What Chilli Wants 2 Recap – Finale – Baby Wait



It looks like Chilli’s finally found the total package.

It’s the beginning of the end of What Chilli Wants 2. We begin in Atlanta with Tionna and Lasse. She lets Lasse know that he's the first guy Chilli's kissed since Tionna began setting Chilli up, and that he'd better not – mess it up. –


Her military-inspired jacket is appropriate here, since her recruiting has finally resulted in a few good men one good man for Chilli.

Somehow I think Lasse realizes how much pressure is on him.


Meanwhile Chilli is back at the doctor’s for an anatomy lesson:


Just kidding! She's there to freeze her eggs, in case things don't work out with Lasse. She’s hoping this will give her options down the road. This doctor tells her how the process works, and, as you can see, it’s still as weird to Chilli as it was the first time her OB-GYN explained it to her. She knows it makes sense – logically, – but she's not feeling it. That’s why we work with logic isn’t it? So we don’t have to ‘feel’ it. Chilli's got three days before the appointment to think and feel this decision over.

– With all this baby talk it's hard to focus on the task at hand, finding the right guy, – Chilli interviews. But who keeps on bringing it up? Hmmm?


Next on the agenda, Chilli takes Lasse shopping because she's asked him to escort her to the


– ¦ Awards. This will make their relationship – very public, – and you know, Lasse's kind of a fixer upper. Chilli will need to My Fair Lady this man before she can be seen with him. I think he'll probably be just fine.


Just. Fine.


As Lasse’s trying on dress shirts Chilli suggests he just go shirtless, and, compared to this vest and t-shirt combo, it sounds like the right option.


In fact she can't stop staring at him congratulating herself. She mentions that most men use dressing rooms to try on clothes, but Lasse doesn't. But no bid deal, it's just shirts right?


Wrong. I appreciate, though, that Lasse needs to protect his eyes but leaves the rest of his body uncovered.


This season has mentioned Chilli’s Christian faith very little, so I’m glad for this last-episode reminder.


This is just cruel to this poor, Lasse-less woman.

Later Tionna goes to look at flower arrangements with Chilli, and to discuss Chilli’s upcoming date to the Soul Train awards with Lasse. The discussion takes a little time to get rolling:


Tionna accuses Chilli of wanting a baby more than a man, but Chilli says she wants the whole husband/baby experience. Her biological clock is ticking so loudly that she can’t hear Tionna anymore. She lovingly describes the experience she wants, complete with a baby shower, a man rubbing cocoa butter on her belly, etc.


Tionna is not sure that Chilli is even ready for a relationship. – But whatever happens now is up to her, – Tionna interviews. They may have matching eyeshadow, but Chilli and Tionna don’t see eye to eye.


Chilli and Lasse go to the Soul Train Awards.


They hit the red carpet — an all-important test for Lasse — and Lasse sort of hangs back while Chilli does her thing, taking photos, doing interviews. It’s what Chilli hopes for — he’s confident and not nervous, but letting her get to work. But then someone introduces himself to Lasse…and oh, snap, guess who I saw:




The self-deprecation, the sarcasm: why's Biz Markie so down on himself?

Chilli saves Lasse from this awkward situation, inviting him to do some photos because – Why wouldn't I want to be seen on the red carpet with a man like that? – Don't let Biz hear you, he'll get self-esteem issues.


Chilli’s mirror dress, by the way. was specifically designed to give females more angles from which to see Lasse. As they make there way down the rest carpet, there's not a single woman who can keep her eyes off of Lasse — or keep their jaw shut after looking at him. It makes Chilli feel good.



Like, dance in front a green screen good.


They meet more celebrities inside. For example:




How I wish Rick Ross had introduced himself to Lasse.


We also get a glimpse of the anti-gravity that is Erykah Badu’s headwear. The woman behind her is thinking the same thing we are: “How is that hat staying on?” Sheer willpower. If you were Erykah Badu’s hat and she told you to stay put, you would.


But there's no time for socializing post-ceremony, which is regrettable. After Chilli introduces Ne-Yo’s performance, she grabs Lasse and takes off, because she wants him all to herself. After this glamorous and star-studded evening the pair take the limo over to:


To enjoy some waffles. And the service with a smile:


They’re anticipating/dreading Lasse's trip home for work, because he’s leaving that night. She dares him to dance with her in the Waffle House, and he more than obliges. Then they share a slow dance to – Easy – by the Commodores, and it’s very romantic.


They set hearts a-flutter:


Or maybe it’s just the sausage gravy over eggs. Hard to tell.

The limo ride back to Lasse’s hotel is very touchy. And they share a long goodbye — or as Lasse says, – just a see you later – — outside the door.


And even that's too short, because he runs back to the limo for a second goodbye and another kiss.

The next day things get even more romantic:



…as Chilli heads to a clinic to start her egg freezing process. She's nervous and hesitant, still, and you know what that means: if Chilli isn't 100 percent in, she's 100 percent out. – This choice doesn't feel right to me, – she interviews.


She walks up to the office assistant and abruptly cancels her appointment. – I think it's time to wipe the slate clean. Maybe I've been putting too much pressure on myself, my love life… – she explains. I believe everyone would agree…that she should have said this at the start of the season. But it’s never too late.


She ends by promising to focus on finding a man to fall in love with. “And everything else will take care of itself.”


Yup, it’s going down.

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