Charlie Sheen Puts Dr. Drew On Blast During Largely Nonsensical Interview


In case you’ve Rip Van Winkle’d your way through the last few days, you should know that Charlie Sheen is currently in the thick of an unprecedented media blitz. Since Sunday night, he has given barely coherent “exclusive” interviews to NBC, ABC, TMZ and, just last night, CNN’s Piers Morgan. During his (highly quotable!) one-hour chat with Piers, Sheen took some time to lambast our own Dr. Drew Pinsky, who had appeared on Morgan’s show a few days back and offered up some comments on Sheen’s seemingly manic behavior.

When Piers explained that he had recently spoken with Dr. Drew, Sheen quipped, “There’s no way to get that time back.” Then, Piers ran a clip of Dr. Drew assessing some of Sheen’s potential problems, during which time Sheen pretended to take notes on his hand in a manner intended to mock Dr. Drew’s credentials. When pressed further to comment on Drew’s take, Sheen defiantly proclaimed, “That’s ridiculous — to have a prognosis on someone you’ve never been in the same room with? Come on.”

What do you guys think? Could Charlie Sheen use a few weeks (months?) in Celebrity Rehab? Or should Dr. Drew mind his own beeswax? Let us hear your thoughts in the comments section below.


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