What Chilli Wants 2 Recap – Episode 4 – Body Talk



A little something to put on layaway. Lay far, far away.

This week’s What Chilli Wants begins with that suspicious picture of Raphael that Tionna’s friend Lorrie sent over:


It could be Raphael, but they don’t see the honesty bracelet that Chilli gave him at the racetrack. Still, those distinctive sideburns have Tionna going…


“How you gonna do that s***, I’m in town to hang out with you?” Chilli says to the picture. Let’s remember, though, that Chilli did go out on a date with Scott while in town. Calling the honesty bracelet black, aren’t we?

But Raphael did tell Chilli that he wasn’t seeing anyone. So they may not be committed, but a little honesty would be nice, since Raphael’s female companion had her legs wrapped around Raphael just like this:


On the plus side, if she turns around it looks like someone’s making out with her.

Chilli interviews that she has to be very careful with how she brings up the picture so that she doesn’t look crazy. If she can find a good way to say “My friend’s friend just happened to see you on the street and just happened to take this photo yesterday, please explain this to me, although we’ve only been on two dates so far,” then Chilli would be a crazy genius.

Their date:


First Chilli tries to go the bike route and find out what Raphael’s new motorcycle looks like. She and Tionna figure that’ll narrow it down. That method doesn’t work, so she goes the “let’s talk about our past relationships” way, also not a good way.


It’s an interrogation on the beach. Their body language is pretty telling too. Like when she starts grilling him he puts on sunglasses:


And she half hides her face:


Or the Miami sun is just incredibly bright. But I see a lot of shadiness in their shade. Chilli decides to forget about the photo for now, go swimming, and work on her tan. Why did she change her mind? This:


The next day Chilli and Tionna meet up. She decides that she is going to ask Raphael about the photo. Luckily Tionna supports her decision, otherwise there would be a lot of glassware on the floor:


“Are you only going to wear your bracelet around me?” Chilli asks Raphael when they finally meet up. He says he loves it and hasn’t taken it off at all.


…But Raphael is covering his mouth like he’s got something to hide. She describes the photo and he sort of breaks eye contact as well.



All of a sudden he’s not half as handsome as he was 30 seconds ago. “That’s true,” he says of the incriminating photo. So at least he isn’t lying. He’s got a good explanation though: the girl with her legs wrapped around him isn’t someone he’s dating…it’s his ex-girlfriend. Oh, whew! Cool! Glad we cleared that up! What?


“The bottom line is, you know when that moment comes, when it’s the end,” Chilli interviews. It’s the end:


And it did not “end good,” as Raphael had promised. Chilli needs to get her mind off Raphael, so she distracts herself by watching Tionna try on wedding dresses. She says it’s “just the thing” to make her feel better. True! Nothing gets you over your sense of loss in a new relationship like watching someone progress in theirs.

This actually is pretty distracting:


Chilli tries to disguise herself as a bowl of pasta…


… but there’s no hiding from Tionna’s breasts.




They truly deserve their own bridal tiaras. But Tionna’s is still thinking while she’s wiggling: She says that she wants Chilli around wedding stuff to keep her mind on her goal.

They look on Media Takeout to see those paparazzi photos of Chilli and Scott. The commenters debate whether he’s all white or part Latino, which makes the perfect transition to what Tionna really wanted to talk about.


“I can’t help but notice, you don’t like the brothers anymore,” Tionna says. Chilli says that’s ridiculous. (And let’s not forget, the one guy she’s pined over this season — Floyd Mayweather — is definitely a brother.)

Tionna says she exclusively likes black men, so Chilli argues that she’s prejudiced. Tionna argues that the reason black women date outside their race was to get “good-haired babies,” but Chilli’s got good hair, so there’s no reason to date white men. This is a very reasonable thing to say, obviously, and the wedding store staff giggle and applaud politely as Chilli and Tionna make their points.


Scott and Chilli have their next date back in Atlanta, where Scott’s come to visit her. She wants to test his rhythm, so they go salsa dancing. “Scott dances to his own groove,” Chilli politely observes. I think this means that he goes in one direction, while his feet want to go in another:


Things are going well.


Maybe too well:


Because Chilli’s next question is a date-killer. She asks if Scott if he’s dating other people and he’s like:


…which means yes, right? Because it’s the same face he gave to the penis question. Scott’s honest and says he likes her but two dates is too soon to get serious. He is still dating other people. Chilli is totally fine with this. So it wasn’t the dating other people thing that bugged her about Raphael, it was the delivery. Fair enough. This body language is much better:


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  1. sugarsspice4u says:

    In my opinion, I think Chili jumped the gun with Raphael. He didnt lie when she questioned him about the girl on the bike. She seems to be holding him to higher standard than her buddy Floyd, that is not fair. I look at what Raphael did he came to see her, he invited her to his race, he introduced her to EVERYONE, he spent quality time with her before his LAST RACE, to me he put her at the forefront of his attention. She dropped him because she was started to fall for him already I think but they weren’t there yet. I think she is making a mistake.

  2. Lovely says:

    PLEASE CHILI PLEASE CHILLI PLEASE! Stop expecting a man to hurt you and stop expect ANY man to be perfect. Your going to be hurt in life. The people you love will hurt you. That is life. Except people for who they are like you wanted to be excepted for your flaws and keeping it moving. You are living your life in a very miserable existence like that!

  3. Mia says:

    Ya’ll, I so love this show. But that ol’ buster Raphael….um…yeahhhh. How you gonna be kickin it like that with your ex? That relationship isn’t over, and you’re real sour for that!While I do think that Chilli is a little over the top with her expectations and REALLY judgemental, she does deserve kudos for having tact and being a lady. That other dude, on the other hand, I like him. At least he’s straight up and not getting ‘CAUGHT UP’! Tionna, girl can I get your roladex? And btw, good looking out to your friend who snapped that pic, that’s what I call “Being on top of your game.” CHILLI, DON’T EVA SPEAK TO RAPHAEL AGAIN……..NOT NEVA!

  4. Alexa says:

    I think Chilli needs to stop thinking all men are gonna hurt her. She should’ve have Raphael another chance, he did not lie to her. What woman doesn’t want honesty?
    And I agree with sugarsspice4u, I think he respected her more than she did with him. Oh well…
    Whatever works for her. I Wish her luck :)

  5. shelly says:

    Chili is a very fun loving spirit that has a lot to offer and has every right to be cautious. However, I believe she was too harsh on Raphael. The look on Raphael’s face when he asked Chili when did she want to see him again was just too painful to watch. I literally had to turn away. I just think it was too early in their frienship for that to be the big “deal breaker”. It was clear he knew he made a huge mistake. I hope Chili does find what she wants….

  6. blkbarbie says:

    Me personaly i think tht chilli needs 2 find her sum bisness fast i think tht she is jus needing money 2 support herself lets not forget tht tlc went bankrupt!!! Raphel was good 4 her but she chased behind floyd.girl pleze nd where is her son at while she is on t.v i only seen him once. Go take care of ur son chilli. And wanting 2 hav anaother baby u r 2 old get a life i hate this show because of her!!!!!

  7. Taurcess says:

    Rapheal deserved what he got…she gave the man an honesty bracelet, while on the beach, she asked do you hang with your ex’s etc. He LIED, he said NO. Hellooooo, were we all watching the same episode. Her standards are not high, she’s straight forward, he knew that was the expectation, and he lied, and got caught in his lie.

    And, he probably told the truth that night because he felt bad about lying earlier that day. If you think she should over look the lie, it goes to show where your values and morals are.

    I respect her for standing by her word! And, for not putting up with crap, so what he’s nice looking, so is she! Females need to get their minds right! I am glad there are some real women out here…Rapheal needs to grow up. He bit off more than he could chew. Bye Bye!

  8. Toshi says:

    I am learning soooo much from this show. As young African-American females, we are not taught how to date. I am a 34 year old mother of two. I am educated and well-rounded, but I am taking notes on how to “date” from this show…what questions to ask..what to pay attention to…and what to avoid. I thought my standards were too high. I was wrong. It’s okay to compromise on some things. If you don’t stand for something,you will surely fall for all. The last episode has me learning to look outside the four walls(race). Love the show!!! A reality show with a conscience.

  9. Jessica B says:

    While i completely understand WHY Chili has the requirements and is as cautious as she is, she needs to understand that no one is on the level of perfection that is seems she is looking for. She’s a beautiful, seemingly wonderful woman so it will happen…that’s what i keep hearing so i guess i should pass that on.

    OAN: I LOVE Tionna!!! I love the fact that she is realistic and down to earth. Also, i would LOVE to get in her closet!!!! OMG she’s my plus size fashion shero

  10. yanery says:

    like everyone else has said stop thinking that every man is gonna hurt you or that he just isn’t perfect cause he doesn’t have every quality.REMEMBER THE LAW OF ATTRACTION!!!! YOU WILL ATTRACT TO YOU WHAT YOUR MOSTLY THINK. A lot of times we forget this, and when life gets hard,we naturally have doubts of things getting better. what we dont realize is that those doubts and those negative feelings will only bring more doubt n negative feelings. Never think about the how… how am i going to do something.. because you get too caught up rationalizing with yourself and sometimes that brings doubts. so never think of how… just know you will achieve whatever it is you want… you dont know how… but you will. soo chili… take my advice… and dont try to think to much about what is it that you need to create a family. let god figure that out.. and just go with it. goodluck!

  11. pinknpyt says:

    VH1 please take this show off the air….IT is a waste of air time WHO CARES WHAT CHILI WANTS!!!!!