Chad Ochocinco Makes His Basketball Wives Debut On Sunday’s Episode!


Check out this extended sneak of Sunday’s Basketball Wives (premiering at 8/7c), in which Ochocinco begins courting Evelyn via flowers and (what else?) shoes. Watch as Evelyn begins the first stages of transitioning from ex-basketball fiancée to football fiancée and laugh to yourself as she claims, “It’s not anything overly serious.” In Chad’s own words, this is only the beginning.

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  1. lovely says:

    Chad…. Antoine Dodson said “hide your kids, hide your wives, hide your husbands” cause there was a predator on the loose. Chad.. I say “hide your wallet, hide your bank statements, wrap your stuff up… tight” cause Evenlyn is on the loose! LOL For your sake I hope this is a PR stunt cause you playing with fire with that one!

  2. A Arties says:

    I’m excited to see Chad on BASKETBALL WIVES, because I like looking at him, he could clean his game up a little because his imagine is like the average man. Don’t let your d____ do your thinking. Why he jumped into a four month relationship and propose? You don’t owe anyone an explanation, but at the same time, how does your kids feel? Do you every intend on taking full responsibility of them? Your Grandmother raised her children and now she’s raising her great grandchildren. Chad expressed he wants other kids but why? I know he’s a smart man, but sometimes gullible, Capricorns can be OFF THE CHAIN!

  3. A. Arties says:

    Oh by the way, he said the same thing regarding Cheryl Burke, this is only the beginning. He needs to allow his self the opportunity to get to know a person before he put his money out there. Or is this what he does to feel the void? I’m speaking of this with love. No hard feelings intended.

  4. Toni says:

    Well, this doesn’t surprise me at all, we all know that Ocho likes and wants lots of attention from all these groupies who likes nothing else but money and lavish life style, nothing wrong with that but they way Evelyn and others come out is looking like deseparate hounds, sorry, but that is how it looks. A man, well Ocho is not, what man leaves his kids with his grandma, I’m sure she doesn’t mind and probably she has help, and that’s great but it tells alot about a person, and he is not a responsible man. Does a man constantly talk about getting some, picking girls knowing that all they want is to sex you get you and get your money, they don’t have any intelligent thing to say unless “are you smashing” words by Evelyn to her young date, a 25 year old, really? All this tells me about both is that they are both immature people, they need someone who is not above their level, since their level of maturity is the age of 20 something year old a young one without a mind of their own but only to make stupid decision and fight the high school stuff the way Evelyn likes to fight, like a high school girl, a little girl who likes to start fight becuz she wants all the attention and stop talking to her friend or former friend Suzie becuz of what? That Suzie said something that is true about Evelyn, well if Evelyn doesn’t want anyone to know her business, what she needs to do is act like a lady first, then the next thing is you don’t let everyone knows your business if you want to keep it quiet, then you find someone who is not a kid, like Ocho Mike or the kid at the grocery store, and stop acting like a kid who just came outside to play for the first time and don’t know how to act right. Evelyn and Ocho, probably deserve eachother becuz they both are not that intelligent, they are not mature at all, at all they are no maturity coming out of them, they are childish they don’t know how to act towards people without putting them down and only thinking of themselves as if they are privileged, how sad.

  5. ochohellno says:

    2 Rich Brothers huh Eve?..LMAO. More like 1 Rich Sucka is all you need. This is the same series of events that transpired with Cheryl Burke. This dude will buy and do anything to be on TV since his reality show flopped.

  6. t-banger says:


  7. Tmart says:

    Evelyn mellows when she’s with her daughter. She should be proud of her—she is a gorgeous, college bound young woman who seems more mature than her own mother.
    That said—who people attract in their lives reflects who they are! Chad is immature, self centered, and a deadbeat Dad. What does that say about Evelyn?
    Besides the fact she chews with her mouth open and talks at the same time–she needs to stop cussing all the time! It is UGLY and low class. Doesn’t matter how expensive your shoes are. You’re still garbage, Evelyn.
    Jenn is really hating on their relationshio–btw.
    She’s about to loose her status as a b-ball wife!
    She hates that her BF may become a Football wife.
    Jenn’s husband CLEARLY wants to be rid of her—he keeps saying it! She’s still holding on…and trying to act like its him. Puh-lease. I bet he already has a new Girlfriend on the side. He’s just keeping it on the DL.
    Shaunie is a straight hypocrite. She is stirring up as much drama as Gloria and Shuanie is over 40! Shaunie is delusional—we know you didn’t pay for the trip—VH-1 did. There is nothing likeable at all about her.
    You idiots are taping a TV show—how is a trip to Madrid suppose to stay private? Stop acting stupid!
    Suzie is jumping up n down that she’s not being forced into that stupidity!

  8. sharonjustsaying says:

    omg! i watch this show early so it doesn’t interfer w other shows,now i watch 1st, then go online 2 check out tweets/comments…. funniest parts of bbw. but people are not saying much. what! could it b, r people finally over this show. wow bring on the funny. comments/tweets, comments/tweets,comments/tweets. laughter is good for the soul. as for myself show’s embarrassing 4 me so i myself have nothing witty to add. there-by rely on tweets/comments of others thank u very much