The X Life Recap – Episode 9 – A French Exit


The second episode of this week’s The X Life doubleheader brings all three couples to L.A. for Joe Simpson‘s Christmas party. Yes, Joe Simpson, as in father to Ashlee and Jessica Simpson. X-treme! He also happens to manage Cory Nastazio, Jeremy Stenberg, and Pierre-Luc Gagnon. Things start out well — with Joe Simpson introducing the guys and ladies to Ashlee and husband Pete Wentz, but things turn sour, and salty, after Cory’s first tequila shot. A few shirtless dances on the dancefloor later, the couples continue the party upstairs in their hotel rooms. As you can see in the above bonus clip, Susie, Nicole, and Denise have a fun and very drunk time with the guys. Pierre’s nowhere to be found, though.

Pierre doesn’t care for Cory’s shirtless dancing (especially in front of their new manager and lots of entertainment execs), nor is he a fan of Denise’s drunken antics. When he comes to retrieve her they begin arguing, and one, or both of them throw drinks on each other — it’s unclear. Pierre gets his own, separate hotel room, and makes a last-minute decision to go clubbing with Cory. It takes a second for Nicole and Denise to realize their men have left without telling them, but once they find out, both women are furious. Cory and Nicole make up quickly, but Denise and Pierre have another blowout argument, ending in some very ugly words and separate rooms.

Check out clips from The X Life on its video page, and screen shots from this week's episode below.

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