Ochocinco Talks Fiancée Evelyn Lozada (AKA “Pucci”)


Earlier this week at Dallas Media Day, VH1′s own Janelle Snowden snagged some time with VH1′s sometime-employee Chad Ochocinco. After dodging a question regarding changing his last name back to “Johnson” (“You never know!”), Chad was more receptive to Janelle’s line of questioning regarding his fiancée Evelyn Lozada of Basketball Wives. Among the tidbits:

  • His nickname for her is “Pucci” (if their rumored spin-off ever comes to fruition, Pepe Loves Pucci would be the perfect name for it!).
  • Their first date was at McDonald’s (“If you know me, you know McDonald’s is my love,” he says earnestly.).
  • He considers Evelyn to be his homeboy…er, homegirl first.

On the topic of a wedding date, though, Chad was cagey again, simply stating that it’s Evelyn’s call. “She runs that show,” he said. While it doesn’t necessarily support Bossip’s report earlier this week speculating that the wedding will never happen given Chad’s track record, it does nothing to refute it, either…

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  1. Sassyt33 says:

    I hope this engagement actually leads to a her being a wife.

  2. Denise says:

    What a Bamboozled idiot! SHE runs the show? Anything for a Latina. Black athletes don’t go out of their way for Black women like that! Look at Gilbert Arenas and Laura Govan…hopefully you’ll earn a lesson there, Chad!

  3. CGNC says:

    Evelyn is an embarassment to the show. Crude, vulgar, uneducated. She needs therapy, probably medication. Her ego is over inflated. I quit watching because of her rants. Embarrassingly poor behavior. If that’s the best you have, get the show off the air. Yuck.

  4. Lovely Girl says:

    I agree 100% Evelyn is Evelyn’s biggest fan. Shaunie better watch out or this trick will be the face of the show! Ladies take my advice stop answering to the “B” word. She is trying to establish herself as top dog in the pack. Check the broad at the gate and she’ll sit her butt down. She can wear all the designer clothing and fly shoes but under it all she is low budget and it shows evertime she opens her mouth. Chad, C’mon Son for real???? Shaunie is single, pretty, obviously smart and has her own thing going on why didn’t you step to her? This chick has a store that nobody ever goes in, can you spell liability????

  5. Julie-Ann says:

    Now that Evelyn and Chad Johnson are preparing to get marreid will she be airing on football wives? I am just asking because she wasn’t really a basketball wife to being with?

  6. lavon says:

    i love this show.. omg.. i love evelyn because she is who she is.. no fakery.. either u like her or not.. no in between.. she says how she feels.. i can respect a person like that… ocho arrogant.. .. everything for him is publicity.. she is a hype woman, which will bring him publicity…but he better watch out, b cus she is definitely Hood…lol..so he can play if he want, and he will soon see some Real Drama, b cus i can see her going off..lol

  7. lavon says:

    o and my other favorite.. .shaunie b cus she is making a name for herself.. tammie, i always loved her since the real world.. royce, b cus she is not afraid.. jen is a follower….suzie is a punk.. runs from everything.. gloria, is in denial..

  8. aarties says:

    I understand where you’re coming from, because you need to have someone on your level. Unfortunately, she is loud and embarrassing, the desire for alcohol and wanting to per-sue men for sex. Suggestion, don’t catch a case. Because I know you come across as sweet but I also know some capricorn men have mood swings, change from Dr. Jekyll to Mr. Hyde,tempermental and will throw your butt to the curb quick. Suggestion, don’t catch a case from the drama.

  9. Lamadezulay says:

    Chad papi please say this is just a publicity stunt! Papi enjoy her while you can and keep it moving. Evelyn is a total embarrassment to the Latin Community, es una sucia, your wella would not be happy. Evelyn is also una abusadora. You see how she bullies Suzie. Her behavior may be good for the ratings but not for you son. Suzie is a LADY and a grownup, not a punk as someone said.So papi this Puerto Rican wella is praying for you.Besos muah ! Senor de bendecir
    I am a boy mommy, my sons are 42,38,31 and I would be heartsick if my sons were involved with a woman like Evelyn. She is pretty, BUT everything that glitters isn’t gold.

  10. Tammy says:

    I am trying to figure out why the brotha would even be turned on by ole’ girl anyway. She has a mouth worse than a sailor and she seems messy. Relationships end for a reason you may want to check that record boo-boo!!!

  11. tester says:

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  18. melinda jenkins says:

    im not a basketball wife..but can a sista be on the show im a x army wife..

  19. Piyush says:

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