The X Life Recap – Episode 8 – Domestic Animals


The first of two The X Life episodes this week centers around Jeremy “Twitch” Stenberg’s and Cory Nastazio’s extended families and all their dysfunctions. In Jeremy’s case it’s the end of his relationship with his longtime sponsor. Jeremy is transitioning from freestyle motocross to a career that can support he and Susie as Jeremy gets older. He’s kicked off his career as an off-road driver (yup, his “safe” option), but his “family,” Metal Mulisha, who has sponsored him since he was 16, pull out of an important race at the last minute, leaving him scrambling. He ends up winning the race, but he also vows to break his ties with Metal Mulisha, because he and Susie suspect that they’re jealous of their TV show. It wouldn’t be a reality TV show if someone wasn’t jealous of someone else, so in a way, his sponsors have actually helped The X Life. Thanks!

Meanwhile in Temecula, Cory begs Nicole to make peace with his mom, who once almost got into a fist fight with her future daughter-in-law last time they spoke. Nicole agrees for Cory’s sake. But as you can see in the bonus clip above, they can’t look one another in the eye, let alone apologize to each other. Cory tries to work out his feelings by practicing on his course, but while he’s jumping hills his sister arrives at the house. Cory tells us she’s got a Ph.D. in chemistry, but is also a raging alcoholic, so he tries to get Nicole and his kids out of his mom’s house before there’s a confrontation. He is so very unsuccessful. Lucky for him, his sister’s promise to send them both to jail, is also unsuccessful.

Check out clips from The X Life on its video page, and screen shots from this week's episode below.

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