Jenn Jowett: You’re Cut Off! Caused My DUI



Fallen You’re Cut Off! angel Jenn Jowett recently spoke with TMZ and said some preposterous things, namely that the show’s portrayal of her caused Jenn’s premiere-night DUI. Jenn says watching the premiere episode (particularly the group scene) made her “really stressed out” and so she fled her apartment. Judge Judy would have a field day with the accountability-dodging in this one (“NO ONE MADE YOU GET INTO YOUR CAR AFTER YOU’D BEEN DRINKING. LEARN HOW TO WALK, MADAME. CATCH UP WITH THE MATURITY OF TODDLERS.”). Jenn also claims, “I came out of the show a lot more unstable than when I went in. I don’t know what to do…I need some real professional help.” Uh, then get some? Take a month off from running the elevator in your home and what you save in elevator oil put toward therapy. See? Easy. [TMZ]

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  1. petite says:

    these girls need of a real make over

  2. Stacey Newsomw says:

    I think these spoiled old brats need to get a life. Listen, if u can’t clean, cook, and get your hands dirty you are not a real woman. Watching you all try to put something together is so funny. I mean it’s not rocket science to put something together. Money isn’t everything. People in this world work hard for a living like me and raise a child. Life is hard. I know it for a fact. An everyone of you all have it made with what you all have so stop acting like stupid idiots and be a real person not a fake one.

  3. Darlene says:

    Just got what you deserved. You make all truly classy rich cringe. I’ surprized that with your lack of education and bad looks even your parents want to be around you. Get a job and learn how to dress, make your face be able to be looked at, and especially learn MANNERS!

  4. pam says:

    She should have used some of her family’s $$$ to get her teeth fixed!

  5. cantstandthesegirls says:

    I watched some of these episodes tonight for the first time. I am totally amazed at how low class these extremely wealthy girls are. Can you say TRASH! Their parents should be totally embarrassed. How can you raise such totally self absorbed kid all the way to adults who throw a tantrum if they don’t get their way. AMAZING!! Like a FREAK show!

  6. Ann says:

    I am most impressed with Hana. I think she is getting it. One month’s clothing spending will pay off my family’s home equity loan, or buy us the much needed car. Hana actually sees that now. Most of us don’t live like that, and it’s painful to watch them spend in one month what will save a family who is working very hard each day to get by. They have taken it for granted. Laura has a lot of patience, because I certainly would have given the others a bigger dose of reality. They have been disrespectful, holier than though, rude, and for some reason, their level of entitlement is way off the chart. Shame on their parents for creating such spoiled brats. Shame on these girls for being the spoiled brats that they are and using their parents like they do. These girls (except Hana, from what I can see) absolutely are lacking empathy, and that’s a shame. Reality check – the world is not revolving around your spoiled little heads, and you are no better than the rest of the world. You just have parents who have made your lives unrealistic.

  7. hanafan1 says:

    I liked Jen on the show. I wish she would have stayed, she was funny. “I have PMS and a GPS, so I’m a b*tch and I know where you are”, that was soooo funny! Her and Hana were my favorites.

  8. Pattie says:

    jenn is so nasty looking, for having all that money can we say NASTY ? so glad she’s gone, what a you know what. she needs help ASAP…..

  9. Lyn says:

    Jen what a waste of human flesh, slut I bet your mom is real proud of u now

  10. Keep It Real says:

    Jenn Jowett why did you lie and say your hair was real? Did you know that you can see your weave tracks? At the age of 28 you look ridden hard and put away wet, quit smoking. Also, please stop arguing from ignorance it’s not cute. You have obviously suffered from some type of abuse in your life but just to let you know they do have doctors that you can speak with regarding your issues.