Last Night’s Bag O’ Clips


On last night’s Basketball Wives

…there was another fight in another restaurant, but this time it wasn’t between two Wives: it was between one wife and one (soon-to-be-ex-?) husband. The call is coming from inside of Jennifer and Eric’s crumbling relationship! How novel.

On What Chilli Wants

…Chilli continued her search for a man, this time with the ponytailed Scott. Is it possible to watch this show without Jody Watley’s “Looking for a New Love” playing in your head on a loop?

And on Brandy & Ray J: A Family Business

…Sonja chewed Ray J out in front of his label for leaving her out of the planning of his upcoming album. A mother still has the power to embarrass her child after almost 30 years. Kind of beautiful in a way. Stay gold, Norwoods!

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  1. Alexa says:

    I think Jennifer sabotaged her own marriage. Yes her husband cheated, but she was still with him.
    I think hanging around with evil women is what destroyed her marriage. She was the only actual “wife” on the show, now she’s headed down the other road, to be like her friends.

  2. dcbound says:

    Jennifer you should really stp and think about what you are doing. It took the Russell(a successful marriage in the business) to tell yall that you need each other. It is probably too late because I know this was taped a while ago but I believe you and Eric really love each other and need to stay together. Eric has done his dirt but so have you….I”ve been a faithful wath=cher from the beginning and I used to say why is she with him but this episode especially the dinner scene was trhe first time I have seen Eric show remorse and tell you he will make it better if you give him a chance. I’ve been in your shoes so I understsnd your hurt but Jen, sweetie, you two owe it to yourselves to try and make the marriage work without all the outside advice from others. Try and go somewhere and rekindle the true love that brought you two to the alter in front of God and your families to say “I do”. If Evelyn is a true friend she’s going to be your friend even if you make your marriage work and spend time with your husband. It seems to me she wants you to be miserable…..and look at her now marrying Ocho Cinco, if that stunt is even real!!! I wish you and Eric the best Jennifer. Follow your heart and let go of those egos.

  3. Trudy says:

    First, Jennifer married him knowing he was a cheater. So what does that make her? Second, she waits until their marriage is 10 years old to start complaining and trying to end it? Do your research. After being married 10 years you can collect alimony for as long as you need it and when you reach retirement age, you can collect 1/2 of his social security. Jennifer knew what she was doing. Please.

  4. Lah1969 says:

    I’m really tired of all of you people saying that Jen should try to work out this “sham” of a marriage with that “thing” she is married to. Give me a break…. You all must really be some dumb females with zero self esteem to even suggest such a thing. This man has the most arrogant, non-chalant attitude. He’s the one who obviously does not care because he’s like “whatever, whatever” all the time. Also, he has fathered a child outside his marriage. The boy is about two years old. If Jen came to him and said hey “I’m pregant with another man’s baby” that ugly mofo would be out the door so quick… STOP with the BS advice. Jen leave that ugly,lump headed, buck toothed, mule looking man ASAP and don’t look back!!!!!!!!!! You will be so much happier.