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With the season of You’re Cut Off! drawing to a close, we thought it’d be a good opportunity to catch up with the young women on the show to find out how it’s made an impact on their lives. Were they really cut off? What did they learn from the show? What are they up to now? Most of the girls responded back to us promptly — their answers are below. They may surprise you!




“The show has changed my life for the better. The notoriety from the show allowed me the opportunity to be more instrumental and draw a great deal of positive attention to the charities I’m involved with. I’ve had the chance to play in some charity basketball games for charitable organizations such as Hollywood Knights and the Boys and Girls Club. I will also be a ‘celebrity host’ at the Operation Smile ‘Cocktails and Smiles’ event in South Florida on March 5. These are all amazing opportunities that wouldn’t be possible without the recognition from being on You’re Cut Off!

Since the finale, I’ve been more conservative with spending and really have been working on my bargain shopping skills. My parents had less difficult terms than I gave myself, and I have been very compliant with helping them with their nine dogs, and also trying to cut down on my excessive amount of luggage I tend to travel with. My parents, however, have not cut me off.

My lifestyle has been tweaked by the lessons I learned from my experience on You’re Cut Off! There’s no way anyone can live through an experience like this and not come out of it stronger and smarter. I disliked how much of the positive aspects of our experience were left out of the show. As far as my portrayal, I feel it’s inaccurate but I will embrace it for the show. I’m definitely more educated and have more work experience than the show leads the audience to believe.

As for future plans, I’m currently working on designing a line of luggage for all my fellow jet-setting princesses!”

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Since the show, some things have changed DRASTICALLY…and some, not so much! Am I still Houston’s Sugar Baby??? YOU KNOW IT!!! LOL! I will always have a glam squad by my side, no matter what! There’s no way I’ll ever be flawed when I have the best team behind me! As a result of You’re Cut Off!, I was invited to attend an Oscar Night America (an Oscar watch party) hosted by the American Cancer Society, and was required to walk the red carpet! Even though my mom cut me off, I was still fab! Abi Ferrin (the designer who dresses the VH1 Football Wives) put me in a stunning gown! The Nail Mogul salon had my nails more blinged out than Shakyra’s on our first day of the show! And we all know how I make sure my weave is ALWAYS top notch, no matter what Nadia says — Creme de la Creme hair, the most upscale boutique in Houston, made sure my long locks were flowing and Beautiful Hair by Britney styled me just right! And don’t forget Kolors by Kat, my fantastic makeup artist!

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I’ve been booked for several events and it’s a whirlwind trying to get used to it all! Me , Jessica and Lauren will host a big party in my hometown of Corpus Christi, TX on April 2! I can’t wait to see my girls

I learned how to give back on the show, and it was so easy to do last night by buying raffle tickets, and participating in charity gambling (I learned how to play 21…a surgeon taught me…we’re having dinner later this week!)

A month ago, my mom booted me out of our apartment and told me to find a way to make it on my own. She was true to her word! Me and Tex moved out to a brand new house in Katy, where I stay with a roommate who cooks almost as good as my mom does. We have a housekeeper who comes by weekly, so it’s almost like my mom never left!!

I ended up in a car accident on New Year’s Eve (are you surprised?), and my mom paid to have the vehicle repaired…BUT, I am currently on a payment plan to pay her back! She’s not joking about me pulling my weight!

I’m currently working on a project called Aimee J.’s Dating Camp, which gives me the opportunity to show America how to date FUN! The premise is to remind people that dating is not just dinner and a movie, it’s outrageous, fun activities that help you get to know someone! I will date 8 NFL players and with the help of my comedian wing man, KC Mack, event planners, and several celeb hosts, we will show people how to date the right way!

Anyone who wants to see this masterpiece should visit this link.

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VH1: Did the show change your life? How?

It didn’t change my life. However, it’s inevitable that you’ll experience change being with all different types of personalities and girls from all different walks of life. I encountered things I probably wouldn’t have otherwise, and my eyes were opened to perspectives that I wasn’t used to. Being away from my mom was probably the biggest challenge of all. All the girls on the show were cut off differently. I wasn’t cut off from being lazy or unproductive – “ my cut off was trying to grow from being a sheltered child to being an independent woman.

VH1: Have your habits/lifestyle changed as a result of the show?

My mom still babies me, but I’ve been taking initiative when it comes to money management and adult things that I didn’t want to deal with before. I have my own business, but I used to make my mom deal with the financial matters like making sure all the bills were paid. I’ve started taking initiative of that, making sure the bills are paid and the rent is sent on time. I’m a little more responsible now – “ instead of putting money toward my factory, I’d go buy a $3,000 pair of shoes. Now, I realize that’s not going to get me anywhere. Now it’s not about being a mommy’s girl, but becoming a successful woman in my own right.

VH1: What did you think of the show/your portrayal?

It’s a little fuzzy. It’s not exactly great. I don’t know everyone’s background, but I think I was one of the most sheltered girls in the cast – “ I haven’t met a girl in the world who has a relationship like me and my mom have. Maybe that made me come across as weaker or more spoiled or bratty, but I don’t think it’s anything to be embarrassed of. My mom and I have a great bond. I just want to make sure we’re getting the most out of our relationship. It was interesting, because I came in as the baby, but I’m the only one who runs my own business. I don’t think I was portrayed badly, although I did hope I’d be portrayed more as a fashion person. I guess the fashion person is always the one who gets portrayed as a snob. In the fashion industry, everyone says that about everyone.

How’s business?

My website is I just got a couple of big looks pulled from celebrities like Katy Perry and Rihanna. Taylor Swift wears a lot of my T-shirts. Jwoww and Nicole wear a lot of my clothing during their press events. I’m working on a couple of segments for a major network – “ I’m not really supposed to talk about it, but I’m going to come in and help with some styling from my own line and showing girls how to get a high-fashion look for less. It’s playing off the whole budgeting thing from the show. I’m working on a line that’s a different price point, a T-shirt line. You’re Cut Off! is all about taking away excess and still being able to keep your integrity and fashion sense.

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VH1: Did the show change your life? How?

I think it was interesting to be put in a situation that I’ve never been in, like working at a restaurant. The show helped me realize how quickly you can spend $30 and if you’ve made that money on your own, how much more you value it. That was the biggest thing: realizing the value of a dollar. It was also the first time I was away from my family and friends, and so it taught me about living with people I wouldn’t ordinarily be around. I never imagined I’d be the one to care the most about how clean the kitchen or bathroom was, besides Lauren. I’ve grown up with a housekeeper and never had to worry about that.

VH1: Have you really been cut off? Has your financial supplier carried out the terms of your arrangement per the finale?

I did move out, which is exciting. It was time. I think that Laura’s idea that we weren’t living up to our potential was true. I think I’ve exceeded my parents’ expectations in graduating from college and having a somewhat successful adult life, but there’s so much more that I can achieve.

VH1: Have your habits/lifestyle changed as a result of the show?

I don’t know that I’d go back to the Swap Meet, but I definitely now realize you can find cute things at Target or Forever 21. You don’t have to spend nearly as much as you would at, say, Chanel or even Bloomingdales.

VH1: What did you think of the show/your portrayal?

Every show needs its token cast members. It’s interesting that it seems like what people hate me for most is being fat, as if that has personally affected them in some way. Nobody tells me I’m ugly, nobody says I’m a bitch; every mean comment is just about me being fat. My portrayal was what I expected, though. I’m happy to represent for the big girls. I want girls who are not stick thin and who are searching for their prom dress or boots that fit over their calves to see someone like me on TV who’s funny and has a great life. I want to be their example. Live your life, be healthy, exercise and be well, but not all of us are meant to be a size 2 or even a size 10. If I can be someone that teen girls or adult women look at and are inspired by my confidence or wardrobe, that is enough for me. Anyone else can call me fat, and it’s all worth it.

What are you up to now?

I’m running my plus-size style website, Skorch Magazine, where I talk about all sorts of things going on in the curvy world we live in. I’m also still shooting my Marcy Minutes, which I’m looking to develop into a show. I think losing weight is something people in America are always going to care about, but when you’re not the size you want to be, what do you do? I want to give that answer to people, to tell them to live in the skin your in, love yourself and be amazing. I’m definitely here to stay. People can expect a lot more Marcy on their TV.

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VH1: Did the show change your life? How?

The show changed my life in the way that I look at myself and other people. I have always chosen friends that are similar to me in the way they behave, carry themselves, and treat others. Living with these extreme personalities helped me to see that I AM capable of seeing through superficial elements of friendships and loving other people for who they are in their hearts. We had no other choice but to exist with one another and make the best of the situation, which ultimately led to an extremely unique and lovely support system, because we are kind of like family now, and will always be bonded by this experience. In my “real life” I have learned to be more accepting of others, and as the show has progressed, the public has been able to witness my flaws so I don’t feel as much pressure to be so “perfect” all the time. I can just be me. I have had many cool opportunities pop up recently from the national exposure of VH1, which will hopefully sky rocket my modeling/acting career. My new Facebook twitter friends/fans are the BEST! They truly make my day everyday!The support from viewers has been extremely encouraging, and I am sooo proud that I was able to remain true to who am in a situation that I never imagined would be a reality in my life path. But I am so happy to have experienced being “cut off” and I hope I have carried out my life long mission to be considered a good “role model.”

VH1: Have you really been cut off? Has your benefactor carried out the terms of your arrangement per the finale?

I have been cut off 100 percent in real life. Luckily, I have some money saved in the bank that I have acquired over my many years of modeling. I actually feel much closer to my parents now that they are not JUST my ATM. I feel like we can grow an all new healthier relationship that doesn’t involve me taking or expecting anything from them. It’s very nice, and I appreciate everything they have done for me. I spend a lot of my time now in Louisville, KY where I model for [Editor’s note: See?] I have also been traveling a lot, which is nice. I am still waiting for the perfect interior design opportunity to arise here in the Nashville area…I need to put my I.D. degree to use! On another note, I am still waiting to meet the love of my life, but for the record, I’m over the idea of marrying the president. I’m thinking more along the lines of a NASCAR driver now…maybe even a rodeo cowboy.

VH1: Have your habits/lifestyle changed as a result of the show?

My lifestyle has has not changed all that much. I do, however, have lots of opportunities that I did not have before the show. I am more focused, and I’m seeing that you get out of life what you put into it. So I’ve been busting my rear end to take advantage of every opportunity that I can. Being in the YCO house also made me realize how amazing all of my friends and family members are, so if anything, I spend more time going out/hanging out with them. I LOVE my life and cannot wait to see what happens next!

VH1: What did you think of the show/your portrayal?

I think the show is a pretty fair portrayal of all the girls. My strategy, from the moment I found out I had been lied to about the concept of the show, was to be the reserved girl, the girl that didn’t get involved in the drama, the good girl. Until the last few episodes, I was a fly on the wall, but after sooo many days in the house and all of the ridiculous drama between the girls, I couldn’t hold it in anymore, so I finally ran my mouth. It’s amazing how the moment I became the least bit controversial I began to appear more in the episodes. It makes me wonder if I should have opened up earlier in the season, but that’s just another lesson I learned. I feel like the shows portrayal of me was fairly accurate. However, I did wonder 99 percent of the time why the heck I was ever even chosen to be on the show. I was not raised to be a spoiled woman. As a young girl, I was a tomboy, playing three to four sports a year, wrecking motorcycles, and helping my dad with his race car or feeding the cows. I have amazing parents that love me and never put too much pressure on me because I was the golden child that became a professional model straight out of high school, and won the Miss Tennessee pageant, and received a four-year college scholarship. So they didn’t mind helping me out when I needed it. Now that I am 26-years-old, I guess I have still expected that special treatment from them, so the show really helped me to see that “Lauren’s lala land” must come to an end. I felt as though I was the show’s token Southern girl that every reality show needs, but I didn’t realize until close to the end that there was a huge lesson to be learned, and that is that I don’t need to always be perfect, I can just be me, and be responsible for my own decisions. I am the creator for my own life path.

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“The show has definitely changed my insight on life. It taught me how to interact with different types of people and how to deal with them in living conditions.

Since the show, I definitely have a bigger appreciation of my valuebles, family, and just people in general. However, I have not moved out, unfortunately. My car was bought in cash so I don’t have any car payments and so far I haven’t had any flat tires! Thank god, haha.

I’m also still single and having difficulty with letting someone special into my life. I really want to find love!

I have not gotten a job, but I am cut off but I am proud to say that I’ve become more responsible and independent. I have started a T-shirt line called Royal Lagger, and an organic hair and body spray called Elixer, which can be found at several hair salons in Beverly Hills, a hotel in WeHo, beauty shops around L.A., and online. Before, the show I was looking into designing my own bikini and swimwear line, and I am currently working on that to add to my Royal Lagger collection! I am setting goals and trying to reach them one step at a time to have a better future. Oh and I still dislike pumping gas!!”

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VH1: Did the show change your life? How?

The show changed my life in ways I couldn’t imagine, especially because I left so early. Contrary to my expectations, the show has allowed me to continue to pursue my modeling career. I was able to appear in Garry Marshall’s New Years Eve, starring celebs like Katherine Heigl, Amare Stoudemire and Jon Bon Jovi. In addition to modeling for couture lines, like George Simonton and Courtney Washington, I’m also modeling urban lines such as Rocawear, Babyphat, & Coogi for Jimmy Jazz, Man Alive, Hyper Active stores, and S&D’s Underground stores. I also appear in Gyptian’s new video for “She’s My Lady.” My new website,, is proof that my five minutes on VH1 did change my life for the better.

VH1: Have you really been cut off? Has your benefactor carried out the terms of your arrangement per the finale?

Well, you can’t replace your parents, but you can damn sure replace an arrogant boyfriend! We are no longer together — I’m a woman of my word!

VH1: Have your habits/lifestyle changed as a result of the show?

Some of my homies ditched the nickname “Vanity” and call me “Hollywood” or “Ms. VH1.” I’m praying this is temporary! But on a more serious note, I thought I would never find a man after being portrayed as a mooching, gold-digger who can’t wipe her own ass, but actually my social life has never been better. Wealthy guys are attracted to me even more than before, which is weird! Although I’m still Brooklyn’s Fashionista, coming out with my new accessories line called Vogue4Vanity in the spring, I have gotten a bit more conscious about giving back. The show has made me very grateful for all of my blessings, especially the ones I worked for!

VH1: What did you think of the show/your portrayal?

Yikes!!! I was pissed about being tricked. I mean I could use an attitude adjustment here or there but come on! Would I do Charm School? Yes! Princess rehab? No! I was born a princess, my parents would never dethrone me. As far as my portrayal, it was a dream come true! I’m the “bad bitch” from Brooklyn that left the show! I walk around NYC with my head held high. This made folks interested in me and my life. I am a girl with options! I was even featured in the New York Daily News, ahem… It doesn’t get any better than that!

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