Last Night’s Bag O’ Clips


On last night’s Basketball Wives

…there was another fight in another restaurant, but this time it wasn’t between two Wives: it was between one wife and one (soon-to-be-ex-?) husband. The call is coming from inside of Jennifer and Eric’s crumbling relationship! How novel.

On What Chilli Wants

…Chilli continued her search for a man, this time with the ponytailed Scott. Is it possible to watch this show without Jody Watley’s “Looking for a New Love” playing in your head on a loop?

And on Brandy & Ray J: A Family Business

…Sonja chewed Ray J out in front of his label for leaving her out of the planning of his upcoming album. A mother still has the power to embarrass her child after almost 30 years. Kind of beautiful in a way. Stay gold, Norwoods!

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