Update: Celebrity Rehab 4 Reunion Will Air Live



This week, Dr. Drew tweeted that he contracted Leptospirosis during a recent trip to the West Indies. In addition to putting Drew through an ordeal that has been “truly, truly brutal” (Wikipedia’s list of symptoms reads like horror microfiction), it has caused the postponement of the taping of the Celebrity Rehab reunion. It was supposed to shoot this week, but will now shoot and air live next week (it will maintain the previously announced air time of 10/9c on Wednesday, January 26). A live taping? Get ready for reality. This could be a blessing in disguise given the outspoken and explosive personalities the show is peppered with. Gentlemen, start your popcorn machines…

Some official info on the programming change is below…

Due to an unforeseen illness, VH1′s been forced to switch up production on the Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew reunion special, previously scheduled to tape earlier this week, and will now air the show LIVE on Wednesday January 26 at 10pm ET/PT. Members of the cast, which included Eric Roberts (The Expendables), Jeremy London (Party of Five, 7th Heaven), Rachel Uchitel (infamous party planner), Janice Dickinson (The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency), Leif Garrett (musician), Frankie Lons (Keyshia Cole’s mother), Jason Wahler (The Hills) and Jason Davis (socialite), will make a return visit to Dr. Drew and share their stories of courage and redemption and in some cases, relapse – without the safety of editing. This sure-to-be explosive special will broadcast LIVE from a studio in Hollywood this Wednesday, January 26th at 10/9C.

And some information on the ratings of this week’s Celebrity Rehab season finale is in the press release below…

The finale of “Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew” Season 4, which aired on Wednesday 1/19 at 10PM, scored a .8 rating in the key 18-49 demo, making it the highest rated episode for the season (tied with the season 4 premiere.) Additionally, Wednesday’s night season 4 finale logged 1.3 million total viewers (P2+).

Season 4 of Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew follows the real-life experiences of eight diverse celebrity patients undergoing an intensive 21-day detoxification and treatment program at the Pasadena Recovery Center. As they each struggle with their own demons in their quest to get well they must also do this amongst some other very strong personalities who create more hurdles for each other than a helping hand.

Dr. Drew is a highly respected practicing MD, board certified in internal and addiction medicine who will once again give viewers an unflinching look at exactly how the rehab process works and what it feels like for participants. Dr. Drew hopes to use his celebrity patients to humanize the process and show viewers that treatment is a viable way to break the cycle of addiction.

While most people know Dr. Drew as the host of the syndicated radio show Loveline and the MTV show of the same name, Dr. Drew is a medical doctor on staff at Huntington Hospital and assistant clinical professor of KECK USC School of Medicine. His book, Cracked: Putting Broken Lives Together Again (Harper-Collins,) is all about what treating addicts is like from a caretaker’s perspective. Dr. Drew co-authored the first academic study on celebrities and narcissism. The study was published in the Journal of Research in Personality (Elsevier) in September 2006, and is the first systematic, empirical scholarly study of celebrity personality. Additionally, he is a New York Times best selling author with his work The Mirror Effect: How Celebrity Narcissism is Seducing America (Harper Collins). Dr. Drew has also been the host of VH1’s Sober House and Sex Rehab with Dr. Drew along with MTV’s Teen Mom and 16 & Pregnant, Life After Labor.

Viewers can catch a sneak peekof thereunion special and exclusive commentary fromthe VH1BlogonVH1.comprior to the on-air premiere.For more video clips fromthe full season of Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew go to VH1.com.

Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew is executive produced by John Irwin and Damian Sullivan for Irwin Entertainment. Dr. Drew Pinsky, Howard Lapides and Joel Rodgers are also executive producing. Jeff Olde, Jill Holmes, and Noah Pollack are executive producers for VH1.

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  1. Vicki Kirby says:

    Dr.Drew I hope you get well soon. I love your show. I’m a recovering addict and alcoholic and watching your show helps me want to stay clean and sober. Watching everyone go through the withdrawl and emotional turmoil reminds me of how I was during my rehab and how I almost died from the alcohol. I spent 3 days in critical care and another 4 in the hospital. I don’t want to go through that again. Thank you so much for having a program that helps so much. I have 3 years clean and sober but some days are still a struggle. Your advice on the show always seems to relate to my life at the time I’m watching. That’s God making sure I’m at the right place at the right time. Thank you so much for everything. I’ll keep you in my prayers for a speedy recovery.

  2. Stacy Gaglione says:

    Love your show! Dr.Drew is incredible!!

  3. SuzyQ says:

    I just finished watching the final episode for Celeb Rehab Season 4. I have always liked Eric Roberts as an actor and found myself pulling for him in his search for sobriety. I had a place in my heart for each one of the celebrities in this season. I think this was the best season yet. Frankie Lons was quite interesting – I loved her. My heart broke for Rachael and I learned alot from Janice’s situation. I hope that I will be able to follow the ones who go on to Sober House. It’s hard to find the scheduled start of these new seasons. I had searched the site for the new Celebrity Rehab a couple of months ago and couldn’t find it. Then the next thing I know, the third episode is airing. My prayers are with all of the paitents as they continue to heal. And Dr. Drew, I hope you are back to good health ASAP.

  4. raysny says:

    “Viewers can catch a sneak peek of the reunion special and exclusive commentary from the VH1 Blog on VH1.com prior to the on-air premiere.”

    How can you have a sneak peek of a LIVE show? Or ‘exclusive commentary’ before it airs?

  5. saddened says:

    I am stunned by the comments I have read…this in no way reflects a real rehab. How many addicts go to their graduation in a limo??? How many real recovering addicts in a rehab go to the beach??? How many addicts in reocovery go out for lunch? These are coddled celebrities. Dr. Drew is looking for ratings, not to save lives. In this biography, don’t you stress that “Dr.” Drew wrote about their narcissism?..If he knows how narcissistic they are, why does he feed into it? I feel so scared for these people because they did not get the help they needed, they padded “Dr.” Drews pocket. This is a Lindsay Lohan rehab, not a real one. I felt very bad for the people that work at this rehab. Shelley took so much abuse that she should not have, and when she would try and voice her opinion (and she has been a recovering addict/alcoholic for 14 years) she was ignored and in no way did “Dr.” Drew have her back. It was very evident that some of the addicts should have been kicked out when they jeopardized the others’ sobriety…but for ratings, “Dr.” Drew kept them there. If he had really cared about their wellbeing, he would have sent them to a facility that was better equipped to take care of their needs. “Dr.” Drew, you should be so ashamed of yourself…but I’m sure you’ll will laugh at this as you make your next bank deposit.

  6. dawn miller says:

    i love the show and have much respect for dr drew , you can very well tell he is doing the show to help others and not for the money. we need more doctors like drew,he works from his heart, you can tell, i hope dr drew reads this. as for the show i like mostley all the patients except for rachael , i didnt like the way she got snotty with dr drew, that was very disrespectful.. but my 2 favorites were leif garret and frankie lyons, i love leif because i grew up with him in tiger beat magizine and loved his singing. prayers be with you leif, and frankie made me cry and laugh all the time . she was so funny. prayers be with you frankie, hope to see more of the show in the futher i watch it all the time every rerun i can, my heart goes out to dr drew, and thank you for being a real dr and caring for people. if we only had more drs like drew , i think we would not have so many addictions and sick people in the world, thanks again dr drew we love you

  7. saddened says:

    @dawn miller..you must be on his payroll or you have never known anyone or have never been in a rehab yourself…this, in NO WAY is the reality of a healthy rehab…it is a rehab for ratings. “Dr.” Drew is not helping these people, nor is he supportive of his staff who have to deal with abusive behavior. Frankie was extremely abusive and it should not have been tolerated, nor would it have been tolerated in a legitimate rehab. She jeopardizes others sobriety when she refuses to listen to staff or follow direction, when others in the rehab see the staff is not supported by “Dr.” Drew, they do not show respect either…one of the problems an addict has is their life is chaos and a legitimate rehab forces them to follow direction and follow schedules…it teaches them discipline which they do not have in their everyday lives. The only redeeming thing I saw from this was Jason Davis was told to go to a legitimate inpatient facility (maybe drew was worried about liability?)..which I feel most of the other patients should have gone to, also. As for Lief Garrett, yes, I grew up with him also, and I have seen him through his good times, but unfortunately, he has had mostly bad times in his adult years…he was the one I was referring to that when they went to lunch, (and what reputable rehab takes patients to anything but AA meetings???) tried to order a beer. This was so ludicrous..but it made great TV, didn’t it “Dr.” Drew?..and when Shelley tried to point out how this violated rehab rules, she was overridden..kudos to you Shelley for standing up to the media machine that is “Dr.” Drew. The last thing that society needs is people, who are not educated in the addiction field, legitimizing shows like this…if “Dr.” Drew really knew his stuff, then the behavior that these people exhibit would not be tolerated..I believe he does know better, but money corrupts. Shame on you “Dr.” Drew…maybe you started in this field with the right intentions, but you have lost sight of what is right and wrong…when one of these people die after one of your so called “rehabs”, don’t blame the relapse rate, blame greed.

  8. nancy p says:

    I love this show; it shows celebrities are human and they can fall just like the rest of us; I am rooting for all of you but for Leif in particular; you made my preteen and teanager years great. I had your records. I wanted you do more cutting edge into rock like I have heard you say in the past but I bought them anyways but because you had and still have a likeability; don’t ever forget; your old and current fans are rooting for you to get and stay clean; your mom needs you but she needs you clean; you need to get back into the music seen where i know your heart is; it would be great therapy for you. good luck; and remember: you still have fans that love you.

  9. Brianna says:

    I applaud Dr. Drew because he is educating his audience about addiction and about celebrity recovery as well. With celebrities, you probably have to deal with narcissism and people around the celebrity using them for money or fame. With Iraq vets, you have higher incidences of PTSD. With lower income people, you have different issues again and how about physician and nurse addicts who have so much access to pharmaceuticals? Not easy to treat. People who have suffered trauma and abuse can sometimes be further traumatized by some of the hardcore rehab facilities out there. But, yes, there are rehabs where patients get to go to the beach. There are a lot of different kinds of rehab facilities. The proof is in people staying clean and sober. One thing Dr. Drew does is remove the stigma of addiction and he also informs people about what recovery looks like. There is no such thing as too much information out there about recovery. Keep going Drew!

  10. create peace says:

    wanted the best for everyone, but i was pulling for jason davis the most, nice to know he chose life…

  11. L Albert says:

    Come on Saddened – there are as many different kinds of rehab as there are different kinds of addictions. Quit thinking that Dr Drew is just in it for the money… you’ve been the only one on here voicing that warped opinion. Everyone is different and everyone has different methods for dealing with this. I, in no way, think that Dr Drew is in it for the money – he’s already quite wealthy so doing this, doesn’t pad his pocket, as you put it, as much as you think it does.

  12. Shelly trader says:

    Dr.drew hope u get well soon, I wanted to tell u I think what your doing is awesome I wish someone could of helped my sister, she died when she was 26 years young from a overdose of amphetamines she also had a 4 year old son who will never know his mother she died in 1989 and every time I see people like on your show I want to just scream at them ‘ You could die” but I think your program will help them so if they don’t think so their wrong and I hope in time they will see it and come to the side of life so once again thank you and hope you feel better soon. Shelly

  13. Christian Montgomery says:

    May God bless these guys I wish them well.Dr. Drew is amazing.

  14. Nancy Lee Thomas says:

    I was able to see Leif perform a couple of years ago in Fayetteville, NC. (I had the Roller Bear) Leif, please don’t ever give up on yourself. I know I haven’t given up on you. We’s love to see you here in NC again really soon!That goes for all of you. God Bless!

  15. Barbara says:

    I just want to say PLEASE all of you can do this. From experience of my 24 year old son beig addicted to herion and doing well now, still has to fight it to this day,it’s been a little over a year for him please don’t give up the fight!

  16. sydney says:


  17. Dave Potter says:

    I have enjoyed Eric Robert’s work and couldn’t think that he could never act again because of an addiction. Eric is such a strong presence – stick with it.

  18. terri says:

    WOW! Janice looks 25 years younger! The look of health is greater than anything from the runway. She doesn’t have to be a DIVA anymore. She’s a survivor, a lioness, a STRONG WOMAN…she has true grit!

  19. Trish says:

    Dr Drew is sooo hot! JAnice looks 100% more beautiful!

  20. Trish says:

    Really! Can we talk about how hot Dr Drew is?

  21. Erika says:

    I love Jeremy London, Im proud now that he is sober

  22. Catherine King says:

    Watching the show every season has given me hope little by little that my urge to binge on alcohol or to take a few extra pills on particularly painful or emotional days. This season, I felt I could relate more to several of the celebrities, and felt less alone-if a celebrity is battling and can work there way to a sober life, than a woman in Central Florida should be able to do the same. I found Cymbalta withdraw to be extremely painful and a terrible ordeal…prescription drugs scare me quite a bit…as all of you have said and I think to myself daily, one day at a time. I pray you all are blessed with supportive families, that stick with you through you during the really bad times, I have not been quite so fortunate and struggle with my spouse daily, but your families seem to care so much.Love to you all!
    Saint Cloud, FL

  23. robin mager says:

    Dr drew ive been sober and drug free since 1985. You amaze me your work you do will hold a special place in the afterlife for you. Some of the celebritys i think wont make it and in amazement your touch of special way they do thankfully i nsaw tom sizemore doing a cameo on its always sunny , It was like seeing a close friend make it may the lord bless you for your work thank you for showing all former users and user it can be done . robin

  24. DEBI FLORES says:


  25. Dawn says:

    I had a the worst year of my life. I got involved w. meth & coke. I lost my job, my daughter(voluntarily over custody), my apartment. I am getting my life back together, but I still doubt myself every day. I think when I was using, I was always the “hot chick” I look the same, but I am so unsure…

  26. vicky says:

    each of you have made a dramatic improvement on celebrity rehab believe in yourself and try very hard to follow that dream of wanting to be better you have all a lot of support from many people

  27. Sharon says:

    As any recoverying addict, it is as it has always been that Franky find the peace she is just deserving of Please make a meeting it save lives.the fact that your back trying to run your own life again indicates not a thorough surrender please frankie get the help you need .those children need you and you my dear deserve a life worth living from one recovering addict to another.SURRENDER

  28. esprit d'escalier says:

    All the Rehab grads have done so well!! Congratulations for all the hard work and the payoff. I’ve been wanting to say this for a while…was it me or was Eric Roberts’ step son high when he went to rehab the 1st time?

  29. Terry says:

    i was wondering if any of the clients looked to God for help?

  30. dawn says:

    To continue…The lifestyle that I lived doing so much meth and coke also caused me to have PST. At this point, I am maintaining being CLEAN, but I am having a hard time w. the PST.

  31. george grindstaff says:

    dr drew you are the best your show rocks im alsao a recovering addict and you are so right you have to work hard to stay clean god bless

  32. CHSCougar77 says:

    I watch the show because I love seeing spoiled, over -entitled “role models” get a rude awakening. My son did cocaine for 5 years and thought only about how much his next paycheck could buy. WITHOUT the help of a religious based program, he has given up cocaine, has a full time and 2 part time jobs to gather the money for a move back to Maryland. He has a car, a motorcycle, 2 credit cards and money in his pocket. He drinks one or two drinks when we have the time to go to a club to shoot pool. Alcohol is not the same as coke for everyone. You have to have a goal to get through everyday life. He has several. He knows that a $20 of coke will interfere with his goals, because THAT is something he can’t stop at one of. Drinking is not an addiction for him.

  33. mary kopp says:

    dr.drew,i must say you a an inspiration..and if only there were more dr,and counslers that took this diesese as serious as you when impatient we might have alot more recovering than relapsing …but i guess you would have 2 b a celebrity!!i am a recovering alcoholic/addict been in recovery 4 11 yrs now but of course at the time i didnt want to be sober didnt think life would be worth living sober but due to many dwi”s i was court mandated..so of course after winless fights i finally surrended only 4 5 yrs while on probation,which now is 11 years.frankie once in a while i think maybe i can have a social drink once..than i think back 2 my situtation 11 yrs ago and dismiss that feeling a.s.a.p.i will not allow myself 2 chance it i know my 1st social drink will lead to a 2nd 3rd etc.when i 1st went in 2 rehab i thought the guilt alone would kill me..there is no guilt when i am drunk or high. i was not a good daughter,mother,wife..not a good anything but addict..2day i am guilt free..i can”t change the fact my daughter got taken n put into foster care at 9 yrs old worse feeling ever they would not even let me know where she was,but feel i have made up somewhat 4 that,and now she gave me a grandaughter 7 weeks old who she trusts me.
    with but yet couldnt trust me with her,anyways frankie i seen u from day 1 and can almost guarentee u that if you don”t stay away from the alcohol you are gonna end up back to where you came from..can”t guarentee it cus i wont take the chance and i have 11 years under my belt u dont even have 6 mos cus you drank.good luck i have a feeling you r gonna need it!

  34. Carole Cushing says:

    I am so pleased to see everyone I watched on your show. First, I hope you are better Dr. Drew and I have to say this world is a much better place with you in it. Our Lord must be very proud of you. I do have a questions for you: I wonder if non-celebrities have the same opportunities with someone of your caliber as the celebs on your show?

    Second, my heart and mind relive things that I would rather forget. Your show brings it all back, yet I understand a lot more than I did back then. I learned through a program that I needed to let go and let God take care of my son, who is the air I breathe.

    Thank you so much and God Bless you and yours. Also His blessings to all your recovering addicts.

  35. Tonya S says:

    Your in !@#$%^ DENIALLLLLLL!!!! You were one of my fav on show because u were str8 forward. If your drinking alcohol and not making AA meetings your on a full blown relapse. Beer counts as drinking the only one ur fooling is yourself.GET SOBER . Your gonna falll hard again please get help b4 something awful happens . Rooting for you xoxo

  36. SHANNON says:



  37. Luella says:

    Thank you all so much for your honesty, your courage and your struggles. My brother never made it out of his addiction (heroin, alcohol) he died at age 40. I am a very grateful member of al-anon and encourage all of your family members to go. Thank you Dr. Drew for your insight. I am a counselor and really want to specialize in addiction counseling. God Bless all of you on your journey, one day, one hour one moment at a time.

  38. Aimee Webster says:

    Dr. Drew, I just wanted to say I had to deal with my husband being addicted to methadone. He had spinal surgery that didn’t go well. He is now unable to work. I watched your show to get guidance and to know what to expect from his addiction. I just want to say to all of your cast it is gong to be a long road ahead for all of them. I am an alcoholic, I was at the age of 14. I have learned to control my addiction. I just want to say thank you to all of you for helping me through these tough times. If you guys can do it then I can stay with my husband while he continues his fight. Thanks again.

  39. Jamie says:

    All of these souls are like me. Horrible family situations, divorced parents who hated each other, abuse from a stepfather, emotional abuse from step-mother, etc… separating myself from all of this has been difficult, but I overcame it. I love all these people up on the stage. Their true selves are shining through and they are beautiful people. Keep reaching out and don’t isolate. Keep up the good work..I love you all like (or better than) my family!

  40. Diane says:

    Dr. Drew, I have 2 sons almost 30.They have had a problem with alcohol and weed since they were approximately 15 or 16. I was a very bad role model at that time..excuse, horrible divorce, raped when young, death of my father etc. They had terrible male role models that I brought around them that beat me and so on. They were abandoned by many, including myself. They have been through in patient treatment and have done many horrible things as well as I did when I was in the middle of my addiction. I’ve been clean or a while. I’ve tried everything although I know it has to be up to them and I know the enabling part,etc. and I still do it just so they don’t waste their young life like I did. I’m very sick now. Combination of physical emotional and physical. I tell them that or something like that will happen to them or worse. They don’t care. They have children they really love and believe it or not are very good with them but as we both know it doesn’t matter because addiction can and will take over with most. There is way to much to say but that is the just of it. I’m very frightened and yes have taken too much of it on probably still after all these years because of guilt. Thank you for listening.

  41. karen carrier says:

    dr.drew i think you are an amazing Dr. you must have a very passionate heart and lots of patience as in being calm to deal with so many different personaltys. Iknow what its like to deal with someone with an additction but unfortionatly i never got to see her recover from it she was my sister and she pasted at the young age of 34 leaving behind two young children anyway I hope everyone continues to stay clean and I also wish there were more rehab facilities in small cities to help with these problems.I also wish there were better ways to get people to rehab without having to wait for that person to say ok I need help i think in someway when the person on the outside knows the person with the problem needs help should somehow make it happen for that person instead of watching them put their self in their own grave before they have to.

  42. DonnaS says:

    Iam a fan of Janice D. close in age and a Mother also.
    She surprised me with her wisdom and her true nature. she has a big heart.

  43. Jamie says:

    I am apalled that some of these comments are somewhat dicrediting the grads. This is very,very, very rough thing to go through. And some of them went to graduation in a limo. GOOD FOR THEM! I didn’t ride home in a limo, but I still felt wonderful and scared at the same time…much like them. Give these people a break, would you?

  44. Donna says:

    I agree with Saddened. This is NOT about rehab. It is about celebrities needing to get their name out there again and a Doc making a nice chunk of change spouting the tired old 12 Step garbage that espouses a CHRISTIAN higher power and the old addage that one drink makes one an alcoholic. When will these folks realize that every addict is a user but not every user is an addict. I am a Wiccan, so the serenity prayer is out for me. I have done one of a lot of things but I am not an addict. Even had a rehab counselor tell me that, because I never put a high or a drink above home, food, etc..

  45. Ryan says:

    I am a recovering addict an appreciate Dr.Drew for having this show, so people can realize what Addict Is and Means! Dr. Drew I hope you will help Jason after the show…Some Medications cause Bloating and it was easy to see Jason’s Bloating when he 1st arrived for Treatment and by the the end of Treatment his face was getting back to normal…It’s Clear that he is using as the Bloating has Returned! He really looks Dis-Figured…

  46. Ryan says:

    Jason is USING! The Severe Facial Bloating is Screamimg, “HELP ME!” He looks Disfigured… Hope you can help him Dr.Drew?!

  47. JCarlene says:

    Dr. Drew I wish I had you in my life to help me…you are truly inspiring, I am not a star, but someone that has no one in my life and don’t know where to turn

  48. mary kopp says:

    dr.drew…please tell them…alcohol is a drug!!

  49. Debbie says:

    It is good to see everyone doing well, but my brother was an addict and went to rehab after rehab, but deep deep down, I believe he liked the feeling of the drugs and alcohol and just thought everything would be okay. Well he died at the age 34 years old and when addicts come out and say they are clean and sober, they are not until they have been for years and years and even then, it is always a struggle.

  50. David Windsor says:

    For Leif-

    You once recorded a song named “Thoughts”…I was 10 when I first heard it and STILL believe it rings true. As an artist, I know how tough it can be to get back where you want…or even where you think you want but all I know at age 40 is find something or someone to hold on to and make the ride go your way…nothing good comes from something bad…and in the words of Eric Roberts from Rude Awakening…”Be Good”…you still have YOUR voice!

    David Windsor in TN

  51. Naenae says:

    I watched the whole season,
    Thats what causes addition.. the inability to handle life on its terms…Something usually triggers, and the guilt maintains..I feel for the ppl on the stage, dealing with addiction is hard enough, yet alone with the whole world watching..You feel the need to perform..This isnt a preformence guys..ITS your LIFE!!

  52. Debbie says:

    Sorry, I have a son that is an addict, he is 19 and has bleeding ulcers in the esophagus and I am so scared for his life. He has been in and out of jail and rehab. I love my son so very much and he needs someone like you dr. drew and if you can give me some information about rehabs or anything, please do. He reminds me of my brother and I don’t want to burie my son like we did my brother.
    I don’t live in the same town as he, and I am fixing to move to Arizona, he is on probation,but I need to get him out of the town he is in, he has been there his whole life.

  53. Regina Riggs says:

    My heart goes out to all of you. When you cried I cried, when you laughed I laughed. God Bless and One Day at a time. Mr.Eric Roberts I have always wanted to say this, I was one of your number 1 fans. I have watch all of your MOVIE’S, over and over again, Whenever I heard your name I’d watch. Then you just dissappeared and I was heart broken, Most people don’t realize the great contribution to the MOVIE industry you have been. You were very versitle and played each part with brillance.I hope their is a way for the young people get to see your work. Seeing you revive your relationship with your step son was awesome. Keep up the good work. I hope you get to see this message. Your Best Fan. Good Luck!

  54. latasha noble says:

    i know what they are going in in a rehab methadone clinic i been sober for a years besides talking what the doctor has given me but its hard cause you family talks about you like you a dog and you feel like your by yourself its bad really and hard

  55. Debi says:

    Congrats to all, you have all begun a great start to end your addiction. I followed the show and it is easy to see how each of you have grown through this process. My heart truly goes out to each of you and wish full recovery for all. Each of you have a personal story and I can only imagine how difficult it was to open your wounds publicly when you have strived to keep your lives private secondary to being celebs. Thank you for sharing, I think your stories rang similar to audience members and may have helped others come forward. Keep up the wrk to a full recovery, god bless and wishing you all success in all you do.

  56. gucci mane says:

    yeahh…popin tabs yeahh im in da lab….cooking crack..yall are wack… bout to smoke meth and get a heart attack..i would rather eat bugs than do drugs…yeahhh drugs arent cool so stay in school dont be a fool stay away from them tools….

    ATL, GA

  57. pami says:

    7 yrs clean & sober & a graduate of a 20+ day & a 90 day inpatient programs, I am curious why your this inpatient program is a 20+ day program?

  58. Spo says:

    Is it just me, or was this season less riveting than previous seasons. At LEAST once a season I have been moved to serious tears, but I never became very attached, or invested in this seasons celebrities.

  59. Vanessa says:

    I feel as if I really bonded with Rachael through the show. I too have a hard time letting people in my life and also have a hard time once they are in my life letting them go. I cry every time I see her becasue I feel the same pain she does. I have used perscription pills to numb my pain. My heart truly goes out to her. I do know what it feels like to be lonely. Keep up the good fight Rachael your lucky to have people who care about you and Dr. Drews help.

  60. JEN says:


  61. Riannon says:

    To the cast… I was given a prosthetic spine at the age of 11..I don’t abuse my meds, but I know the longer I take them the more they destroy my body. In a way I do know what you went through, but life is an everyday thing…dont give up on yourselfs..i cant give up on me

  62. Lisa Barrett says:

    I have been an alcoholic since I was 15..Im now near 47 and sober since January 6, 2008…It is still a struggle..when things get rough I think of how I handled it back then..start drinking and dont stop..now I turn to God and pray “Lord stay with me..I need you!Give me strength to get through this!” God has blessed me in so many ways and I pray for each of you to stay strong and let Him bless you as well. You can do it! Im so proud of you!

  63. Veronica says:

    Hello, I have been sober from meth and heroin for 12 years, but recovery of my issues did not take place till way after my sobriety. This show was great, seriously the best season I have seen so far. I can not wait till the next season.

  64. Tammy Dye says:

    There are not words ( yet) to explain how much this rehab has touched me. Unfortunately my husband and I are addicted to prescription drugs, the help that we need isn’t available to us. We are so near to being homeless due to the recetion.
    I always thought that addiction was a choice, WRONG! We have each went through withdrawals that make you feel like we will die! We live in a state where we receiving assistance, one being medical, the meds are free so we continue to use because we can’t afford to be in treatment due to the fact that we will lose our home.
    I hope that you ALL know how privileged you are to be able to have this level of care, best of health to you all.

  65. Tammy says:

    I would LOVE to be in the care of Dr. Drew, Shelly Bob and the rest of the staff. We poor trailer trash lol don’t have the privilege. So proud of you all.
    If anyones interested I have an idea for a tv ——- I don’t know where to go but I know it’s as big or bigger than The Price is Right!
    Best wishes to you all… Tammy

  66. Rose in Los Angeles says:


    I went to Hollywood Professional School and I remember being in my 6th grade classroom and hearing a stampede in the hallway. It was you being chased by girls who were being chased by school security. It sounds funny, but as a kid, it was really scary. I felt badly for you then. I thought, this poor kid can’t even go to school in peace. I’m sorry that you had to go through that and I am for your struggles. I wish you perfect peace and happiness.

  67. Nancy says:

    At tonight’s reunion show Eric seemed stoned. He was talking quite slow, his speech was slurred, and his eyes seemed lazy.

    Did anyone else notice this???

  68. Mardi Strong says:

    I have seen the season move along and i like to see Janis doing good as I watched her model show as well,,,and I get whats going on and it help me also to see things that r in common with lives here…..everyone enjoy your memorys and live life

  69. Pamela Wright says:

    I watch your show faithfully. I am recovering addict myself for 2 yrs. now. I noticed on the reunion show Eric Roberts was definitly high. Even though I am clean now I still can tell when someone is high and he even seemed extremely high to me. Like he was when he first got to rehab. Look I really love him and have watched sll his movies but I am concerned. Love this show and you too, Dr. Drew. You are awesome for what you do for people. If I could have afforded you I would have gotten you to help me, but through my faith in God, I came thru and need him everyday. Thank you for your show. Keep up the good work!

  70. Nancy says:


    Yes, I would describe him as being EXTREMELY high too. I commented on it b/c no one else had seemed to and I thought that was weird and maybe I misread Eric. But you’re right, he didn’t just seem high, but severely high. Dr. Drew shoulda drug tested him after the show. And all the things Eric was saying were so hypocritical. He was spouting all this mumbo jumbo about how great his new life is. I guess his reefer was some good chronic!

  71. Dee says:

    This if for JEREMY LONDON.He is awsome.I have always thought he was such a gorgeous actor.He always did his movies with such a very sweet style.I remember having a crush on him from the first time I saw him..I am so glad that he is recovering,AND pray for him.I have had an addiction to prescribed pain killers.And it is an ongoing fight.Especially in the future if you should ever have to have a surgery or someting to where pain will be an issue..THANK YOU FOR BEING STRONG JEREMY

  72. Ben says:

    i love this show and just wanted to say these episodes show me that there is a different way of life and that it may not be pretty going to rehab is the way to a better life style once a person most likely and eventually will end up if he values his life while doing drugs. but in the end ultimately drugs are a lot harder to quite than people think and eventually u will surmount to an addict who’s health is threatened or the safe option and that is to fight for ur life and i just wanted to say thank all of you for making other people aware of what needs to be done when they are in need of it

  73. Katherine says:

    Is the heir high now – if he doesn’t stay sober is there someone to cut him off

  74. Danielle Duty says:

    Frankie cannot drink if she wants actual recovery…..bottom line….please dont let her kill herself…..we love her just from the show……

  75. steve stanley says:

    oooh and by the way WEED IS NOT A DRUGE just that addicts use it too. say nothing about weed untell you have a episode on ciggs but you won’t cause goverment would be kinda upset right.what is the fact about weed and how can help a lot of pepole. i think it’s crazy when we live in a place where they give you a pill if your depressed that has so many side affects but weed is wrong.or how many pepole are hook on pain killers and its legel and weed not,booz,ciggs,pain meds,all legel but yes weed is the devil.i’ll give you this it’s not for everyone but it’s not a drug and should not illegel.

  76. Lisa says:

    Sorry but the only one in that whole cast that I truly believe is getting better is Rachel. The rest all seemed a bit shady. Even Janice – she was studdering like she had done back at the start of the season while detoxing. Towards the end she spoke very clear and looked really good. She looks cloudy again. Jason and Jason both seemed ‘different’. Jason Wahler seemed down. You’d think he’d be much happier had he truly been clean for months. Moving in with the other Jason will become nothing but a huge mess. Jason Davis seemed in a fog again – cocky, mean and just not really present. I feel so bad for all of these folks. It is such a battle. I pray to God that my children never choose this path. I educate them on the dangers. Will they listen to me??? Our country is falling apart, everywhere you turn there’s a family member, a friend, a neighbor, someone you know that is addicted to something that is tearing their life apart. It’s soooooo sad. Makes me almost want to turn to drugs to block all of this out. Being a smart individual – I would never do that, I’ll just continue to preach and hopefully somebody will listen.

  77. Lisa says:

    and….ding aling – Steve Stanley. Marijuana is a drug. Anything that alters a normal state of being IS A DRUG!!! It’s a fricking waste of existence. Go out and be productive. To sit and be baked is sad, lonely and unproductive. Don’t kid yourself. Marijuana sucks!!!

    also, Eric Roberts did not seem to be in a sober state during the reunion. I would think Drew’s expertise will allow him to see this. Eric was slightly slurring. Maybe just him fully recovered, but I’m guessing it’s really him back on “just marijuana”!!!

  78. Kathryn James says:

    Congatulations To All The recoverys Dr. Drew.

  79. Tommie says:

    I have been sober for 10 yrs from meth. I recently lost my younger brother to his accidental drug overdose this past Sept. 2010. This loss has devastated me and my family. I watch this show to remind me of where I have come from. If I can stay sober this long, I know without a doubt any and all people seeking treatment can too! I was fortunate enough to get clean and stay clean without going to treatment however, some are not so lucky; like my brother. For all those who have been in treatment or in need of it, know that it is up to you to choose a better life for yourself and your family!!

  80. lee says:

    unless you have a recovery program that includes meetings you’re setting yourself up for failure

  81. Amy Parker says:

    Thanks for airing this reunion….it was great to see everyone again. It’s not only you guys who bond to each other, but when we watch….we bond with you all too! Keep up the struggle…it will be worth it, even if it feels like it won’t. Keep making the healthy decision, every day and know you are loved!! You all look so much better and for the most part, happier than you did in treatment…of course! Good to see you all again. God Bless you.

  82. Cliff says:

    This show is inspirational for us creative types who have been labeled with practically everything under the sun.

    Addiction does effect everyone, but there is also energetic stuff that must be dealt with in the recovery process, and not just treated by giving another pill or a round of psychobabble by unhealed healers.

    Thanks for the show,

    This is the first time I actually watched most of it…

  83. Colleen says:

    I just wanted to say how important I think your show is, and the frank, honest communication. I hear Leif and how he wants to do his own thing. He represents a tremendous amount of peole who struggle and ultimately win over what haunts them. His role and, road are so important. I wish you all the best. Jason D. you are lovable let people love you. Colleen

  84. Collleen says:

    Rachel is addicted to drama. No judgement, but alot of people are… Big issue like the love addiction Colleen

  85. Colleen says:

    I ment Janice is addicted to drama sporadically.