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You’re Cut Off!‘s Laura Baron reached out to us to ask if we’d syndicate her personal blog post on Charlie Sheen. We’re happy to oblige, particularly in light of the just announced VH1 News Presents: Charlie Sheen: Winning…or Losing It? special.

We're no better than Charlie Sheen. We watch him basking in his mega wealth with users publicly snacking on his goods and act like it's nothing we know, not true. Charlie's severe sense of entitlement is endemic of this society. Don't tell me you haven't seen extreme self-love and ignorance with the people around you. Just because he and his tightrope are higher off the ground, doesn't mean his trip isn't the same.

Charlie Sheen is a direct reflection to everyone in this society struggling with the addiction of grandeur, never owning up to responsibility. While his camp bails and he stands alone choosing only the company of people who've made careers screwing others on the public stage, we feel a sense of relief and distance from the disaster. Don't give yourself that out. Use this as a reminder, no one is free from consequence – “ nothing can buy away the truth. Not even Hollywood can Technicolor Charlie's fall.

This is not about him alone, this is about the false sense of human value this society celebrates. We honor people for what they have, what they look like and then sit and watch while they drown in the shallow end thankful it's not us. This is not okay, it's personal. That ability to excuse Charlie because he seems to be an addict, is the same skill set we use to write off our own responsibility. We need to hold each other and ourselves accountable. Do your part. The world owes you nothing until you work to prove you deserve something.

This society needs an intervention.

No more excuses. Consider what you can do for yourself that you expect others to do and do it. Consider where you can take more responsibility and take it. And look for where you help to handicap others by stifling their independence and let go already. Charlie Sheen is on the public stage for a reason. Let's not waste this lesson pretending we actually live ON Jersey Shore.

Sheen said, “Hope is for suckers.” I disagree. Hope is for all of us that believe we can turn this thing around together. Let's cook this addiction of entitlement and get back to basics.

Hopefully, Charlie will stick around to become the heroic story of someone springing back after reaching his bottom. That would make watching this far less creepy. Regardless, use this. Take a look in the mirror. Take a long look, because the tight rope of entitlement snaps for everyone. How far you fall is determined by how high you're willing to walk. Step off and stay grounded.

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