The X Life Recap – Episode 2 – Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Nasty



This is a very touching episode.

Last week on The X Life we met our three couples:




Pierre-Luc & Denise have dogs in their portrait because they don’t have children together. I wish Denise was holding a six pack of beer, since she basically told the other ladies last week that she’s chosen drinking over motherhood. At least for now.

Last week we learned that the two biggest issues in these couples’ relationships are how dangerous these sports are (Cory does BMX, Pierre is a vert skater, and Jeremy does freestyle motocross) and how dangerous they are. We begin this week with Cory, who says he lives out in the country to focus on his sport and to stay away from “people, clubs, drugs.” I say if you stay away from people, the other two take care of themselves. This is a view free from people, clubs, and drugs:


This week Cory and Nicole are moving to Temecula, closer to Nicole’s parents and sister. They both acknowledge that he’ll be leaving his world to, for the first time, exist in hers. There are a lot less dirt hills in her world. Also, a lot less dirt.

“This is all for you, honey” Cory tells her, and she’s like, “That’s crazy!” But honestly, that’s totally reasonable of her. Still, it’s a happy moment.



On to Jeremy and Susie. Jeremy wants to have a Halloween party, but hasn’t planned on food, drinks, or music, according to Susie. “I’m super scared for what’s going to happen tomorrow,” Susie says, officially making Halloween like every other day of her life. And just like every other day of his life, Jeremy looks like he doesn’t want to be told what to do.


Nicole sees the house Cory picked out in Temecula, and she declares it a death trap. They argue over who’s going to tell Susie they can’t come to her parties. Cory can’t take it, because he’d rather worry about his “360 backflip can-can one footers” — which I assume is a trick and not a Denny’s special — than parties. Odd that he doesn’t want to worry about parties, since he loves to party. A bag of contradictions, Cory. He leaves to go “plan his future” and walk around nature, throwing back a joking, “You can’t control my life forever!” at Nicole. Though, like all jokes, it’s wrapped around a fat grain of truth.


“I think I’m bipolar, dude,” he interviews. “One minute I’m this way, and then I’m going that way.” This way being the house, that way the brambles.

The couples prep for their Halloween parties. Removing furniture:


And removing clothing:


I can’t figure out Nicole’s costume at all actually. School girl? Girl scout? Sexy Von Trapp sister? She asks Cory where he’s going to “hurt” her, because she wants to draw a black eye on her face as well. We are in Nicole’s world now, and it is very confusing.

Meanwhile Jeremy and Susie’s party is at capacity.


Susie does what any gracious hostess does — locks every door and window to the house so that Jeremy’s friends can’t come inside. Because she’s dressed sort of like a sexy cat burglar, it looks like she’s breaking into her own house.



Jeremy’s costume: Remember how when you were a kid, you dressed up as what you wanted to be when you grew up?


Jeremy’s never stopped doing that. Also, these guys:


Turning the tables on The X Life camera guy. Kinda clever!

Less clever is this costume. But dressing like a ethnic stereotype is always a little tricky:


Susie rightfully assumes that she’s filled her yard with terrible guests. They infiltrate Jeremy’s garage full of bikes and start revving them up. Maybe they are trying to give themselves monoxide poisoning, which Susie would maybe be okay with, because she’s about to kill this party anyway:



Pierre-Luc and Denise are at Susie’s party (and are allowed inside!), and that’s really their only appearance this episode. Denise makes her brief cameo count though:


Meanwhile, the opposite’s happening at Nicole and Cory’s party. The crowd is pretty tame, but Cory’s getting out of control. Well, first he has a totally in-control talk with Nicole’s sister about how he’s matured.


Then he drinks a bunch and starts regressing before our eyes, showing off his tummy and touching himself.




He also follows Nicole to the bathroom. “You look so good on that toilet,” he tells her. One minute he’s this way, the next minute he’s watching his wife pee. Nicole interviews, “Cory’s gone and Nasty’s there,” referring to his nickname and his current state of being. Maybe Cory’s misdiagnosed himself: he’s got multiple personalities. Cory ends his night by dry humping and goosing Nicole in front of her family. This is Nicole’s world, but Cory wants to go exploring.


The next morning Nicole is upset, and Cory is apologetic. He promises Nicole that he won’t drink until he blacks out ever again. His reason? “No other girl could make me say I love her more than my bike.” A promise you can ride to the bank! That’s sweet.


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