James Blunt Is Not Convinced That J.Lo Will Do Much More Than “Look Really Hot” As An American Idol Judge


Due in large part to the monster international success of his heartfelt love song “You’re Beautiful,” the public perception of James Blunt is that he’s a mild-mannered, bland balladeer. However, after talking to him for a few minutes after his appearance on Jump Start Live last week, we realize his actual persona is much closer to that of The Most Interesting Man In The World. While his songs are most certainly easy in the ears, in real life, the guy has a million great stories to tell. Like, did you know that he once lived with Carrie Fisher, is engaged in an ongoing beef with Weird Al Yankovic, is mildly obsessed with tossing babies in the air and is a ladies man beyond compare? We found all that out about him in the course of talking with him for just a few minutes.

In the video above, he tells us what he really thinks of J.Lo’s upcoming turn as judge on American Idol (“She’ll look really hot and that will do”) and, after the jump, check out his full interview where he addresses all of the topics we mentioned above.

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