Jenn Jowett: You’re Cut Off! Caused My DUI



Fallen You’re Cut Off! angel Jenn Jowett recently spoke with TMZ and said some preposterous things, namely that the show’s portrayal of her caused Jenn’s premiere-night DUI. Jenn says watching the premiere episode (particularly the group scene) made her “really stressed out” and so she fled her apartment. Judge Judy would have a field day with the accountability-dodging in this one (“NO ONE MADE YOU GET INTO YOUR CAR AFTER YOU’D BEEN DRINKING. LEARN HOW TO WALK, MADAME. CATCH UP WITH THE MATURITY OF TODDLERS.”). Jenn also claims, “I came out of the show a lot more unstable than when I went in. I don’t know what to do…I need some real professional help.” Uh, then get some? Take a month off from running the elevator in your home and what you save in elevator oil put toward therapy. See? Easy. [TMZ]

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