Shaunie O’Neal Versus Royce Reed – The Women Speak On Their Beef


In the past few days, there have been a ton of rumors and reports regarding a burgeoning beef between Shaunie O’Neal and Royce Reed. Shaunie has gone as far to suggest that should Basketball Wives be picked up for a third season, Royce may find herself no longer part of the cast. Above, we bring you exclusive video of both women discussing the drama during the recent NBA All-Stars Weekend in Los Angeles. It’s a story involving relevance, press releases, supposed party-banning, blogs and pit bull publicists. What a tangled social web they weave! (Twitter is not mentioned, though, which is shocking for this show especially!) Royce says she has no beef; Shaunie says, pointedly: “Some people go a little bit further for attention than others.”

I can’t think of a better issue (“issue”) to apply our new polling system to than this. So tell us…

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  1. Shauniesevil says:

    This is such bull. Royce was WAY ahead in this poll like 5min ago and now Shaunie’s ahead? Yeah right. VH1 is going to lose all credibilty due to this show and Shaunie.

  2. britt says:

    i’m on reece’s side. reece has a man so why would she be tryna get with shaunie’s man who probably cheatin on her anyway

  3. Felicia says:

    I feel like Shaunie was right about royce be ungratful. I didn’t hear her complain but her facial expressions and body lanaguage said it all. I understand she could’nt help being sick but her attitude was bad. She should have explain she was sick in a nice respectful way and took one day off to rest. Instead of acting like a two year old and throwing a tantrum! Royce is selfish and controlling and wants to be in the spot light at all times!

  4. thetruthofrealitymyreality says:

    These woman…UNBELIEVABLE!!!

    Where I sit, I don’t know how I am going to make this month’s rent…ALL my bills are pilled up from LAST month…And I have to eat cereal which I can only afford when it’s on sale. And THESE wo-MAN’s have the GALL to constantly need to find reasons to be beef because of who didn’t get invited to what?!


    This is the Maddening thing about our society! On one end when your worries in life is about “MAterialistic and non important things…THAT is when you have ALL the energy in the world to put towards UNIMPORTANT things which NO ONE cARES ABOUT.

    But if you had to wake up EACH and every day, to worry about how you are going to make your next dollar, keep the lights on, roof over your head and not have to give up your dog because you can’t afford to feed both him and yourself……THAN THAT is a problem! And something worth troubling your selves about!

    These woman are ALL despicable!!

  5. Basketballfan says:

    I don’t like chooseing sides, but since Vh1 asked, I gotta go with Royce… Simply because Shaunie as Executive Producer, could have been a voice of reason but she chose to be apart of the problem and not the solution… Shaunie upheld her friends when they were wronger than 2left shoes… I love my friends and if they’re wrong, I’m a real friend and a REAL WOMAN, I would tell my friends when they are wrong… And I EXPECT the same in return…. Shaunie was my favorite, but this season of basketball wives, she showed her true colors… And in my REALITY I don’t affilliate with women like that… I don’t care how much money you have or how cute you are, RESPECT IS A 2way street!!! You gotta give it to get it…. Step your game up Shaunie, you’re hemmoraging FANS out here…

  6. deestiny says:

    am just saying this you 2 are to old for this

  7. ShaunieNeedsToGo says:

    Shaunie’s only relevance is Shaq’s ex wife. At least Royce is known as a dancer. Shaunie is much older than Royce and should be more mature but instead she is messy.

  8. Idalis says:

    Royce does that passive aggressive thing so well. She’s queen of the she said, she said but always claims to be drama free. She’s insignificant to this group and they treat her that way, but she hangs on while claiming not to need them. If she had the balls she thinks she has, she would leave them alone and become part of the outside group along with the others who got sick of the petty drama — Susie, Gloria and Ashley! There’s a child in this group and her name is Royce!

  9. SilkBeauty says:

    Why did that woman who interviewed Shaunie say she stayed out of the drama this season? What show was she watching? If anything, Shaunie disappointed me with her catty behavior. I expected more professionalizm coming from her than anyone else. You would have thought she would have left the drama to the ones who crave the most attention–Jen and Evelyn. Good for Royce for leaving those two off the guest list.

  10. mzparker says:

    i feel as though Shaunie def showed her true colors this season how she acted storming out to nit pick with Gloria that time was childish & you can tell she is in misery of some sort but all of them acted a fool if you ask me

  11. Ann says:

    idk and idc about who disagrees but basketball wives is becoming too much of a drama fest. i mean come on, picking sides?? how old are these women?? i’m 19 and i don’t carry on with drama like this. season 1 was good, but now it’s all about he said she said and backstabbing. in my opinion BOTH of them need to grow up.

  12. Slickvic says:

    I think this season was filled with the ladies acting like teenagers! It was too much he said she said! And everybody talking about each other. I was really disappointed with Shaunie, she really was the mean girl,picking on Royce, gossiping about Gloria and Suzie.
    Tammy was ghetto to the bone, she was the queen of the bar room brawlers,after a couple of drinks she turns into the high school bully.Jenifer and Evelyn were a mess too!!!