Tami Roman On Her Fight With Evelyn Lozada: It Isn’t Resolved


In our final episode-specific Basketball Wives 2 interview with Tami Roman, we discuss the topic on everyone’s minds: her final, literal knock-down, drag-out with Evelyn Lozada. Tami discusses why she became so enraged at Evelyn and a possible permanent injury she sustained (here’s a clue: “I’m a puncher and she’s a scratcher”). Even though this issue has yet to be resolved, Tami says she sees hope for her nascent friendship with Ev: “We plan to discuss it,” she promises. No better time than next week’s reunion, right?

In case you want to relive the fight that Tami’s talking about (or watch it for the first time, even!), it’s posted below…

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  1. BeBe says:

    Evelyn should have kept that mess to herself..I imagine Tami didn’t grab her because of the affair, it was because how smug Evelyn was about it and called Tami a ‘non factor’..Evelyn is the non factor.. Jennifer’s husband did say to Jen that she did not know Evelyn like he did..Maybe she smashed him too along with Shaq..Everybody better start wondering with her on the loose.

  2. Jasmine says:

    Evelyn is DIRTY and FAKE!!!!!!! The other ladies should not hang with her she is a LOW DOWN DIRTY SHAME! Next she go come out and say she had sex with Shaquille O’Neal while Shawnee was married to him. SMDH. She smile in your face then stab you in the back. I wish Tammi couldve beaten the brakes off of her.

  3. mikayla says:

    this was foul. they should have let tami whoop that behind. it was about time that girl got snatched by someone. for her to say she didn’t know dude was married, come on now, she knew. why else would she say to tami that she was non factor.

  4. Anna says:

    Evelyn should have said something sooner but Tami shouldn’t be surprised he fup on her throughout the marriage there not married anymore And she should not be surprised there’s probably friends of hers that has slept with, get counceling and move on get over it….. I agree that Evelyn should have not said certain things but Tami can get to you they just have no business being friends. I’d like to add I think tami is an alcoholic and very angry person it’s sad because she’s a mom and she should be a better role model for her teenage daughter not a good 1st season for her she fights everyone lol omg poor girl.

  5. reallyreal says:

    this is so lame

  6. msmodest says:

    Why does it seem like Tami is on Eve’s *&%$

  7. Bhotty says:

    Evelyn is a rotten low down dirty black snake. She knew from the moment when she met Tammy that she had slept with Kenny. From the moment that Tammy stepped into the “circle” she should’ve spoke to Tammy privately not at Jen’s birthday party, how inappropriate. Then when Evelyn tells Tammy what’s up, it was with a nonchalant attitude. I’m glad Tammy whooped that behind, she should’ve gave her a black eye to give her “non factor” trick behind something to think about.

  8. jae says:

    Did Eve get with Antoine after she messed with Kenny? And was Jen really supposed to be happy she slept someone for a plane ticket and dinner? Eve is such a hoe.. how on one hand she says she wants to settle down and have kids bit on the other say she’s too busy and likes being single? Oh, I know, the trainer didnt have enough money for her, someone she has known for years. But as soon as Ocho flies her in to Cinci, she pulls out the lingerie, someone she hardly even knows, but he has the money…that scene was too obvious. We see what you up too Eve, I just hope Ocho sees it too.

  9. Tammie says:

    After all of that smack Evelyn talked during the season, she is no better than Gloria’s sister when that trick messed with Shaq. Jen & Shaunie should only understand Tami’s side, period. After all, they were the true wives, Evelyn’s butt was the one who never walked the aisle.. And then she is going to smile about it and then tell Tami she is a non-factor!! Really, that is why Suzie told her business about Vegas!!

    Everybody knew about Tami & Kenny just like folks knew of how Tami was off the hook on the Real World! Please, Evelyn knew, don’t buy it..

  10. Sad says:

    I feel for Tami. They needed to talk the situation out. Of course Evelyn had to get stupid and defensive as usual. Really Evelyn, you say non factor and you are going to get a reaction. Evelyn really showed her ass this season.Tami is gonna swipe your ass at the reunion

  11. Lilly says:

    Evelyn should have kept her mouth shut!!! I think all the ladies should be checking Ms. Evelyn because she probably has slept with eveybody’s ex. Remember what Jen’s soon to be ex said that Jen did not know Evelyn like she thought she did. hmmmmm:)

  12. Nic says:

    I was a little taken aback when evelyn said Tami was a ‘non-factor’, that was a little mean. But Im glad she told her, b/c if it were to be rumored and tami found out from someone else, that wouldve been a lot worse! It wouldve better if it came out sooner, but then from the way tami acted all season(@ jen) and her personality, there would have been nothing but fighting..so maybe the end was the right time.

  13. Ms. M says:

    Wow! I don’t know where to start. The way that Evelyn has portrayed herself to the world on tv is nothing more than the groupies that they all claim to hate. Who sleeps with a guy on the first night and has a 17 year old daughter watching all of this? Contray to what Evelyn said, I don’ think that Jennifer is jealous. Who would be of jealous of someone who has no respect for themselves. To think that on Season 1, Evelyn had a problem with the way Royce was dancing down or the floor or something to that effect. There is nothing that no one could do to make Evelyn look bad, she does that very well all on her own. We all need to pray for Chad that he gets out of this as fast as he got into this. He deserves better!

    I’m glad that Jennifer did not tell about her lip gloss line. It’s strange that Evelyn was trying to encourage Jennifer to walk away from what she is trying to secure -a relationship that is far from perfect. I pray that Eric and Jennifer find their way back to each other. Jennifer, the devil you know is better than the one you don’t know. It doesn’t matter who you are with you are going to have problems. It’s not ok that anyone is mistreated and lied to, but if there is a sincere attempt to reconciliate then I think that you should try again. If they continue to lie and betray you then it is over, but I think that Eric wanted to save his marriage.

    I do not condone violence, but I don’t think that Tami had a choice. The problem with this situation is Evelyn knew from the first day that she met Tami that she had slept with her husband. That’s the problem, it should have been brought out a long time ago rather than now. That was low, but that’s Evelyn! It’s part of her make-up she does not gave a “d” as long as she is getting what she wants.

    I’m floored that any woman who is trying to do something with her life and has ambition to become successful would portray herself on tv as an easy prey. Chad, if you don’t have any sense and you’re determined that you can tame the beast – remember what you saw on the show tonight. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks and you already know that it’s not hard to get.

    Evelyn, I don’t know you, but I am speaking from what you potrayed yourself as on tv. Just keeping it real…ha!

  14. apositive says:

    why does shaunie try to make tami & ev be friends oh
    cuz they keep viewers. Tami should know shaunie instigates ev’s
    foolishness. Jen’s husband said ev is foul. Why didn’t jen say that
    to ev but get mad when matt barnes calls them shaunie’s puppets
    which is true. Gloria didn’t kiss shaunie’s butt so they all hate her.
    Shaunie & Ev bully Royce & Susie but try to mend Tami & Ev. This show is phony but Tami is real. Tami life goes on without
    skanks like Ev. Shaunie got paid & need to move on. I used to
    believe Shaunie was classy but this show proves she is bitter. I hope this show os ova! They need NeNe from AHW to see how
    it’s done.

  15. yvonne says:

    Tammi i felt your pain, its hard when you start to care and respect a person and they hurt you, let go and let God you have been though alot and you need inner healing pray for evelyn and let it go dont let bitterness get in your heart not worth it, go find you a good church and let the love of God heal you and as one of my mentors us to say Bless them and change me God Bless you

  16. Sandra P says:

    Evelyn is a sneeky hooker all the ladies better watch out she may of smashed more then just Kenny Anderson I’m waiting now to know who else she’s done. See how fast she smashed Ocho and bragged about it don’t she have a daughter. I think she’s a basketball slut not wife. I cant stand her nasty hoe.

  17. 100% Authentic says:

    It appears that was a fight in the making and Ms. Too Perfect Honest Shaunie set it all up. They all appear to be all fake and mean themselves no good. Every one of them wants to be in the spotlight. Tami was the “the truth.” She kept it one hundred, but again it was/is reality TV. Who knows what you are getting!

    A word to all women. Don’t do what you don’t want done to you.

  18. Curtis says:

    I don’t know why everyone appears to be hating on Evelyn. She is a classy woman and she holds her own. She tried to keep it real with Tami tonight but she could not handle the truth. Tami is a miserable, jealous, ghetto, insecure and fake person. She is in denial about a lot of things, but refuses to get help. Since she has been on the show she has been a bully. She tried to fight just about all the girls on the show. I wish Evelyn would have knocked Tami the hell out instead of just putting a scratch on her. Evelyn needs to press charges against Tami. Maybe she will understand that it is against the law to put her hands on other people. Now I understand the real reason why the other wives did not want to be bothered with Tami. She is nothing but a troublemaker. I hope that she does not return to the show. The show is for mature woman not for little girls like Tami who like to fight when they do not get their way.

  19. khaida says:

    I’m beginning to believe SHAUNIE is a trouble maker! Why tell Evelyn to confess a secret like that to a woman who just poured her heart out to them. Why tell EVELYN to tell something so volatile when they all KNOW how Tami is when she is drinking?? Why pick someone’s birthday party to START SOME SH’T!? But MOSTLY, why didn’t Evelyne follow her own mind. She was reluctant to tell her “now!” Jennifer’s husband, Eric, WAS RIGHT about the girls in the circle and now Tami is waking up!

  20. ladydaee says:

    Shaunie started the fight. Why? As for Evelyn — I think she is a nasty woman. Why is she on this show? She brings down the others.

  21. Lady Floyd says:

    Is Evelyn a wife or is she just a high class groupie? Oh yeah! She never became a wife. I wonder why? Could it be that the ex learned of her faulty ways? You don’t become a h@* overnite. This is something that is always within you. Don’t fret Chad knew what she was before he flew her out to Ohio. He gave her the groupie treatment. First a nice gift then he flew her out for repayment. Did you see how he treated her? He was not flirting, he dogged her from the jump. “it’s like having a car and souping up the engine” Huh? “you can be a lil project” What? The conversation was sexual only from both Chad and Evelyn. She knew her position just as well has Chad did. She’s a jump off! Just nasty! Jen and Shaunie better do a background check because Evelyn has a few secrets. Eric called it right. He may know Ev a little too well. In Spain Tammi told Shaunie that she heard Ev is giving it up for hand bags. It may true since it seems like that shoe is not bringing to much revenue.

  22. Angel says:

    These women are all horrible.

  23. DisgustedinBoston says:

    You know who instigated this…Shaunie. Now I understand that her intention may have been to get it all out in the open but c’mon really Shaunie?? Now Evelyn had no remorse. I think it was completely fake that she felt bad. This is the reason Tami was enraged. She probably wanted Tami to look like an idiot. Why not tell Ms Instigator Shaunie that now was not the time. Loving the drama,huh? Shame on both Shaunie AND Evelyn. Just disgusted at these women.

  24. deborah1 says:

    I have watched this show from the beginning and in season 1 Evelyn disliked Royce because she said she was a groupie….Evelyn look at season 2, listen to the words YOU spoke and YOUR ACTIONS,we can all see who the groupie is and you have been that way your whole life!

  25. kimmi says:

    first of all Evelyn was foul and so wrong for what she did to Tami, if we are to be grown ass women then the correct thing to do is to reach out when they first met or do what she did tonight ask someone how to handle the situation b4 your “bestfriends” birthday party. this right here is the reason why women can’t trust other women.

  26. loli says:

    I agree with the comments regarding Ev; I was just starting to warm up to this hard, hard woman, but hanging out with Tami all this time carrying a secret is incredibly demeaning. Bad place to let cat out of the bag though. I also don’t get why everyone hates on Suzie. S really hasn’t done anything. Also, Shaunie should keep it real and tell Ev about her ho ass self.

  27. Deb says:

    I remember Eric telling Jen in one of their heated talks while out to dinner with the real married couple… She think Eve is her friend she just dont know. Now with this blow-out makes me wonder how many men this hooker has been passed around to. She is nothing more than a groupie will always be a groupie and Jen should watch her so called friend. And the hooker told on herself when she told Tammi she was a non factor humm no wonder she stayed a kept groupie for 10 yrs. Chad has all those baby mama’s she will soon become a non factor herself. Her fake ass isnt special.

  28. dee says:

    Well I love Ev. I think it was jus the wrong place and time and maybe when she met tammi and realized who she was it was kinda hard to tell someone that and It is so ole news Kenny who. TV wants to give us this mess but truly until you go through it the only thing you can do is watch help ratings be judgmental. These ladies are beautiful and smart now millions of us know there name and teachin some of us who do things and end up with nothin its hard to date and be married to professional athletes but always have a back up plan and stop depending on your man whos the professional other wives and girlfriends should take notes instead of names its easy to blame but its even harder to understand until you are in there shoes.We wil help the Kardashians sell gotdam soup and make millions but black women we criticize break you down clown and really deep down inside wish they had the cars, homes money success that comes with fame so now you know there names and there business so what everyone has problems and secrets and other stuff we go through in life. Ladies check yourself we do it to each other all the time and others laugh and do the same and get paid more and more money.Love those ladies jus don’t always agree what they do and how they act.

  29. Tiffany Hill says:

    I have to admit this season was a trip to begin with because Tammy came to the show truly ghetto. I mean she took it to a low level with her actions of fighting all the time, totally ghetto; no class. However, I have to admit that I truly felt for her on this finale show because she beared her heart out to Evelyn and that chicken head had the nerve to tell her that she was with her ex-husband. That was low and to take it even further and state she was not a “factor in her life” was asking for it. Evelyn should have kept that to herself and never told, it was truly not a need to know. Evelyn talks out of both sides of her mouth because last season she was talking about all the women coming after their men (because they are athletes) and then she tells Tammy that after Tammy tried to be her friend. That was low and made Evelyn look shady. It was bad enough that Evelyn was with Chad the 1st night after spending time with him for the 1st time, that made her look like a chicken head on national TV. Whatever class Evelyn
    had is gone now, she looks like a chicken head. I have to admit, Eric was right about Evelyn, Jennifer better think about who her friend really is.

  30. Tiffany Hill says:

    Chad is never going to marry Evelyn or take her seriously, she put out the 1st trip, she is no better than the groupies she talks about. She is not marriage material, that is probably why Antwoine did not marry her after 10 years. What kind of mother with a 17 year old daughter who is on national TV acts like she has acted this season, especially in these last two shows. Evelyn stop swearing her your daughter’s life. You are shady in your actions. Chad is not going to marry you this year or years to come. If you need a new pay master, I hope you conceived on that trip because if not, that is over.

    Jennifer and Shaunie, I hope she did not smash your ex’s because she may have and just kept it to herself. Evelyn is shady, be careful ladies she has secrets.

    Although I think Jennifer has class and could do better than Eric, I think she loves him still and if so, and he is willing to change and can prove it; then go to counseling and try and work it out. Do not listen to Evelyn because she is low and shady. Just have some boundaries for Eric and if he does not become the man and husband you need within a set period of time, cut that dog loose and move on. You deserve better and do not settle for anything less.

    All the ladies on the show, watch out for Evelyn, what else is she not telling. Susie runs her mouth, but Evelyn is shady, cut her out of the circle.

  31. @sassy says:

    ummmmm, not really sure what to think about what happened on the finale tonight. Evelyn says Jenn’s party isn’t the best place to talk about the situation, but then she does so anyway. Being a former athelete’s wife, Evelyn knew damn well that man was married, she didn’t care then and she doesn’t care now. She showed her ass tonight, more than once (didn’t care about exploiting her sex w/ Ochocinco either). Idk, the show just shows these ladies in a bad light. Anyway check out vaporsnyc.com we’re still talking about the show and how women need to get it together.

  32. Lucy says:

    Clearly we were watching 2 different shows…Evelyn and class can’t even be in the same sentence. Tami didnt jump on her bc HoeBag slept with her husband, as he cheated on her a lot; she was mad because HoeBag befriended her knowing good and well that she had slept with her husband. She dated the guy for 6 months and didnt know? C’mon lets be real here…we all knew Tami was married to Kenny because she was on the Real World, it was in magazines!!! HoeBag deserved every slap she received…& again you call her classy, as T.I. says in Drakes’s Fancy; Evelyn would F’ck for bottles of Riesling or bowls of baked ziti…

  33. currywashington says:

    At some point Miss Tami…you are going to have to tame your temper. How many times are you going to avoid serious injury..not to mention JAIL for your public acts? I know this is TV..but come on! How old are you? GROW UP! YOU HAVE DAUGHTERS! You are not an unintelligent person. Do not allow this Tami to be the one who rules you..you are better than this!

  34. Cece says:

    Look, Ev should have kept the mess to herself there are somethings u don’t talk about.If u didn’t tell Tami the first time u met her, then u should not have done it at the Birthday dinner and Shaunie encouraged her to tell, is she really a friend? that was not the place or the time these women are teens in women bodies because that’s where their mentality is acting like teenagers.

  35. Candice says:

    Hey ya’ll. Honestly, I like both Tami and Evelyn. Tami seems to be straight up on the realness of everything, No BS there. Evelyn, she seems like she has a bit of conceitedness going on but hey, we gotta admit just a little bit she does have her own thing going on with or without a man. That’s independence I think and I think that’s what makes her sexy is that she really could care less what goes on in anyone’s world, the world will stop moving but she’s gonna keep moving. I just felt so sad for Tami when she really kind of started looking up to Evelyn and gave that little speech. Now, why didn’t Evelyn say anything in the first place? Now that is shady. She may be independent and all but that little dirty secret shouldn’t have been a secret as soon as Tami came in.
    The person who I’m questioning now is Shaunie. I used to think out of all of them, she had the most class and was always trying to play peacemaker. The first time she stepped out to Gloria and ambushed her about her marriage, that wasn’t her place to do so. yeah she may have had issues w/ Gloria’s sister but shouldn’t take it out on Gloria. Then she goes and tells Evelyn to blurt out the secret to Tami at the worst possible time! I mean, Tami she crazy already and w/ alcohol, she even said she and alcohol don’t mix so clearly that was the wrong time. There could’ve always been a good time for Shaunie to ask Evelyn to say it maybe off camera or when there wasn’t alcohol involved.
    Shaunie, she kind of acts like the innocent “fire fueler.” Then she pickin on Royce too, what the hell is up w/ her? It seems to me that she likes to be the one who deals the cards while others win or lose while she watches everything from her high throne. hmm, not good. I can’t wait for the reunion! and season 3!!

  36. Bonnie says:

    Well, after watching the Basketball Wives for the very last time, I now understand why they are EX-wives or never got married.

    Oh such deplorable conduct from mothers, women and some are women of means with just NO CLASS at all. Sadly they may think because they can afford expensive shoes or cars they have it going on as people, and not so much!

    Its like watching untamed savages from the wild animal kingdom. Do they tell their parents, and children “pay no attention to mommys conduct or that of the women I choose to hang around” we’re just entertaining to make money at the expense of appearing like disrespectful hoodlums girls

    The ugly tattoos, vulger foul mouths, fighting and bickering over men who don’t want them sets women’s rights back decades. Shame on all of you. Shaunie O’Neal you can’t need the money that badly.

    These females make you feel sorry for the men who were with them and fortunate enough to get away! and have enough money to pay them to stay away. The ratings are high probably because the NBA has taken out a service announcement for all players to watch the show to see what can happen when you lay down with or marry HOOD!

    Evelyn, disgraceful! I hope you’re getting a good pay-off. I can’t imagine what your daughters friends (male & female) truly think of you as a Mother. What groupies this set of BASKETBALL WIVES, ex-girlfriends or baby momma’s are. GROUPIES WIVES/EXES/BABY MOMMA’S!

  37. Phillygurl says:

    People seem to be missing is that Tami “liked” evelyn she opened herself up and was straight played. I understood! Tami could careless that she slept with her husband, eve was just plain disrepctful with her mouth,and that why Tammi went off.

    Jennifer! When I watched season one I kept asking myself “Why” is eve trying to get you away from Eric. then I said: eve must tried to get with Eric and he shot her down. If you to don’t get back together you should at least know.

  38. NICOLE WHITE says:

    This was a Big Ole Mess When Is there ever a good time to tell someone u slept with their husband,lol I belive Tami is more upset of it how went down. evenlyn didn’t give a damn then & sure don’t give a damn now.She did’nt tell her to be honest she did this mess just to be dirty.Evenlyn knew that man was married isn’t that what all the GROUPIES say.(smh) & Iam Honsetly confuse as to some who say Eric & Jen still can make it,lol Eric has moved on in his mind he is done Jen knew this man was a cheater when they got married & she knows he never going to change. So yeah good luck Jen.

  39. nicole white says:

    Where is my comment

  40. Patricia says:

    I knew something wasn’t right about Evelyn.I can’t believe she never told her she slept with her husband.I think she knew Tammi was going to be upset and she was scared.I think if she would have just pulled Tammi aside and just had a talk with her in the beginning then everything would have been fine.I’m not a violent person but they should have let Tammi whoop that ass!!Evelyn is trifling and she should be ashamed of herself.Jen’s husband,Antoine, and Kenny all played for the same team, and she didn’t know about Tammi,that’s probably how she met Antoine in the first place!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jen and Ev are going to be the next ones to fall out I think because I think Jen is starting to see Ev for who she really is and the fact that her husband was right all along.

  41. wow says:

    Wow Jennifer needs to stop taking advice from Evelyn because she probably slept with Eric too. Tammi Evelyn can NEVER be a friend, she doesn’t understand boundaries.

  42. Ladybug says:

    Evelyn’s true colors FINALLY have come out! I have thought all along she was a sneaky, conniving, shady groupie and she has proven me right. Oh, did I throw “hoe” in there too! When she realized Tami was trying to “friend” her, she should have opened her mouth, been a woman about the situation and told her about her realtionship with Tami’s ex. Tami had every right to feel betrayed–these tricks are not your friend…peace em’ out and keep it movin’!

  43. Sherri says:

    I love the show! We have to realize,thats just what it is ENTERTAINMENT!!!It appeared that Tami knew what Ev was going to say anyway! Shaunie did her part by telling Ev to talk to Tami!!! Shaunie wants to keep her show on and I am NOT mad at her!!! Ev is single if she wanted to sleep with Chad, 1st date, thats her business (I am sure some other women have done it or did it so don’t judge)!! They make a CUTE COUPLE 2 me! Yes Ev & Tami could have talked about that privately, but if they did…we wouldn’t have got to see the FINALE that we did! One thing to add, Ev was right when she said Royce was the “MOLE” I agree…Royce concentrate on getting DWAYNE before EV f***s him 2! See you ladies on the NEXT season….

  44. BBWives Fan says:

    Tami that fighting does not look good! If you need help getting your outfits together …let me know!

  45. ms.cc says:

    I turn on my DVR this morning and OMG! Evelyn made a complete ass of herself on national tv. Tami isn’t perfect but she did not deserve to be disrespected in such a manner. Tammi should’ve kicked her teeth out and showed her how much of a “non-factor” she is. How do you have a relationship with a high profile athlete and not know he was married? Somewhere down the road i’m sure she found out. But to be in tammy’s face and not tell her? To gloat about giving chad the booty on the first date? To kick the trainer to the side because his money wasn’t long? To be all in ashley’s relationship and telling Jen to let her husband go? Someone need to put a gag order on your “foolery” Evelyn! Shaunie’s the instigator and this finale was a tragedy to woman kind. We are all not bitter, angry, materialistic, money hungry groupies but from this show you’d think we are. Ladies we’ve got to do better.

  46. nisha36 says:

    I just looked up when Tami and Kenny actually divorced and it’s reported that the divorce was finalized in 2001 but Tami left Kenny in 1998 because of cheating. Well Evelyn said she hooked up with him sometime in 1999. I don’t condone Evelyn not being upfront with Tami nor do I think that being separated is equivalent to being divorced but it doesn’t seem like Tami and Kenny were still “together”. I think what added insult to injury was the nonchalant attitude that Evelyn had.

  47. Are you Kidding Me says:

    Ok, Evelyn, is my girl…and I dont care what anyone says. Tami, I need for you to let it go, Kenny has remarried and moved on. I am so tired of hearing about the past with you. Honey life is a struggle, its how you come out on it that matters. Evelyn, couldve been a low down dirty b*&^%, and not told her anything. At least respect that. I get the non-factor comment. But she should not have provoked Evelyn, and then try to humiliate her when she is trying to apologize. Chile please. Let go and let god. She still loves Kenny Anderson, it’s evident. Why have lunch with his new wife…I still didnt get the reasoning in that. She is messy just like Suzie, said.

    For one, you dont marry the man just because he’s in the NBA, to me all Tami, saw was $ signs. She shouldve did research before she said yes. How well did she really know him? Come on there were tell tell signs, that he was no good before you married him. Things did not appear out of nowhere.

    You go Evelyn, do you honey and shake those haters off.

  48. Shawn says:

    I’m glad everyone got to see Evelyn for the groupie jumpoff that she really is. They are always taking about their cheating exes but now it comes out that she was one of the groupies that Tammi’s husband was cheating with. I believe she is lying about not knowing he was married because he was a well known athelete…everyone knew he was married… such a skank!

  49. Gloria says:

    I try not to watch this mess..however my daughter begged me to watch the last episode and I did… Now I’m ready to puke…There are some skeletons that need to remain in the closet.. This was neither the time or the place to drop the kind of bomb that Evelyn dropped.Tami had just put her heart on the table and to have this boulder dropped on it really stank. I could see if these two were really developing some some of tight friendship..but that wasn’t there..regardless I would have kept that info to myself and not told anyone.. Shaunie also seems to be an instigator of crap.. She starts fires and then sits back pretending to be amazed.. Tami does have some issues of her own..and needs some serious theraphy.. Still, Evelyn is the one that these women need to look out for.. If she slept with Tami’s husband(while he was her husband) then who else’s husband,boyfriend has she been with???Shauni’s???Jennifer’s??? I’m sure if it’s found out that she’s been with either of those..I’m sure there’s going to be some fireworks.. She doesn’t seem to have any class or morals at all..What is she possibly teaching her daughter??? Just a high maitenance slut..She was so pompous,arrogant and smug about the situation.. She made a point to let Tami know that she had slept with him (twice),,she really put an emphasis on that. She had the nerve to tell Tami that she was a non-factor??? That would have beeen it for me!!!Her skanky ass would still be trying to get up off the floor.. She already slept with Ocho on the first go around???!!! I was hoping that women had started to know better than that by now!!!!

  50. LadyApple says:

    I believe now that Evelyn smashed many NBA players before Antione. Wouldn’t be surprised if that is what ended her engagement.

    What did she think Tammi was going to do after she told her? There was definitely now reason to share that, unless you want a beat down. Tammi is the ONE for that.

    Now, for Tammi, I wonder if she was smashing Kenny while he was dating Spin (Spinderella from Salt n Peppa).

    What comes around, goes around! At the end of the day, Shaunie is making paper of these baby momma drama. Only wives I see (or were) is Shaunie and Jennifer. Everybody else classified as Chicken Heads!

    Oh, BTW, note to Gloria – being engaged doesn’t make you a wife (judgin her luncheon in LA) – just a glorified girlfriend.

  51. LAKEISHA says:


  52. locklear says:

    This was the worst mess I have ever seen…Evelyn has got to be the nastiest I have ever seen…

  53. CrazySexyCool7 says:

    Granted Tami has every right to be upset. But the thing is, is that Evelyn should have told her off camera different time not at Jen’s birthday party. Bottom line is that Tami, sweetie it is about her having been with Kenny. We know you’re not over it and its ok. But dnt sit here and tell America that its not about Evelyn having been with him. You admire her life style and everything she is becoming and now you find out that she dated/slept with your ex while you were still married that was the icing on the cake. But its not Evelyn that cheated,lied and made you nonexistent Kenny did. Thats who you should be mad at. She didnt owe you an explanation to begin with…until you all started developing a friendship she told you. Most women wouldnt have told you. Be a realsit…ya’ll just became friends and she’s telling you…granted it wasnt the right time nor place. But dnt hold it against her…she dnt no any better…Im not an Evelyn fan but Im a realist at least its not like Shaunie’s situation where you havent had that sit down with the “other woman” to have that conversation. I feel sorry for you Tammi but I feel Evelyn’s position as well.

  54. RAR says:

    If Evelyn is from NYC she knew that Kenny Anderson was married because when he got his sneaker contract the both of them plastered all over the trains, buses and billboards with their sneakers and sweatsuits. She knew!!!. I DVR basketball wives so I can fast forward her because we already know her story and it is not interesting.

  55. RubyRed says:

    I have the upmost respect for you Tami on how you are handling this. God only knows how many husbands Evelyn has be involved with sexually. It was so easy for her to take a trip to Cinn City to get tost up after getting flowers and shoes from Ocho . I wonder if your husband gave her a daisy and shoestrings to come to him. She is what she is a H.. You dont need to continue a friendship with her, move on. Jennifer needs to watch out, because throughout the show Evelyn encourage her to leave her husband, maybe so she can screw him too. She probably been bounced like a basketball by most of the players. Damn, by now she should be owning a damn mall instead of a shoe store. Wondering who is going to dunk her ass next. Thanks Ocho for pulling her card on National TV, letting your players now that it is so easy.

  56. rhonda1 says:

    Wow, what a hott mess. I guess I can see why Tami would be upset at Evelyn for not telling her that she slept with her ex-husband privately. But my question is this….who was the jump off between Tami and Spinderella? Oh, did ya’ll forget about that? Obviously Kenny Anderson was never a faithful man to begin with, so why sweat it now. Nevertheless, even though I thought Evelyn was wrong to have told this to Tami at a public function, my dislike for Tami is so strong that I don’t give a damn how disrespected she felt. This is a TV show. Why would she expect to “make friends” with any of these women is beyond me. But we all know that Tami is an uneducated, ignorant, ghetto ass, dumb ass hood rat. What, is she going to go over Kenny’s white wife’s house and fight with her because Kenny takes care of his half black kids and not Tami’s? I really wish that Evelyn would have knocked the crap out of Tami. But let me also be clear about Evelyn…she is a straight up hoe. Having sex with a man the first time you are in his presence? What is that? Evelyn clearly has low self esteem.

  57. Ali says:

    I have never commented on this show,however, I am very disappointed with Evelyn, that was a scum bag move whether or not I saw the behind scenes footage. Men knows a lot about a woman and Jen better be careful because it seems as if Evelyn wanted her to get a divorce more than anyone one else as her husband Eric had said..

  58. Shani says:

    First of all Evelyn never should have told Tami she was with Kenny. Second Evelyn and Tami were never going to be friends because Tami is not they type of person Eve/Jen would hang with she was only in the circle because of Shaunie. And as far as Tami talking about everyone knew Kenny was married I never heard of him or her!!!!! And when they did show him…chile please I would never admit I went there. Tami is a drunk ghetto mess!!!!! Let’s be real she wants to be Evelyn. Eve would have never had to go there and let her know she was a non factor if she didn’t go there first!!!!

    Chad a Evelyn are grown if she want to ride the ride on the first face to face date. Gone get it then.

  59. cal says:

    Evelyn is a nasty gut bucket hooker!!!!!!!!!!!! How can she be a good influence for her daughter, she dropped her stepins, faster than lighting!! Tami should of walked her, before Shaunie(ARROW NOSE) sat beteewn them! Evelyn u are really classless! Is it me or dose Jennifer look like a black CinyLo Ho!! Ha…Ha..

  60. Boss Lady says:

    Whoever considers Eve to be a classy lady should get out more often.And as far as Tami being ghetto, Tami is REAL! unlike the rest of those fake bit**’* I feel Tami on her behavior I would’ve reacted the same way (even worse)for a bi*** to tell you that she slept with yor HUSBAND!!…. and then tell you that you’re a non-factor?? she should”ve bahed that hoe upside her head.Ocho should tell that bi*** to EL BEAT IT!!

  61. shoelover says:

    @BeBe, Jasmine, Mikayla…you took the words out of my head and mouth..AMEN, AMEN, AMEN, and AMEN!

  62. shoeluva says:

    @BeBe, Jasmine, and Mikayla…you took the words out of my mouth!

  63. RiRi says:

    WOW!!! I’m a late watcher of the show but from the very begining there was something about Evelyn I could’nt stomach. Her loyalty is to no one but herself. She thinks she’s classy but to all those who think Tammi is ghetto, nothing is lower than a hood rat. Evelyn might have left the hood but she kept the rat. She’s obviously not all she thinks she is if she’ll sleep with someone for a plane ticket and a meal. But than again it looks like she’ll sleep with anyone. And she wants to get married and have another child!!! Look out men and child protection should be waiting.

  64. nana says:

    Evelyn sold herself for some Ben and Jerry ice cream. Chad could of saved his money she is a sack chaser and Chad is not going to marry that. Tami should of beat her down. All the other basketball wives you better hope she has not slept with any of your ex’s or soon to be ex your girl is a groupie. Evelyn was wrong with what she did and how she came at Tami and Shaq ex you got mad at old girl cause her sister slept with your husband but Evelyn did the same thing. So is your girl Evelyn a jump off. I will alway remember Evelyn has he Ben and Jerry hoe give her a double scoop and she is good to go. Tami you don’t need a friendship with her kind for she can’t be trusted and the rest of the girls Evelyn pulled your strings and she played each and everyone of you. To top it off I’m quit sure she had you’ll husband to Jen keep a close eye on her it is a reason she wants you to divorce your husband.

  65. Guest says:

    Wow – what a finale! Hats off to Shaunie. She is definitely bringing the drama with this show.

    Although I don’t agree with Tammi hitting Evelyn, I can understand why she did it. Evelyn must be crazy to provoke someone like Tammi. Evelyn was probably used to the Miami women who curse at each other and throw drinks not punches.

    I’m glad that Chad and Evelyn are engaged. However, Evelyn come across as a groupie having an intimate moment on the first trip. Jennifer said this is how these guys operate, fly the women in, spend the night/weekend with them and then send them on their way.


  66. GO TAMI! says:

    I LOVE Tami! I am soooo glad that she was on the show this season and if there is another she better be on the next! Tami made the show this season. If she hadn’t of been on it the show would have been boring as hell! She is the realist out of all the girls. She ain’t fake and she don’t take no mess. At the same time I think she can be a really sweet person if you don’t cross her! That’s what it’s all about all the girls should take a lesson from her!

  67. kodi j says:

    omg evelyn u nasty skank disreapecful azz that was dead wrong u wrong for that one ur soo two faced an dnt kno how to be nobodys friend ur such a tramp thers no tellin who other husbands an men u done slep wit skank tramp prolly did jens hubby an shaq too nasty tail omg tami shouldve beat the brakes off ur tail wow ur soo cocky an arogant about it to an btw ur the non facter ho u always was an always gona b a jumpoff an hope u never get a ring cuz u dont deserve one u should be ashamed of yourself you owe tammi an appology wow ur such a discrace ewwww your soo nasty..i hope ocho play ur tail to the left skank..

  68. mel says:

    evelyn is the REAL goldigger!
    evelyn is the REAL goldigger!
    evelyn is the REAL goldigger!
    evelyn is the REAL goldigger!
    How can she ever call any other girl one????

  69. Soya Stew says:

    Shaunie is the worst, she clearly told Tami, why not wait for Evelyn to confess at another time, clearly for ratings.

  70. t-banger says:

    i understand everyboddy’s side on the eve and tammi situation, but when it boils down to it evelyne was wronger than 2 left shoes. i would have tried to kill her a**. now,tammi find you some new friends because from the beginnig they showed you,you didn’t fit in so what would make that trip to madrid different? the main a** you need to be whoping is shaunies. she’s a evil,caniving,shady a** individual. i don’t care what none of them say she new that evelyne slept with your ex-husband. wheather your with him now or not it’s just the principle. she could have told you when you was going thru that counseling stage with your daughters, but she chose to wait. that’s shady and baby-girl(tammi)don’t let nobody tell you you look stupid or not lady-like becausee you tried to kill her. you did what any real women would do when she is betrayed. so kudo’s to you and when you see her again wherever yall at give her the beat down she deserves… and don’t leave shaunie grimey,slimey, a** out!!!!

  71. Jennifer says:

    After listening the Tami’s interview I must say Kudos to you for being the bigger person. And to find it in your heart to forgive her is amazing. I just feel that one thing has been a factor in this show. Everyone: Shaunie, Jenn, Royce, and some other cast members seem to be on the same page as disliking that person who goes around an sleeps with your husband. And to hear Shaunie and Jenn make excuses for Evelyn behavior is just “LOW DOWN”. I think that everyone needs to take a step back and really check themselves. Your husbands cheated on you and your making excuses for Evelyn. Evelyn who happen to be the women on the side. Come on, I mean out the door with your loyalty and friendship but its like your sleeping with the enemy. I’m goona say one thing that is for sure: Shaunie & Jen you gals needs some therapy because its obvious that you dont know what you want or need. I think Jen’s husband was right to tell her or warn her about Evelyn. I think that your partying with the wrong crowd or CIRCLE… wow circle like really thats not a circle at all seems like a square to me. I must say thru it all Wanna be Basketball Wives have been very Entertaining.

  72. stephanie says:

    Evelyn trys to give the impression that she’s wife material but she is the original “groupie” as the wives like to call them. Big deal she was with antoine, he was with many woman. She has zero class and is pretty messy. Her mouth is foul and she is too hood. I really hope she’s not on any future shows.

  73. YouAlreadyKnow says:

    OMG! I can only say that Evelyn was suspect as a shady chick, but as time tells; she is a classless groupie hoe. All in one episode, she sleeps with Ocho Cinco on the 1st date and then her nasty a** skeletons fly out when she reveals that she slept with Tami’s her ex-husband. Evelyn is a straight-up liar because EVERYONE knew that Tami and Kenny were married. Tami was on one of the 1st reality shows, Real World and relevant way before being a baller’s wife was publicly glorified. I tried to give Evelyn the benefit of the doubt but she is a lost cause. What comes around goes around and that is why her relationship and engagement to Antoine didn’t last. She needs to focus on buidling her business, keeping her legs closed and gaining a better attitude. Geesh!

  74. Sherrell says:

    I’m a fan of Bball-wives and I think it’s just awful the way Tami had to find out about Ev and her X-husband. I can see why Tami wanted to pull out the can of whip a** on her. I’m sorry you just don’t do people like that especially after she poured her freakin heart out to Ev. Honestly, I think Ev should’ve kept that to herself, locked far far away in a closet somewhere..smh @ EV.

  75. monique says:

    It’s funny how Evelyn was talking to Tammi like she had some since when she sitting next to her but soon as Shaunie sat in between then and Jen came out the chick grew some balls. Am I the only one who noticed? I just wish they would have allowed the viewers to see Evelyn get a well deserved ass kickin damn!

  76. Qwete says:

    Tammi, Kick all their tails, gurl you bad and I love how you stand up for yourself, let these sleeping around woman know what time it is. Shaunie is not your friend, she knew this would start some mess especially she knows how you are too…Come on now, just think about it. Evelyn needs her teeth knocked out and she sure has met her match..Let her and Jennifer hook up since Jen can’t do anything without getting permission from Evelyn. Tammi you can hand wit me any day but leave the others back. Don’t get me wrong but Royce is starting to rethink her friendship with them and that’s smart, kick them to the curb Royce and get married and show them how marriage is suppose to be like…

  77. Rhonda says:

    I always knew Eve (as Eric called her) was shady. In season 1 & 2 she rolled her eyes too much for me, like a 2 yr. old child. She talked about Royce like she was a mole, and look what got pulled from the rabbits hat. Shaunie should have reined her in long time ago. Messy!!!

  78. Cognosce says:

    I have the feeling that Evelyn is “well known” amongst the older ballers. I also have the feeling that she possibly hooked up with Jennifer’s estranged hubby Eric Williams. I would not be surprised if Shaq “hit it” too.

  79. Dorothea says:

    what evelyn did was awful.i cant blame tammy one bit.evelyn should have told her sooner.that is so messed up.but evely will get whats coming to her.

  80. Tina says:

    Tammi, in all honesty you should not pursue a friendship with Evelyn. Not because she is shady, sneaky,is loose, but because everytime you look at her your going to remember that she slept with your husband. And you should say from 99 til now her loose ways have not changed. As much as I hate to agree with some of the post I have to say I too would not be surprised if she slept with Jennifers husband. Just look how she was encouraging her to sleep with other people, and look at how Eric spoke about her. He’ll probly admit it to someone but not you Jen that he did dip with Evelyn. Tammi, you said it right these ladies are not your friend. If I were Jen I would ask Eve if she ever slept with Eric and I would ask him too.

  81. Tina says:

    For got to say she might have slept with Shaq too, after the Tammi episod, Shauni you’ll never know unless Shaq let’s you know, in that case you’ll never know.

  82. Evette L. says:

    SilkBeauty I agree with you 100%. She was not thiking about how her behavior would affect her daughter. Evelyn was very skankish on this show. She was also messy and she wanted Jen to be lonely and miserable like her. Misery Loves Company. Evelyn is definetly my least favorite gurl on the show.

  83. Solomon says:

    Jump Off

  84. Kiki says:

    I have a math question b/c something isn’t adding up…Evelyn was w/ Kenny in ’99 for 6 months and was with/engaged to Antoine for 10 years, but they were already ex’s when Season 1 started filming in ’09??? I think it’s much more likely that she was smashing Kenny Long before ’99, but said that date to make it look better since he and Tami were “separated” during that time. She’s had plenty of time to get this story together. She’s definitely an opportunistic, gold-digger. and the sad part about it is she’s getting too damn old for this, ain’t nothing worse than a old washed up hoe!

  85. Big Easy1 says:

    I think that it’s wrong that Evelyn chose to tell Tami about her affair with her ex husband. Shaunie should never have told Evelyn to tell her. Everybody know’s that a secret like that is suppose to go to the grave with you. I do realize that this is a TV show but damn! No man would ever tell a friend about an affair with his ex wife unless he was looking for a fight.

  86. kromen says:

    When was a good time to tell Tami that you was smashing the homie? How about off-camera and not in public, you stunt! I knew Kenny and Tami was together after the Real World reunion, LMAO! You knew and you didn’t care.

  87. hun2 says:

    ev is a slut

  88. Andria Davis says:

    I have a question for Tami, you said that it didn’t matter that Evelyn slept with your then husband Kenny Anderson, so you two fought. Fine. Do you think or believe that Kenny disrespected you by sleeping with at least Evelyn and didn’t tell you he did?

  89. Lovely Rita says:

    Wow! Just when i thought she couldn’t get lower, Evelyn is nothing but a groupie ass hoe, the fact that she thinks anyone would ever look up to her, she must be schizophrenic! What a poor example she is setting for her daughter, she sleeps with anyone and everyone, and she would stab any of her friends, in the back! She probably has had sex with Shaunie’s and Jen’s husbands, what a nasty ass pig! I admire Tammy, she is the only real one on the show, Tammy you should definitely beat the hell out of Evelyn, and you keep your head up, i believe you are the only one on this show, that has a shread of class!

  90. Babyluv60 says:

    Hey Evelyn, I guess Chad got paid for those $2200 shoes he sent you huh????? You’re no better than the lady Jen n Susie called “Plastic Surgery.” Oh my bad, you trade sex for shoes…..

  91. susan says:

    ur the best tami !!!!!!!!
    u should of kicked her ass.
    ur better than all of them.
    love u girl good luck.

  92. BeBe says:

    Was anyone else laughing when Ev was talking about how she was impressed with Chad and how he looked?? How his shoes matched his belt, did she miss his ass pants under his ass? Did she miss the fact that he did not pick her up from the airport, but didn’t they go to dinner in a RR?? I told my dude, he’s treating her low class. When she was walking to his door..he didn’t even meet her..I knew then, she’s nothing but a hooker and Chad knows it. She thinks she has class but she does not and apparently, is unaware of how a real man that’s ballin’ treats a woman..I am so glad Jennifer expressed her disgust with her..Did anyone else notice that when Shaunie walked Tami to the car, there was Jennifer?? I think the tables are turning in their friendship. Didn’t Eric tell her she did not know Ev like he did.

  93. Cookie says:

    Evelyn was never married to a pro athleete and being engaged to one dosen’t count in the world of proffesonal athletes. She isn’t a basketball wife. Therefore she is still considered a groupie. By sleeping with Ocho Cinco and Kenny Anderson. I am sure there quite a few more secrets shes not telling. Her actions define what wifes of athleets call groupie.

  94. LaKisD says:

    I Love Basketball Wives! This is not looking good for Eve, I just hope these women of color get it together….let’s be real everyone this is entertainment, ratings, etc. I agreed w Tami, Eve had enough time to break this to Tami…one on one not at her bff b-day party!! Stay tune ladies reunion show….leave judging to God, opinions are ACCEPTED!!

  95. Deonte says:

    Shaunie is messy cause she said go out there and talk to here, she knew how tammie was messy messy

  96. MsBerry says:

    Sloppy Sloppy. Made Tami look like an idiot. Let them girls go or you will be guilty by association. Thats my opinion. Now how would she feel if she smashed Ocho?

  97. J from The Gospel Zone says:

    Riddle me this Batman…Why would Shaunie encourage Evie to tell Tami during Jen’s birthday? Was that for sensationalism? She’s been in Tami’s situation or did she forget. And Evie, is it fair to say, that she didn’t care whether or not he was married? She was “Doin her!” There was a better time, place, and way to deliver that message…Surely, not a your friends birthday party when everyone has been drinking!!!

  98. Hyacinth Marley says:

    Jennifer you keep your head up girl and dont trust Evelyn remember Erik said at dinner that “He knows your girl Evelyn that you dont know your girl” When your man tells u something like that that means that he probaly was with her. You watch your back your are too classy of a lady to keep such company. Tami you don’t need to look up to her she a’int nobody. But you are somebody any women who has suffered through what you have and was able to come out on top with two kids is somebody that I look up too you should beat her ass some more because its women like her that give women like us a bad name. Shaunie where do you find these women? You are too classy to be surrounding yourself with women who exhibit such souless behavior. I hope you boot Evelyn off the show because how do you know she didint sleep with your man and smile in your face the way that she did Tami? Thats just wrong… I don’t care to see anymore of her on your show

  99. Hyacinth Marley says:

    Tami you dont need to look up to anybody. They need to be looking up to you because anybody who had gone through what you have with two kids on her own without the help of anybody is definitely somebody that I want to look up too. And you dont need a skany snake like Evelyn to try to make you feel fabulous because you were already Fabulous before you met her. Jennifer you need to beware of Evelyn remember Eric already told you when you guys went to dinner” You dont Evelyn I know Evelyn” When your man tells you that he knows one of your girls better then you do that is usually an indication that he probably slept with her. You have too much class to surround yourself with a person who exhibits such souless behavior. And Shaunie I think you should beware also because I really think that you may be in for a surprise yourself when it comes to Evelyn. Where did you find such a classless individual. Come on Shaunie I know you can do better then this. I think I speak for everybody when I say that I wouldent like to see her on your show again. She is terrible.

  100. Hyacinth Marley says:

    Gloria just wanted to tell you I have been on your side the whole time. I think it was fowel on everybody elses part to turn against you for not wanting to discuss what your sis did weather she is right or wrong I agree with you when you said its not about friendship its about blood and I feel you. Because no matter what my sister does nobody could step to me and talk to me about her so I just wanted to tell you to keep your head up and not to let this nonsense bring you down you did nothing wrong regardless of what your sister did. And I wish you and your family the best in LA and I think that if you stay away from this group you and your family may actually make it good luck to you.

  101. Sabrina says:

    I Jen’s husband is on the reunion show because he told jen once b4 that Evelyn is no friend and that he knew her b4 she did. I would like to know what that meant either two things 1 he slept with her before or 2 he knows she is a jumpoff and only wants a ball player. It’s also soooo funny how Evelyn has been on Jen to leave her husband and come be single and free wit her now all of a sudden she wants to be married and have a baby. Jen I know your husband has done wrong in the pass but he did say to you that he wanted to move on and it was up too you what u wanted to do and to me it seems like you really still have feelings for him. Either way I hope you find a place within ur self where u are happy and I hope u can open ur eyes up and see Evelyn who she is at least ask Eric what he knows about her or has he ever slept wit her..

  102. Bella says:

    Shaunie is a instigator. She is pimpin’ those idiots out. Her husband has publicly humilated her so I guess she wants to pay it forward. Pity

  103. CaliGurl says:

    Like everyone is saying….what an episode. Eric was trying to give Jen the heads up on her girl. It’s just ashamed that she had to find out about it like that on her birthday.

    Now is Evelyn gonna marry Chad…my opinion…doubt it. If he didnt know about Eve and her groupie-ness before this last episode, he sure does now. I have seen interviews with Chad and he keeps saying that setting the date and getting married is all on Evelyn. Sound a bit non-commital to me. Like he is not planning on doing it. Hey Antonie kept her dangling for 10 years, why should he be any different.

    I wish Tami well in the forture. I think out of all the women, she is the most relate-able cause most have all been in her shoes at one time or another (being a single mom & struggling). You are real and that is what I like about you!

    Evelyn….I’m SMH

  104. hollisdiva1 says:

    Evelyn, is a sneaky selfish trick, who cannot be trusted. She is phony and fake, and makes LATIN woman look bad. I can’t stand her Jennifer, is a follower, she’s like Evelyn’s lil puppy…And Shaunie is a huge instigator, who likes to stir up trouble, then when it’s confrintation time walks away…i’m really starting to not like her at all…The realist person is Royce and Tammi, I wish Tammi would of really punched Evelyn square in her face, HARD. LOL.

  105. lizz1234 says:

    Eve is so foul for that!!! She knew from the jump so she should have said something. That is the type of thing that could get somebody hurt. You don’t smile in someones fsce knowing the whole time you been wit they man….And shanie say she was 20 then well she 30 now and still pullen them same type of stunts hell she went to cinci wit ol dude aint nothen changed about her. In my book she a straight HOODRAT!!!

  106. Lelli says:

    WOW, what a finale. Evelyn I’m so disappointed in you. I always thought you were trashy but damm girl you threw a curve ball at me with this one. Aren’t you a mother of a teenage daughter? What in the hell do you think your daughter will say when she hears about her mom packing lingerie to sleep with a man on the first date/encounter. Or hey, maybe you have taught her that thats the way to get ahead in life. No pun intented. Anyhow, I won’t bore you with my opinions, you gals are all so messy and trashy. Please move out of Dade County you give us Miami girls a lousy name.

  107. MeandMe says:

    Evelyn is a trifling gold-digging banging for shoes and handbags hoe!!!! Tami should have tore two handfuls of hair out!!!

  108. Patricia says:

    Interesting………..! At Jennifer’s Birthday Celebration….Tammi sincerely expressed to “the girls.” how they have inspired her …..well I think that Evelyn felt the need to share with Shaunie the information that she was well aware of from the time she heard his name /and that this was the Mrs.(of course..)who could intro such information to that person with out feeling odd…(Evelyn could have!!) to Shaunie. Shaunie then would have been responsible for setting up and intervention w/those two only! and a security guard right off the bat! then Tammi could have been given the healing time to decide if this was someone she wanted to know further. Evelyn and Jennifer appear to be the two main focuses of the show…(for now) Tammi then could have been set up with thee other “Reality Star Housewives” to become supported…(as she should have). An Tammi’s story told …(As it should have been)was surprising…. for Tammi’s story was certainly hurtful and surprising! She was on food stamps…who would believe, She went on to receive a much deserved!! apology from her ex.husband and her daughters now…get a chance to know their daddy (wrongful of Tammi thu) but still maturely now Tammi and Antonne can co- parent as they will be grandparents together thu… separatedly. Thus Tammi could have also received the friendship,support… she needed….which could have been from the other basketball housewives instead of Evelyn and Jennifer. Thus Tammi’s story should have been told as this is the point of the show. At some point….6 more months for Jennifer and whoever else is not with a retired basketball player should go into effect to have different women on … so that the show stays focused!!! and not become the Evelyn and Jennifer reality show hour…but stay w/what the title reads “The Basketball Players Wives.” This is a great!! show and one of my favorites. We appreciate the stories and the relationships(great!!) Especially Jennifer and Eric. so….let’s stay focused with the theme. Again…if after 6 more months of Jennifer’s recovery from one (the divorce)…. and if Ocho and Evelyn (NFL)don’t work out….Please move the girls on! There are more stories to be heard. (Great! Show) Love Jennifer and Evelyn….but who else’s current wives stories need to be heard?!

  109. BasketballFan says:

    I hope Tami and Evelyn can work out their issues.. I don’t care how, but they need to find common ground… Will they ever be BEST BUDS? maybe not. Tami, I see how much Kenny hurt you, but I also see your self esteen rebuilding and you’re getting STRONGER! EVELYN, I’m sure you have alot of regrets and if you’re half the woman I “thought” you were, you will do some soul searching and get offa that high horse you’re riding on and humble yourself a little… Shaunie, I said it before and I’ll say it again, If your gonna be Evelyn’s friend, be a REAL friend dont’t uphold Evelyn in the wrong! Don’t you know you’re dealing with a SAGITARIUS! Evelyn will never change if HER REAL FRIENDS don’t check her agressive azz know when she’s wrong..

  110. verysimple says:

    Wow Tammy has showed some class here. Evelyn showed her true colors by coming at Tammy like that. Im glad Tammy took it too the streets because you know Evelyn is and always will be a GROUPIE. What goes around comes around and im sure she will see it with OchoCinco. These women are not friends and Jen better wise up soon about Evelyn. Jen hubsand always did stay away. Although he never disrespected Evelyn he made it know she isnt all that for Jen too take advice from. Evelyn looks very aging all that money she should look much better.

  111. nita8525 says:

    I think that Shaunie had alot to do with that and all of the other drauma that occured on this show.

  112. TBaby408 says:

    I’m happy Tammy laid hands on Evelyn! Evelyn ain’t nothing but a hood rat that got lucky to get with a basketball player! She try and act all high maintenance trick please we see right through you hoe! Ochocinco I hope you made that trick make a stop at the clinic!

  113. candy says:

    I think tami did not get in evelyn’s ass good enough,cause evlyn should of told tami about dating her exhusband when they first met each other and started being friends!