Royce Reed Denies Marlon Yates Rumor


@Shannhenderson yes I did & it's 100% not tru I don't entertain tht stuffless than a minute ago via Twitter for iPhone

A too-salacious-to-be-true rumor posted by the too-unreliable-to-ever-be-considered-an-actual-source site MediaTakeout suggested that the root of the Shaunie O’Neal‘s tension with Royce Reed had something to do with Shaunie’s boyfriend, Marlon Yates, attempting to hit on Royce. The reason you can tell the post is total crap (besides the venue at which it’s posted)? It says the drama “will not make it to the air.” As if anyone in their right mind working on Basketball Wives would pass on that storyline! Royce has already taken to Twitter to deny it (as has Marlon — a few times), and there was absolutely zero talk of it at last weekend’s Basketball Wives 2 reunion taping. And if there’s one thing you should know about these ladies is that they’re now experts at not holding back.

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  1. Thomas says:

    Royce is just an ignorant gold digger about to take a man for everything he has much like jennifer, evelyn. Shaunie is the only decent person. These women are an embarrassment to women of color because it teaches gold digging, how to scheme and scam a man. They do nothing but hate on each other, focus on vanity, wealth and keeping up appearances. Tami is a hot mess, they need to remove her quickly along with royce. Tami is so ghetto she makes me want to throw up and is so dysfunctional as a person that if she isn’t drinking she’s smoking, great role models these women are and i pray that they are off the air soon and ocho cinco, pre-nup pre-nup and condoms.

  2. Stephanie from Maryland says:

    Royce most black women have a great sense of style…but YOU are the exception. PLEASE get a stylist. Wherever your getting your clothes…smh is making you look worse than you behave sometimes. I like you on the show…I wish you the best with your marriage.

  3. britt says:

    @Thomas how is shaunie decent when she’s agolddigger herself. not to mention she’s two faced and she cheated on shaq and stole some of his money. only real one is tami because she tells it straight up.

  4. Megan says:

    I find all of these Ex wives/girlfriends of basketball players sickening. They are all so tacky it’s incredible. It certainly opens everyone’s eyes as to the type of women these ball players associate with, basically gold digging, lazy ho’s who like to eat, drink, and shop and talk about who they are going to bed next. I think Shaunie is just as bad as the rest and likes to keep drama going at all times. I can’t blame Shaq for moving on. Evelyn is an old gold digger who is still trying to act like her 18 year old daughter. What will these young guys think when they see her young, fresh daugher??? We can only imagine. I can’t understand why Evelyn wears such cheap looking jewelry. I hope Chad or someone teaches her how to dress for her age. Jennifer should have stayed home, had a family and been a real wife rather than running the streets with Evelyn and maybe she would still have a marriage. Tami needs to go to AA asap. Royce’s taste in clothing is horrible also and she is getting too old for that dancing thing she does. Basically I don’t understand why these women are friends as none of them seem to like each other. I guess birds of a feather must flock together.