Did Nadia Fall Of Her Horse For Attention?


…That is, at least, the consensus of her co-stars, as you can see in this clip from last night’s You’re Cut Off! As Nadia wails while being tended to by paramedics, even her most congenial peer, Lauren, calls her out for being a drama queen. I don’t know, regardless of whether it was her fault, Nadia’s pain seemed real? It was good TV (see an appreciate Aimee talk about how funny it is), even if she just fell into it.

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  1. Barbara W says:

    she may have but no one seen it, but just want to say Marissa is an idiot, she’s not pretty, she is lazy fat girl with a double chin and its all her parents fault that she is like that, that girl needs to get off her high horse and see what she really looks like, people only look at her in disgust, ew ew ew, so sad for me to say this is because i am a mom

  2. hanafan1 says:

    I don’t think she fell off on purpose. That horse took off really fast and was out of control. Any one of those girls would have cried and been hurt had they been in her shoes. They would have reacted a million times worse, especially Aimee who is the biggest drama queen of them all. Nadia deserved at least a little bit of compassion, but definately did not deserve to be made fun of.

  3. penelope says:

    these women have shown themselves to be singularly unpleasant, and therefore, ugly. They appear to have no human virtues and all of the human vices.
    They cannot befriend each other nor can they empathize with anyone.
    If I were Laura, I’d recommend they all go to a half way house, study spoken english, and live on bread and water.
    It won’t make them more attractive, but it might teach them some humility.
    And the parents are a bunch of door mats. If they can’t see what monsters their daughters are, god help them.

  4. penelope says:

    And as far as barbara W’s comment, i hope she doesn’t have any daughters. To make those comments about Marissa’s appearance is repellent.

  5. Pattie says:

    for someone who’s in so much pain you sure move around well, you always fight with others, flapping that big butt mouth, putting others down but when it comes to you and your feelings you want everyone to be on your side feeling sorry for you, banging on pots and pans , people who are in pain like that don’t do that, you have played this horse thing into the ground, YOU SAID IT YOUR SELF,”YOU WERE GOING TO SHOW THE GIRLS HOW YOU COULD RIDE A HORSE ” well what i saw was a liar and a show off, you talk crap and spit crap, YOUR NO BETTER THAN ANYONE ELSE IN THAT HOUSE.
    why don’t you cry some more please your really are good at that, i know little girls who are more grown up than you, if i had the money you seem to have i would look a lot better than you do, the frosted lipstick “DOESN’T WORK ” you look like a hooker gone bad.

  6. pattie says:

    she spoke to make her self look good and get attention but her face said it all, she doesn’t know jack crap about riding horse’s she might have been on one but not a good rider,
    SHE FLAT OUT LIED AND SHE GOT SHOWED WHO KNEW MORE ” THE HORSE FOUGHT THE FIGHT AND LARD MOUTH LOST, she’s loud and mouthy and nothing can change my mind, SHE’S A ATTENTION SEEKER, if she was so at peace with her self why does she defend her self so much ? because she’s a little child wanting to be a adult, her mom and dad has money not her, she has not worked for anything she has MOMMY AND DADDY HAS WORKED FOR IT, let her get her things all on her own and lets see how far it will go, NOT FAR, she’s a loser and a bragger . maybe that horse knocked some sense into her but i doubt it. i bet she’s still crying over that AWESOME HORSE RACE, THE HORSE WON BY A NOSE AND A KICK, take that to the bank little girl, oh that’s right you know nothing about banking just spending mommies money, your frosted lipstick makes you look cheap and your fake orange , you should hook up with jenn two of a kind.

  7. Candi says:

    Nadia just wants attention she was trying to show off by saying I know how to ride a horse and then when it bites her in the butt she keeps bringing up how she fell off a horse. Get over it they get it suck it up.

  8. Mariela Bravo says:

    Really all of the girls need to stop the drama and actually focus on changing all though I know it’s not easy. Nadia may not of fallen off the horse but either way that don’t mean all the other girls have to get up in her case she’s the one who is missing out. Although I do think she did fall off but didn’t get hurt as the way she made it seem, ’cause then the people in the hospital would of kept her longer.

  9. LiZ says:

    She may not have fallen off on purpose but she sure was looking for a lot of attention for a bruised back and a scrape on her arm. I find it funny she was in too much pain to change but could rant and rave about Aimee and swing her arms everywhere…

  10. lindakaye says:

    Nadia, if you’re so rich, why the bad teeth. Get a dentist and an orthodontist.