Shaq And Hoopz: The Almost Too-Happy Couple


shaq_hoopz2 has the weirdest image gallery you’re likely to see all day: a 12-photo set called “Hoopz at home with Shaq” that features the reality related couple mugging profoundly in different places around the house. It’s like a non-stop “Caption This!” contest. (My pick for the one above: “With our money, we could buy and feed a million puppies!”) Seriously, why are they so happy? The two of them need to come down with season affect like normal people. It’s winter, for God’s sake.


Speaking of profound, there is a giant height difference between them (two feet!). And yet, they see eye-to-eye when it comes to expressive displays. It’s a beautiful pairing, really. []

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  1. Eboni da Black Barbie says:

    Hmmmm…..seems to me that Hoopz is making sure her basketball skills come in handy to get a professional athlete. That has gold digger written all over it. As far as the two of them being so happy, what the hell is wrong with that? There is no such thing as being to happy.

  2. toogie says:

    i think they should bring hoopz on next season of basketball wives since a lot of the ladies are girlfriends of the players anyway; it would make for some great moments between shaunie and her lool

  3. jL says:

    Testing a comment.