Basketball Wives Season 2 Reunion Will Air In Two Parts



After a marathon taping full of both bickering and at time surprising civility that went down a few weeks ago, producers have determined that there was simply too much of the Basketball Wives reunion to cram into one hour. And so it will air in two parts: the first on Sunday, March 13 in Basketball Wives’ normal time slot of 8/7c, and the second the next night, on Monday, March 14 at 8/7c. There’s more information on the reunion special(s) and the upcoming finale in the press release below…

The ladies of Basketball Wives returned with yet another explosive season and introduced several new faces to the circle. The ladies not only brought the heat to Miami this season, but also took the drama to Spain. This season was full of tears, laughter, break ups and hook ups and of course the ever entertaining arguments.

In the second season of VH1's Basketball Wives we saw all the ladies struggle and succeed with love and relationships. This season Jennifer and Eric struggled to decide if they should remain married, Evelyn found love with a new athlete, Royce let her guard down and finally found love with an unexpected person, while Shaunie and Tami learned that it was time to let go of past hurts and move on with their lives. During the season finale the past will come back to haunt two of the ladies when an explosive secret is revealed causing a vicious catfight that will end a friendship and possibly the circle forever. Watch as the drama unfolds on Sunday, March 6 at 8pm.

Then catch up to see what the ladies have been up to since the cameras stopped rolling as the cast reunites for the two-part Basketball Wives Reunion Special, airing Sunday, March 13th and Monday, March 14th at 8pm. Will there be another catfight? How are Evelyn and Ochocino doing? Is Jennifer getting a divorce? Tune in to the reunion show to get the answers.

For full episodes and extra scenes from Basketball Wives users can visit or can access content from the season through VH1 Mobile by typing in on any internet-ready mobile phone.

Shed Media is producing Basketball Wives. Executive producing for Shed Media are Nick Emmerson, Jennifer O'Connell, Alex Demyanenko and Sean Rankine. Tom Huffman is a consulting producer. Shaunie O'Neal and Phil Robinson are executive producers. Executive producing for VH1 are Jeff Olde, Jill Holmes and Noah Pollack.

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  1. britt says:

    i wonder what new wives (and i use that term loosely)will be on the show, Vanessa Bryant, Khloe Odom, Monica, Derek Fisher’s wife, Vanessa Williams

  2. janeth says:

    I would like to know why this lady’s are so rude when visiting other countries , and i’m talking about Spain it was very disrespectfull the way they talk about the food I guess just because they got lucky in caching a Basketball player they think that they are better than everyone , VERY WRONG they are NOT.

  3. alicia a says:

    I love all the ladies.. especially evelyn and tami.. shaunie is cool too!

  4. DEBBIE says:

    Well i think you doing a better that housewives of Miami, Scotty Pippen wife has nothing on u guys.

  5. niagra falls says:

    cant wait!have yall thought of ex rappers wife im sure that would be a hit ……

  6. edub55 says:

    I love Tammy she is a no nonsense woman, stand yo ground girlfriend.

  7. dougcurt says:

    i knew it was something about the guy shaunie was with i seen before on one of the other shows somewhere else. vh1 please dont put us a through a third season of this crap. bring back the dateing shows or have a where are they know the old vh1 stars like new york or real and chance. im sick of these getto gutter women who slept there way to fame and fortune. and none of them are current basket ball wives anyway.and they back our african-american and latino-american women look bad.we have very smart women on both races. and they are educated hard working and great mothers.

  8. madison says:

    Evelyn is so evil and hate-filled. Shaunie is a mean girl now. Why don’t they call the show ex-wives club? All they do is beat up on each other which I’m sure is for the show, but seriously it just shows where this world is headed. I want all of these shows to go away.

  9. toogie says:

    Cant wait for the reunion show! I will be watching along with my suckling pig dinner and glass of bubbly lol.More wives shows please!

  10. Brittany says:

    i’m glad evelyn got her ass wooped. how dare she or any other woman think it’s ok to sleep with a married man and then try to befriend them pfft. and all this time she was tryna act like she’s so real.

  11. SINCERE says:


  12. judy a says:

    Tami and Nene go 10 rounds on Celebrity Smackdown.

  13. tina says:

    Evelyn is filled with hatred 100%. I would have been shocked like Tami, thinking the Evelyn was trying to be her friend. Nast filthy Evelyn.

  14. smitty says:

    just caught the show think it is sad that grown women act like this in the hard times most people are facing. i thought it was rude of jen and evelyn stood royce up over some stupid clothes i pray neither one of them get breast cancer their mothers, sisters or daughters. all the drama is for the show so if we don’t watch it won’t air. i was laying in bed sick because i cannot afford my medicine after losing my job and to see this women with so much pride and evil made me even more sick i finally turned it off. i am disappointed with shaunie i thought she was more classy than this show!

  15. kim says:

    They wonder why black women have at time have such a negative image. Grown up ladies is the money that good to act like ghetto hood rats. Not a good look at all. I’m for being real but you can hold your own with style and class.

  16. ladybug says:

    evelyn luvs 2 judge other ppl while shes sleeping with a guy the first time she goes 2 visit

  17. Janice Barber says:

    I would like to know why this show is called Basketball WIVES? Wouldn’t ‘Basketball Ex-Wives’ or ‘Basketball Wives Wanna Bes’ be a better title? It still amazes me that these woman would goo on TV and air all their dirty laundry. This woman wouldn’t be where they are now if they hadn’t dated/married a pro athlete.

  18. kaykay says:

    These are some of the most tackiest broads I had ever seen. They are all just wanna be’s just jump-offs that is all it is about. Evelyn is the most shameful broads I see why her man runs around screwing other woman and half of the ones on the show! but I must say they are all great for laughs while I eat my popcorn. Why are they so worried about who is in their crew? Should’nt they have grown out of that in jr high school? I mean you can find hood rats like them in any club. Just hood rats! Now I understand why the men treat them the way they do. Shaunie old azz really needs to sit down some where.

  19. Tee says:

    I really liked Evelyn until I saw the reunion show. She is a bully. She is mean spirited and I will continue to pray for her and the rest of these ladies. If Shaunie wants to put something on TV, then she should put something positive on for the young women today.

  20. JoJo says:

    Why would anyone tune into Vh1 with the expectation of positive role models for black females?!Vh1 did spawn that cave beast NewYork afterall.These shows are created with negative stereotypes intentionally hyped for our entertainment.I personally looove it but would never allow my impressionable teenagers to watch.If u want rolemodels watch the Oprah network and “keep it moving!” Is it just me but doesnt Evelyn look like shes on the wrong show? Like she wandered from the RuPauls Drag Race set?Just saying.

  21. tooda says:

    Evelyn is so emotional all of the sudden. She should still be considered the evil one. Susie can’t be trusted because she is so busy trying to comfort everyone, Meeka honey this is not for you and please bail out before Tami decides to kill you, she has already eaten your eyeball. Jennifer, grow up and stop thinking that the world needs to stop until you find that purrrrr fect man. Royce, you are better off where you are. Tami, you are your mother’s child.