up, Susan doesnt want to fight. Jennifer: Please get a DAMN backbone, Eric has said it flat out “he could care less if you stayed or left” Your problem is your trying to prove to your friends your no dummy, but you have embarrassed yourself time and time again. You are HURT beyond help at this point, take the offer (the one Eric gave you) and RUN! Royce: You are so fake! correct me if I’m wrong, but on the 1st season all the ladies were on your head! When did you take a sip of courage? Susan doesnt have to support nor come around and prove herself to no one, yall are just too much drama, and why would you tell the other ladies where she and Gloria were having lunch? you are so two faced, but i guess as long as there not on you anymore! Shaunie: O I had so much hope for you but I think you are so fake! All of you should grow up and please watch the show and see how you all act!!!

  47. Sara says:


  48. Professor says:

    I love Jen…that’s my girl. I think Jen should have stayed with her husband and work it out. She spends too much time with Evelyn.

  49. sia says:

    Jennifer is your girl ? ARE YOU SERIOUS ? How shallow and stupid are you to be fans of Jennifer and Evelyn ? Their shallow mean girls who think their better then others. I can’t believe people like that exist.

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