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We are so excited to have Royce Reed blogging here at throughout the upcoming season of Basketball Wives. From her insider’s perspective, Royce plans to recap her life both onscreen and off. Below, Royce takes on the ninth episode of Basketball Wives, Season 2, and she talks a little bit about recent drama with Shaunie and the rumor that Shaunie’s boyfriend, Marlon Yates, attempted to woo Royce

Pot, Meet Kettle

First: what is whining? What exactly classifies as whining when the whole time I was sick I still tried to be a good sport. FYI, I wasn’t the only one who got sick on the trip: Tami also sat out a day and no one had ish to say about that. Wonder why? If you think for one moment I’m going to play along with people picking on someone, try again. That’s not fun to me. Secondly, it’s on film. They had a lot of ish to talk about Tami behind her back and never said it to her face. As a matter of fact, they talk a lot of trash about each other that they never say to each others’ face sooooo, POT MEETS KETTLE when you try to call someone else out on playing both sides.

With that said, who in the hell in this world is perfect? Am I really being called the mole when I own up to my s***? I believe I’m the one who went back and told Suzie I threw her under the bus. I was wrong and I was woman enough to say I did it. I wonder if Shaunie ever told Evelyn she told threw her under the bus with that convo she had with Tami in the street? Doubt it, but you’re worried about my expressing MY personal feelings to someone I consider myself to have a bond with concerning ME! POT, MEET KETTLE.

Also, I have to say I’m proud of Suzie. I’m not mad at her for telling me what Tami said, and I don’t believe Tami should be either. I think that really was a step up in our relationship and she really had my back. She stood up for her opinion and against Tami. Although Tami may not have agreed with Suzie, she had to respect the fact she stood up to her. I still would expect Suzie to tell me as I would tell her. If someone might attack anyone I consider a friend or anyone who is remotely close to me, I would tell, too. Tha’ts what I consider “ride or die.” Thanks, Suzie. Sorry, Tami, LOL.

Jenn and Eric: Yes, we have come here yet again and finally the tears have fallen. I wish her well in the future but I do think her marriage could’ve been saved. I believe when you surround yourself with people who have no hope for your relationship, it’s destined to fail. That’s all I have to say about that.

Dwayne and I: WOW did things move fast…maybe too fast. He’s met the parents, the brother and the friends. He’s made my dad uncock the gun and I made my stove-top BBQ, hahaha. Where do things go from here? Stay tuned. Yes, I’m a tomboy but I STILL like my diamonds.

Ashley and Rafer: POW POW POW! Super happy for her. Yes, I like Ashley, that’s not a secret. For the whole season, it’s been rumored that she was the cleaning lady or that she wasn’t really with Rafer anymore. I for sure was giggling and saying, “HA!” when they walked through the door of Dulce.

Pretty much this episode sets us up for the season finale. Tami has built some bonds, lines have been drawn and people’s true colors are now showing. Should be interesting to see what happens next.

NOW moving on to the extra, off camera drama of late: I do believe some statements that were made in blogs was immature and petty but I’ll deal with that in the future! I will say this, though: from Day 1, I signed up for a reality show and I vowed to keep it 100 percent real. Nothing I say or do is fake in my mind. I’m far from perfect and I make my mistakes. I’m human like everyone else. I think I’m more real than even what you see on camera. I actually do stand up for myself more than you see on the show. To say that I’m not the person portrayed on camera would be discrediting the show as “reality.” Therefore, it’s NOT just business. It is personal. I’m not acting, there is no script. This is me. Like it or not!

As far as that other drama, as I keep telling everyone: y’all should’ve known it wasn’t true when they said he bought me expensive shoes. Y’all know I like my Nikes!

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