Charlie Sheen Puts Dr. Drew On Blast During Largely Nonsensical Interview


In case you’ve Rip Van Winkle’d your way through the last few days, you should know that Charlie Sheen is currently in the thick of an unprecedented media blitz. Since Sunday night, he has given barely coherent “exclusive” interviews to NBC, ABC, TMZ and, just last night, CNN’s Piers Morgan. During his (highly quotable!) one-hour chat with Piers, Sheen took some time to lambast our own Dr. Drew Pinsky, who had appeared on Morgan’s show a few days back and offered up some comments on Sheen’s seemingly manic behavior.

When Piers explained that he had recently spoken with Dr. Drew, Sheen quipped, “There’s no way to get that time back.” Then, Piers ran a clip of Dr. Drew assessing some of Sheen’s potential problems, during which time Sheen pretended to take notes on his hand in a manner intended to mock Dr. Drew’s credentials. When pressed further to comment on Drew’s take, Sheen defiantly proclaimed, “That’s ridiculous — to have a prognosis on someone you’ve never been in the same room with? Come on.”

What do you guys think? Could Charlie Sheen use a few weeks (months?) in Celebrity Rehab? Or should Dr. Drew mind his own beeswax? Let us hear your thoughts in the comments section below.


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  1. Rich V says:

    It’s quite sad really, he can’t discern the true from the false. Specifically he doesn’t even realize how sick he is. They say you don’t hit bottom until you stop digging and Charlie seems to have just fired up the steam shovel. Too many of us have to suffer extreme amounts of pain before we come to the point where we are ready to surrender to the disease. We have to undergo a complete smashing of the ego before we can admit powerlessness. I pray Charlie lives to see his bottom and make his way back up and out of the hole he’s digging.

  2. pms says:

    Charlie Sheen needs a few months in a hospital and then a long term tc. I think he sounds manic, depressed and totally off the wall and needs a little reminder of his place in this world which is that he is not above the rest of us, it is the “little people” who gave him his power and that he is severly addicted and out of his mind. Hollywood needs to stop allowing these celebrities to continue to work during their tirades. There are plenty of good actors and actresses who are sane and professional that would welcome the work. Charlie, your are not God, you need help. Take the hint.

  3. Lori says:

    Can a sick mind (or addicted mind) really realize just how sick and addicted it is? Step 1 is to admit powerlessness. Charlie is nowhere near that. As for Dro Drew, he seems to know his stuff and even he realizes you can’t save everyone. Being an addict is not a “credentail” as Charlie seems to think. You don’t need to have had cancer to treat it successfully and properly.

  4. Maggie says:

    Dr. Drew is right again. He probably hit it right on the nose about Charlie’s childhood. I would love to see Charlie Sheen on Celebrity Rehab. Although, I doubt he would do it for less than “3 million an episode!” He is seriously delusional and looks terrible. He really needs to get help.

  5. No longer anonymous says:

    It doesnt take Drew to point out the obvious about Sheen. Alot of us have already been through it. Its not always easy to admit your powerlessness, even more so when you are in a position of wealth like Sheen. He may have to lose everything before he is willing to accept the truth. I myself had a horrible “God” complex, I know what he is thinking, i too wouldnt have listened to Drew. I had to lose everything before I started to fix things and stop being a fool. Charlie just isnt seeing how foolish he is yet. Get him clean for a month or so and let him look back at all these wonderful things he is saying and doing now, acceptence and humiliation are things he needs to learn on top of his own powerlessness.

  6. CRStardust says:

    Charlie Sheen is desperately ill and totally into his addictions….I’m amazed he hasn’t been involuntarily committed at this point in time…he is bona fide nutso. Is he a danger to himself? Yes. And to others? Remains to be seen.

  7. Christine Rohloff says:

    I really love charlie sheen,he is an awesome actor,but he also has some very serious problems. I really dont think he realizes the situation he is in or he does but is afraid of dealing with it.Dr.Drew is awesome also and he knows what he is talking about.Someone with a drug problem does not like listening to what people who have never done drugs have to say,because we dont think they know what they are talking about.Also if a person is forced into rehab without wanting it it will not work,thats why i dont understand why courts force people to go because while they are there all they do is screw around and they dont take anything serious which then puts the people who want to get clean in jeopardy.And yes I am writing all of this from experience.I believe Charlie will either seek the help he needs or he will die and thats what most drug addicts know and accept.And as far as us hurting the people around us,I am sorry but we don’t care all we want is to feel good at any price,and I know alot of you will think I am a self centered idiot and you know what that is what drugs turn you into.Also a lot of people fear rehab cause when you take the drugs away it is like being in mourning cause you lost your best friend and that is the drug.So when you guys say he should just give it up and go into rehab you have no idea how hard of a decision that is for someone plus like I said before if you dont want it it’s not gonna work.and it really does suck when someone needs drugs to be happy and to feel special but it’s reality and it’s what we struggle with every day.But it should be the addicts choice!

  8. Kate C says:

    Charlie Sheen on next Celeb Rehab for sure!

  9. DeboMac says:

    He so needs Dr. Drew’s help. Physically, mentally and otherwise. Its so wrong with the media feeding his mental instability. Just the call of the almighty dollar. God help him.

  10. tammy says:

    Charlie may be a train wreck in the making, but he does make a point. Dr. Drew has never met him. Never talked to him. How could he possibly make any assumsions to what is wrong with Charlie. To me it seems that maybe Drew is going on all the Talk shows, and he’s been on a few, and discussing Charlie and his “potential problems”, to get a little publicity and maybe to try and get Charlie in Celeb Rehab. Love to see it. It would be an awesome season. But I think Drew needs to back off.

  11. lobby says:

    i think that we shouldnt care what he does. Its his life and if he wants to destroy his life this way, then let him. He will regret it.

  12. ohlolol says:

    i think that D.r Drew needs to back off! seriously, if charlie is making a mistake, he will realise it in HIS OWN time!
    Charlie IS being a bit rude and stubborn but we should just let him realise his mistake in his own time and in his own way, not just try to force him to make a decision or trying to make him listen because, he wont listen.
    He needs to figure out his problems, himself. Alone.

  13. Laurie M. says:

    What’s interesting about Charley Sheen is that he showing the world what an untreated ‘addict/alcoholic/sexaholic/workaholic, etc. looks like. He is extremely grandiose, doesn’t think rules should apply to HIM; blah, blah, blah. (When his lips move, you know he’s lying.) Right. For people who have experienced addiction personally in their lives, he’s doing so many of the “classic” things we all did, or would have liked to have ‘done’ had we the same kind of fame or access to money Mr. Sheen has had his whole life. It reminds me of watching “The Challenger Rocket” 25 years ago as things were starting to go wrong after takeoff…
    Maybe Charlie Sheen will be used as an example for the recovery communtity in the future. It certainly seems like his “fall” is going to be something extremely spectacular…
    Dr. Drew has been tackling Sheen directly, with all the
    force, logic & reasons from his ‘Doctor of Recovery’ perspective. That’s O.K.; but in Sheen’s case maybe a dose of Al-Anon principles (in addition) would help. Things like “Detaching”, “Letting Go”, stopping the enabling by all the lackies and sycophants around him; just let him fall. I really don’t know. Stop Caring So Much About Charlie Sheen. Thankfully, his children might be better off now. Maybe Dr. Drew needs to attack Sheen ‘on the flank’ or indirectly, rather than the head-on assault that’s been the pattern of late. Yes, Sheen’s ‘being on’ Celebrity Rehab would make great TV but maybe Sheen needs another approach in his recovery. If indeed he CAN recover. There are lots of people who just can’t seem to stop their destructive behavior. A big tragedy is usually the result of instincts running wild. Maybe the approach Mr. Sheen needs does NOT involve Dr. Drew. As much as I like Dr. Drew, I have been a little disturbed by seeing him on various shows ‘hawking’ his CR program/his own diagnosis/prognosis. Most people have egos. I just had never seen Dr. Drew’s (ego) before his recent attempts to get Charley Sheen to accept his ideas. Addicts/Alcoholics like to engage in BELIGERANT DENIAL. I sure did. Charley Sheen’s “spirit” is getting stronger (like M.Quadaffi’s) in Libya. Both think ‘they’ are the Higher Power. Logic will not work on people like these people.

  14. Alicia says:

    Defitnitely childhood drama!!! Charlie is not ready to reconize it. Hopefully he will soon and move on with his life!!

  15. Tina says:

    Dr. Drew is a real doctor……….Charlie should listen and see him. He’s a good man that Dr. Drew.

  16. Snoopy says:

    As someone who’s father was bi-polar, I’m pretty certain I recognize it after watching Charlie’s various interviews. If he ever gets medical help for to manage that, then he can work on the drug and alcohol problem which definitely go with this illness. It seems as if he may be sliding down from his mania a little. If he is bi-polar, there’s a big depression looming in the wings. It’s not gonna be pretty.

  17. Denise Sanders says:

    I have watched his ranting a raving. He made a one sentence commit that really summed it up for me. He stated that, and not to quote him, his producers, directors would accomodate his request for a couch or chair close by to lay on, leen on, or fall on if need, becuase he was too high or too hung over to make it through a scene. I believe the idividuals who chastized him by not coming to the set to work were only concerned about the money they were going to be losing. If they had been concerned about Charlie, they would have threatned to cut him off if he didn’t get help when he was requesting the support of a set prop or apparadise to function. It seems to me, they were taking advantage of his addiction, using it in character, making comments about the likness in the script to him in reality because it was feeding the cash cow. They are the enablers as well and they need to take the blame, the responsibilty for their part in aiding and bedding the situation and they should have to pay him his salary while he is in rehab. The drugs have eliminated the secretion of the chemicles his brain would normally make and replaced his dicision making qualities. If anyone ever needed an intervention it is him. I pray he gets the help he needs and sues the show affiliates for their willingness to accept his whirrling out of control to keep cashing in on him… how much would they have made with a deceased star in reruns of one of the most popular comedy sitcoms of all time?

  18. Tinker Bell says:

    As a therapist and a substance abuse treatment specialist I feel that although Dr. Drew is a good doctor, his talking about Charlie Sheen in the public eye has elimnated any chance that he might have helped him. A more subtle approach would have been wiser, like reaching out to him privately.

    In the meantime, without having seen him in person but having experience with psychiatric pathology as well as addicts, it is possible to make some overall guesses based on his behaviors. What I have seen in his interviews is a very grandiose and somewhat out of touch with reality Mr Sheen…. at times he looks intoxicated as well. It would not at all surprise me if he is bipolar in addition to being an addict. The sad part is that this man is on a path to death.

    I pray that someone who cares about him helps him to get the assistance he needs!