Audrina – Watch The Promo


“Somewhere between fame and family, there’s a place for me,” says Audrina Patridge, referring to her upcoming show Audrina, in the promo for it above. She also jumps into a pool while wearing a dress! Looks wild!

Audrina premieres Sunday, April 17 at 9/8c. Its theme will be the song you hear in the promo, “Uncharted” by Sara Bareilles. For more info on the show, check out our previous post on it.

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  1. kristina says:


  2. pam says:


  3. jamie says:

    i love her and i cant wait to see her show :)

  4. 4 REALZ says:

    I’m so glad you got you own show. I just hope its more real than the Hills.

  5. venus says:

    god please enough of her.old dog eyed girl/can t act give me a break i hope its all bad lol

  6. Sasha says:

    Im excited

  7. cesi says:

    i’ve watched lauguna beach to the hills… wait tell lauren left i stopped watchin the hills… and now cant wait for this.. probable be FAKE but still =)

  8. The Queen of Metal says:

    Wasn’t it on the MTV’s Aftershow to The HILLS that the hosts would poke fun at Audrina’s lack of character? Awesome! Another show with shallow characters and “face palming” dramas. Haven’t the Kardashians already conquered this feat? Also, are we to gage our expectations for this show from this dull promo? It resembles a weird perfume commercial rather than selling the show. Either you-VH1, or Audrina herself should fire whoever approved this.

    Dear VH1 are you ever going to produce a smart show and cease participation in the dumbing down of America? What ever happened to the music on your programming? Don’t answer either of the two because the answers might ruin my day and faith in the human race.

    Let’s look at the whole picture.
    Who is this about? A Californian girl who has more money than god and who gets to live a luxurious life. She will never have to deal with poverty or any other unspeakable hardships that shine a negative light on the American Dream. In my opinion the bums of LA have more character than your depiction of Audrina.

    What’s it about: Said girl being famous for being famous and who is trying to get more famous. Even the MTR chicks of E! have more substance because of their attachment to famous musicians. Why is this show placed into production? Perhaps to increase the sales of every product line Audrina has attachment to which primarily sells to blue collar America. The advertisements in the trash magazines apparently aren’t cutting it. Other than that I got nothing. God Bless this country for keeping control over the masses through media.

    Am I going to watch it? Absolutely! Only for the California porn though.

    Will her show survive? That depends on the writers. Audrina is no Lauren Conrad. VH1 producers seem like they are trying to reinvent the wheel here, but have to work harder because of how Audrina was first portrayed on MTV’s The HILLS. Hey kids if you want quality programming go Google some George Carlin or, hell some Bob Saget you might gain some perspective and some new and intelligent ways to rip into people.

    Good Luck Audrina, showbiz is a brutal animal.

  9. honey-gem says:

    We love her, she is gorgeous,smart (makin hay while the sun shines)….
    Any negative comments can only come from those who are jealous and totally green with envy.
    Audrina you rock girl!!! Wouldnt have got your own show if the majority didnt want to see more of you. Your a stunner, live the life and onward and upward for you girl.Your star is shining brightly. Wooooohoooo xoxoxo