Shaunie O’Neal Talks Beef With Royce And Pork In Spain



Digging a bit deeper into her recent public feud with Royce Reed, Shaunie O’Neal talks about falling out out and making up with Royce (on screen, at least), as well as the trip to Spain and the notion of cultural sensitivity as it applies to gifts of suckling pigs.

I’m curious if the Media Takeout story suggesting that Marlon hit on Royce, which preceded your current drama with Royce, had anything to do with your current drama with her?

That story was totally untrue.

Did the problems with Royce and her possibly shaky future with the show that you recently made public predate all the NBA All-Star party invite stuff?

Yeah. It started at the end of Season 2. It had nothing to do with me. We taped the reunion. We were cool. I left and thought everything still was cool and next thing I know, she’s running her mouth on Twitter and blogs. I don’t know.

The irony of this breaking beef is that on the show this week, you squashed other beef with Royce.

Again, I haven’t had any problem with Royce. She can be a s***-starter and play both sides, but I always stayed neutral with her. I was really honest with how I felt about her, but at the same time, I wasn’t trying to start an argument with her. I think as a grown woman, I should be able to say, “You’re getting on my nerves,” and she can voice how she feels and that’s that. That has always been my relationship with Royce and that’s how it would have been. I have no reason to be angry with her. So all of this [recent drama] was a total surprise to me. We’re not friends or BFFs, but we always remained cordial. At least, I did.

How about the pig scene? I asked Tami about this, but from your point of view, was there any concern about appearing culturally insensitive about the “gift” of a whole suckling pig?

Yeah. We didn’t want to hurt that guy’s feelings. It was a gift and really sweet. That’s why we were being sneaky about it. When you see Evelyn taking the pig away, she was going to try to set it to the side and then he walked in and thought she wanted it cut up. Later on, we were trying to separate it to make it look like we ate it even though we hadn’t. We put some on each person’s plate and tried to rip it up. We were trying to be sensitive to their feelings. I don’t eat pork ever, so I wouldn’t have been able to eat it anyway. But I definitely tried in helping get rid of some of it. We even had the idea of wrapping some in a napkin to get it out of the restaurant and then throw it away, so that we didn’t hurt anyone’s feelings. But it was a good hour of feeling like we were all Lucy and Ethel. It was nuts.

All in all, it seems like the Spain trip worked out for everyone.

We ended up having a good time. I really do think we bonded with each other on a different level.

We know everything is leading up to a showdown between Tami and Evelyn. What do you chalk that up to? Was the bond formed in Spain tenuous or volatile?

Well, you’ll see that the fight actually comes as a result of that bond, actually. I think Tami being passionate about the bond is why we get such an intense explosion.

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  1. Kay says:

    Am I missing something, but Royce didn’t say anything on Twitter until AFTER Shaunie said she was irrelevant? Also, she just admittedly said that as a woman that she had a right to her opinion, so is it childlike for Royce to have her own opinion. Last thing, Royce said on camera that Shaunie was never banned and was sent an invite to the parties this weekend. It seems like Shaunie, just like in Spain is looking for a reason to have beef with Royce. If she heard all the negative rumors then why didn’t she hear Royce say she has nothing against Shaunie.

  2. kb121 says:

    I agree with Kay. Unless we are all missing something. Shaunie started it by saying she was irrelevant and she that was going to be replaced. Are you really that delusional Shaunie. You started it.

  3. kb121 says:

    And… why are you now picking on Royce. Do you need a scapegoat? No Suzie. No Gloria. Tami certainly will not allow you to treat her like that.

  4. 95fan says:

    I will say this because it seems VH1 and Shaunie pay attention to the responses. And this is not to bash, because I do believe these comments are being read, and it must take a lot to put yourself out there like that.

    To me it appears Shaunie keeps responding and doing interviews to free her name from all of the drama. However, it does not matter how much she writes or speaks about what happened, because she helped create the situation. The way she reacted to Royce in Spain and in the media recently will stay on viewers’ minds. The way the threat of Royce not appearing on the second season was dropped AFTER the rumor of Shaunie’s boyfriend treating Royce and AFTER the alleged ban from Royce’s All-Star event looks suspicious. Shaunie is not innocent of causing drama, plus she has played both sides on the show – with Tami and Evelyn (and it was self admitted). I don’t think the “high road” approach will not work after what has happened. For the first season, there wasn’t really any drama, so it was the high road, but this season, we’ve seen Shaunie in dramatic situations in which several viewers felt she was unfavorable.

    I don’t know if I would want to watch the show again if Royce is bounced because of this silly stuff behind the scenes.

  5. Prestonia says:

    I’m not really concerned with the drama, but since Shaunie has Tami on the show she needs to get her a successful business going like the majority of all the other ladies on the show. Yes, they fixed her up with a little lipo, but she still sticks out like a sore thumb, and that’s not cute.

  6. Mrs. H says:

    Oh my dear Shaunie, Shaunie, Shaunie,
    What are we going to do with you. Every time you open your mouth we smell something foul. You know, I really don’t care for Tammi or Evelyn at all, but the one thing I can say for both of them is that they don’t hide the fact that they are b…..’s. You on the other hand try to come across as so innocent but nobody’s buying it. Accept yourself, or like ike turner said, “find yo-self” girl. Cut the crap, the public is not stupid. You saying Royce is irrelevant is like the pot calling the kettle black. You and Royce are basically the same except you got luckier as a jump-off by landing a more lucrative player. You made the same type of comment about Matt Barnes (saying you didn’t know anybody even knew him) as if you were some kind of superstar before basketball wives, or people knew you as anything other than Shaqulle’s wife. Royce may be a sh… starter, Evelyn and Tammi b…..’s, Jennifer a fake follower, but you my dear are the worst because your a perpetrator who couldn’t keep it real to save her life.

  7. Lil Kim says:

    Where’s Kimberly Brown Smith?

  8. MrzTerrell says:

    i think all of them are toooooo drama-ed out!.
    Shaunie is the ISH starter. why was Shaunie concerned abt Gloria’s sis gettin it w/ Shaq? Hell Shaq had a host of indiscretions. she needs to move on and get a life.

    Evenlyn is bitter and has NO class. she was want to have so much but has nothing. and those shoes were not worth 10% if the tag price on those shoes, i think those were the only shoes she sold.

    Jen is the ULTIMATE follower, she acts like Evenlyn is JESUS in a dress, i loooove the way her hubby Eric deals w/ her. Why does Jen have others fighting her battle abt her hubby.

    Royce ain ISH, plus she takes the D off DUMB! 1. y wld u like some other women question/disrespect ur man. 2. shes not a real friend to Suzie water mouth running azz. 3. she has alotta growning up to do. 4. none of them are her friends. has Royce decided if she wanna be a Luke dancer? lol

    they are need to grow up….Gloria has the most sense. How those chic gon get mad cuz her man wldnt tell them who was humpin who….theire not w/ none of those players anymore. they have no class and no dress game as they think, yes Ocho Cinco need to help Evenlyn and the rest of them.

  9. MrzTerrell says:

    I like Tammy…..but shes cross the street azz GHETTO and should never be given any ALCOHOL, plus she need to stop confronting ppl whnever some1 tlks abt her, hell she’ll be confronting th world if thats the case. Yes, Shaunie and Royce plays both sides of the fence. Shaunie knows exactly whats she doin…if Shaunie doesnt wanna be part the drama, she need to make sure she stays of out of it. i didnt like they way she allowed Evenlyn to talk about Tammy not knowing how to dress. To be honest none of them have an excellent dress game. This really burnt my azz when…Shaunie and Evenyln tring to get Jen to have sex w/ other men knowing shes married, regardless of the seperation. Jen pin your ears back and get some balls and grace about yourself. Suzie Suzie Suzie…i feel nothing for you cuz ur getting wht u deserves and some. Like the host stated…how u have a Lisp and cant keep a secret.

  10. wawawa says:

    These are some messiest chicks I have seen on tv. Jennifer: HELLO??? ANYONE OUT THERE? YOUR HUSBAND DON’T WANT YOU. YOU NEED SOMEONE TO SPELL IT OUT?? GIRL GET ON WITH IT!!

  11. LISA says:


  12. sweet t says:

    i am with kb121 on that statement

  13. BLAQBRRY says:


  14. nevco1 says:

    i dont see what was the biggie about the girl being sick if she sick she sick we dont say nothing about evelyn being fake she said it all when shaunie ask royce why did u come and her answer was because it is spain on shaunie dollar i would not think about it either

  15. Vee says:

    I sincerely hope y’all do read these comments ‘cos there are some real honest stuff being said here.
    Shaunie, Shaunie, Shaunie….u think ‘cos u successfully play d girls u can actually play d viewers? I personally think ur a very smart, calculating b…. who tries to play like she’s innocent but is d real s…starter. I used to like u tho, but I can now see ur just fake. U have a problem with Royce, had it even b4 d Spain trip, and I guess u couldnt pretend anymore. Am sure if it were Jen or Evelyn who said they were sick at dat trip, you’ll go on fake as usual and try to be sympathetic.

    As for Jen and Evelyn. I actually like Evelyn. She does her thing, and doesnt pretend about it. Jen should just get off Evelyn’s back and get a life. Like Royce said, she really could have saved her marriage if she wanted to, but when u have fake friends around u, ur sc…ed.

    Tammy, u’ll be a fool to trust any of those girls. I know u need to start a new life for urself, u know, get ur groove back, but I know u can meet better people who will help u do that the right way. With all that you’ve been through, u dont need fake people around u.

    Royce, I love dat u have a head on ur shoulders. All I can say is “be wise”.

  16. qwete says:

    All I have to say is..Watch Out For Shaunie.. She tries to be undercover with her backstabbing self. Always trying to get the others to talk about things knowing it’s gonna start some mess and she is right in the middle of it all. Thinking she is a peace maker (NOT). If I was Royce I would have kicked the heck out of all of them, if someone is sick and they are suppose to be your friends, they never would have went off on you like that. Suppose the shoes were on the other feet and any of them gotten sick, lordy, lordy they would be at one another hand and foot. Royce get some new friends with some class.

  17. cmt says:

    Shaunie: I use to like her until she jumped on Gloria about her sister dating Shaq. That was so stupid for them to think that Gloria would turn on her sister. Shaunie is so messy and no wonder Shaq left her.
    Evelyn: Words can not explain what type of woman this is. She is the definition of BITTER. She always try to act bad, I wish I had a chance to be on one of the episodes.
    Jennifer is the a follower. She is so stupid for allowing a bitter ole miserable lady to tell her what to do. FOLLOWER.
    Suzie: is to WEAK
    Royce: You ok with me.
    Gloria: You did the right thing. Leave those miserable Women behind you.

  18. CMOB says:

    Shaunie, I want u to google the word friendship & backstabber….. You have no reason to dislike Royce. Grow up please. I had mad respect for you prior to this show. You are bitter about your marriage but u are befriending a woman (Evenlyn) women like her is the reason you and your husband are not together. Leave Gloria alone. I think gloria lives in wonderland but hey let her live there. Yea from the different things i read about her sister more than likely she slept with your man but thats not Gloria leave that girl alone. She would fool to turn on her sister for you.
    I love Tammie i don’t think you should drink and i think you need to realize that none of those women are your friends.
    Jen get a back bone find you a new man and while you are out there find you some new friends.

  19. BW Fan says:

    Shaunie, PLEEEEASE get rid of Meeka! Can’t stand that wannabe! What were you thinking??!