What Chilli Wants 2 Recap – Episode 6 – So I Creep



Yay, second date!

We left off last week's What Chilli Wants with Chilli deciding to stay in New York a couple of extra days in order to spend more time with Lasse, the Nordic model she just met the night before. He's got the kind of hotness that you have to salute.


His face deserves respect. He and Chilli meet up and hug. There's a lingering hug and then there's this:



The kind of hug that blurs objects and stops time.

They don't have any particular plans for today's date, except to smile…


…look longingly into each other's eyes…


…and hold hands…


You’d mistake them for a couple of teenagers, except even teenagers would have made out by now.

The pair wander into a costume shop to try some things on. It also gives you a lot of clues into their personalities. For instance:


– The man is clearly white chocolate, – Chilli interviews. Clearly! And he’s the kind that comes wrapped in gold foil. It's strange that Lasse wants to dress as a pimp, not once, but…


…twice, and it doesn't set off any alarms for her. Either he thinks of himself as a ladies' man, or he thinks of himself as a college freshman headed to a rush party. Some ladies in the store aren’t impressed:


Again, I’m not sure what Chilli’s costume is, except for a ploy to get Lasse to check her figure out. Working!

Next up:


Fancy running into you here! This is why New York is the culture capital of the world, right? Just to recap: Lasse and Chilli are spending their date at a costume shop and a sex museum. I don’t know why they didn’t just kill two birds with one stone, and find a sex shop with a generous costume section.


That’s what I’m talking about. I believe this piece is on loan from the Gerald Ford Presidential Library. Chilli says the museum makes her feel “excited, but awkward,” just as anyone wearing the items here would.

They get to an exhibit that shows three people having sex together, and Chilli declares it – yucky. –


– If it’s more than two people that's no good, – Chilli explains. Lasse tells her he has had threesomes before, something Chilli says she has never done. Luckily there’s a visual aid to help explain:


I believe this piece is on loan from the Theodore Roosevelt National Library. Later, at the Museum Of Sex Snack Bar, Lasse asks if she is experimental. But she's like, – If we get to that point, I know what to do. – It's the boldest thing Chilli's said on this show, although it’s kind of a “no” to the question. She asks if he's done threesomes in the context of a relationship, and he says, – No. I've pretty much stayed with one woman. – Chilli laughs about the – pretty much.” Until she notices he isn’t laughing. Because he's pretty much cheated before on girlfriends before, he admits. She goes from this…


…to this…


– Cheating is a big deal for me, – she interviews. Maybe it has something to do with an ex-boyfriend? They discuss the circumstances of his cheating until Chilli seems sufficiently satisfied. It’s a big deal, but apparently not a big deal breaker for her, because “he’s cute” and she likes him.

Next they take an old fashioned and very romantic carriage ride through the park. Probably to help block out whatever this was from Chilli’s delicate sensibilities:


They end the night talking outside the Plaza about her plans for the next few days, when they’ll see each other again, blah blah blah. More importantly, this:


Guys, this is the first kiss on What Chilli Wants ever. Even Chilli looks a little wistful about this end of an era.


She says kissing is a “huge deal,” for her, just like she said cheating was. And both came up during today’s date. Convenient!

After Chilli gets back to Atlanta she and Tionna meet up to go shoe shopping and discuss Lasse. They go for shoes because Tionna's got her above the waist accessories taken care of:


I love this! It draws the eyes upward, you know? She tells Tionna about Lasse’s threesome confession, and Tionna asks, – But what international model didn't? – Is this the beginning of a blind item? It's true though, international models are like international waters: there's no rules out there.

Chilli assures Tionna that she's still interested in Lasse, but if they went further she'd like him to agree to have a private investigator check on both of them every once in a while. NBD! Hey, maybe she should have a mental health professional check in on her every once in a while too, because this idea is clearly crazy, as Tionna tells her.

– If you have nothing to hide you should be okay with that, – Chilli argues. It worked for the Patriot Act, and it’ll work here. Maybe.


Tionna agrees to move on from this bit of paranoia because Chilli and Lasse shared a kiss. Two steps forward, one plan to spy on your potential boyfriend back.


They also agree that it's a good idea for Chilli to keep seeing Scott. Chilli's imaginary future P.I. wouldn't approve, but who cares? Hi five!

Later Chilli and her son Tron start prepping dinner for her extended family. They flash this adorable pic of Chilli:


This Chilli would be so surprised by the stuff at the sex museum. Also this Chilli would not be allowed inside.

Her whole family comes over, and by dinnertime she's surrounded by brothers and mothers and babies.



But her father hasn't shown yet, even though he said he would. Earlier Tron and Chilli realize that they haven't seen him in five years, which is pretty crazy for someone who lives in the same city. Just mathematically you’d think they’d have run into each other, but no. Now we learn the origin of Chilli's trust issues. And surprisingly, that origin isn't named “Usher Raymond.”

She and her family wait for her dad for a while, then finally decide to eat without him. She tells the family she'd be okay if she never talked to him again. He wasn’t around for her growing up, and he can stay not around now. Her words set off a crying chain reaction:




You got a doggie bag for all that baggage?

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