You’re Cut Off! – See Pics From The Premiere Parties



On Wednesday, January 19th VH1 partnered with Time Out New York and Time Out Chicago to throw two parties in celebration of the second season of You’re Cut Off! The one in New York was held at District 36 and the one in Chicago was at Blokes and Birds. Cast members new and old showed up to support their show — check them out in the gallery below.

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  1. Gene says:

    Sorry to say, saw my first episode and in compared to last year which overall was enjoyable this year is bad. Just appears to be a mess of cat fighting. From the appearances of these girls there is nothing that will change them or their families and a waste of time on my part would be watching them. Better luck next year if its back but I and the wife won’t be watching any further episodes!!!! this year.

  2. Tinkerbell One says:

    Gene, I’m with you, I’m outta here. This is a lot of nonsense, and has ceased

  3. Tinkerbell One says:

    Gene, I’m with you, I’m outta here. This is a lot of nonsense, and has ceased to be entertaining, especially considering all the violence. It is a weird soap opera with the strangest cast of characters I’ve ever seen, including Laura Baron. If this was REAL life, a professional would have recognized that Jenn had become a “danger to herself and others” the point at which someone is admitted to the hospital. One girl expressed her feelings of fear; how much more does Baron need to hear? In real life, a person like Jenn would have to leave a group home. The girls are out of central casting and the only thing real about Laura Baron is her little self-righteous smirk. I’m off to the History Channel!

  4. Jaqueline!!!!! says:

    Someone please tell me that Jaqueline will be back on season 2! These girls don’t even compare and arent nearly as entertaining! GET JAQUELINE BACK ON VH1′S YOU”RE CUT OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Mercedes Love says:


  6. Joanna says:

    i think this show has too many commercials

  7. Toni says:

    Wow, Jenn is so bratty and very immature you can tell she drinks too much and can’t hold anything and be a lady about it, but then again these girls are very immature and don’t know how to act right not even lady like it so shameful. You would think that coming from money that you at least have some decency to hold yourself to some standards or something but then again money can’t buy you class, morals or anything of value which is common sense and humility, how sad. Hopefully these girls will learn and become nice young ladies with a purpose in life. I see some that are going to make if they don’t fall for the other idiots, hopefully they don’t, oh well we shall see.

  8. rick lindemann says:

    i didnt see season 1, but season 2 is really going the full way to show that money can make people very ugly, and that even the 25k these girls spend on their clothes a month still cannot cover that for the most part they are all physically and emotionally revolting. and there is nothing more entertaining to a hard working person than to watch these entitled idiots have mental breakdowns on national television..the true wealth is experience

  9. R says:

    If these girls are an example of being rich does to a person (physically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally)… forget it!

  10. Mariska says:

    I’m in the middle of watching episode 2 of the second season of “You’re Cut Off” and am curious to know in what world most of these girls are considered “rich?” They showed the homes of some of these girls and most aren’t much to brag about. One of them lives in a middle class apartment! In Houston! It wasn’t even a high-rise with a doorman. And If they’re so rich, why are they so trashy? I’m not just talking about how they act, but how they look. I dress better and “richer” than most of these girls. The Jen girl w/the gap between her front teeth w/an attitude and drinking problem has been rode hard and put up wet. Not sure how old she is, but her face screams 40s. A couple of these girls are fat and one of them (Nadia?) keeps wearing Daisy Dukes that are NOT flattering. Apparently that one doesn’t have a stylist or has one who needs to be fired. These girls are far from classy and act like trailer trash. They think they’re “all that,” but I wouldn’t give any of them the time of day.

  11. lilly says:

    if they are so damn rich how about gastric bypass and lipo?? most of them are tacky and the one girl who left early, who complained about her boyfriend, looked like a straight up ghetto hooker! and the one who sends her kids off, nadia, to day care so she can sit on her fat ass all day is a terrible mother. bunch of nasty ho’s. just goes to prove money can NOT buy you class.

  12. Madblue025 says:

    Honestly I cant stand anyone of these women. They should have been put through more extreme measures. Giving up clothes, working, going camping? That is nothing compared to what we people do for a living. Money is not everything if you dont have brains. None of these women worked to buy these luxurious things, all from parents. Paris Hilton posers.